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Obituaries from the

Marion Advisor

These 948 Obituaries were collected by a class of Students from the Marion High School

Some are Shawano County people and some are Waupaca County because the line runs through the town of Marion.

Copies can be obtained by using the ink well below. Copies are 50 cents each plus postage.

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Abraham, William MA-1

Adams, John MA -2, 4

Albenus, Rhinehard MA-3

Allen, Frank MA-6

Allen, Mrs. F. E. MA-5

Anderson, Charles (Infant) MA-7

Anderson, J. (Grandfather) MA-8

Anderson, J. (Grandmother) MA-8

Anderson, J. H. MA-9

Arndt, Carl MA-10

Arndt, Franzoy       MA-12

Arndt, Henry MA-10

Arndt, Lizzie MA-10

Arndt, Minnie MA-11

Arndt, Mrs. (Brother) MA-11

Arndt, Rosa MA-11

Aschinger, Ignatz MA-12

Ashenbrenner, Frank MA-13

Atchinson, John     MA- 13


Bailey, A.O. MA-14

Baird, James MA-14

Ball, Emma MA-15

Ball, John MA-15, 16

Ball, Mahala J MA-17

Ball, Thomas MA-18

Bazile, Joseph (Infant) MA-18

Bazile, Lina MA-19

Becker, Mrs. Wm. MA-19

Behm, Albert (mother) MA-19

Behm, Albert MA-19

Behm, Mrs. A (nephew) Ma-20

Behm, Mrs. Wm MA-21

Behm, William (Mrs.) Ma-22

Behnke, J. (infant) MA-22

Behnke, Julius MA-22

Bengs, Anna MA-23

Bengs, August MA-24

Benson, Henry MA-25

Berg, Lulu MA-27

Berg, Margaret MA-27

Berg, Mrs. Anton MA-26

Bertram, Charles (father) MA-26

Bertram, Mrs. August MA-26

Bessey, Grace MA-28

Bessey, L.A. MA-28

Bessey, Mrs. Henry MA-29

Bessey, Zela MA-29

Best, Franklin MA-30

Beyer, Henry MA-31

Beyer, William MA-32

Beyersdorf, August (mother) MA-32

Binder, Mrs. William MA-33

Bishop, Mrs. MA-33

Blaha, John MA-34

Blank, Sophia MA-34

Bleck, Mrs. James MA-34

Bliss, L. W. MA-34

Block, William MA-35

Blum, Mrs. William MA-35

Boehler, Barbara MA-36

Boehler, Jacob (son) MA-36

Boettcher, Gretchen MA-36

Bohman, George MA-37

Bold, L.C. MA-37

Bolenske, Mrs. MA-37

Booth, Mahlon MA-38

Bork, Mrs. Fred MA-38

Bowdin, Emma MA-35

Bowers, Archie MA-38

Bowers, H (infant) MA-39

Bowers, Henry (infant) MA-39

Bowers, Mary MA-39

Brady, Sylvester MA-40

Brandenburg, Mrs. Gottlieb MA-40

Brandenburg, Mrs. Henry MA-41

Braun, Augusta MA-41

Braun, Harry MA-42

Braun, Wilhelmina MA-42

Breitenfeld, Mrs. A MA-42

Brendsen, Mrs. Theodore MA-25

Brendson, Theodore MA-25

Brett, Mrs. Thomas MA-43

Brett, Thomas MA-44

Brewer H. (grandson) MA-45

Brochaus, Charles (daughter) MA-45

Brockhaus, August (infant) MA-45

Brockhaus, C. MA-47

Brockhaus, Elizabeth MA-46

Brockhaus, Fredrich MA-47

Brown, Charles MA-48

Brown, Dan MA-48

Brown, David MA-48

Brown, Harvey MA-48

Brown, Mary MA-49

Brown, William MA-50

Brownell, Annie MA-51

Brownell, C.L. (child) MA-51

Brummond, William MA-52

Brunner, Anton MA-52

Brunner, Mrs. Antone MA-53

Buelter, Henry MA-53

Buelter, Mrs. Herman MA-55

Buettner, William MA-55

Burnham, N. A. MA-56, 57

Burske, August (son) MA-58

Buslett, Ole MA-58

Buss, A. C. (father) MA-59

Buss, August (infant) MA-59

Buss, Mrs. G MA-59

Buss, William Jr. MA-60


Carew, James Sr. MA-61

Carey, Charles MA-61

Carey, Philander MA-61

Carlson, George (son) MA-62

Carroll, Elizabeth MA-62

Case, Cecil MA-62

Case, Frank MA-63

Case, Hattie MA-63

Case, Mary MA-63

Case, O. P. MA-64

Cattencamp, William MA-65

Chesebro, Amon MA-66

Chesebro, Grandma MA-67

Chesebro, Julia MA-67

Chesebro, Lorenzo Ma-68

Chevalier, Annie MA-69

Churchill, David MA-70

Churchill, Elizabeth MA-71, 72

Churchill, Harriet MA-73

Churchill, James MA-74, 75

Churchill, William MA-76

Clancy, John MA-77

Clark, Dr. E. B. MA-78

Clements, Gilbert (daughter) MA-78

Cleveland, Charles MA-78

Clinton, Maggie MA-78

Close, John (son) MA-79,80

Cochran, Benjamin MA-80, 82

Coffman, John MA-82

Colby, C. MA-83

Cole, Llewellyn (father ) MA-83

Conrad, Mrs. MA-83

Cook, E.G. & Mrs. MA-84

Cramer, Irene MA- 84

Crane, Leander MA-85

Currie, Stanley MA-85

Curry, Edward MA-86


Dahlum, Rudolph MA-87

Dahlum, Wm. (son) MA-87

Dalum, Christ MA-87

Dalum, George MA-87

Dalum, Wm. (child) MA-88

Damerann, Herman MA-88

Daniels, Billy (grandmother) MA-88

Daniels, Wm MA-89

Darge, Mrs. Wm MA-90

Davidson, Lester MA-91

Dawson, J. C. MA-91

Decker, Mrs. MA-91

Deloye, Jule (infant) MA-92

Dent, E. O. (infant) MA-92

Detert, Caroline MA-92

Detert, Fred (daughter) MA-92

Detert, Wilhelmina MA-93

Devaud, Louis MA-93, 94

Dieck, Emil MA-95, 96

Dieck, Ferdinand MA-96

Dieck, Julius MA-97

Diede, George (son) MA-97

Difrane, Earl MA-113

Doe, John MA-99, 100, 101, 102, 103

Doering, Christina MA-98

Donnerman, Mrs. MA-103

Dooley, Mabel MA-103

Doran, Michael MA-104

Dornbrook, Fred MA-105

Doty, Deborah MA- 106, 107, 108

Doty, Peter MA-109

Doue, Ferdinand MA-109

Draeger, Herman MA-110

Draeger, Wilhelmina MA-110

Drager, Frederic MA-110

Droheim, Jule (son) MA-111

Drupe, James MA-111

Drupe, Sarah MA-112

Dufrane, E.M. (infant) MA-112

Dunsmore, Peter MA-113

Durkee, Mrs. Wm. MA-113


Ebert, Helen MA-114

Ebert, Mrs. (mother) MA-114

Ebert, William MA-115, 116

Eggert, Mrs. MA-116

Eggleston, Al MA-117

Eggleston, Henry MA-118

Egli, Paul MA-119

Ehlert, Herman MA-119

Ehlert, Mrs. MA-119

Ehriche, Carl MA-120

Eiler, Mrs. Henry MA-120

Ellsbury, Henry MA-120, 121

Elsner, Forest (infant) MA-121

Empereur, Maurice MA-122

Empereur, Perry MA- 122

Engel, Charles (relative) MA-122

Engel, Julia MA-123

Erdman, A. H. F. MA-123

Errica, Augusta MA-123

Erust, Albert MA-123

Essinger, Mr. MA-124

Ewald, August MA-124


Fagan, Pat MA-125

Faneuf, Wilfred MA-125

Fargo, Rachel MA-126

Farin, John MA-127

Farrel, Ed MA-128

Farrell, Mary and Mat MA-129

Farrell, Mrs. Mathew MA-130

Fetzer, Ludwig MA-130

Finney, John MA-131

Fischell, Otto (son) MA-131

Fischer, Clara MA- 132-143 (12 pgs)

Fischer, Frederick MA-144, 145

Fitter, Mrs. MA-145

Fletcher, Mrs. MA-145

Fletcher, Orin MA-145

Fragg, Charles MA-146

Frailing, F. (child) MA-146

Frankow, Albert MA-146

Franks, Fred MA-147

Frederichs, John MA-147

Frederick, John (infant) MA-147

Frederick, Mrs. Wm MA-147

Freeman, Laura MA-148

Freeman, Mrs. MA-148

Fritz, C. MA-149

Froelich, Frank MA-149

Fuchs, Adam MA-150

Fuchs, Amelia MA-151

Fuchs, Chalres MA-152

Fuchs, Ida (father) MA-152

Fuchs, Ida MA- 152, 153

Fuchs, John MA-153

Fuchs, Mrs. Adam MA-54

Fuss, Augusta MA- 154

Fuss, Michael MA-154


Gansen, Belle MA-155

Gansen, Ernest MA-155

Geer, Violet MA-156

Genskow, Flossie MA-156

Genskow, John MA-157

Genskow, Mrs. John MA-157

Genskow, P. (infant) MA-158

Gerbig, Theodore (sister) MA-158

Glawe, Mrs. Wm. MA-158

Goldberg, Jennie MA-159

Goldberg, Matilda MA- 160

Goldberg, Moses (infant) MA-161

Goldthwait, Moses MA-161, 162

Goller, Charles MA-162

Gollupsky, Ed MA-163, 164

Goodrick, George MA-166

Goodstorf, Mrs. Emil MA-166

Gordinier, John MA-167

Graef, Mrs. Frank (sister) MA-167

Grainger, Emma MA-167

Grainger, Mrs. MA-168

Greening, Fredrick MA-168

Grentz, Martha MA-169

Gretzinger, Bernard MA-169

Gretzinger, Margaret MA-169

Grimm, Edwin MA-170

Grochen, H. MA-170

Grombach, Mary MA-171, 172

Grombach, Theodore MA-173, 174

Grosskopf, August MA-54

Grosskopf, Minnie MA-54

Grosskopf, Mrs. F MA-175

Grosskopf, Wilhelmina MA-175

Gruenberg, Alfred MA-176

Gruenke, Mrs. Frederick MA-176

Gruenstern, Anna MA-177

Grunewald, Dorothea MA-177

Guandt, John MA-178


Habeck, Ben MA-179, 180

Halpop, Auphrosane MA-181

Halpop, Mrs. Wm. MA-182

Halverson, Halver MA-182

Halverson, John MA-182

Haman, August Jr. MA-183

Hangartner, Elizabeth MA-183, 184

Hangartner, J. J. MA-185

Hangartner, Jacob MA-185

Hanke, Herman MA-185

Hanks, Archibald MA-186

Hanrahan, Daniel MA-186

Hanscomb, William MA-186

Hanson, Charles (daughter) MA-187

Hanson, Isaac MA-187

Harder, Edward MA-187

Harp, Oscar MA-188

Harrington, Michael MA-188

Hartwig, Mrs. (mother) MA-188

Harvey, Christ MA-189

Hatten, Mrs. MA-189

Haushultz, August (child) MA-189

Hayward, Susan MA-190

Hedges, John MA-191, 192

Hehman, Garrett MA-192

Hehner, Henry (son) MA- 192

Heideman, August MA- 192

Heilbronner, Mrs. MA- 193

Heins, William MA- 193

Heintz, Alfred (infant) MA- 193

Helms, Amelia MA-193

Helms, Bernard MA- 194, 195

Helms, Bertha MA-195, 196

Helms, Frederick MA-197

Helms, Henry (niece & nephew) MA- 198

Helms, Herbert MA-199

Helms, Margaret MA-199

Helms, Ruth MA-199

Henfert, Leonard MA-200, 201

Henke, Mrs. Herman MA-201

Herman, Charles MA-201

Hermanth, Charles (infant) MA-201

Herr, John MA-202

Herrick, Ralph (sons) MA-202

Hicks, Mrs. MA-202

Hockenberger, W. H. MA-203

Hoefer, Mr. MA-203

Hoeft, E. J. (father) MA-204

Hoeft, Freddie MA-204

Hoeft, Jule MA-205

Hoeft, Mrs. Christ MA-206

Hoffman, Mrs. August MA-205

Hoffman, Selma MA-211

Hoffman, William (son) MA-211

Hofman, Eugene MA-211

Hofman, Frank MA-208, 209

Hofman, John MA-210

Hofman, Mrs. Frank (niece) MA-210

Hohman, Mrs. August MA-207

Hohn, Gust MA-201

Holcomb, Estella MA-207

Holtz, Amelia MA-212

Homann, Henrietta MA-213

Homme, Rev. Evan MA-213

Hoppe, Henry MA-214

Hoppe, Herman MA-214

Hoppe, Lily MA-214

Hubart, Herman Sr. MA-215

Huettner, Mrs. MA-215

Hurley, Bank Robber MA-215

Hurtt, Mrs. E. T. MA-216

Hutchinson, Mrs. Geo MA-216

Hutink, Henrietta MA-217


Inger, Mr. MA-218


Jacobs, ray MA-224

Jameson, Ada MA-223

Jannusch, Paul W MA-222

Jenson, Nels MA-222

Jesse, Albert MA-222

Jillson, Dr. MA-222

Johnson, Alonzo W MA-221

Johnson, Frank MA-221

Johnson, Harriet M MA-221

Johnson, Lulu MA-220

Johnson, Mrs. MA-220

Jolitz, Conrad MA-220

Joosten, Bernard MA-219

Joosten, Walter (infant) MA-219

Jourdan, James MA-219


Kalerton, Dr. Edward MA-1

Kasten, Mr. C MA-2

Kasuba, Emil (infant) MA-1

Keleher, Mrs. MA-2

Kellbach, Mrs. C. MA-2

Keller, August MA-2

Keller, Louisa MA-3

Kelsey, Maurice MA-4

Keopke, Ferdinand MA-4

Keopke, Frank MA-5

Keopke, Mrs. Otto MA-5

Keopke, Otto (infant) MA-5

Keopp, Louisa MA-6

Keoppen, Mrs. A. L. MA-6

Kerneen, John (infant) MA-6

Kersten, Fred (sister) MA-7

Kersten, Mrs. Herman MA-7

Kessner, Dr. MA-7

Killin, Maurice MA-8

Kinney, Patrick Mrs. MA-9

Kirberger, Mr. (son) MA-9

Kissinger, Edward (father) MA-9

Kissinger, Katherine MA-10

Kissinger, Phil MA-11

Klaviter, Herman (Infant) MA-12

Klavitter, Christ MA-12

Klebesadel, Charles MA-12

Kleeman, August MA-13

Klein, George Mrs. MA-13

Klenke, Charles MA-13

Klingbeil, Fred MA-14, 15

Klinger, John MA-15

Klitz, Herman MA-16

Kloster, George A MA-17

Klotzbicker, Mary/Martha MA-18, 19

Klug, William MA-20

Knaack, Rudolph (Infant) MA-20

Knapp, Mrs. E.R. MA-20

Knoke, Fred (Infant) MA-20

Knudson, Alf. MA-21

Koeffler, Mrs. Wm MA-21

Koepp, Louisa MA-21

Koeppen, Carrie Tanner MA-22

Kohlshmidt, Mrs. Frank MA-22

Kopitzke, Ernestine MA-23

Korff, John MA-24

Kort, William MA-25

Kramer, Ferdinand MA-25

Kreigle, Mr. (child) MA25

Kreklow, Jule (Infant) MA-26

Kreklow, William MA-26

Kretschmer, Ernest MA-27

Kriesel, Mrs. Ernest MA-28

Krieser, Charles MA-30

Krieser, Charles news MA-29

Krieser, Hattie MA-30

Kroll, Frederick MA-31

Kromske, Mrs. MA-31

Krueger,  Amelia MA-32

Krueger, Augusta MA-332

Krueger, Clarence MA-32

Krueger, George MA-33

Kruger, Charles (Infant) MA-33

Krull, Fred MA-34

Kruschke, Julius MA-34

Kuentzell, Gustav MA-35

Kuester, Magdalena MA-36

Kuhn, Frank MA-37

Kussman, August (dau) MA-37

Kussman, August MA-38


Laatsch, August     MA-39

Laatsch, Johanna MA-39

Laatsch, Leona MA-39

Laatsch, Mrs. MA-39

Lacy, John (Infant) MA-40

Lade, Mrs. Frank MA-40

Lamont, Blanche MA-40

Lang, William MA-41

Lang, Wm (child) MA-40

Larson, Mrs. Lars MA-41

Laubenstein, G (sister) MA-41

Lehman, Mrs. John MA-42

Leitzke, Mra. Louis MA-42

Lemke, Lena MA-43

Lemke, Mrs. John MA-43

Lentz, Mrs. MA-44

Leschensky, August (mother) MA-45

Liebert, Gust (dau) MA-45

Liesner, Frank (Infant) MA-46

Linton, Mrs. E.O. MA-47-52

Liscow, Emma MA-53

Little, Thomas MA-53

Litzow, John MA-54

Loff, Mr. (Infant) MA-54

Loizier, Mr. MA-54

Londy, Mrs. John MA-54

Long, Mrs. Frank MA-55

Lord, Allen MA-55

Loria, Anna MA-56

Lorrig, Elizabeth MA-56

Lorrig, Mathew MA-57

Lorrig, Mrs. Mathew MA-58




Loucey, Mr. MA-58

Lovejoy, Mrs. MA-59

Lucht, Frederick MA-59

Lucht, Mary MA-60

Luebke, Ernest MA-60

Luebke, Mrs. Ernest MA-61

Luschow, Mrs. Julius (father) MA-61

Lutzewitz, Mrs. August MA-62

Lutzewitz, Wm (son) MA-62

Lutzewitz, Wm MA-63

Lutzke, Daniel MA-63


Maas, August MA-64

Maas, Fred MA-64

Madson, Herman MA-64

Madson, Lars MA-65

Maes, Henry MA-67

Maes, Mrs. Henry MA-68

Magee, Caroline MA-68

Mallow, Mrs. Fred MA-69

Malueg, Albert (Infant) MA-70

Malueg, August MA-70

Malueg, Ester MA-70

Malueg, Ferdinand MA-70

Marohl, August (G0dau) MA-71

Marquardt, August (son) MA-71

Marquardt, Hans MA-72

Marquardt, Mrs. August MA-72

Marsh, Darwin MA-72

Marsh, LE MA-73

Martin, John MA-74

Masters, Edna & Nellie MA-75-76

Mauritz, Edmund (dau) MA-76

May, August MA-76

May, Frank (dau) MA-77, 79

May, Frank (Infant) MA-77

May, Verona MA-78

May, William MA-79

McCrary, Ira MA-79

McDonald, Ambrose MA-80-82

McKay, Mrs. Martin MA-82

McMongel, Harry MA-82

McNinch, C D Ma-83

McNinch, Jake MA-83

Mehlberg, Ernest MA-83

Meiklejohn, Andrew MA-84

Merde, Mrs Andrew MA-84

Messenger, Marriette MA-84

Meyer, Clement MA-84-86

Meyer, Dorothea MA-87-88

Meyer, Emil Ma-89-90

Meyer, Frederic MA-90

Meyer, George MA-91

Meyer, Ida MA-92

Meyer, Jacob (Infant) MA-92

Michaelis, Marie MA-93-94

Michaelis, Reka MA-95

Michel, Mrs. MA-96-97

Middlestadt, Mr. MA-98

Mielke, Clarence MA-98

Mielke, Gottfried (father) MA-98

Miesner, Mr. MA-99

Milbauer, Flora MA-99

Milbauer, Kate MA-99

Milbauer, Lawrence (Infants) MA-100

Millard, Ira MA-100-101

Miller, Abner MA-101

Miller, Arthur Ma-101

Miller, Elder (dau) MA-102

Miller, Fred MA-103

Miller, Harry (son) MA-103

Miller, Herbert MA-104-107

Miller, Joe (son) Ma-170

Miller, John (Brother) MA-108 news

Miller, Leonora MA-108

Miller, Lule MA-108

Miller, Mrs. J J (father) MA-109

Miller, Vera MA-109        

Miller, Walter MA-110

Minchen, H MA-110

Mitchell, Mrs. John Ma-111

Moenhe, Herman MA-111

Moenke, Eddie MA-111

Moenke, Johanna MA-111

Moericke, August MA-112

Moericke, Florentine MA-113-114

Mohr, August MA-114

Mohr, Carl MA-114

Mohr, Minnie MA-115-116

Moloso, Tim MA-116

Monahan, John MA-117

Monskie, William MA-117

Mortenson, H P (mother) MA-117

Mountain, George MA-118

Mountain, Robert MA-119-120

Mowery, Joseph MA-120

Much, Theodore MA-120

Muck, Herman MA-121

Mueller, Mr. MA-121

Mueller, Wilhelmine MA-122

Mulvaney, Alosis MA-122

Mundt, William (Infant) MA-123

Mundt, William MA-123

Musack, Frederica MA-123

Muzzy, Charles Ma-123


Nedden, Edward MA-124

Neff, E M Ma=125

Neimuth, Willie (grandma) MA-125

Neise, William MA-125

Nett, Joseph MA-126

Netzel, Friedricke MA-126

Nichols, Dan MA-127-128

Niebaum, August (children) MA-129

Noack, Charles MA-130

Nohr, Esther S MA-130

Nyres, John MA-131

Nytes, Joe  MA-131


O’Brien, Frank MA-132

Oestrich, Fred MA-132

Ogden, Caleb MA-133

Ogden, Sylvia MA-134

Ohm, Wilhelmina MA-135

Olson, Ole MA-135

Opperman, August MA-136

Opperman, William (mother) MA-137

Ortner, Joe (dau) Ma-137

Otradovec, Mrs. Frank MA-137

Owens, Fred MA-138

Owens, John MA-138

Owens, Martha MA-139


Pabst, Herman MA-140

Page, H H MA-140

Page, Lewis MA-140

Page, Mrs. H H MA-141

Painter, Benjamin MA-142

Paiser, John MA-143

Pankow, Ferdinand MA-143

Pankow, Otto (dau) MA-143

Parlitz, August (mother) MA-143

Patzer, Albert MA-144-148

Perkins, Fred MA-149

Perry Helen MA-160

Perry Stephen MA-165 news

Perry Stephen MA-166-146

Perry, Caroline MA-149

Perry, Cecil MA-150

Perry, Dane MA-151-153

Perry, Dr. J W MA-154

Perry, Ebenezer MA-155-159

Perry, Leslie MA-161-163

Perry, Lucy MA-164

Perry, Mahala MA-164 news

Perry, Margaret MA-166

Perry, Mrs. A. S. MA-165

Petersdorf, Caroline MA-177-178

Petersdorf, William MA 179

Petri, John MA-180

Pflanz, O. E. (grandmother) MA-180

Phenn, Mrs. Charles MA-181

Philot, William MA-181

Philpot, William (father) MA-181

Pickereign, Allen MA-182

Piehl, Alvin MA-182

Piehl, Dorothy Ma-182

Piehl, Earnest MA-187 189

Piehl, Florence Ma-183-184

Piehl, Gottlieb MA-184

Piehl, William Ma-185

Pingle, Chris MA-186

Pingle, John MA-186

Plaster, Mr. MA-191

Pockat, Albertine MA-191

Pockat, Ernest MA-184-189

Pockat, Herbert MA193

Pockat, Julius (Infant) Ma-193

Pockat, Mrs. Emil Ma-193

Pockat, Otto (dau) MA-193

Pockat, Wilhelmina MA-190

Polzin, Alvena MA-190

Polzin, August (dau) MA-194

Polzin, Charles (son) MA-194

Polzin, Charles MA-195

Polzin, Charles Sr MA-194

Polzin, dora MA-195

Polzin, Fred (Infant) MA-195

Polzin, Mary MA-196

Polzin, Mrs Charles MA-196

Polzin, Mrs Edward MA-196

Polzin, Paulina MA-197

Poppendorf, August Sr MA-198

Poppendorf, Frieda MA-198

Poppendorf, Rieka MA-198

Potratz Mrs. Frederick MA-199

Potratz, F MA-199

Prahl, John MA-199

Pranke, Annie MA-200

Pranke, Arnold MA-200

Pranke, William MA-200

Preuss, Christian MA-201

Pribbernow, John MA-201

Prochnow, Edward MA-201

Putz, Frank MA-202


Quick, Mr. MA-203

Quimby, Charles (sister) MA-204

Quimby, Emily MA-204-205

Quimby, Martha MA-206


Raack, Mrs. Herman MA-1

Raasch, Ferdinand MA-2

Radke, F MA-3

Radke, Louise MA-3

Raffauf, Elnora MA-4

Raffauf, Laura MA-4

Raimon, Lizzie MA-5

Ramsdell, Guy MA5

Ramsdell, Harry MA-7

Ramsdell, Julia MA-7

Ramsdell, Maria MA-6

Raphael, Max MA-6

Rasey, Harley MA-8-9

Ratzburg, Theodore MA-11

Ratzburg, William MA-12

Rau, Mary MA-13

Red Cloud, Louise MA-14

Reeck, Herman MA-15

Reeck, William (dau) MA-15

Reedy, Albert Sr MA-16

Reinke, Anna MA-16

Remling, Lizzie MA-17

Richards, Louis MA-18

Riemer, Gustav MA-19

Riesenberg, Charles (Infant) MA-19

Riesenberg, Herman (Infant) MA-19

Riesenberg, Naomi MA-19

Riesenberg, Sophia MA-20

Riske, Ella MA-20

Riske, Hermine MA-21

Riske, Mr MA-21

Riske, William (dau) MA-21

Robbins, Hiram MA-22

Robbins, Jane MA-23

Roberts, Richard MA-24-25

Roberts, Steve MA-26

Rogers, Erna MA-26

Rogers, Ike MA-27

Rogers, Jerry Ma-28

Ruddy, Floyd MA-29

Ruddy, Nora MA-29

Ruddy, William (Infant) MA-29

Rueter, Edward MA-18

Russell, Johnnie MA-30

Rustong, Emma MA-31

Ryan, Dr. M. (mother) MA-32

Ryan, James MA-32


Sabrowsky, Fred (Infant) MA-33

Sack, Rev. MA-33

Salzman, William MA-34

Sampson, G MA-34

Sanders, William MA-34

Sawyer, Emerson MA-35

Sawyer, Mary MA-35

Schachtschneider, Amelia MA-36

Schachtschneider, Mr. MA-36

Schachtschneider, Mrs. Albert MA-36

Schaetzel, Frank MA-37

Schaub, Lydia MA-38

Schaub, Mrs Peter MA-38

Schenfile, John MA-39

Schenk, Michael MA-39

Schernick, Mary MA-40

Schewe, Jacob MA-40

Schilling, Julius MA-40

Schlender, Julius MA-40

Schmidt, Charles (son) MA-41

Schmidt, Ed (mother) MA-41

Schmidt, H E (Infant) MA-41

Schmidt, Herbert MA-41

Schmidt, Herman E MA-42-43

Schmidt, Herman F MA-44-45

Schmidt, Julius (Infant) MA-45

Schmidt, Lillian MA-45

Schmidt, Rudolph MA-45

Schmidt, Wm (child) MA-46

Schmidt, Wm (Dupont) MA-46

Schmidt, Wm (Split Rock) MA-46

Schoen, William MA-47

Schoenick, Clarence MA-47

Schoenick, Wm Sr MA-47

Schoening, H (Infant) MA-47

Scholl, Alex MA-48                      

Schrier, Eddie MA-49

Schroeder, Arlo MA-49

Schroeder, August Ma-50

Schroeder, Gearheart MA-50

Schroeder, Harry MA-51

Schroeder, John (Larrabee) MA-51

Schroeder, John (Marion) MA-52

Schroeder, Mrs. MA-52

Schultz, Amelia MA-53

Schultz, Frank MA-53

Schultz, Fred MA-54

Schultz, Herman (Child) MA-54

Schultz, Hugh MA-55

Schultz, Ida MA-55

Schultz, Mrs John MA-55

Schultz, Rudolph MA-56

Schumaker, William MA-57

Schussman, William MA-57

Schwantes, Mrs Wm MA-58

Schwede, William MA-58

Seiler, Geroge MA-57

Seiler, Mrs John MA-59

Seilig, John MA-59

Shaffer, Joseph MA-60

Shambeau, William MA-60

Sherman, Augusta MA-60

Sherman, Joseph MA-61

Sherman, Phoebe MA-61

Shoepke, Mrs C MA-61

Shopodoc, Kickapoo MA-62-74

Sieber, Emma (Dumke) MA-75-76

Siebold, Aloyius MA-76

Siebold, Bernie MA-77

Smiley, James MA-78-82

Smith Charles (son) MA-83

Smith, Charles A (son) MA-83

Smith, Elmer MA-84

Smith, Fred (Infant) MA-84

Smith, George MA-84

Smith, Gus MA-84

Smith, Mrs Fred MA-84

Smith, Richard MA-85

Sommer, Thowald (Infant) MA-85

Spalding, Mrs. H H MA-86

Speener, Annie MA-86

Speener, Carl MA-87

Speener, Mrs. Carl MA-87

Spengler, Herman MA-88

Spiegel, August MA-88

Splinter, August (Infant) MA-89

Sprenger, August MA-89

Sprenger, Mrs. August MA-89

St. Clair, Edward MA-91

Staley, Henry (Infant) MA-90

Stanke, Herman MA-91

Stark, Chalres MA-91

Stark, William MA-92

Steaubli, Theodore MA-92

Steege, Mrs. Carl MA-92

Stefel, Margaret MA-92

Steible, Edward MA-93

Steinhouse, Mrs. MA-94

Sterling, W A MA-94

Stern, August MA-95

Stevens, Reuben MA-95

Stewart, John MA-96

Stout, Mrs. Samuel MA-97

Strassburg, Mrs. R MA-97

Strassburg, Paul MA-97

Stratman, Anton (son) MA-97

Strauss, Meyer MA-98

Strehlow, August MA-98

Strong, Joseph MA-98

Swan, Henry MA-99

Swede, August (child) MA-99


Taranto, Charles (child) MA-100

Taronto, Mrs. William MA-100

Taylor, Mrs. Myron MA-100

Tews, Alfred (s0n) MA-100

Tews, Dora MA-101

Thiele, Ernst MA-102

Thorne, Guy MA-103

Thrall, W. H. MA-104

Tietz, John MA-105

Timm, august MA-106

Timm, Leonora MA-106

Timm, Robert MA-106

Timm, William MA-107

Tischauser, Mrs. Simon MA-107

Toff, Belle MA-108

Tohm, Fred (child) MA-108

Tongen, Nellie MA-108

Townsend, Dandy Ma-108

Townsend, Evan MA-109

Tribby, Mark MA-190

Trieglaff, Hilda MA-110

Trontow, William MA-111

Trontow, Wm (Infant) MA-110

Turner, John MA-112

Turner, Robert MA-113

Turner, William MA-113-114

Turney, James MA-115


Uecker, Johanna MA-116

Uhardy, Mary MA-116


Van Norman, Lyman MA-117

Van Orman, Charles MA-117

Van Vuren, Mrs H. J. MA-118

Vandehei, Mrs. Peter MA-118

Vaughan, Dr. C. L. MA-119

Vaughn, Mrs. MA-120

Vennix, Arthur MA-120

Vischer, Ollie MA-121-125

Vischow, august MA-125

Voeltz, Henry MA-125

Voisen, Edward MA-126

Vosburg, Frank MA-126

Voss, Anna MA-127

Voster, Mrs. Joseph MA-127

Voye, George MA-128-129


Wagner, Mrs. August MA-130

Waler, John MA-130

Ward, Fred MA-130

Warnick, Charles MA-132

Warnick, James MA-132

Warnick, Johnnie MA-133

Warnick, Lina MA-133

Waterhouse, W.W. MA-134-135

Watter, August (Infant) MA-135

Way, Eddie MA-136

Way, John MA-137-138

Way, Mrs. John MA-138

Way, Mrs. S MA-139

Way, Rufus MA-139-140

Wegge, Ferdinand MA-140

Weinig, Conrad (Infant) MA-141

Weinig, Mrs. Conrad MA-141

Welch, Arthur MA-142

Welch, Harriet MA-143

Welch, Henry E MA-146

Welch, Henry MA-144-145

Welsh, Patrick MA-147

Wendler, Clara MA-148

Wendler, Ed MA-148

Wendt, August Sr MA-149

Westphal, August MA-150

Westphal, Ernestina MA-150

Westphal, Herman MA-150

Westphal, Mrs. Wm. MA-151

Westphal, William MA-151

Wheeler, Arnold MA-152

Whichman, Adolph MA-153

Whitcomb, A. W. MA-153

Whitt, Mrs. Ferdinand MA-153

Wielke, Marie MA-154

Wienandt, Mrs. Fred MA-154

Wilke, Mrs. Julius MA-155

Wilson, Harry MA-155

Wiske, Frank MA-155

Wisman, John MA-120

Witt, F. (Infant) MA-156

Wobosel, Mat MA-156

Wobosel, Mrs. M.  MA-157

Wolf, Charles MA-157

Wolf, Fred (Infant) MA-157

Wood, Joe (Infant) MA-157

Wooden, Warren MA-158

Woodnale, Charles MA-158

Woodworth, Ida MA-158

Wulk, Freddie MA-159

Wulk, Lily MA-159


Yankee, Carl MA-160-161

Youdarian, Mrs. Gus MA-162


Zang, Margaret MA-163

Zastrow, Gustav MA-163

Zaug, Louis MA-164-165

Zepp, Dr. MA-166

Zepp, Mrs. B (brother) MA-166

Zicherick, Margaret MA-167

Zick, David MA-167

Ziehm, Mrs. Wm Sr (Nephew) MA-167

Ziehm, William Sr MA-168

Zietlow, Mrs. W. MA-169

Zietlow, William MA-169

Zillmer, Michael MA-170

Zillmer, William MA-170

Zitzke, Herman MA-171