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Marriages Pre 1907

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Transcribed with diligence by Jean Barkow 2010


Married Spouse Place of Birth Father Mother


Ihde, Emil Wm. 17 Jun 1903 Bush, Helen Josephine       F7 C111
Ignarska, Maryanna / Mary A 18 Oct 1905 Niegoz, Thomas O Sofnica Gallicia Joseph Kucha Hedwig Kazomowska F9 C187
Ineanolosira, Mary 22 May 1879 Shawano, Louis       F1 C579
Ingersol, Anna Marie 31 Jul 1883 Phillips, Charles Waldo Broom Co, NY Ira Ingersol Eliza Ingersol F2 C54
Inuissry, Wallace 2 Oct 1886 Peop, Cornelia Calumet Co, WI Washington Inuissry Louisa Jimmisson F2 C366
Ireland, O.M. 14 Nov 1894 Halla, Christiana U.S.A. David Ireland Annia Besoon F3 C599
Isaakson, Anne 28 Nov 1874 Johan Andersen   Halver Isaakson Maria Olson F1 C233
Isaksen, Guldbrand Jenhof 30 Jul 1876 Thorlakson, Gud--- Jacob Norway Ole S --- Isaksen Sabine M Guldbrandsdatter F1 C366
Isaksen, Ingeborg 10 Sep 1891 Brakken / Brecken, Ole E Manitowoc Co, WI Isak Isaksen  Guro Trondsen F3 C140
Isaksen, Louise  10 Sep 1891 Olsen, Ivar Manitowoc Co, WI Isak Isaksen Guro Trondsen F3 C139
Isaksen, Oline/Olive Sophie 24 Dec 1876 Mosling, Johan Peder   Ole S --- Isaksen Sabine M Guldbrandsdatter F1 C421
Isaacson, Isaac 3 May 1887 Anderson, Jensine P       F1 C301
Isaacson, Isaac Leonhardt 8 Aug 1880 Olsen, Oline Albertine Norway Ole Isaacson Marie Isaacson F1 C627
Isaacson, Simon 11 Nov 1884 Pipgrass, Maria Johanna Norway A.W. Isaacson Anna Madson F2 C225
Isckenai, Joseph 15 Nov 1877 Vadelitz, Barbara       F1 C227
Iyasha, Shanete 23 Oct 1865 Peters, John       SCJ NP