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Marriages Pre 1907

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Transcribed with diligence by Jean Barkow 2010


Married Spouse Place of Birth Father Mother


Quaalmann, John G. 27 Jul 1866 Reisener, Louise Wilhelmine Obenhoff, Meckleberg, Schwerin Johann Quaalmann Elisabeth Braun F1 C46
Quandt, Augusta L.W. 6 Apr 1885 Boerst, August F.f. Hantland twp, Shawano Co. Wilhelm Quandt Anna Sophia Buckman F1 C258
Quick, Mikel 4 Jul 1897 Heidtke, Hellen New Castle, WI Walter Quick Jane Quick F4 C96
Quick, Robert 26 Jun 1901 Walker, Mertella Fond du Lac, WI Walter Quick Jane Monteith F5 C284
Quick, Rose J. 24 May 1899 Messernecht / Messerschmidt, John E. Fond du Lac, WI Walter Quick Sr. Jane Quick F4 C408
Quick, Walter 28 May 1899 Thursby, Myrtle L. Fond du Lac, WI Walter Quick Jane Quick F4 C409
Quinery, Wallace 2 Oct 1886 Pye, Cornelia       F1 C288
Quinn, Catherine 14 Nov 1869 Elsbury, William H.   Michael Quinn Margaretti Quinn F1 C81
Quinn, Mary 27 Mar 1884 Kriwaldt, Harry F. New London, WI John Quinn Martha Quinn F2 C171
Quinn, Nellie 24 Dec 1876 Brauer / Braner, Henry Elbert   John Quinn Kati Quinn F1 C423
Quinnee, Mary 27 Aug 1896 Otter, Joseph   John Quinnee Elisebeth Quinnee F3 C886
Quinney, Adele 12 Nov 1906 Pedersen, Carl A.   Walace Quinney Delight Bennett F9 C448
Quinney, Embler 21 Aug 1897 Doxtator, Martha Calumet Co. John Quinney Hannah Coyes F4 C578
Quinney, Glen 1 Aug 1906 Fowler, Malisa Stockbridge Res. Shawano Co., WI Emison Quinney Marion Quinney F9 C379
Quinney, Hannah 12 Feb 1894 Doxtator, Daniel   George Baldwin Sophia Coyes F3 C504
Quinney, Sophie 14 Dec 1896 Doxtator, Alvin   John W. Quinney Hannah E. Quinney F3 C938
Qumeyer / Lumeyer,  Alvin J. 19 Aug 1892 Marbore / Marimore Almyra W. Calumet Co., WI Washington Qumeyer / Lumeyer Louisa Gumerson FF3 C335