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Marriages Pre 1907

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Transcribed with diligence by Jean Barkow 2010


Married Spouse Place of Birth Father Mother


Űcker, Eda H. I. 7 Jun 1895 Raiske, Friedrich Carl Pella, WI Ferdinant Űcker Wilhelmine Wolf F3 C695
Űcker, Hulda 9 Jun 1893 Pankow, Herman   Ferdinand Űcker Wilhelmine G. Wolf F3 C389
Uecker, Auguste Mathilde 14 Aug 1899 Eckert, Paul Robert   Julius Uecker Justine Kratz F4 C430
Uecker, Frans Carl 8 Feb 1900 Mewes / Mavis, Martha Maria Germany Julius Uecker Justine Uecker F4 C571
Uecker, Julius Hermann 9 Nov 1899 Redmann, Emma Maria Louise   Wm. Uecker Mathilde Fritz F4 C489
Uecker, Paul Aug. Wm. 30 Apr 1903 Redmann, Hedwig Marth Ida Germany Wm. Uecker Mathilde Fritz F7 C133
Ulrich, Anthony 13 Feb 1899 Strelke, Rosalia Lubno, Bohemia, Europe Anthony Ulrich Marianna Fogl F4 C338
Ulrich, Joseph Leonhardt 3 Jul 1895 Kunst, Charlotte Adolfine Bruney Canto Schlwitz, Germany Leonhardt Ulrich Theresie Beler F3 C707
Ulricke, Caroline Wilhelmine 4 Sep 1873 Bartz, Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm   Friedrich Petermann Ulricke Charlotte Kuhn F1 C216
Umland, August 21 Nov 1901 Wetzel, Anna Germany Johann Umland Ernestine Gram F5 C326
Umland, Fred 25 Oct 1905 Boettcher, Mathilde Pommern, Germany Fritz Umland Hanna Rabboth F9 C222
Umland, Friedrich 9 Jun 1903 Lindner, Ottilie Alt Damerow, Germany Johann Umland Ernstine Gramlow F7 C82
Urbahn, Wenzellaus 8 May 1894 Tomashek, Barbara Europe Joseph Urbahn Maria Kusta F3 C559
Urban, John 22 Aug 1892 Johannek, Magareth Wisconsin Joseph Urban Mary Kushta F3 C295
Utke, Anna Bertha Auguste 7 Mar 1898 Gehrke, August Carl tn Waukechon, Shawano Co. Julius Utke Bertha Ziemann F4 C188
Utke, Wilhelm Herman Carl 26 Feb 1895 Bartz, Martha Emilie Louise ??athi, Pom, Germany Julius Utke Bertha Ziemann F3 C670
Uttecht, Otto A. 25 Oct 1905 Vogel, Martha Germany August Uttecht Auguste Boelter F9 C199
Uttecht, Minnie Mare 27 Jan 1904 Leidner, Herman Germany August Uttecht Auguste Boelter C426
Uttecht, Paul 18 Apr 1905 Kortbein, Lizzie Germany August Uttecht Auguste Boelter F9 C110
Uvaas, Halvev 27 May 1885 Lund, Lena Winchester, Winnebago Co. Ole Uvass Alsong Olsen F2 C282