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The meaning of Indian named Towns

Ashkeoton (town Brown Co) The Crier, name of an Indian

Assippun or Ashippun (town Dodge Co) The Raccoon

Brulé (river Douglas Co) Burnt timber; Indian word Wesaucota, in Menominee and Chippewa

Buffalo (Lake in Marquette Co) Pesahkeoconnee, a great buffalo range in early times, Iometah and others said their fathers killed and drove them away.

Butte des Morts (Lake and town in Winnebago Co) Pahquatenosah was the Indian word for the Little Butte des Morts, meaning a small mound of dead, Mahpahquatenoh is big mound of dead "noh" meaning dead.

Embarrass (River, tributary to Wolf) Indian word was Okquinoc Saparo, or floating wood. The French adopted this and called it La Riviere s'embarrass (the river that is embarrassed) or interrupted by driftwood.

Kekoskee (Dodge Co) Of Winnebago origin

Keshena ( Town in Menominee Co) The Seudding Cloud, named after a Menominee Chief, son of Josette, second chief, and son-in-law of Pewatenot.

Kewaskum (town, Washington Co) Name of a Menominee Indian, The Turner; one who has power as a Medicine Man to turn things as he pleases.

Kewanee (County and town) A specie of duck.

Koshkonong (Rock Co) Not Menominee, probably Potawatomi.

Manitowoc (County and town) Place of Spirits.

Markesan (Village Green Lake Co) Probably a Winnebago name

Maskee Indian name for marsh.

Mazomanie (Dane Co town) Place of iron deposits, a Winnebago word.

Meeme (Manitowoc Co town) The Pigeon

Menominee The plural is Omahnominewowk, or Wild Rice People. Rice was harvested in Shawano and other lakes of the area.

Mishicott (Manitowoc Co town) Hairy Leg

Mukwonago or Maquonigo (Waukesha Co town) Of Potawatomi origin.

Nashotah (Waukesha Co town) Twin, a Potawatomi word

Nededah (Juneau Co town) Winnebago word

Neosho Either a Potawatomi or Winnebago word

Neshkoro (Marquette Co town) Winnebago word

Oconomowoc (County and town) Potawatomi word

Oconto (County and town) The place of the pickerel

Okee (Columbia Co town) Winnebago word

Ozaukee (County) The Sauks

Packwaukee or Pakwaukea (Marquette Co town) The mound, a natural elevation.

Pensaukee (Oconto Co river and town) The place of the brant - a species of small wild geese.

Peshtigo or Pakwaukea (Marinette Co town) Passing through the marsh

Powaaconnee Poygan abbreviated

Poygan (Winnebago Co lake) The threshing place (for rice)

Poynette ( Columbia Co town) Winnebago origin

Poysippi (Waushara Co town) Same as Poygan, the sippi meaning river

Puckaway (Green Lake Co lake) Cat Tail Flag

Shawano (County, Lake, town) The county was named from the lake, Shawano or South Lake. Chief Oshkosh was to have said that his ancestors told him a prophet from the South visited the Menominee, and first made his appearance at the Shawano Lake, proclaiming himself a prophet from the South, that he was going to change things generally, to reform their medical remedies and reform their government, and then they would live much longer. It was learned that Tecumseh's brother was that Prophet that he was the one who came to the Menominee about 1810 and aimed at their reform.

Sheboygan (County and town) Properly Chaewyaconnee, a Menominee word, meaning a rumbling subterranean sound, as if a spirit sound, heard in the lake at the mouth of the river, at that point. Solomon Juneau used to state that it was a Potawatomi word and meant place of the mermaid.

Suamico (River and town) Red sand river

Taycheedah (Fond du Lac Co town) A Winnebago word

Waucousta (Fond du Lac Co, town) Not a Menominee word.

Waukesha or Waukeshoon (County and town) Something about a fox.

Waupaca (County, town river) The dawning of the morning. The French endeavored to give the meaning by calling it To-Morrow River.

Waupun (Fond du Lac Co town) Day break or dawn

Waushara (County) A Winnebago word

Wautoma (Waushara Co town) Not a Menominee word

Wauseka (Crawford Co town) A Winnebago word

Welaunee (Winnebago Co town) A Winnebago word

Weyauwega (Waupaca Co town) Name of the locality from Weyawaca, the grand encampment where the Indians camped.

Winneconne (Winnebago Co town) The place of the skull, a battleground, where some of the Sauk and Foxes were chased by the French and Menominee at the Butte des Morts battle.

Wyocena (Columbia Co town) A Winnebago word.