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This list includes both the Menominee and Stockbridge

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The story of Joseph Gauthier appointed as Special Quartermaster

Ah pah kee, Isaac

Ah she tah yash, James

Ah wah sha ska, Moses Little Bear

Antonie, Joseph

Askinett, Peter

Bear, Thomas

Beaupre, Simon

Besaw, Alex

Beuprie, Joseph

Blackcloud, James

Boyd, Alfred

Boyington, Jesse

Butler, Don Carlos

Carrow, Joseph

Chemenonwahquette, Batise

                  Aka Quoquenonequit, Batise

Chicks, Andrew J

Chicks, Jacob C

Chicks, James

Chicks, Joseph L

Corn, Jackson

Corn, Moses

Corn, Peter

Courville, Antoine Sr

Courville, Antoine Jr

Cuish, John

Davids, Daniel

Davids, Henry

Davids, John

Davids, Jonas

Davids, Joseph

Davis, Joseph

Debrien, Peter

Denny, Abram

Dick, Lucius

Dick, Thomas Bear

Doxtator, Benjamin

Fiddler, Jefferson

Fiddler, Singleton G

Fox, Mitchell

Gardner, Simeon

Gardner, Stephan

Green Bay, John

Grignon, Charles

Grignon, Robert

Hahpahtakwahonquette, Seymour

Hahpahtokasic, Charles

Hammer, Sam

Indian Jack

Istaca, David

Jackson, Lewis

Johnson, Lewis

Johnson Rueben

Kah-to-tah, Jerome

Ka ka sha

Kakwitch, Louis (Kakuschki)

Kanasha, John


Kas ka tuppah, William

Kaquetosh, John B

Kaquetosh, Frank

  Katawamba, Nichiket

Ka-wah-tah-wah-pas, Henry

Kayso, Meshell

Kenneinwekasic, Samuel

Kenosha, Meshell

Keshena, Joseph

Keshena, Louis

Keshequque, Antoine

Kinney, Lewis

Kittson, Alexander

Kittson, John

Kittson, George

Koquette, Lewis aka Worten

LaMotte, Joseph

LaRoche, Norbert A

Latender, John

Lawe, John

Leon, James

LeRoy, Frank

Lewis, Jackson

Lookaround, Henry

Machopataw, Solomon

Mach-me-nom-o-nee, Joseph

Mah mah ka witt, Meshell

Mashaquette, Lewis

Maychewon, Joseph

Mellott, Henry

Menore, Oliver

Menosh, John

Moon, James

Moon, John W

Moon, Henry Clay

Moon, Lafayette

Morgan, Alfred

Moses, John

Moshshenosh, Barney

Moss, Louis


Nahnahkesin, Meshell

Nahpahnahcochen, John

Nahshekahappah, Amable

Nahwahquah, Joseph

Oshawahnometon, Meshell

Oshkosh, Abram

Pahpoguah, John B

Pahpoquien, Jospeh

Pah po not niew, Peter

Payawanakee, Simon

Payawasit, Joseph

Peaches, Nippi

Pegram, Henry

Piahwahsha, Augustus

Prickett, Richard

Prickett, William H

Pequachenahnien, Jacob

Pye, Abraham

Pye, Benjamin

Rubber, Benjamin

Scott, John

Sears, John

Shaboishakah, Meshell Sr

Shaboishakah, Meshell Jr

Sha pah kasic, John B

Shawano, Lewis

Shawanometta, Mitchell

Shawanopenass, John

Sheshequen, Edward

Skessick, Louis

Smith John H


Teco, Dominekee

Teco, Samuel

Tousey, Daniel

Tucker, Daniel

Turkey, Dennis T

Wah kah-keh-mehot, Joseph

Wah sha kah ka mick, Robert

Wahsahwequon, Joseph

Wah tow nut, Felix

Wa pe ne pe ness

Warrington, Alex

Waupano, Antoine aka Wahabno

Waubano, John aka Waupeno

Waukechon, John

Waupoose, William

Welch, Lewis

Welch, Synacious aka Denny

Weieriskasit, Paul

Whitney, Paul

Williams, Joseph

Williams, Samuel