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Neopit Oshkosh

Picture taken from the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern 26 Aug 1903

Left to right standing

Adell Gauthier Neff, Peter LaMotte, Perotte, Joe Gauthier, Acquinnie Oshkosh, John Gauthier, Louise Amour (Che-mon).

Left to right seated

Thomas Hog, Mrs. Neopit Oshkosh, and son Tom, Neopit Oshkosh, Mose Corn.

Left to right seated on floor

Mary Warrington, Mrs. Peter LaMotte and Agnes Corn.

50th Anniversary of the Founding of the City of Oshkosh

In the fifth division, the Indian Band of the Keshena Reservation followed after Rev. E. R. Small in command of the division. There were 14 men in the band and they played well. This division was the most striking of any parade. Neopit Oshkosh and Reginald Oshkosh on ponies led the party. On a bus and inside were 15 members of the tribe from Keshena. Women and children all in Indian dress. The Chief Neopit and son Reginald, were also in Indian costume, the younger man wearing the war bonnet of Old Chief Oshkosh. Fourteen Indian men on foot in Indian costume with painted faces, feathers, blankets and war weapons. One of them wore a buffalo head war bonnet. The sight was one which will not be forgotten by those who saw it.