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Murders in Shawano County

Transcribed by Editor Jim Glasheen & Cathe Ziereis

Shawano Evening Leader

Tuesday, March 2, 1976 

Couple Found Dead

The Evening Leader has received a report that the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mead Mackay and her husband were found dead in their Lancaster, VA., home Sunday morning.  Mr. and Mrs. Dale Rogers were found by a daughter, Robin 16, upon her return home after spending the night at a friend’s home.  Both had suffered shooting wounds to the head.  Mrs. Rogers is the former Charlotte Mackay, a 1953 graduate of Shawano High school.  Her parents are operators of a Shawano Lake resort and are presently enroute to Virginia.



Shawano Evening Leader

Aug 28 1976

Murder charges filed

Shawano—Bernard V Bowman, 32, was charge with first degree murder Monday with the shooting death of his brother.  Albert Bowman, Milwaukee Saturday morning.

According to the complaint the victim was shot in the head at about 5:30 a.m. Saturday in the Town of Bartleme.  He died at Shawano Community Hospital three hours after he was shot.

The shooting was on the Stockbridge-Munsee reservation.  Investigation was by the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department.

Shawano Evening Leader

Apr 16 1977

Body Identified

Keshena—the man who was shot several times sometime last weekend and dumped over the Wolf River Bridge north of Keshena has been identified as Clifford George Albers, the Evening Leader has learned.

Albers, 49, is retired from the Coast Guard, married, and the father of four children, according to the FBI.  Albers was born in DePere and lived in Lakewood since May of last year.  Prior to that he resided in Green Bay.

Albers was found April 10th by a family out for a walk in the woods.  His body was lying partially in the river and on the riverbank.  The FBI estimated Albers was dead about 24 hours before his body was discovered.

The man was shot three times in the head with .22 and .32 caliber revolver at an unknown location and then thrown over the Highway 47 Bridge.  No suspects are in custody.

Shawano Evening Leader

June 1 1977

Police identify Shawano man as murder victim

Shawano—the body of a man found floating in the Wolf River north of Keshena Friday morning has been identified as Edward J Beyer, 62, Shawano.

His death was ruled a homicide by Shawano City police and Shawano County Coroner Douglas Knope.  The FBI has turned over jurisdiction to Shawano Police, Chief Donald Thaves said Wednesday morning.

Police are working on the theory that Beyers of South Weed St. was slain in Shawano and then dropped over a bridge into the Wolf River.

The exact cause of death isn’t known and may not be determined until autopsy reports are available, police said.

Photographs of the victim reveal that he may have been bludgeoned to death with a heavy implement.  Thaves said police are following up on several leads.

Beyer’s body was found early Friday morning by two workman who were preparing to paint the Wayka Creek Bridge, also called West Branch Bridge, about seven miles north of Keshena.

The bridge runs over the Wolf River on West Branch Road, just off State highway 55.

Tribal Police said the workers, Frances Reiter and Robert Bolvin, saw blood on the road.  They looked in the water and spotted Beyer’s body.

The victim’s hands and feet were bound with twine and he appeared badly beaten, according to tribal police.

Beyers was employed and living on a pension, according to police.  He resided in Shawano all his life and wasn’t married. 

Beyer was last seen around 7:30 p.m. Thursday evening, police said.


Shawano Evening Leader

June 3 1977

City man charged with second degree murder

Shawano—bond was set at $25.000 for Ervin F Wegner, accused of second degree murder in the alleged beating death of a Shawano man in Shawano County Court Friday morning.

Wegner, 52, is charged with slaying Edward J. Beyer by hitting him twice on the head with a paving shovel in front of the victims South Weed Street residence.

Judge Thomas Grover continued Wegner’s initial appearance until Monday so the defendant could talk to an attorney.

Beyer’s body was found last Friday floating in the Wolf River under Wayka Bridge about seven miles north of Keshena.  The Victim’s hands and feet were bound with twine. 

Wegner was arrested by Shawano County police about 3:30 Thursday afternoon on Franklin Street.  A warrant for his arrest was issued earlier in the day.

According to the complaint, an argument apparently broke out between the defendant and Beyer, 62, also known as Edward J Beyers, about 7:00 p.m. on May 26th.  Witnesses told police they observed Wegner push the victim to the ground with the metal end of a paving shovel and then strike him twice on the head.

Wegner then dragged the victim into his house, the complaint states.

The defendant balked at going to jail before bail was set.  He told Judge Grover that a Waupaca County Judge refused to send him to jail because of his physical condition.

Wegner complained of suffering from arthritis and said a five-day jail sentence for a driving violation in Waupaca was stayed by Judge Wiese due to his ailments.

”No way can they lock up Ervin Wegner on iron and cement.  He will have to stay away from that condition or be carried out on a stretcher,” Wegner said the Judge ruled in excusing him from serving time.

Judge Grover didn’t buy Wegner’s argument and set $25,000 cash or security bond.  He also appointed Frederic Eberlein as the defendant’s counsel.  The possible penalty for second degree murder may be imprisonment of not less than five nor more than 25 year.




Shawano Evening Leader

June 30 1977

Man murdered, brother wounded at Wittenberg

Wittenberg—Lac du Flambeau man is dead from gunshot wounds, his brother was wounded and a rural Wittenberg man is being held in the Shawano County jail pending charges to be filed later today. 

Sheriff Sandy Montour and Chief Deputy Chet Dahl said the victim of the early morning shooting today was Stanley R Jackson, 23, of Lac du Flambeau.  His brother, Allen M Jackson, also of Lac Du Flambeau was shot in the hand, but not seriously.  The shootings took place about 3 a.m. today at a town of Wittenberg home which is located just southwest of the Village of Wittenberg in Shawano County.

Authorities said the 38 year-old town of Wittenberg man is expected to be charged later today with anticipated first degree murder and attempted murder and his name is being withheld until the charges are officially filed with the clerk of court.

It was reported that the victim was killed instantly by a single shot in the heart from a .22 caliber gun.  Allen Jackson, 31, was shot in the left hand, apparently by the same gun.  He was treated for wounds at the Shawano Community Hospital and later released.

Lac du Flambeau is located in Iron County in Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan and it was indicated that the brothers had been visiting in the Shawano County area.

“We had a car in the immediate area of the shooting and the suspect was apprehended shortly after the incidents,” reported Montour who indicated that the man being held lived in the home where the shootings occurred.

The report of the shooting was made by a girl who was also at the home at the time.


Shawano Evening Leader

July 1 1977

Wittenberg man charged with murder

Court sets $50,000 bond

Shawano—cash bond was continued at $50,000 in Shawano County Court Friday for Lyndahl A Metoxen, 38, Wittenberg, charged with first degree murder and attempted murder in a shooting incident which left one Lac du Flambeau man dead and his brother wounded.

Stanley R Jackson, 23, reportedly died instantly from a gunshot wound to the mouth.  His brother, Alan M Jackson, 31, was shot in the left hand apparently by the same gun, a .22 caliber rifle.  He was treated at Shawano Community Hospital and released.

Judge Thomas Grover set a preliminary hearing for Wednesday, July 6, beginning at 2:30 p.m.  The hearing may run over to Thursday so a pathologist’s report can be included in the testimony.

The shootings took place around 3:00 a.m. Thursday at the defendant’s rural Town of Wittenberg home, located just southwest of the Village of Wittenberg in Shawano County.

According to the complaint filed Thursday by Shawano-Menominee County District Attorney Richard J Stadelman, The Jacksons and Metoxen were seated in the living room and talking about getting something to eat.

At this point, Metoxen got up and went into a bedroom, returning with a rifle.  Metoxen then fired two shots, one striking Stanley Jackson in the mouth, the other hitting Alan Jackson in the left hand.

Another person in the home, Karen Nolan, Green Bay, told authorities she emerged from a bedroom after hearing shots and observed the victims sitting with their heads slumped down.

Metoxen then told her “Those bullets weren’t good anyway,” the complaint states.

She went back to the bedroom and began screaming, then returned to the living room and saw Metoxen mopping up blood near Stanley Jackson.

Nolan later jumped through a bedroom window and ran to a neighbor’s home to call for help.  Alan Jackson then left the home after Metoxen gave him permission to try and get an ambulance.

Metoxen was arrested by Shawano County Sheriff’s deputies around 4:00 a.m.  He offered no resistance.

Under questioning by Sheriff’s authorities, Metoxen admitted both shootings, according to the complaint.  Metoxen also admitted that he had been drinking.

Authorities aren’t sure as to a motive behind the shooting.  Metoxen said he asked Stanley Jackson to leave because he wanted to get some sleep, the complaint states.

Lac du Flambeau is located in Iron County, near Lake Michigan, and the brothers, accompanied by Nolan, were apparently visiting the Shawano County area.

The possible penalty for first degree murder is life imprisonment.  Attempted murder carries a maximum 30 year prison term.

Shawano Evening Leader

June 24 1980

Daughter of Former Resident Slain

A University of Wisconsin student found slain in her Madison apartment last Tuesday was the daughter and granddaughter of former Clintonville residents.  Charise Kamps, 19, Platteville, had recently completed her freshman year at the UW.  She was the daughter of Kenneth Kamps, who is a Clintonville High school graduate and presently chairman of the UW-Platteville teacher education department.  Her grandfather, George Kamps, now of Crivitz, formerly owned Clintonville floral and was a resident here until 1951.

Madison authorities believe Miss Kamps was killed shortly after midnight Tuesday, June 24.  Her body was discovered on her bed Tuesday morning by a co-worker who went to Miss Kamps apartment when she failed to show up for work. 

Dane County Coroner Clyde Chamberlain Jr. said the young woman had been sexually assaulted, strangled and mutilated.

The manager of the building in which Miss Kamps lived said no one had reported hearing any screams or sounds of a struggle that night.  A watchdog on the back porch never barked, and there were no signs of forced entry to the apartment.

A man said to have known Miss Kamps was taken into custody by Madison police Friday in connection with the murder.  His identity was not released.