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Naturalizations for Shawano County


Some of these are just the Intent and some have the follow through for the Oath. All records are now kept in Green Bay at the Archives.

They can be contacted at

Please consider spelling errors either by the writer or the transcriber unable to decipher the handwriting.

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Aageson, Conrad

Aalberg, Ingebrigt

Aas, Peter Olsen

Abbey, John

Abrahamson, Jacob

Abrahamsen, Salomon

Adam, Ludwig

Adamski, Frank

Adamski, Stanislaus

Adamski, Theophil

Adasiewycz, Dominick

Adasiewycz, Dominick

Aesmann, Jacob

Ahrns, Joachen

Ahsmann, Paul H.

Albrecht, William

Albrecht, Ferdinand

Answorth, Tom

Aka Ainsworth

Alders, Henry E

Alfheim, Cora Matson

Alfheim, Hans

Allely, William

Allen, Thomas W

Alley, David Jr

Alon, See Sloan

Alsner, Otto

Alster, Peter

Amansend, Gelbrand

Amansend, Louis

Amell, Peter

Amelt, Moses

Amundson, Nils

Andensen, Christian

Anders, Paul

Andersen, Alma Dickenson

Andersen, Anders

Andersen, Anton M

Andersen, Holge

Andersen, Ole

Andersen, Adolph

Andersen, Halvor O

Anderson, Bernt

Anderson, Charles

Anderson, Christian

Anderson, Erhardt

Anderson, Gundie

Anderson, Jens

Anderson, Gustav

Anderson, Johan

Anderson, John

Anderson, John

Anderson, John Jr

Anderson, John N

Anderson, Martin

Anderson, N. C.

Anderson, Nelse

Anderson, Ole

Anderson, Paul C

Anderson, Svend

Anderson, Segal

Anderson, Swan

Andreas, Hans

Anker, Charley

Anker, John M.

Anker, Lawritz

Anker, M.C.

Anker, Mathias

Anker, Paul

Arneson, Richard

Arnoldson, David

Arnst, Emil

Arnst, Hedwig Canehl

Aschenbrenner, Albert

Ashenbrenner, Mathaus

Aschinger, MAx

Asenbrener, Joseph

Ashe, Henry

Ashenbrener, Jim

Asswann, Herman

Augerman, Frederick Edward

Augesen, Abraham

Auklovin, William