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Naturalizations for Shawano County


Some of these are just the Intent and some have the follow through for the Oath. All records are now kept in Green Bay at the Archives.

They can be contacted at

Local History & Genealogy - Cofrin Library - University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Please consider spelling errors either by the writer or the transcriber unable to decipher the handwriting.

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Baass, Charles

Babcock, Thomas A

Bachmann, John F

Back, Nils Alfred

Baetz, Wilhelm

Bahr, Franz

Baerenwald, Otto

Bahrenberg, Ludger

Baier, August

Baldwin, John

Baldwin, William

Bailliford, Louis

BAlke, August

Balke, Fred

Bame, John (Behm)

Banaschinski, Frank

Spelling  Banaszynski

Banassynski, Karol

Banaszynski, Nicholas

Banczyenski, John

Banaszynski, Vinsent * see notes on card

Bania, Walter

Bankert, Frederick

Barfkuecht, C F

Barfkueht, F W M

Barke, Martin

Barkow, Ernst

Barkow, Julius

Barte, Lasell

Bartelme, Fred

Bartelme, Herman

Bartelt, August

Bartelt, Charles

Bartelt, Carl

Bartelt, Herman

Bartelt, Gottlieb

Bartelt, William

Bartz, August

Bartz, August F W

Bartz, Ernst

Bartz, Frank

Bartz, Herman

Bartz, Herman F

Bartz, William

Bartz, William

Barz, August

Barz, Herman

Batz, William

Bastians, Anton

Bastians, Peter

Bauer, Lue

Bauers, Herman

Baukhaus, Gerhard

Baum, Oscar

Bauman, Herman

Baumann, John

Baumann, Johann L

Baumgarten, Adolf