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Naturalizations for Shawano County


Some of these are just the Intent and some have the follow through for the Oath. All records are now kept in Green Bay at the Archives.

They can be contacted at

Please consider spelling errors either by the writer or the transcriber unable to decipher the handwriting.

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Cain, John

Calheen, Charles

Callaghan, Dennis

Callahan, Michael

Callahan, Timothy

Campbell, Daniel

Capraran, Louis

Capraro, Louis

Capraro, Paul E

Carlsen, Frank

Carlson, Adolph

Carlson, Alfred

Carlson, Alfred

Carlson, Carl A


Carlson, Martin


Carter, Joseph

Cattan, Henry W

Caughell, James

Cerveny, Jack

Cerveny, Joe

Cerveny, Mathias

Cholewinski, Andrew

Cholewinski, Joseph

Cholewinski, Valentine

Cholinisvske, Walentine

Christen, Carl

Christen, Frederick

Christen, William

Christen, Wilhelm

Christiansen, Hans

Christensen, Martin

Christenson, Andra

Christenson, Charles

Christensen, Frederick

Christiansen, Halvor

Christiansen, Martin

Christiansen, Torger

Christianson, Anton

Christianson, Neils

Christianson, Nels

Christianson, Ole

Christianson, Ole

Chrusniak, Stanley

Church, Tedilah

Ciesielczyk, Wladsyslaw J

Ciesielczyk, Mile

Clausen, Louis

Clemens, Frank

Clifford, John

Close, Eric C

Coller, John

Condon, Patrick E

Cook, August

Cook, John H

Cornalius, Fred

Copt, Maurice

Cotts, Samuel

Coughlin, M H

Coughlin, Tim

Cowden, John

Christensen, Martin

Cristine, John

Crowly, Cornelius

Cullen, James

Cullen, Richard

Czajkowski, Boleslaw

Czarniak, John

Czykowski, Joseph