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Naturalizations for Shawano County


Some of these are just the Intent and some have the follow through for the Oath. All records are now kept in Green Bay at the Archives.

They can be contacted at

Please consider spelling errors either by the writer or the transcriber unable to decipher the handwriting.

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Dagner, Wilhelm F

Dagner, Wilhelm  T

Dahlgreen, August

Dahlke, William

Dahms, Charles

Dahse, Bernard

Dahse, Frederick

Dallmann, Charles

Dallmann, Ferdinand

Dallmann, Herman

Dallmann, Wilhelm

Daluge, August

Dalum, Wilhelm

Damm, Henry

Dammeier, William C

Damran, Gustav

Dauchurg, Christopher

Damrau, Carl Herman

Damrau, Gustav

Dapin, Sam

Davis, H A

Davis, Miles

Deak, Louis

Debban, Herman

Debban, John

Debot, Edmond

Deckman, William

Deel, Henry

Deering, William H

Degener F H

Dehn, Albert

Dei, Edward

Dekowski, Frank

Delany, George

Delany, James

Delitrke, Henry

Demke, Carl

Depmann, Henry

Derenthal, August

Derenthal, Ignas

DeRoss, Leo

Dettner, Charles

Devlin, Samuel

Dey, August F

Dey, Albert

Dey, August

Dickmann, Ernst

Dickmann, Simon

Dickow, Albert

Dickow, Ernst

Dieck, August

Dieck, Ferdinand

Diedrich, Max F

Dielle, James

Dieszel, C F A

Dietert, Herman

Digidio, Pasquale

Didge, Henry

Dillneburg, John Jr

Dillenburg, John Sr

Dillenburg, William

Dirbin, Edward

Dirks, Carl

Dirks, Gottfried

Dittberner, William

Dittmann, Charles

Dittmann, Frederick

Dittmann, Gottfried

Dittman, Mary Gassel

Dittman, Paul

Dittman, William

Dittmann, Frederick

Dixon, D

Dixon, Edward

Dixon, William

Dobizinski, Simon

Dobrinski, Simon

Dodge, Henry Jr.

Dolezal, Albert

Dolezal, Anton

Dolezal, John W

Dorbey, Fredrick

Dorbel, August

Dordel, Gustav

Dordel, Gustav

Dordel, Tillie Gast

Dorin, Herman

Dortel, Gustav

Doskocil, Frank

Doyle, Charles

Doyle, Patrick

Doyle, P E

Draatz, August

Draeger, Albert

Draeger, Albert G

Draeger, Theodore

Drage, August

Drage, Gottfried

Drage, Heinrich

Drage, Herman

Drager, Frederick

Dreger, John

Dreger, Katherine Beck

Drewe, Frederick

Drews, Christian

Dreyer, Frederick

Druck, Charles

Druck, Gustav

Druckrey, Julius

Dredick, James

Duffek, Anton

Duffek, Joseph

Dumka, Ludwig

Duncker, George

Duville, Daniel

Dymka, John