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Naturalizations for Shawano County


Some of these are just the Intent and some have the follow through for the Oath. All records are now kept in Green Bay at the Archives.

They can be contacted at

Please consider spelling errors either by the writer or the transcriber unable to decipher the handwriting.

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Fabbert, Ferdinand

Fahn, Carl

Falk, Franz

Falk, Gust

Falkenberg, Gustav

Falstad, Ole

Faltinka, Carl

Fandry, John

Farley, John

Fehlhauer, Herman

Flescke, Andrew

Felts, William D

Fenkarmel, Carl

Fenkl, Andreas

Fenner, Herman L

Ferg, Herman

Fichacek, Mataus

Fiess, Traugott

Filter, Charles

Finger, Julius

Fink, Christopher

Fink, Johan

Fisch, August

Fischer, August

Fischer, Carl

Fischer, Frank

Fischer, Herman

Fischer, Joseph

Fischer, John

Fischer, John

Fischer, Lambert


Fischer, Michael

Fischer, Michael

Fitzgerald, Daniel


Flaig, Otto



Flessert, August

Flessert, August

Flessert, Charles

Floo, Andrew

Fochs, Mathias T

Foelker, John

Folkmann, Albert

Folman, Albert

Folment, Frederick

Fook, Jan

Ford, JErry

Ford, Joseph

Ford, Patrick J

Forenga, Ole J

Forpahl, Fred

Forsberg, Johan A

Forsberg, Otto

Forsberg, Victor

Fournier, Louis

Francy, William

Frahm, John

Frank, Carl A

Frank, Ferdinand

Frank, William

Franke, Carl

Frankow, Wilhelm

Frankow, William

Franton, William

Frederickson, Charles

Freimuth, Christian

Freley, Hance

Freming, Julius

Freieglaff,  Frederick

Friemuth, Friedrich

Fritsch, Otto Max

Fritz, August C


Fritz, Christian


Fritz, William


Froch, Chtistain


Froeli, Julius


Froming, Herman


Fromming, William

Fuhrmann, Gustav

Fuchs, Emerich

Fusz, Nink