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Naturalizations for Shawano County


Some of these are just the Intent and some have the follow through for the Oath. All records are now kept in Green Bay at the Archives.

They can be contacted at

Please consider spelling errors either by the writer or the transcriber unable to decipher the handwriting.

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Gabauer, Frank

Gadon, Wilhelm

Gaedke, Heinrich

Galleske, Herman

Galleske, Herman

Galleske, Herman

Gant, Fred

Garnnuwski, Frank

Garske, Frederick

Gast, Ferdinand

Gast, John

Gehm, Richard

Gehm, Richard

Gehrman, Michel

Gehm, Richard

Gehrmann, Heinrich

Giese, Charles

Genke, Albert

Genke, Edmann

Genke, Edmann

Genke, Johann

Genske, Ferdinand

Gentz, Ferdinand

Genzke, Herman

Geske, Ferdinand

Gibson, H

Gibss, Frank

Gielow, Bernhart

Giessek, Frederick

Giese, Ferdinand

Giese, August

Gierra, William

Giessel, Frederick

Giessel, Frederick W

Giessel, Gottfried

Gilbranson, Anton

Gill, John

Gillis, Cornelius

Gingell, Arthur

Gingell, Arthur

Ginter, Josef

Gipp, August

Gipp, Rudolph

Giraux, Isaac

Girke, Herman

Gjermundson, Martin

Gjermundson, William

Glaeser, Frederick A

Glaeser, William

Glane, John

Glawe, William

Gluth, August

Gnuschke, August

Goerhenger, Ferdinand

Goglin, John

Goglin, Frederick

Gokey, Charles

Gokey, James

Gokomann, August

Goldstein, David

Golnow/Gollnow, Carl

Gollnow, Herman

Gogalla, John

Goosmann, Wilhelm

Goree, Augustine

Goska, Anthony


Goth, Gustav

Gottschalk, John

Graber, Fred Jacob

Grabars, Carl

Gracyalny, Jacob

Graf, Albert

Graff, Heinrich

Graper, William

Graser, Frederick

Giese, Herman

Giese, William

Giese, Wilhelm

Giessel, Frank

Graske, George

Gratsmaker, William

Graupe, Ulrich

Green, Andrew

Green, Loni

Gregory, James

Greguska, Steve

Grenz, William

Greub, Fred

Griepp, Albert

Greub, Ulrich

Grieppe, Albert

Griesbach, Paul

Griffin, George

Griffin, James

Grimm, Wilhelm

Grimstad, Amund

Groninger, M

Groskoff, Wilhelm

Gross, Bernhard

Grosskopf, August

Grosskopf, Carl

Grosskopf, Gustav

Grosskreutz, Heinrich

Grotelueschen, Herman

Groth, Wilhelm

Grounke, Herman F

Grueb, Fred

Gruetzmacher, August

Gruetzmacher, William

Grunewald, Carl

Gruenwald, Fredrick

Gruenwald, William

Grunnwald, Joseph

Grusbach, Paul

Grutter, Gottfried

Grutzmacker, Carl

Grutzmacher, Wilhelm

Gryttenholm, Sigurd

Guenwald, August

Guenzel, Herman

Guhr, August

Gulbrandson, Anton

Gundersen, Anton

Gunderson, Nels

Gunderson, Nels

Gunderson, Ole

Gurs, Carl

Gustafson, Adolph

Gustafson, Karl A

Gustros, Frederick

Gutschow, Rudolph

Gutz, Joseph

Guy/Grey, William