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Naturalizations for Shawano County


Some of these are just the Intent and some have the follow through for the Oath. All records are now kept in Green Bay at the Archives.

They can be contacted at

Please consider spelling errors either by the writer or the transcriber unable to decipher the handwriting.

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Haafe, David

Haase, Charlie

Haase, William

Haave, Ole O

Haave, J.O.

Haavey, F K

Haavie, Peter

Habeck, Carl

Habeck, Robert

Hacker, Frank

Hafeman, John

Hafeman, Carl

Hafemann, Frederick

Hafemann, William

Hagen, John Rikard


Hagen, Olaf

Hagen, Ole Nelson

Hahn, Julius

Hall, Charles F


Hall, Ferdinand


Haker, Wilhelm


Hamann, William


Hamann, Wilhelm F A


Hamberg, Jonas


Hamilton, Brown


Hamilton, Henry


Hamilton, Thomas


Hammond, George R


Hamre, George J


Handt, Gustav A


Hanes, Andrew


Hangartner, Julius


Hani, Vinens



Hanke, Herman Julius


Hanke, Wilhelm


Hannemann, Carl


Hannie, John


Hansel, John

Hansen, Hans

Hansen, Bernt

Hansen, Frederick C

Hansen, Ingebert

Hansen, Martin

Hansen, Olaf

Hansen, Ole

Hansen, Olif

Hansen, Peter

Hansen, Hans Jason

Hansen, Peter

Hansen, Thorwald

Hansen, William F

Hansen, Charles

Hansen, John

Hansted, John

Hans, Andris

Hanstede, Frederick

Hanstede, Friedrich H

Hanstedt, Frederick

Hanstede, Henry

Harbath, Carl

Harbeth, Carl

Harder, Henrich

Harke, William

Harn/Hart, Harry

Harp William

Hartel, Jacob

Hartleben, Charlie


Hartleben, John

Hartleben, Emma

Hartmann, Adolph

Hartmann, Albert

Hartmann, Paul

Hartwig, Wilhelm

Harvey, H

Hatleberg, Syver

Hatley, Knute

Haun, Peter

Hauser, George

Hauserman, John

Haut, Herman

Havel, Joseph

Hefs/Hofs, Herman

Hehman, John

Heidel, Joseph

Heiman, William

Heimbruch, Frederick

Heimer, Herman

Hein, August

Hein, Herman

Heins, Emil

Heins, Marie Firgens

Heins, Adolph R

Heins, Adolph

Heins, Anton

Heinzl, Jacob

Heinzl, Jacob

Heldahl, Conrad

Heldt, Albert H

Heldt, Albert

Heldt, Christian

Heldt, William

Helgen, Hans

Helgerson / Hilgeson

Helgeson, Albert

Helgeson, Herman

Heling, August

Heling, Carl

Helwig, Julius

Hendrickson, Carl E

Henning, Ernest

Henningsen, Peter

Henningsens, Erick

Henriksen, Bernhard

Henry, John

Herman, Albert

Herman, Christian


Hermann, Peter

Herrmann, Rudolph

Hermann, Fred

Hermann, Leopold

Hermann, E William

Heucke, Henry

Heuer, August

Hewit, George

Hewitt, John L

Hibner, Albert

Hiller, Anton

Hiller, Wenzel

Himmelreich, Lous

Hines, Gilbert

Hinkel, Christ

Hinkfus, Theodor

Hinkfus, August

Hinrich, Johan

Hintz, August

Hinz, Frederick

Hirsch, Sol

Hirsh, Rudolph

Hirsh, Sidney

Hirt, August

Hisckke, Gustav

Hoefelmann, William

Hoefs, August


Hoefs, Carl

Hoefs, Herman F

Hoeft, August

Hoeft, Carl

Hoeft, Christ

Hoeft, Emil

Hoeft, Ernst

Hoeft, Julius

Hoeft, Wilhelm

Hoernke, August

Hoffe, Hermann

Hoffman, Archie

Hoffman, Benjamin

Hoffman, Henry

Hoffman, J J

Hoffman, John

Hoffman, John

Hoffman, Joseph

Hoffman, Joseph

Hoffman, M

Hoffman, Michael

Hoffmeir, Julius

Hohn, Anton

Hohn, Frederick

Holewinski, Stanley

Holink, John

Holle, Anton

Holm, John

Holst, Johachim

Holte, Ole

Homel, Stanislau

Homel, Stanislaw

Hope, Carl

Hopfengartner, George

Hopfengartner, John

Hoppe, Albert

Hoppe, August

Hoppe, Emil

Hoppe, Ferdinand

Hoppe, Gustav

Hoppe, Herman

Hoppe, Herman

Horien, Anders

Horien, Ole Jacob

Horn, John

Horn/Hourn, Carl

Houterman, Christian

Houterman, Jacob J

Houterman, Petronilla

Houterman, Wilhelmus

Houterman, William J

Hoyer, Herman

Hrunsniak, Stanley

Hubert, Ferdinand

Hubl, George

Hubner, August

Hubner, Otto Max

Hudermark, Heinrich

Hulka/Hurka, Joseph

Hurrell, John

Hutchinson, William

Huth, John