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27 Dec 2014

Not all pages are Obituaries, there are other things like births, marriages, anniversaries, people who are visiting from another area, accidents, suicides, murders and the like. 90% are obits. If you prefer only an obit, please let me know. There are also a couple of books where only the vital information was collected. This was due to copy costs and having to pay out of pocket. If this be the case you will get the name of the newspaper, date, name and date of birth & death. A copy could be procured from the Shawano County Library. Their number is 715-526-3829

These Obituaries are from the local Newspapers  

Shawano County Journal

Shawano Advocate

Evening Leader

 Volksbote-Wochenblatt (Old German newspaper)

Clintonville Tribune

Tigerton Advance

Tigerton Chronicle

Marion Advisor

Birnamwood News

Wittenberg Enterprise

Oconto County Reporter

Antigo Daley Journal

and odds and ends of other local newspapers.


This Index is typed as the name appears in the newspapers so please consider alternative spellings.

To receive a copy of the obituary please include your full name and snail mail address  (we do not email Obits) Click on the link at the top of each page and fill in the email.


Copies are 50 cents each plus postage.


There are some books with more then one page listed. The first number is the book number and the next is the page. If there are two numbers after the book number there are 2 pages, it usually means the first one is in German and the second one is translated. If you prefer for me to check and do not want the German page please let me know.


If there are more then one person listed under the same name PLEASE include something about that person like the year, spouse, children anything that will better help us send you the right Obit.


In order to better nail down the right person I have included a chart stating the Book Number and the years it will cover along with the names of the Newspapers involved. (See chart below) Perhaps this will help the researcher to find his or her ancestor.

                                I am frequently asked how many obituaries can I request. Answer, as MANY as you want.       

Some have said when they try to email me it goes to Outlook which they do not have or use. You can copy and paste my email addy from here.

Or you can mail me a request at

Cathe Ziereis

N2645 Rustic Circle

Clintonville, WI 54929 
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Book 90

Book 91

Book 92

Book 93

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Book 95

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        Book 97


If no Obituary was found check our Death Record's

Book A    Misc 1865-1898    SCJ
Book 1     Misc 1897-1979   EL SA SCJ WE TC MA CT
Book 2     Misc 1894-1974   EL SA SCJ WE TC MA CT
Book 3     Misc 1882-1972   EL SA SCJ WE TC MA CT
Book 4     Misc 1893-1976   EL SA SCJ WE TC MA CT
Book 5     Misc 1897-1975   EL SA SCJ WE TC MA CT
Book 6     Misc 1902-1974   EL SA SCJ WE TC MA CT
Book 7     Misc 1896-1967   EL SA SCJ WE TC MA CT
Book 8     Misc 1895-1976   EL SA SCJ WE TC MA CT
Book 9     1976-1977   EL SA SCJ WE TC MA CT
Book 10   Jul 1977-Jun 1978   EL CT MA
Book 11   Jul 1978-Jun 1979   EL CT MA
Book 12   Jul 1979-Jun 1980   EL
Book 13   Jul 1980-Sep 1981  EL CT MA
Book 14   1987-1983   EL CT MA
Book 15   1983   EL
Book 16   Misc 1878-1992   SCJ VW EL OCR
Book 17   1975-1976 Misc to 1986   EL
Book 18   1983-1986   EL MA
Book 19   1985-1986   EL MA
Book 20   1992-1994  1987-1988   EL MA
Book 21   1989-1991   EL MA
Book 22   Jul 1992-Jan 1994   EL
Book 23   1992-1994   EL MA WE
Book 24   1983-1994   EL MA WE
Book 25   1994-1995   EL MA WE
Book 26   1995-1996   EL MA WE
Book 27   1973-1974   EL
Book 28   1971-1972   EL
Book 29   1969-1970   EL
Book 30   1953-1956   EL MA
Book 31   1949-1952   EL
Book 32   1947-1950   EL
Book 33   1967-1969   EL
Book 34   1966-1967   EL
Book 35   1964-1965   EL
Book 36   1962-1964   EL
Book 37   1960-1962   EL
Book 38   1959-1960   EL
Book 39   1957-1959   EL
Book 40   1955-1957   EL MA TC OCR
Book 41   1996-1997   SL WE MA
Book 42   1942-1946   EL
Book 43   1997-1998   EL WE MA
Book 44   1939-1942   EL MA TC
Book 45   1937-1939   EL SCJ
Book 46   1935-1937   EL SCJ
Book 47   1934-1935   EL SCJ VW SA
Book 48   1933-1934   SA SCJ VW
Book 49   1932-1933   SA SCJ VW
Book 50   1998-1999   SA SCJ VW
Book 51   1999-2000   SA SCJ VW
Book 52   1931-1932   SA SCJ VW
Book 53   1930-1931   SA SCJ VW
Book 54   1929-1930   SA SCJ VW
Book 55   1928-1929   SA SCJ VW
Book 56   2000   SA MA WE
Book 57   1926-1927   SA MA VW SCJ VW
Book 58   1925-1926   SCJ VW
Book 59   1923-1926   SA SCJ VW
Book 60   2000-2001   EL MA WE
Book 61   1922-1923   EL MA WE
Book 62   1921-1922   SA SCJ VW
Book 63   2001-2002   SCJ SA VW
Book 64   2002   EL MA
Book 65   1920-1921   SCJ SA VW
Book 66   1918-1920   SA VW
Book 67   2002-2003   EL MA WE
Book 68   1917-1918   EL VW
Book 69   2003-2004   EL
Book 70   1916-1917   SCJ MA VW
Book 71   2004   EL MA WE
Book 72   1914-1915   SCJ SA VW
Book 73   1913-1914   SA SCJ VW
Book 74   2004-2005   EL MA WE
Book 75   1911-1913   SCJ SA VW
Book 76   2005-2006   EL MA WE
Book 77   1910-1911   SA SCJ VW
Book 78   2005-2006   EL
Book 79   2006-2007   EL MA WE
Book 80   2007   EL
Book 81   2007-2008 Misc   EL MA WE
Book 82   2007-2008 Misc   EL MA WE
Book 83   2008-2009   EL MA WE
Book 84   1909-1910 Misc   SA SCJ VW
Book 85   1929-1940     TC
Book 86   2009-2010   EL
Book 87   1905-2008 Misc   TC CT WE AD EL
Book 88   1908-1945   TC BN SCJ SA
Book 89   2009-2010   EL
Book 90 1907-1908 SA SCJ VW
Book 91 2010-2011   EL

Book 92 2010-2011 EL

Book 93 2011-2012 EL

Book 94 1906-1907 SA SCJ VW

It took us well over a year to get these Obits Indexed together but we finally finished this project. Thanks to some hard working people who took the time to help out. Thanks to Sandy, Jean, Luon, Kathleen, Jennifer, and a special thanks to the lady who took charge of these records throughout the past 40+ years and put them together in books, translated the German to English, Jeanette Rekow. Jeanette works long hours and a lot of patience has to be had to group the massive stacks and put them together.  Even with failing eyesight she keeps moving on for the cause which is to preserve the past and share what we have. All is important says she! And I think all of you will share her thoughts in seeing her great work at preserving the past. She is a special person who set out to achieve a goal which I think she has accomplished. Her ancestor's will be proud of her long and hard work as I know I am.

I want to THANK all the people who made this happen, if you brought old newspapers in from out of town with the locals being mentioned to the ones who typed them all out. Your contribution to all who seek the families of the past will be so appreciated by others.