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Louise Wangerin &

William A Handrich

13 August 1900


Bill Handrich


Tombstone of

William Handrich

Bill Handrich

Albert Jules Westgor family around 1915

L to R Top Row:

Mayme, Alma, Henry, Selma and Edna

L to R Bottom Row:

Emma, Johanna [nee Christianson], Inez, Russell, Albert Jules and Lillian

Jesse Bates

Bernice Bishop, about 1922

Jerry Thyes

Bernice Bishop


Frank Wisniewski


Wedding Photo

30 Sep 1925

Jerry Thyes


Mike and Victoria Wisniewski 50th Anniversary 1931

Jerry Thyes


Elm Lawn School, 1914

Jerry Thyes

Frank and Bernice Wisniewski with Joyce and Gladys in front and John

Jerry Thyes


Victoria (Shevchik) Wisniewski 1860-1935

Jerry Thyes


Mike Wisniewski


Jerry Thyes


Hedda O Tullberg


Carl John Tullberg (upper right)

1913 in Mott N.D.

Carl, Alfred, Einer

& Lars Olaf Tullberg

Possible Nils Tullberg

Lars Tullberg's Father

Hannah, Gustav Tullberg

w Arthur Gustav &

 Carl Henry 1901


Arthur Gustav Tullberg

1957 Carl Tullberg

taken in Mott, N.D.

Pioneer Day's Parade

Ethel Florence Coe &

Carl Henry Tullberg

Santa Paula, CA

1974 50th Anniversary

Ella Bohn &

Carl Tullberg

Carl John Tullberg thumbing ride from Vernon Tullberg

Carl John Tullberg WWI France under Teddy Roosevelt

(Back Center)

Carl John Tullberg (far left)

WWI France


Carl John Tullberg

(far right kneeling)

WWI France


Carl John Tuullberg

(with rake)

WWI France

Herman Luebke &

Bertha Bartz

Herman Luebke

Birth 8 Jan 1886 in Oak Grove, Dodge, Wisconsin  

Death 26 Jul 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin

       Johann Friedrich August Luebke Jr 1854 1898

       Friedricka Wilhelmina Berndt 1865 1937


Bertha A Bartz

Birth 02 Oct 1882 in Shawano County, Wisconsin, USA  

Death 06 Mar 1950 in Dodge County, Wisconsin, USA

       Herman Christian Friedrich Bartz 1838 1924

       Friedrike Caroline Wilhelmine Handke 1850 1928