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 Shawano County Journal - Jan. 18 1866                 

Lucius J. Murray

Lucius J. Murray of this Place Murdered in Louisiana by a Rebel Citizen

The painful and sorrowful intelligence has been received that Lucius J. Murray, son of J. A. Murray, Esq.; and brother of Mrs. Myron H. McCord and brother of Mrs. John A. Winans was murdered at Shreveport, Louisiana on the 22nd day of December last. He was found at daylight lying on the sidewalk in front of a restaurant on Market street a short distance from the Market, shot through the head, the ball entered a little back of the crown and passed through and downward and must have produced instant death. The shot was a cowardly one and worthy of the miscreant, who directed the blow and shows that it could not have been received in an encounter, but was - like the shot at President Lincoln - a foul and damming assignation dealt, like all the blows of Copperhead and Rebels from behind.

Julius J. Murray, one of our citizens has been murdered and assassinated in one of the public streets of Louisiana and we trust that the work of Reconstructing Rebels may end in that State, where it should have began - on the gallows; and that the rifle and bayonet may not cease their work until the class of rebels - and their aider and abettors in the North - who murdered young Murray and other Northern men and who have done all that could be done to set at defiance the lawful authority of the United States, shall become Reconstructed in a matter that will require a space two feet by six to record their parchment; and may the hand not be stayed until a Northern man can tread every street and public place in the Southern States and feel the same security as he would in Wisconsin.

Lucius J. Murray was born July 31st 1843, and consequently would have been twenty -three yeas of age next July. He was beloved by all who knew him , affectionate, generous, and kind to a fault; brave and patriotic, and in his useful manhood gave promise of a life of usefulness. And at the first call of the President for 75,000 men, he left his home and the dear and holy association that ever cluster around the name, and enlisted in the Union Army, but did not succeed in getting into the first formed Regiments, and consequently was assigned to the Sixth Volunteer  Infantry and was engaged in all the battles fought in Pope's campaign, and in the battles of the South Mountain and Antietam in which latter battle he received injuries sufficient to cause his discharge from service.  After his discharge he came home and stayed for about three months, then went to Lake Superior for a short time, when finding that his health would justify his return to Government employ he applied for a situation and was assigned the place of a Clerk in the Quartermaster's Department, and sent to St. Louis, thence to Memphis, where he remained about one year, thence to Helena and then accompanied Gen Steele's Division to Sherveport, (Shreveport) La, where he remained- performing the duties of his position to the satisfaction of his superiors and winning many more warm and earnest friends among his association - until the cowardly Reconstructed Assassinator shot him through the head.

His parents and relatives in the hour of their affliction and sorrow have the sympathy and prayers of all, and may God enable them to realize that He doeth all things well.  

Later - The supposed assassinator has been arrested and if found guilty  will be Reconstructed without the aid of a pardon.                 


Mrs. J. A. Murray, mother of the murdered Lucius J.  Murray, lies very low, and fears are entertained that the severe shock which her nervous system has undergone may prove of great injury to her.

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Stockbridge Election - The election among the Stockbridge passed off in an orderly manner although there was a spirited contest between the several candidates and the different interests. The main question at issue was the asking of a new treaty with the Government and the votes shows that a majority are in favor of preserving their Nationality. The following is a list of the officers elected:

Derias Charles, Sachem

Zera T Peters Sec. and Counselor

Aaron Konkapot, Counselor

John Yoccom, Councilor

Abraham Pye Sr., Counselor

Benjamin Pye 3rd, Counselor

Eli Williams, Sheriff

Elijah Pye, Treasurer


Shawano County Journal 8 May 1866


Robbery and Escape of the Thief - On yesterday the lumber camp of James Grimmer was robbed of money and clothing to the amount of one hundred and thirty dollars. A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Wm. Winkelman, who has been cooking in the camp and disappeared at the time of the robbery. The thief is well marked and may easily discovered by the following: a German; common size; brown hair, chin whiskers and mustache a little darker then the hair, marked on one hand, in blue ink, with a star on the other an anchor; on his arm the following the goddess of Liberty with flag; in red and blue, full rigged ship, Christ on the cross, his name and some other marks. Came from Green Bay and claimed to be a sailor and butcher. It supposed that he is in the woods somewhere between this place and Green Bay, although he may have gone towards New London. All officers are requested to arrest and hold him until the Sheriff of this county can be notified; or a suitable reward will be paid for his arrest and delivery at the jail in this place. 



Shawano County Journal 8 Mar 1866


Another Victim- Richardson Underwood died at the Travelers Home in this place on last Sabbath night, from the effect of intemperance. Two weeks before his death he was led - tottering and with the mark of death upon him - into the Good Templers Hall and there took upon himself the solemn obligations of that Order, in order, as he said that he might give his voice and example even when at deaths door, against the fiend which had destroyed and made his life a wreck, and left him an outcast with out a friend or relative to follow his remains to the grave. Just before his death he made an earnest appeal to all not to touch taste or handle that which had poisoned his blood and laid him upon the couch of suffering and death. He also requested that after death an investigation might be had in order to more fully establish the fact that liquor was a poison and had killed him and said to the write of this item, "do not spare me at all, use my name freely in order that my sad terrible death may be a warning to others'. In accordance with that request a formal complaint was made before Judge Maurer and an inquest demanded upon the body of the deceased. Ogden Brooks, H Naber, T Pricket, J L Hewitt, A W Grimmer and john Schweers were empanelled as a jury. The following facts were fully proven; That he had been in the habit of drinking from five to six glasses of liquor regularly every day for some months and at times even more; Dr John Wiley swore that "his appearance indicated the poisonous action of liquor." Dr Chas Barrows swore that "he died from the poisonous effects of Alcohol liquors and that liquor was an active poison and give the American Dispensatory as authority which says it is (Alcohol) .......... Wording blacked out.


Shawano County Journal 15 Mar 1866


Capture of Winkleman


In our last issue we gave an account of the robbery of James Grimmer's camp and the escape of the thief. The man was traced to Green Bay and from there to Jefferson where he was arrested by the Sheriff of Jefferson county by order of a telegraph sent by Sheriff Howe, of this county. The prisoner was brought up before Judge Maurer this afternoon plead guilty and was bound over for trail at the August term of the Circuit court. He had on at the time of his arrest a part of the stolen clothing and in his pockets the watch and two stolen pocket books.


Hiram Wescott - Of the Travelers House, has purchased the Shawano House and we understand it is to be immediately fitted up and opened for the accommodations of the traveling public. It is said that it will be under the control of Marion Wescott, if so, it will be in good hands and we wish him success.


Shawano County Journal

19 Apr 1866


Accident - As J. Gilmore was engaged in "breaking a roll-away" on Red River last Saturday, he was caught in the legs and considerably bruised. We are glad to know that all danger is past and that he will soon be able to return to his usual occupation.


Water-Bath - We are informed that John A Winans, Esq., had a narrow escape from drowning last Tuesday in Wolf River by rolling off a log. But for the fact that it was impossible to keep John's head under water as it would have been a cork we fear we should have been compelled to have headed this item "Fatal".


Shawano County Journal

21 Jun 1866


First Lieut. George Johnson, formerly of Company E, Sixth Wis. Vol. Infantry, died at the Traveler's  Home, in this village on the 16th inst., from the effects of wounds received while fighting with the "Old Iron Brigade." Lieut. Johnson was a faithful soldier, a brave officer, a good citizen, and by his fine social qualities won the friendship of all. He enlisted as a private in 1862 and by good conduct and brave actions earned his promotion honorably. A large concourse of friends assisted in paying the last sad rites to the remains of the gallant young officer.


Died - On the 17th inst., William Grimmer, Esq., aged 64 years. Mr. Grimmer was born in New Brunswick and removed to this county 17 years ago, since that time he has been engaged in lumbering and had always maintained a good reputation as an honest and hard working man, while our citizens have repeatedly called him to positions of honor and trust.

Shawano County Journal

12 Jul 1866


Charles Sumnight, of Hartland, while stopping at the Wisconsin House, in Fort Howard, on the night of the 4th, was attacked by a gang of thief's and badly beaten. Mr. Sumnight had a load of goods on the wagon in front of the house, and hearing a noise in the night he got up and looked out and saw several men unloading his wagon, he then started for the door and just as he got it open the gang made a brutal assault upon him and then fled.

Shawano County Journal

2 Aug 1866


Margaret Grimmer against Harris Grimmer

Petition for Divorce D. P. Andrews Plf's Attorney


State of Wisconsin against William Winkleman

Defendant confined in county jail since March 15, 1866


State of Wisconsin against Seymour She-pa-keasic

Defendant confined in county jail since March 21, 1866 on charge of larceny.


State of Wisconsin against Joseph Acke-ne-qua

Defendant confined in county jail since March 21, 1866 on charge of larceny.



Jury- The following is a list of persons drawn to serve as grand jurymen at the August term of the Circuit Court for this county;


Myron McCord             Abial Richmond

H. Naber                 J Henry Grimmer

John Wiley               Levi Hill

Leander Crane            Charles Jones

Alex Peterson            Harvey Fields

John W Spencer           William Powell

John Specht              Nelson Olmstead

Ransom Johnson           John D Dodge

Charles Magee

Shawano County Journal

16 Aug 1866


The Circuit Court for the County convened at the Court House in this village on Tuesday the 7 inst., The Grand Jury Hon. John Wiley Foreman found bills against Wm. Winkleman, Seymour She-po-ke-sic and Joseph Ae-ke-ne-qua for larceny. The Grand Jury examined the jail and reported that it was unfit for the confinement of prisoners until it was thoroughly ventilated and the vault filled up and recommended that a yard be built around the jail so as to exclude persons from the windows. The case of Wm. Winkelman was tried and the prisoner found guilty and sentenced to three months imprisonment in the county jail. Seymour She-po-ke-sic and Joseph Ae-ke-ne-qua (Menominee Indians) were tried and acquitted.


Appointments - E.R. Murdock having rendered his resignation as Government Miller at Keshena, the Indian agent has appointed Henry Tourtilotte to fill the vacancy.

Shawano County Journal

30 Aug 1866


Married - Wiley-McCord - In this village, at the residence of the bride's father, on Monday the 27th, by Julius A Murray Esq., assisted by Rev. J.L. Hewitt, Postmaster Spencer Wiley and Miss Rhoda McCord, all of this village.


Accident - Mrs. Ann Carpenter, who won such applause from the press last year by her quaint advertisement for her abandoned husband, had the misfortune on Sunday last to fall down stairs and break her leg.

Shawano County Journal

1 Nov 1866


Who did it?

Who murdered Lucius J Murray and left his body in the streets? Who took his watch, money and other property? Who acquitted the murderer?

Who sanctioned the act and fellowships the men who did it? The murderer, and his friends, support the policy of Andrew Johnson and Shreveport - where the cowardly act was performed - says we sanction the act and Andrew Johnson endorses and supports us. Wescott and Bridge endorse and support Andrew Johnson, is there not a connecting link?


Shawano County Journal 13 Nov 1866


We learn that Mrs. J M Ostroph late of this place died in Canada a few days since. We have received no particulars but suppose that Consumption was the cause of death.