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Shawano in the news



V. W.

6 Jan 1899

John Bowen, of Shawano and Martha Schultz of the town of Richmond were married last Sunday. They will live in Claywood.

Emilie Koeller of Pella and F. Steinke of Belle Plaine were married in Pella.

V. W.

13 Jan 1899

Wilhelmine Henke of the town of Hartland, Probate application submitted by Amelia Hoefs.


V. W.

27 Jan 1899 

Emil Hoefs and Theresa Boettcher, daughter of Gottfried Boettcher of Hartland were married.


V. W.

3 Feb 1899

Arthur Koeller of Belle Plaine visited his brother-in-law Gustav Kleeman.


V. W.

17 Feb 1899

Mrs. Michael Hiettle’s six year old daughter, Margaret died yesterday.


V. W.

27 Feb 1899

Theresa Bohman, daughter of A. Bohman married Tuesday in Appleton to Joseph Reindl.


V. W.

7 Apr 1899

Gottfried Giessel, Probate in the town of Seneca. Emelia Giessel administrator.


V. W.

14 Apr 1899

Carl Jeske lost a small son in death Wednesday. (Gresham)


V. W.

21 Apr 1899

Anna Deletzke married Tuesday in Pella to Herman Krewald.

Martha Baungarten, youngest daughter of Fritz Baumgarten died.


V. W.

12 May 1899

Mrs. Fred Hoeft died last Friday in the town of Hartland. She leaves a husband and six children.


V. W.

19 May 1899

Albert Blankchine was married in Clintonville.


V. W.

26 May 1899

Mrs. William Gierra’s mother died in Chicago.


V. W.

6 Jun 1899

Ida Dick of the town of Grant and C. A. Berg of Watertown were married.


V. W.

9 Jun 1899

J. Johnson’s 8 month old child died last week. (Birnamwood)


V. W.

16 Jun 1899

Michael Berg was visited by his father in law, Peter Gereif of Ashford, Fond du Lac.

V. W.

30 Jun 1899

Mother of Herman Karrow, of the town of Seymour, died at age 72 years and buried in Oconto.

P. Jacobson from Clintonville married Etta Westphal of New London.

V. W.

7 Jul 1899

E. A. Bulleck of Fergus Falls, Minn., formerly of Shawano, died 4 July.

Nellie Ban and George Roblee were married last week in the Catholic Church in Seymour.


V. W.

28 Jul 1899

Mrs. John Coughell died in Embarrass, Tuesday.


V. W.

4 Aug 1899

Mrs. H. Conder and Miss Ada Skinner were visited by their mother, Mrs. George Adams and brother Charles of Shiocton.

Charles Klenke formerly of Wittenberg, died in Wausau. (Wittenberg)

Ella Grasser from here and Math. Nagel of Milwaukee, were married in Milwaukee on Tuesday.

H. H. Gehner from here, was visited by his parents, Heinrich Gehner of Mt Olive, Ill. They also visited Katie Gehner who is a sister to Heinrich Gehner.


V. W.

11 Aug 1899

R. H. Gammond of Three Lakes and Ida Ninke of Wittenberg were married last week.


V. W.

17 Aug 1899

C. Jewson had a small child that died last week. (Birnamwood)


V. W.

18 Aug 1899

Hattie Behnke of Birnamwood and George Wolf of Norrie were married last week.

John Herr of Pella. Probate estate application by Nancy K. Herr for appointment of John Miller as Administrator.


V. W.

25 Aug 1899

Julius Depke was visited by his mother, Mrs. Depke in Limestone, Ill. (Gillett)

A new daughter was born to William Bentle. (Clintonville)

Mrs. H. F. Heller visited her parents in Mayville.

Louis Hampel married Lill Lutliff. (Green Valley)



V. W.

1 Sep 1899

Maryann Falender of Keshena and Louis Sulivan of Little Oconto were issued a marriage license.

Mike Allar of Seymour, drowned last Friday in Loon Lake.

Mrs. Fred Jaekle of Embarrass, died yesterday, age 78.


V. W.

8 Sep 1899

M. Dhiel of Aniwa and Adolf Dazel of Waupaca obtained a marriage license.

George and Gustie Grotelueschen visited their mother, Mrs. Henry Grotellueschen of Fredonia, Wis.

Charles Gansen attended the wedding of his sister, Lucy Koch at Sheboygan Falls. (Clintonville)


V. W.

6 Oct 1899

Emma Falk and Charles Lueke were married Friday.

Mrs. Matt Aschenbrenner of Pella, died Sunday. She leaves a husband and 3 children.

A child was born to Charles Gehrt. (Embarrass)


V. W.

13 Oct 1899

E. Gasser died Monday, 9 Oct at the age of 21 years. (Pella)


V. W.

20 Oct 1899

Bertha Begolke and J. Loring were married Wednesday.

 Julia Gibbs, 18 years old, died in Minneapolis, Minn.



V. W.

27 Oct 1899

Ida Doma and F. Mannke were married in Pella.

August Hoeffs of Belle Plaine, age 78 years, died last Monday. He came to America in 1859 to Watertown, then to Shawano County in 1861. He leaves a wife, four sons and seven daughters. He was buried in Bonduel.


V. W.

27 Oct 1899

Mrs. Boyer died yesterday, a veteran’s widow, about 60 years old. She came here from Green Bay with 4 sons and 1 daughter. (Birnamwood)


V. W.

27 Oct 1899

Mrs. George Booker, age 74, of Oconto County, left for Lewiston, Idaho to visit her son and daughter there.

Christ Berg and Emma Long were married last Friday. (Clintonville)


V. W.

3 Nov 1899

George Grotelneschen was visited by his sister-in-law Louise Grotelneschen of Fredonia. (Gillett)


V. W.

10 Nov 1899

George Dewey, Admiral, married Mrs. Hazen in Washington.

Sadie Buchsieb of Mueller’s café and Herman Netzel from here were married last Saturday.

Andrew Bosicki and Helen Kupsa, both of Maple Grove were issued a marriage license.

John Hufey was divorced from his wife last week. (Wittenberg)

A daughter was born in Gresham to M. Fischer.


V. W.

17 Nov 1899

Mrs. Charles Bucholz visited her niece, Mrs. Clara Rulinger of Oshkosh. (Clintonville)

Lizzie Binder married Marcus Jesse in Pella yesterday.

Berthold Kramer visited his parents in Fond du Lac.

Conrad Koeller married Emma Wockhaus.

Mrs. Fred Kersten was visited by her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. William Krueger of Wausau. (Wittenberg)

Samuel Heistad, the 12 year old son of A. A. Heistad, died last Thursday. (Wittenberg)

A daughter was born to Philip Frigie. (Clintonville)


V. W.

24 Nov 1899

Henry Damm married Mary Whitewall Saturday. (Clintonville)

Town of Richmond, a new baby to Karl Huebner.

E. S. Hildemann of Belle Plaine has a son-in-law Otto Zellner who celebrated his birthday Sunday.



V. W.

1 Dec 1899

Abraham, J. of Dupont, was 100 years old Saturday. He fought under Napoleon in 1812.

Mrs., Albert Backhaus died Monday. She lived one and a half miles from Clintonville.

A son was born in Wittenberg to A. Holland.

A daughter was born in Gresham to Ben Hoffman.


V. W.

8 Dec 1899

A daughter was born to Albert Buettner.

A child was born 18 Oct to Emil Klitz of Aniwa.

Gust Klemann was visited by his brother Herman Klemann of Champaign, Ill.


V. W.

22 Dec 1899

Ferdinand Bergmann’s mother died 23 Nov in Liebweiler, Dist. of Friedland, German Bohmen, at about the age of 66 years.

Mrs. Kohlbach, a widow and the mother-in-law of Henry Gross does at his home in Belle Plaine. (Belle Plaine)


V. W.

29 Dec 1899

Mrs. Fritz Krueger of the town of Washington is very sick. She is the mother of Mrs. August Marohl.

A daughter was born to William Herzberg. (Gresham)

Mrs. Heller died in Bonduel.