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Shawano in the news  

 Also the 1910 Volksbote-Wochenblatt

German Written Newspaper of Shawano

Translated by Jeanette Rekow

 V.W. Fri 21 Jan 1910, Regina  

KOPP, Amalia (Mrs), wife of John Kopp, passed away on 7 March after a lengthy illness and was buried on Thursday, 10 March from the Catholic Church in Mattoon.

 V.W. Fri 21 Jan 1910, Breed

   POLZIN, Fritz and Anna DORIN were married last Thursday in the house of August Kuehl with Pastor Gerlach officiating.

 V.W. Fri 21 Jan 1910, Breed

   KLAVITTER, John (son of) was born.  In spite of all the snow and cold weather, the stork still came to this area and left a healthy son.

V.W. Fri 21 Jan 1910

   FRANK, Ella and James PETERSON were married last week and left on a small honeymoon.  The groom is from Green Bay.  This week she came with her young husband to visit at the home of her parents.

 V.W. Fri 21 Jan 1910, Town Richmond

   KRUEGER, Franz (Mrs.) (ERDMANN) of Bonduel, was visited by her sister Helena Erdmann, who has a place in Antigo, and her mother.

 V.W. Fri 21 Jan 1910, Pulcifer

   KURTZ, Leonhard and Ida BOHM were married in Town Angelica on Sunday.  Ferdinand Boorz and his wife attended the wedding held at the home of  their brother in law Aug. Bohm in Town Angelica.

 V.W. Fri 4 Feb 1910, Pella

   PAHL, Carl (Mrs.) (KROENKE) was visited by her brother August Kroenke from St. Paul.  They have not seen each other for twenty eight years.  Great was the joy of their reunion!

V.W. Fri 4 Feb 1910, Leopolis

   EBERT, Mr. (son of), who has been seriously ill and died, was buried this Tuesday.  Mr. Ebert and some of his children are still very sick.  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Reschke went to Clintonville last Friday to visit Mr. Ebert, who is their brother in law.

 V.W. Fri 4 Feb 1910, Pella

   WICHMANN, Hulda and John ZIMMERMANN were married on Thursday of this week in the house of Mr. and Mrs. August Wichmann.  The young couple will make their home in Mott, North Dakota.

 V.W. Fri 4 Feb 1910, Pella

   LAMMERS, A. (Mrs) (PETERSON) was visited by her brother, George Peterson from Sheboygan for two weeks.  He returned to his home on Friday of last week.

V.W. Fri 11 Feb 1910

   BADEAU, Ernst (son of) was born last week Saturday.

V.W. Fri 11 Feb 1910, Town Richmond

   SCHROEDER, Hermann (Mrs) gave birth to a child about two weeks ago, but the baby died a few hours after birth.  Mrs. Schroeder has been very sick for some time and still has to spend some time in bed.

V.W. Fri 18 Feb 1910

   HORN, Anna (Mrs.) (TOLZMANN), who has been seriously ill, was visited last week by her Father, Friedrich Tolzmann from Underhill.  He was happy to see that she was on the road to recovery and was able to return to his home.

 V.W. Fri 25 Feb 1910, Underhill

   HISCHEKORN, Mr. (little daughter of) has died.  This was the first funeral in the new church in Underhill.

 V.W. Fri 18 Feb 1910

   KRAUSE, Otto, of Town Hartland, who has a beautiful farm in the area of Zachow, was in town on Tuesday and visited his brother in law, Hermann Schroeder.

V.W. Fri 25 Feb 1910, Underhill

   JANKE, Mr. (daughter of).  Father stork visited Mr. Janke in our area in spite of the cold weather and left a little daughter.


 V.W. Fri 4 March 1910

   GERLACH, Arnold (Mrs.) of Green Bay visited the Anton Hartmann family this week.  She is a sister to Mrs. Hartmann and came here for the funeral of Mrs. Hubert.

V.W. Fri 11 Mar 1910, Pella

   RADES, Wilhelm (son of) died on Friday of last week and was buried on Sunday with Pastor Stubenvoll officiating.

   RADES, Frank (daughter of), age ten months, died Sunday forenoon and was buried by Pastor E. Stubenvoll.

 V.W. Fri 11 Mar 1910, Pella

   TIMM, Robert, nephew of Albert Timm, passed away last week in Marion.  Mr. Timm attended the funeral.

V.W. Fri 18 Mar 1910, Pella

   RADES, W. (son of) was buried last week with Pastor Stubenvoll officiating.

   RADES, Franz (daughter of), age ten months, was buried by Pastor Stubenvoll last week.

V.W. Fri 1 Apr 1910

   SCHOENROCK, Eleonora and Friedrich A. ZANK were married on Wednesday of this week in St John’s Church in Belle Plaine.  The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schoenrock and a niece of  Karl Schoenrock.  The groom is from Augusta, Wisconsin.  The witnesses were Lena Zank, Lydia Schoenrock , Melinda Baumann, Emil Bartz, Reinhold Nicholaus and Willis Koepke.  The marriage was performed by the brother in law of the groom, Pastor Karpinsky.  The young couple will reside on Mr. Zank’s farm located in the area of Augusta.

V.W. Fri 1 Apr 1910, Leopolis

   SCHWARZKOPF, Julius traveled to his brother in law, Karl Roeske in Town Pella and helped him saw wood a few days with the machine.

V.W. Fri 8 Apr 1910, Belle Plaine

   EGEBRECHT, August (Mrs.) (HILDEMANN), who lives in the area of Gillett, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Hildemann.

 V.W. Fri 8 Apr 1910

   HOEFS, John, from Town How, was in Shawano County last week and returned home on Saturday morning.  He visited his son in law, Ed Maas and family and their (?) son, Bernhard who suddenly became ill with pneumonia, but is now improving.

Town Richmond, V.W. 8 Apr 1910, page 13

   SPERBERG, Rudolf, son of Mr and Mrs Wilhelm Sperberg is marrying a German farmer’s daughter who lives in the area of Elderon.  The wedding will take place this week.  Rudolf is a foreman for C. W. Magee.  We wish the young couple much luck in life’s path together.


Tuesday 12 Apr 1910

Mrs. Conrad Volland, who was called here by the death of Mrs. Chas. Volland, left this morning for her home in British Columbia.  She was accompanied by Mr. Chas. Volland and two daughters who will make their home there for a few years.  Mr. Volland has a position in the brewery where his brother is working and the two children will make their home with their aunt.


V.W. Fri 15 Apr 1910

   KRUSCHKE, Fritz (son of) was born.  The stork visited them and left a strong son.

 V.W. Fri 15 Apr 1910

   SCHENK, Fred, was visited by the Abraham family from Oshkosh.  He is the father of Mrs. Abraham.

 V.W. Fri 15 Apr 1910

   METZKE, Alv. (Mrs.) (THIEME) of Wabeno was in Hayes a few days to visit her mother, the widow Alvine Thieme, who had been ill but is now improving.

 V.W. Fri 22 Apr 1910, Marriage License

   LADKE, Fred of Underhill and Emma BLAESE of Hartland

   LONKOSKI, Bernh. And Katie HOMEL, both of Maple Grove

   LIESCH. Edward of Morris and Grace McKAY of Mattoon

V.W. Fri 22 Apr 1910

   BLUM, Wilhelm (Mrs) (REGLING) of Mattoon, has been seriously ill.  Her brothers, Wilhelm and Otto Regling were called to Mattoon at the end of last week.  Wilhelm came at the beginning of this week and has returned home, but Otto is still here.  She had a severe attack of the grippe which has now affected the brain.  Although it doesn’t appear to be life threatening, the patient must be careful not to get a relapse.  Dr Gordon came Wednesday evening from Milwaukee to Mattoon to consult with the local Doctor.

V.W. Fri 22 Apr 1910, Hunting

   TRANTOW, Karl traveled to Milwaukee Monday afternoon to attend the funeral of his brother in law Mr COFFMAN.  He died suddenly and will be buried on Tuesday.

V.W. Fri 29 Apr 1910

   HOLTZ, Gustav (Mrs) (WESTERFELD).  Gustav Holtz and his family visited his father in law, Wilhelm Westerfeld from Town Green Valley last Sunday.  They also visited Mr and Mrs. Wilhelm Moede from Town Washington.  Mrs. Moede is a sister to Mrs. Holtz.


 V.W. Fri 6 May 1910, Hunting

   RIEGE, Erdmann, of Horicon, Dodge County, passed away suddenly on Sunday and was buried on Wednesday.  Karl Trantow,  Fritz Riege and Gustav Zuse and their wives left on Tuesday to Horicon to attend the funeral of their brother and brother in law, Erdmann Riege.

 V.W. Fri 6 May 1910, Birnamwood

   DIEKMANN, E. (Mrs.) and sister Mrs. G. BRUMM, with the advice of Dr. Cady, were both taken to Dr Oviat’s hospital in Oshkosh on the 3rd of this month.  We wish both of them a quick recovery.

 V.W. Fri 6 May 1910, Hunting

   FLAGG, Chas. M. passed away last Friday morning at seven o’clock at the age of nearly ninety two years.  He was born on 2 June 1818 in Dumlie, Henkenner County, New York.  He settled in Wisconsin in 1865 and went to South Dakota in 1885.  He returned in 1905 and lived with his son in law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Grove Chesebro until his death.  In his early years he was a captain between Buffalo and New York.  He married Orila Walcott in 1851.  Their marriage was blessed with two sons and a daughter, Chas. Flagg in New Mexico, Eugene Flagg in Eberdeen, Dakota and Mrs G. Chesebro of Hunting, Wisconsin.  His wife preceded him in death six years ago.  Besides his children mourning his death, there is a brother, Captain W. W. Flagg of Fitzgerald, Georgia.  His remains were taken to Bath, South Dakota to be buried besides his wife.

V.W. Fri 13 May 1910

   FENSKE, R. C. and family left Tuesday of this week for Densing, Washington where they will make their home.  Oskar Fenske accompanied them and will visit his brother who lives there.

V.W. Fri 13 May 1910

   ZIEMAN, Frank (son of) has passed away of kramps on Monday in Town Waukechon.  The funeral will be held on Wednesday at the Catholic Church here.

V.W. Fri 20 May 1910, Belle Plaine

   TORNO, Max (Mrs.) (KRUSE) has come from Oshkosh to visit her parents, the Ferdinand Kruse family.

 V.W. Fri 20 May 1910

   SCHAEFER, Heinrich, brother in law of Wilhelm Schmidt, passed away in Town Greeneville, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.  He was one of the first settlers of that area.

V.W. Fri 20 May 1910

   SCHMIDT, Wm. passed away here on Sunday forenoon, 15 May at nine o’clock after being bed ridden a short time.  He was thirty five years old and was buried on 17 May with Pastor Sack from Tigerton officiating.  The funeral procession truly testified that Schmidt was a respected and peace loving man.  There were fifty two cars that followed him to the cemetery.  He leaves a sorrowing widow with two children, also his father and mother, three brothers and a sister.

 V.W. Fri 20 May 1910

   WINTER, Fritz, the only right brother of David Winter has passed away in Salan, Wisconsin.  He will be buried in Malador, Wisconsin.  David Winter will attend the funeral.

V.W. Fri 27 May 1910, Bonduel

   SCHROEDER, Wm. and Emma PETERMANN were married in Peace Church in Slab City on 19 May.  The groom manages a bar or restaurant and the wife is a daughter of F. W. Petermann.  A large dance was held in the evening in Schroeder’s hall with the best of amusement for all who were present.

 V.W. Fri 27 May 1910

   WERBELOW, C. was visited by his brother, Fred Werbelow and brother in law, Wm. Kort from Horicon, Wisconsin.

V.W. Fri 27 May 1910

   REICHEL, Wm. and his wife celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on Wednesday evening with members of their family, many friends and Rev. Selle, who took the opportunity to give a beautiful heart rendering talk in honor of this occasion. 

   Mr and Mrs Reichel were married in Shawano in the year of 1885 by Rev. Ebert, Sr. and have remained faithful to their vows through all of these years of joy and sorrows.  Mr Reichel was born in Germany and his wife was born in Pennsylvania.  Their marriage was blessed with five children, who are all living and two are already married.  They are Karheryn M., now Mrs Sweeney, Hermann, William Jr., Fred and Emil Reichel.

   Those attending from out of town were: August Begrau of Marion, Albert Quandt of Wausau, Fred Reichel and Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Sweeney and children from Eau Claire.

   In addition to the celebration of this day, there was another important event.  This afternoon Hermann Reichel, son of the couple, married Cora Klosterman in Bonduel.  Martha Klosterman and Fred Reichel were the witnesses.  The young couple came in the evening to his parent’s home here in Shawano to have a double wedding celebration.    

 Cecil, V.W. Fri 3 June 1910, page 17

   KRUEGER, Adolph from Theresa, is visiting his brother in law, Gustav Friederichs, a farmer in our neighborhood.

V.W. Fri 3 June 1910, Underhill

   BAHRKE, John, one of the oldest and well known settlers of Town Underhill, died Wednesday, 19 May of tuberculosis at the age of  sixty six years.  After suffering about twelve years, he passed away peacefully in his sleep in the morning hours on Wednesday.

   Mr. Bahrke was born on 9 November 1843 in Germany and married there to Anna Mantie in 1866.  He came to America with his family in 1872.  They landed in Quebec, Canada where they  remained for six months before coming to Underhill, Oconto County.  He purchased a farm and has remained there until his death.

   Their marriage was blessed with eleven children, five sons and six daughters, of which a son has preceded in death at a young age.  The surviving children are his sons: Fred, Ernst, Ferdinand, and Robert Bahrke; the daughters are: Pauline Tromp of Crandon, Hulda Hartwech of Town Gillett, Emma Jensen of Underhill, Amila Friedenberg of Neopit, Mathilda Kasten of Angelica, and the youngest daughter Hermina Bahrke who is not married and is at home with her mother.  Besides the children, his sorrowing wife and thirty two grandchildren survive.

   The funeral was held on the following Sunday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the house and then at the Ev. Lutheran Church and burial in the Church Cemetery.  Pastor Marquardt officiated.  A few friends of the deceased who paid their last respects as pall bearers were:  Christ. Sellow, Ludwig Rusch, Rasmus Larson, August Weber, Fred Darrow and Mr Reinholtz.



7 Jun 1910

Jansen-Calkins Wedding

Miss Anna Jansen and Mr. Henry Calkins, Jr., both of Mattoon, were, married at the residence of Chas. Calkins in this city at 10 o’clock, Wednesday morning by Rev. James Churm, Pastor of the M.E. Church.

The wedding ceremony was witnessed by Willie Calkins, Wittenberg, Henry Calkins and Mrs. Minnie Ammerman, Mattoon, and Mesdames Hugh Calkins, William nelson and Mr. A. J. Calkins of this city.

The young couple took the noon train south for a honeymoon trip to be gone several days.  Upon their return they will take up house-keeping at Mattoon.—Antigo Journal.


V.W. Fri 10 June 1910

   DALLMANN, Robert of Waukechon and Minnie ZINGLER of Shawano had applied for a marriage license.  We made an error in last week’s paper by stating that Bertha WISSMANN was bride to be.  Bertha Wissmann is the maiden name of the mother of Miss Zingler.

Town Richmond, V.W. Fri 10 June 1910, page 17

   KORTH, Heinrich was helping his father in law Breitzmann in Pella last week doing masonry work.

 V.W. Fri 10 June 1910, Waukechon

   BEYER, Emilie (Mrs), wife of Heinrich Beyer of  Waukechon,  passed away of old age early last Thursday morning, 2 June at the age of seventy two years.  The deceased was born in 1835 in Gehnow, Pommern, Germany and married there in 1865 to her surviving husband.  They came to America in 1868, first living a year and a half in Kentucky  before coming to Shawano County, where they have remained.  The deceased was a courageous German woman, a faithful wife, and a loving mother who was greatly respected in her family circle which was evidenced by the large attendance at her funeral and the many floral gifts to bid her farewell from this world.  The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon at St John’s Church in Belle Plaine, with Pastor R. A. Karpinsky officiating.  Besides her aged husband, she leaves seven children, three sons and four daughters: Wilhelm Beyer from Shawano, Hermann and August Beyer from Waukechon, Mrs Bertha Hartmann from Shawano, Mrs Anna Kuhn from Wescott, Mrs Emilie Kremp and Mrs Hulda Kalt from Milwaukee.  May the deceased rest in peace.

V.W. Fri 10 June 1910, Suring

   EHLINGER, Louise (SIMON) died of tuberculosis on Thursday, 2 June at the age of thirty years and was buried in the Catholic Cemetery on Sunday.  The deceased is a daughter of John Simon from here and leaves besides her grieving husband, three children, a son and two daughters, also her father and three sisters, Mrs Frank Boortz, Mrs H. C. Erickson and Clara Ehlinger.  The deceased enjoyed a large circle of friends and acquaintances in her area who came to pay their last respects.  The sympathy for the young husband is felt through the community concerning the trials  these young people had to endure so early in his years on their farm in the western part of our township.

V.W. Fri 10 June 1910

   FALK, Franz and Auguste PETERMANN, of Town Washington, were married fifty years ago on 5 June in the village of Grossenhagen, Pommern, Germany.  With the help of God, this couple was able to achieve this goal.  They chose to express their thanks to Him in the quiet stillness of the house of their God.  At two thirty they headed for the church followed by a long procession consisting of their children and grandchildren who came from far and near for this occasion.  The celebrating couple sat on two golden chairs placed before the alter.  Everyone joined in singing a hymn led by Pastor H. Handrich, followed by a reading by the Pastor about the great goodness of the God for the fifty years of life together, using the words of Paul in First Corinthians 15:10 as his base.  The guests returned to the Falk home for plenty of food and drinks provided by Mr. and Mrs. Falk.  A collection of seven dollars was donated to the poor students in Milwaukee.

   The Falk children are: Bertha Pichmer of Gillett, Emma Burns of Oconto, Herman Falk of Seattle, Washington, Mathilde Roche of Chicago, Paul Fald in Town Washington, Alvina Engel of Shawano, Otto Falk of Milwaukee and Amanda Reschlein of Milwaukee.  There are four sons in law and about seventeen grandchildren attending.  Mr. and Mrs. Franz Falk are both still sprightly and enjoy good health.

 V.W. Fri 17 June 1910

   SLADTKEY, Joseph (?).  A body was found in Suring last Sunday about two hundred feet from the railroad on the south side of the village.  It appears to be a man who has been laying here about a year and may have been a suicide victim.  A revolver was found beside him, along with some money.  However there was no means of identification found on the body.

 V.W. Fri 17 June 1910

   MILLER, Emil was married in Chicago.  Grandmother Zaddack and Mrs. Wm. Zaddack attended the wedding.  Mr. Miller is a grandchild of mother Zaddack and a brother of Mrs. Wm. Zaddack.

 V.W. Fri 24 June 1910, Hunting

   GOLLNOW, David and Marie TRANTOW were married on Wednesday 15 June in the house of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Trantow in Town Grant, with Pastor Best from Marion officiating.  The groom is the son of Carl Gollnow.  Many friends, relatives and neighbors were invited to the reception.  Those attending from out of town were:  Franz Rige and wife from Wausau, Paul Mueller, Mrs Adolph Seegert and family and Linda Simon from Horicon, Wisconsin, Michael Riege and wife, Fred Stange and Miss Doering from Burnett, Wisconsin, Fritz Lemke and daughter, Maria from Neenah, Wisconsin, Max Noeringberg, Ida and Leonora Matz, Franz Brummund from Bontry, N. D.   Marion, Caroline, Hunting, Split Rock, Tigerton and all surrounding villages were well represented.  The witnesses were: Carl Trantow Jr., Johann Gollnow, Arthur Schulz, Bertha Trantow, Linda Simon and Leonora Matz.  Carl Erdmann from Splitrock prepared the meal and served the guests well. 

V.W. Fri 24 June 1910

   MEHLBERG, Hattie and John BIGGERSTORF came here on the 16th from Waboo, Nebraska.  Mr. Biggerstorf  brought his new wife to  the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilhelm Mehlberg.  He has a furniture business in Waboo and is a very nice man.   No wonder Hattie had her eyes on him.

 V.W. Fri 24 June 1910, Leopolis

    DUBERKI, Mrs. (VOELZ) has passed away in Milwaukee last Tuesday.  Carl and Otto Voelz traveled to Milwaukee on Wednesday morning to pay their last respects to their oldest sister, Mrs. Duberki.

V.W. Fri 24 June 1910, Belle Plaine

   SCHEWE, Carl, an aged settler of Belle Plaine who has lived with his daughter in New London the last year, has passed away.  His remains were brought here on Tuesday where he will be laid to rest besides his wife in St Martin Cemetery.


28 Jun 1910

Celebrates His 92nd Birthday

Mr. Otto Rollman, father of Louis Rollman and Mrs. Wipperman of this city, celebrated his 92 birthday Wednesday.  A family dinner was held at their home on Franklin Street that evening.  Rinehart Frocks of Fond du Lac, Mrs. Otto Rollman’s brother, and her son, Assemblyman Henry Rollman, of Chilton, besides relatives in the city, were present. Mr. Rollman is enjoying excellent health for one so old and although he is blind keeps in touch with the doings of the day, as one reads to him every day and he has an excellent memory.  Mr. Rollman returned to his home in Chilton Thursday morning.


Tues 28 Jun 1910

Married in Chicago

Last Sunday morning Miss Alice Larson of Chicago and Pete Fredrickson of the town of Morris were united in marriage at the bride’s home in Chicago.  They returned home Saturday evening.  Mr. Fredrickson is one of our leading farmers and well fixed financially.  The bride is a very nice appearing young lade and we extend our congratulations to the couple.  Tuesday they will hold a large reception at their home.--Tigerton Chronicle.

Mr. Fredrickson is a member of the county board and is popular among the members.   A box of cigars will have to be set up at the next meeting.


 V.W. Fri 1 July 1910, Birnamwood

   PORTER, Frank F., thirty nine years old, has passed away after a lengthy illness of fluid on the heart.  Our condolences are extended to the family.

V.W. Fri 1 July 1910, Leopolis

   HUEBNER, Mother was laid to rest in Hermansfort.  The aged mother had suffered with mental illness for several years.  She leaves several grown sons and daughters, also many friends and relatives.

V.W. Fri 1 July 1910, Belle Plaine

   BUTH, Wilhelm, one of the oldest settlers from Belle Plaine, was called in death quietly and peacefully on Sunday at the age of around eighty years.  He will be buried in Embarrass on Tuesday.  The deceased was born in Pommern, Germany and was married there to Wilhelmina Lange.  Shortly after, they came to America, settling first in Milwaukee.  Then they came to Belle Plaine and created a beautiful farm from a land covered with wild timber.  He remained here until his death.  Their marriage was blessed with two children, Mathilda, who has passed away at an early age, and Otto Buth, who has taken over the farm.  His wife preceded him in death twelve years ago.  His death is mourned by his only son and his wife and their five children, also a nephew, Herman Buth from Shawano.


Tues 10 Jul 1910

Mr. F. Buelow and wife of Clintonville were here last week for a visit with their daughters, Mesdames P. Caparow and Will Schuler.


V.W. Fri 15 July 1910, (News from Birnamwood)

   BRUMM, Georg (Mrs) has passed away after a lengthy illness and was laid to rest last Tuesday.  She leaves her husband and four small children and many relatives.

 V.W. Fri 22 July 1910, Gillett

   NEUMANN, Samuel, a beloved father,  passed away on 13 July after a lengthy and painful illness.  He was born in Gemein, Russian Poland on 22 April 1836, lived there and was held in high esteem.  He married in 1857 to his wife who passed away only six and a half years later, leaving him with three children.  He married again in 1863 and this marriage was blessed with twelve children.  He lived only a year in the area of Pulcifer.  About a year ago he underwent surgery on cancer of the stomach.  He experienced extreme pain last fall and felt at that time that only death could relieve him from the pain and suffering.  On Saturday evening his body was laid to rest in the grave.  In spite of the very dusty path, a large group of mourners followed his casket to the grave.  He leaves his widow, three sons and three daughters.

 V.W. Fri 22 July 1910, Belle Plaine

   BUTH, Otto and family are here visiting from St. Louis.  Otto visited his brother in law, Julius Piehl here last Sunday.

 Gillett, V.W. Fri 22 July 1910, page 17

   BAHRKE, Ed (son of) was born on 8 July.  The joy of the parents was short lived when their only child passed away on 17 July and was buried on 19 July in the church cemetery.

 Gillett, V.W. Fri 22 July 1910, page 17

   HELMKE, Martin (son of) was christened on 17 July.  Those attending besides other relatives were the grandparents, Mr and Mrs Jo. Helmke and Mr and Mrs Fried. Kohn and the great grand father, Mr Chr. Kohn.


Tues 26 Jul 1910

Family Reunion Yesterday

There was a family reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Porter yesterday noon and all members of the family and relatives were entertained at a fine dinner.  Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Porter, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Porter, Addison Porter of Belle Plaines, Mrs. Jennie Kavanaugh of Yonkers. N.Y., Mrs. John Spencer, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Spencer, of Spokane, Wash. Mrs. Bey W. Virtz of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. F.J. Martin, Jos. Porter, Ellis Porter, and Mrs. Catherine Martin of this city.



Tues 26 Jul 1910

Married Last Thursday

Miss Bena Bartlein of Wabeno, and Mr. Clarence Baston of Spokane, Washington, were married at the home of the bride’s parents in Wabeno on Thursday of last week.  The bride is very well known in this city having clerked in J.A. Lieg & Co.’s store for a year or so and by her pleasing manner made many friends.  She made her home with her aunt, A.T. Smith, and is an extra fine young lady.  We do not know anything about Mr. Baston but he is highly spoken of by those who know him.  The happy couple left at once for Chicago where they will spend a few days and then go to New York.  It is said that they will make their home in Boston.  The Advocate joins the bride’s many friends in wishing her much happiness.


 V.W. Fri 29 July 1910

   MOSEMANN, Maggie, about eight years old, was buried from the Catholic Church in Gresham on Monday.  About a month ago she was playing with a toy camera and was pushed down while hiking which resulted in a severe wound to her back.

V.W. 29 July 1910, page 12

   FOESCH, Charles and Emma UNRATH, were married Thursday afternoon at 2:30 in Ev. Lutheran St. Jacobi Church by Pastor Selle.  The reception was held in the home of the parents of the groom in Town Waukechon to a large number of friends and relatives.  Those attending from out of town were: Mr and Mrs Unrath and Mr Kramer from Green Bay, Wilhelm and Robert Werner from Seymour and Willie Werner from Minnesota.  Mr and Mrs Unrath left on a short honeymoon to Green Bay and other places.  They will make their home in Shawano.


Tues 2 Aug 1910

Mrs. Wm. Morgan and two children who has been visiting at the home of her brother, J.M. Miller and wife, returned to their home in Tigerton on Friday evening.



Thurs 4 Aug 1910

Sheriff Eli Ellfson took the two-year-old child of Mrs. Schelley to the orphan’s home in Appleton yesterday.  He was met at Clintonville by a deputy in charge of Ed. Pelzin who was committed to the state hospital at Oshkosh from Wittenberg.


 V.W. 5 Aug 1910, page 8

   LAMOTE, Jack, a Menominee Indian, lost his life from an accident on the railroad by Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  His body was brought to Shawano for burial.  His brother, Moses Lamote picked it up on Saturday.  Jack Lamote was cut from his head to his torso and had many other wounds.


Tues 9 Aug 1910

Mrs. Chas Nelson and little son from Oconto Falls, is visiting her sisters Mrs. Lamberg and Mrs. Hiser at Advance.



Thurs 11 Aug 1910, Rose Lake

Mrs. Clarence Salesberg of Rice Lake is visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. Heagle.


V.W. 12 Aug 1910

   ZANDER, August and his wife celebrated their golden wedding anniversary on 5 August.  The celebration was held at the home of their son, Gottfried, where they were staying in their old age.  A large number of relatives, friends and acquaintances in attendance, praised God for this occasion.  A short service was held in the house.  Two songs of praise and thanks were sung, after which Pastor H. Lorenz talked about the celebrating couple, their many good deeds and encouraged them to praise and thank the Lord for their blessings.

   Mr. Zander was born on 24 September 1834 and Mrs. Zander was born on 2 February 1837.  They were married 50 years ago in West Prussia and came to this land 27 years ago, living here all of those years.  Their marriage was blessed with four children, one son and three daughters.  All are married except one daughter.  The married daughters are Mrs. Gottfried Gut and Mrs Jakob Weidner.

   This couple is still enjoying good health. 

   Those attending the celebration from Wausau were Mr. & Mrs. Heinrich Abrath.  Those attending from Wittenberg were Rud. Puchner and daughter.  Mr Puchner gave the celebrating couple a long ride in his automobile.

Split Rock, V.W. 12 Aug 1910, page 8

   SABROWSKY, Minna, very loved and respected here, passed away on 30 July 1910 in Gresham, where she worked in a business as a sales clerk.  She was born on 13 September 1882 in Dodge County, Wis.  She came from there with her parents over 25 years ago to Split Rock where they began farming.  She was here a number of years in Company Laden as a sales clerk.  She played the organ in the Split Rock Peace Church where she was a member.  Her parents sold the farm in the spring and moved to Maple Valley.  She was buried in Suring.  She leaves her sorrowing parents, three brothers and one sister, also many relatives and friends.  Our heartfelt condolences.



Tues 16 Aug 1910, Wolf River

Mrs. Chas. Wood and babies Howard and Edna returned to Antigo Monday after a couple of weeks visit with their father, M.C. Breed.



Tues 16 Aug 1910

Wants to be Identified

Born in 1884, 1885 or 1886, and turned over to an orphan asylum at Wittenberg, Wis., in 1889, a young soldier, named William Straek in Fort William McKinley, Philippine islands, has written to Assistant Postmaster Stocking, hoping to find someone to identify him.  He is now with company M.



Tues 16 Aug 1910, Wolf River


Miss Bernice Hill is visiting in Oshkosh, guest of her sister, Mrs. Thos. Satton.


Leopolis, V.W. 19 Aug 1910, page10

   BUTT, Wm. (daughter of), age 9 months, died last Friday from the summer illness.  Our heartfelt condolences.

 V.W. Fri 26 Aug 1910, page 16

   LEHMANN, John (Mrs) (HIRCHMANN), passed away last Sunday morning in Tigerton from complications of her illness.  The deceased was formerly the wife of Pastor Hirchmann and leaves her second husband and four children from the first marriage.

Bonduel, V.W. 26 Aug 1910, page 9

   ROSE, Robert, a respected business person from this area has passed away on Monday 22 August at the age of 41 years.  He is mourned by his wife and six children, his parents and four brothers and  four sisters.  The deceased was born in Germany and came to this land fourteen years ago.  He has lived in Bonduel for twenty years and was a respected resident here.  He was Vice President of the bank, Justice of Peace, (treasurer of school board ?), and in addition still held many other public offices.  All will mourn his early death.

V.W. 26 Aug 1910, page 13

   OTTO, Frank (Mrs) (HOLTZ), her husband and family came here from Oshkosh to visit the Fritz Holtz family.  Mrs Otto is a daughter of Fritz Holtz.



Tues 30 Aug 1910

Weds Shawano Man

A pretty wedding was solemnized at 5 o’clock Tuesday afternoon in the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.F. Bushey, 582 Pacific Street, when their daughter, Miss Belle Bushey, was united in marriage to John Scanlon of Shawano.  The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Father W. J. Fitzmaurice of St. Mary’s church, and the couple was attended by Miss Eva Bushey, a sister of the bride and Dr. Scanlon of Manawa, a brother of the bridegroom.  After the ceremony the guests at the wedding, numbering only immediate relatives of the contracting parties and a few friends, sat down to an elaborate wedding dinner at 6:30 o’clock.  Mr. and Mrs. Scanlon left Tuesday night on a wedding trip and visit to Milwaukee, Chicago and Minneapolis, Minn.  They will be at home to their many friends in Shawano after September 15.

Mrs. Scanlon is one of the highly esteemed young ladies in this city, and for the past few years has been engaged as stenographer in the office of E.A. Edmonds.  She is a young lady of charming personality and has a host of friends in this city.

Mr. Scanlon is assistant manager of the Wolf River Paper Company in Shawano, and is well known and highly esteemed in Appleton by reason of the fact that he was formerly employed by the Kimberly-Clark Paper Company.—Appleton Daily Post, Aug 24.



Tues 30 Aug 1910

Mrs. Wm. McKenna took a day at the hospital in Green Bay the past week to visit her sister, Mrs. Wm. Stanton of Angelica, who is undergoing treatment there.  Mrs. Stanton’s many friends earnestly wish for her a speedy recovery.




Tues 6 Sep 1910


Mrs. Aug. Peterson of Mosling was a guest of her son, Mr. Aug. Anderson last week.




Tues 6 Sep 1910

To be Married Wednesday Evening

Invitations were received in the city for the wedding of Miss Jessie Eugenia Maurer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. F. Maurer to Mr. William Ward Harcombe, at Atlantic City, Wy. Wednesday evening Sept 7.  The bride is a Shawano young lady and was born in this city.  Her grandparents were among the first settlers in Shawano County and will be well remembered by many of the old settlers.  The bride’s many Shawano friends wish her much happiness.




Tues 6 Sep 1910

Married at Bonduel Sunday

Mr. Robert Bohm of Zachow and Miss Pauline Pautz of Bonduel were married Sunday afternoon at the Bonduel Church, Rev. Rathjen officiating.  After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the Bride’s mother.  The attendants were Misses Lena Raasch, Lydia Heller, Ella Becher, Martha Neuman, Messrs. Will Pautz, Frank Bohm, Paul Pautz and Otto Bohm.  The contracting parties are well known in the town of Hartland and their many friends wish them much happiness.



Thurs 8 Sep 1910

Mrs. Fred Krueger of Bonduel visited her daughter, Mrs. Herman Buchlow, here over Sunday.



Thurs 8 Sep 1910

Mrs. Thomas Kilian and son Roy of Milwaukee, and Mrs. Ed. Barch and son Arthur of Mayville are visiting at the home of their sister, Mrs. Otto Abel. 


V.W. 9 Sep 1910, page 13

   McDONNELL, Wm. (Mrs) was visited Sunday by Chas. Raisler and his wife from Bear Creek.  Mrs McDonnell is a sister of Chas. Raisler.

V.W. Fri 9 Sep 1910, page 16

   MUELLER, Otto (Mrs) (HARTMAN) and husband of Oshkosh came to visit their parents and parents in law, Mr and Mrs John Hartman.


Tues 13 Sep 1910

Mrs. Henry Ainsworth left this morning for North Tawanda, Penn., where she is called by the illness of her son.  This is her first visit to that sate for 22 years and she will no doubt have a pleasant visit.  She expects to remain three or four months.




Tues 13 Sep 1910

Mrs. D. Sayles of Grand Rapids is a guest of her sister, Mrs. P.F. Dolan.



Tues 13 Sep 1910


On Saturday morning at the Presbyterian Manse, this city, Miss Helena Hintz of Underhill and Mr. Newton A. Darms were united in holy matrimony by Pastor McGreaham.  John Hintz and Miss Mabel Darms being the signing witnesses.  The young couple will reside in Lyndhurst.




Tues 13 Sep 1910

Mr. Thos. Grimmer of Montana is in the city visiting friends.  Mr. Grimmer came to Shawano with his parents in 1848 when he was 8 years of age.  They came here from Milwaukee, Sheboygan and then went to Fond du Lac by stage and went to Oshkosh by boat.  Oshkosh was then the large city of three dwelling houses.  They came as far as New London which consisted of three houses and stayed there a week or so and then came to Shawano in a birch boat.  There were only 2 or 3 families in this vicinity and Mr. Grimmer’s parents settled on what is now the Thos. Ainsworth farm in the town of Wescott, near the bridge.  Mr. Grimmer has many old acquaintances in the city and they are always glad to see him.  He sees many changes in Shawano during the past few years.


V.W. 16 Sep 1910, page 9

   RADES, Emil passed away on Saturday morning at 3 o’clock in the local poor house at the age of 25 years.  He died of consumption and the funeral was held on Monday morning at 11 o’clock at Gullmann and Karth Funeral Home and at 2 in the afternoon at the Ev. Lutheran Church in Town Hartland.  Burial will be at the church cemetery in the family plot.  Besides his father, Herman Rades of Town Washington, his siblings, Mrs August Priem of Town Washington, Fritz Rades from Lilly and Herman Rades from Mayville who were here for the funeral.

 V.W. 23 Sep 1910, page 11

   RUSCH, Willie, son of Mr and Mrs Herman Rusch of Town Waukechon, died Wednesday morning at 3:30 of summer sickness at the age of eight months.  He was buried on Friday at 1 with Pastor Karpinsky officiating.  The funeral was handled by the firm of Gustmann & Karth.

 V.W. 23 Sep 1910, page 14

   KRAUSE, Ottilie (RADDANT) passed away at 4 o’clock Monday afternoon in her home after a serious illness of over three months.  Her death released her from the terrible pain she steadfastly carried with dignity.

   The deceased was born on 28 October 1855 in Klaushagen, Pommern, Germany and came to America in 1881.  She first settled by her sister, Mrs Wilhelmine Mehlberg in Caroline.  Later her parents followed to this land and settled in Town Waukechon.  On 24 December 1905 she married her now sorrowing husband, Fred Krause.

   The surviving relatives from near by are  brothers Charles and Wilhelm Raddant from Shawano, also a sister Mrs Wilhelmine Mehlberg from Caroline, Mrs Emilie Raddant and Mrs Wm. Reglin from Shawano, also the nephews Herman Raddant from Town Waukechon, Carl Raddant from Shawano and Emil Raddant from the State of Washington and a cousin Bertha Raddant from Shawano and a large number of other relatives.

   The deceased was a member of St Jakobi Congregation where her funeral was held on Thursday afternoon at 2 with Pastor Selle officiating.


Tues 27 Sep 1910

Mr. Rudolph R. Druckrey of this city and Miss Luella Rosenow were married last Thursday at Cecil.  Both of the contracting parties are well and favorably known.  Rudolph clerked in W.C. Zachow’s Store in Cecil for a number of years and has been with J.A. Lieg & Co. for the past year.  He is an extra fine young man and the bride is also said to be a fine young lady.  They have many friends who wish them much happiness.  They will arrive in Shawano today and will make their home here.



Tues 27 Sep 1910

Married Last Wednesday

William Reichel and Miss Hattie Worth were married Wednesday evening at 6:15 at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Wirch, Rev. Selle officiating.  Only a few relatives and a few friends were present.  Louis Raddant of this city was best man, and Miss Anna Steyer of Oconto, was bridesmaid.  The bride was attired in a tan veil dress and carried bridal roses.  A fine wedding supper was served after the ceremony and the bridal couple then went to Oconto where they spent a few days with her parents.  Will is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Reichel and helps his father in the ice business.  He is a worthy young man.  The bride has worked in the printing offices for the past year and has made many friends who wish her much happiness.  They will make their home in Shawano.



 V.W. 30 Sep 1910, page 14

   KRAUSE, Ottilie (RADDANT).  In last week’s obituary a relative’s name who was living near by was accidently omitted from the entry.  It was a cousin, Otto Raddant from Shawano.

 V.W. Fri 30 Sep 1910, page 17

   CALDWELL, Joe (Mrs), and Indian aged 84 years, died and was buried last Monday in Keshena.  The firm of Gustmann & Karth were in charge.

 V.W. Fri 30 Sep 1910, page 17

   CHRISTEN, John and his wife (son of), was born to his parents who were childless for fifteen years.  John had left this area some time ago and moved to Washington state.

V.W. Fri 30 Sep 1910, page 16

   SALZMAN, Wernel, son of August and Emilie Salzman, passed away last Friday at the age of four months and twenty five days from the summer sickness.  He was buried on Monday with Pastor Selle officiating.

Clintonville, V.W. 30 Sep 1910, page 10

   BRANDT, W. A., roadmaster, is in a hospital in Oshkosh following an accident last Monday.  He traveled with great speed unto a stretch ____ and suddenly struck an obstacle.  Mr Brandt had many wounds and it was decided that he should go to Allenville to catch a train to Oshkosh, where he is at present.  His many friends hope he will soon recover.

 Bowler, V.W, 30 Sep 1910, page 10

   GOGOLIN, Fred (Mrs) was visited by her daughter, Mrs. G. W. Ahrens of Wausau.




Tues 4 Oct 1910

Joe Pionek Caught in Chicago Last Night

Was Going Under the Name of Schultz.  Was Implicated in Murder of John Sorenson.

On June 20th, 1909, John L. Sorenson was murdered in Pulaski.  He received a pounding from 2 young men and died at Green Bay Hospital a few days afterwards.  Jos. Glovinski and Joe Pionek were implicated in the deed and the former is now out on bail, his trial has been adjourned once or twice as the other man could not be located.  Last Friday Deputy Sheriff Andrew F. Anderson received word that Pionek had been arrested in Chicago.  He had been in that city since the murder and going under the name of Schultz.  Sheriff Elefson and Mr. Anderson went to Chicago Saturday night to bring their prisoner home and they arrived here last night.  His hearing will no doubt be before Judge Jaeckel within a few days.

The murder was a cold blooded one and District Attorney Larson believes that he has strong evidence against the two young men.


V.W. 7 Oct 1910, Marriage license, page 10

   WIAIER, Paul and Mary SCHAKCZUISK, both from Maple Grove.

 Pella, V.W. 7 Oct 1910, page 12

   NONNEMACHER, Wm. and Ella SCHENK were married last Thursday in Town Norwood, Langlade County with Pastor Stubenvoll officiating.  The many friends wish the newly married couple much luck in their life together.

Suring, V.W. 7 Oct 1910, page 13

   SCHUETTPELZ, Fred (son of), died on 28 September at the age of two years and two months of summer sickness.

 Suring, V.W. Fri 7 Oct 1910, page 16

   OTTO, Gustav (Mrs) passed away Tuesday morning from a lengthy illness of consumption.

  V.W. Fri 7 Oct 1910, page 17

   HOGAN, William, age 33, passed away last Thursday of consumption.  He was a mail carrier for five years on Route 4.  He served on the field campaign in the Philippians.  He leaves his wife and three small children.

V.W. 14 Oct 1910, page 8

   KALKOSKE, Karl, daughter of, about five months old, has passed away a week ago and was buried in St Paul Cemetery in Town Washington with Pastor Handrich officiating.  Her parents and siblings express their thanks for the beautiful flowers and participation at the funeral, for the little house that was decorated for our little one, also to the Pastor for his words of comfort.

 Suring, V.W. 14 Oct 1910, page 12

   METZKE, Alvin (Mrs)(THIEME) and her husband from Wabeno, came to visit Chas. Thieme and her mother.  Mrs Metzke is a daughter of widow Alvina Thieme, who still very sick.



Tues 18 Oct 1910

Chas. Skinner and family of Portland, Oregon, arrived in the city Wednesday and are visiting at the home of his mother, Mrs. Geo. Adams.


Tues 18 Oct 1910

A little son was born to Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Long at Antigo on Thursday, Oct 6.  Mrs. Long was formerly Miss Ethel Anderson and is a Shawano girl.


Thurs 20 Oct 1910

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Prushyk and child, accompanied by the latter’s brother, John Tatosky, went to Suamico, Monday to attend a reunion of the Tatosky


V.W. Fri 21 Oct 1910, page 25

   KOELLER, Herman, from this town, and Selma KRUBSACK will be married soon.

 Bonduel, V.W. Fri 21 Oct 1910, page 16

   BURMEISTER, Wm. H., son of Wm. Burmeister from Town Hartland, and Emma HINTZ were married last week in Oshkosh.  The groom’s parents and siblings attended the celebration.

V.W. 21 Oct 1910, page 10

   FUHRMAN, Paul and Minnie BARTELME, of Bowler, were married.  Mr Fuhrman is the oldest son of Gustav Fuhrman who is one of the oldest Pioneers in Town Fairbanks with a lovely farm and woodland.  The marriage was celebrated in Bowler with many attending from Tigerton and Town of Fairbanks.  Some of those attending were:  L. Reinert, Herman Spiegel, Paul Menzel, Fred Lars, Hermann Fuhrmann, also Carl Posselt.

 Tigerton, V.W. 21 Oct 1910, page 11

   STIER, Robert J. who has been sick only two weeks, took his last breath last Wednesday and was released from his suffering.

   KURZ, Grandfather, and aged man who suffered from cancer the last four years, also found relief from his pain through death.

  Suring, V.W. 21 Oct 1910, page 11

   THIEME, Alvina, of Hayes, has been taken from us in death at the age of 58 years 10 months and 18 days.  She leaves six children and five stepchildren.  Otto and Carl Thieme, Mrs Robert Miller from Cecil, Mrs Franz Peterman from Hayes, Mrs Alvin Metzke from Wabeno and Mrs Heinrich Wagner from Hayes.  Gustav Thieme from Cecil, Mrs Heinrich Euviving from Morrley, Michigan, Mrs Carl Silcox from Lansing, Michigan, Mrs George Mayer from Cecil, Mrs Jakob F. Mayer from Advance.

 Town Richmond, V.W. 21 Oct 1910, page 13

   MERTKE, Fritz (daughter of) was born.


Tues 25 Oct 1910

Chris Sperberg, a well known young citizen of the town of Richmond near Shawano, was married Tuesday to Miss Laura Marcks, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marcks, of Pine Lake.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. O. List, of this village, at the noon hour at the home of the bride’s parents and a great gathering of relatives and friends were witnesses.  Following the marriage services came feasting and revelry extending far into the night,--dancing, game playing and such merry-making  as given to Pike Lake weddings.—Wittenberg Enterprise.



Tues 25 Oct 1910

Mrs. Anna E. Pulcifer and her sisters, Mrs. Hattie McGrette of Wheeler, S.D. and Mrs. Adaline Ingle of St. Charles, La. went to East Troy Monday morning to visit friends and relatives a few days.  This is the first time that the three sisters have been together for forty years and the visit was a most enjoyable one.  Their brother was also here but he returned to his home in S.D. last week.



Thurs 27 Oct 1910

Married at Oconto

One of the prettiest of the October Weddings was the marriage of Lucille A. Thomas, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Thomas of this city to Samuel H. Reynolds, of Shawano, the nuptials an event of Tuesday, took place at the home of the bride’s parents at 1410 Park Avenue.  The service was the impressive ring ceremony, Rev. R. J. MacLanders, of the First Presbyterian Church, officiating, the hour being high noon.  As the tones of Lohengrins wedding march played by Mrs. Henry Bitters, sister of the bride, rang out the bridal party descended the stairs and took their places in that part of the parlor which had been tastily decorated with cut flowers and smilax, the room being in green and white.

The bride was the recipient of an unusually large number of costly and handsome gifts.  The happy couple was merrily assisted by their friends to the 5 o’clock train for Shawano, where they will at once go to house-keeping.  The bride is a well known and highly esteemed young lady, having been the efficient stenographer for the Goodrich & Martineau Co., for several years.  The groom who is a young man of sterling qualities is one of Shawano’s energetic barbers.—Oconto Enterprise.


Cecil, V.W. 28 Oct 1910, page 13

   LEMKE, Julius, (daughter of), about a half year old, was buried last Wednesday in St Paul’s Cemetery.  The little one was a daughter of Mr and Mrs Julius Lemke and died after a short illness.  The survivors wish to express their thanks for the beautiful flowers and for the comforting words of Pastor Handrich.

 V.W. 28 Oct 1910, page 13

   PEHLKE, Gustav (Mrs) from Town Almon came last Monday to visit her sister Mrs Fred Brener.


 Clintonville, V.W. 4 Nov 1910, page 12

   KORTBEIN, Emil from Bear Creek and Margaret SCHLEY from Town Larrabee were married last week in the Lutheran Church with Pastor Moench officiating.  A reception was held in the home of the bride’s parents.

 Clintonville, V.W. Fri 4 Nov 1910, page 16

   THIEDE, Carl (Mrs), age 76 and from Embarrass, passed away eight days ago from old age and was buried last Thursday.  Besides her aged husband she leaves six children.      

 V.W. Fri 4 Nov 1910, page 16

   THIEDE, Carl (Mrs) was buried last Thursday and was attended by Mr and Mrs Wm. Boehm.  The deceased was the mother of Mrs Boehm.

 Marriage License, V.W. 4 Nov 1910, page 27

   WINCENTSON, James and Florence REILAND, both from Aniwa

V.W. 4 Nov 1910, page 13

   BAUMANN, Martin (daughter of) was born last Saturday.

V.W. 4 Nov 1910, page 26

   SEIDLER, Herman passed away last Tuesday after a lengthy term of suffering from wounds he received at the beginning of  this summer while working on a building.  He had the misfortune of falling from a roof of a barn of considerable height in the area of Lily, severely wounding his back.  Since then, the entire under side of his body has been lame and medical assistance proved unsuccessful.  However his relatives tried everything and took him to Crandon and Oshkosh hospitals.

   Herman Seidler was born on 14 June 1870 in Town Washington, the son of  Mr and Mrs Carl Seidler.  He married on 9 March of this year to Lucy Keuschel from Town Washington and lived with his young wife on a farm in the area of Lily.  Besides his grieving wife, he leaves his parents and five siblings, two brothers and three sisters.  They are Henry and Charles Seidler from Town Washington, also Mrs F. Hoenig, Mrs Julius Gents and Theo. Gents all of Shawano.

   The funeral was held on Thursday afternoon at 1 at the house and at 2 at Friedens Church with Pastor Ludwig officiating.  The large group of mourners and the many beautiful flowers on the casket of the deceased was an expression of sympathy extended to the family.



Tues 8 Nov 1910

Were Married Last Wednesday

Another happy wedding took place last Wednesday morning in the town of Pella, at which time Martin Adam of the town of Bear Creek and Helen Messerschmidt, of Pella took the matrimonial vows.  The ceremony took place at the Pella Opening Church at 9:30 o’clock and was performed by Rev. Schillinng in the presence of a large company of invited guests.  At the appointed hour the bridal couple took their place at the altar accompanied by Tillie Adam, Ella Kluth, and Cora Albertz as bridesmaids and Will Kluth, Gust Adam and Herman Engelbardt as groomsman, with Ella Messerschmidt and Viola Zarling as flower girls.  Following the ceremony the guests assembled at the home of the bride’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Messerschmidt in the town of Pella where a sumptuous wedding dinner was served and also a wedding supper and a grand good time enjoyed with the new couple until well along into the next day.  Both are popular young people, are held in high regard by all who know them and are deserving of their full quota of the blessings of this world.  They will begin housekeeping at once on the farm in the town of Bear Creek which the groom recently purchased from his father.  As a further token of the esteem in which they are held, the town of Pella friends tendered them a farewell party, Thursday evening at the Messerschmidt home.--Clintonville Tribune.

Town Line, Richmond & Belle Plaine, V.W. 11 Nov 1910, page 27

   BEVERSDORF, Hulda, a popular and respected young woman, passed away on Wednesday 2 November in Antigo and was brought to her parents house on Thursday for burial the following day.  The funeral was held at St Martin’s Church in Belle Plaine and burial at the church cemetery with Pastor Karpinski officiating.  The deceased reached the age of 23 years, seven months and quite a few days.   She leaves to mourn her death, her parents, four brothers and four sisters, also a large number of relatives and friends.  The greatest appreciation in behalf of the deceased was the number of floral bouquets delivered from Antigo, Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay and Milwaukee.

 Clintonville, V.W. 11 Nov 1910, page 29

   QUICK, Henry, a brake man for Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, lost his life last Saturday in the area of Marion from a train traveling south.  He was still living when brought to the house of Dr Finney, but died a quarter hour later, under the hands of the Doctor.  His arm was severed, had severe injuries on his head.  The Coroner’s Jury gave the report that while he was working, the travel of the cattle train fence caught him under the train.  The deceased was married and lived with his family in Antigo.


15 Nov 1910, Belle Plaine

Mrs. Rheinhold Natzke of Bonduel is visiting her parent F.W. Retzloff and family.  Her sister Cora who has been visiting her for the past two weeks returned home with her.


Cecil, V.W. 18 Nov 1910, page 24

   BLECK, August was buried on Saturday 12 November in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Town Washington.  He was one of the first German pioneers, as we understand, by his efforts and labor on the farm, and his faithfulness to brave life’s danger in creating a beautiful homestead from the virgin forest in this neighborhood.  The deceased was known here as an ordinary, honest and genuine German man, unshakeable in making things right and blessed with a good heart, which unfortunately  too often abused and brought him financial losses.  He had the noble virtue, never over the  error or mistake make a hard or rash judgment.  He believed that no man is perfect and also he makes no exception in what is reported.  Show mercy and forgive.  At times, the deceased in business or in social, while standing alone or recognized, portrayed  the goodness of his virtue, outstanding as the bright sunlight to the shadows.  The participation at the funeral was a general religious belief  pulled from his frontier.  Every person looked to the deceased as a man highly honored in life.  They paid their last respects and to the survivors, their condolences. 

   The deceased August Bleck was born in Niederhagen, Germany on 22 November 1846.  He left his old homeland in the year of 1869 to seek his fortune here.  He came directly to Town Scott in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.  On 10 January 1873 he married his now surviving wife, Wilhelmine Dobberfuhl and settled in the beginning of the seventieth year on his homestead.  The children are: Franz, Karl, Wilhelm, Albert, Paulina, Johann, Heinrich, Alvine, Klara and Oskar.  (Anna and Adele preceded their father in death.)  The siblings mourning his death are: Henrietta living on the old homestead, Hermann, Gottlieb and Friedrich.  (Johann lost his life by an accident in the neighborhood, and Karl, Ludwig and Ferdinand died in Germany.)  He reached the age of 63 years 11 months and 14 days.

Bowler, V.W. 18 Nov 1910, page 28

   DEBOIL, Geo. (Mrs) (POLACK) was visited by her sister Sophia Polack from Green Bay.

 Pella, V.W. 18 Nov 1910, page 28

   PETER, Herman and Wilhelmine POLZIN celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on 13 November in their new magnificent house with about 200 to 225 people attending.  Pastor Stubenvoll and his family were present.  Mr. Peter was born on 8 December 1865 in Moltow, Pommern and were married 25 years ago by Pastor Bauer in Kreis Koeslin.  They came to America in the year of 1892, settling first in Milwaukee.  Twelve years later they came to Pella where they created a beautiful farm.  Mr and Mrs Peter have brought German courage and labor, along with German faithfulness and honesty and with God’s help they now have a lovely homestead.  Their marriage was blessed with three children, Hulda, Paul and Klara Peter.

 V.W. 18 Nov 1910, page 29

   COLE, Helen, daughter of Frances Cole passed away last Sunday morning at the age of five months of  whooping cough and was buried on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock at Jakobi Church.

 V.W. 18 Nov 1910, page 27

   PERKINS, C. C. (Mrs)(SENN) was visited by her sister, Tine Senn from Tigerton.

 V.W. 18 Nov 1910, page 27

   SAUER, Mrs, age 79, quietly passed away in the house of her son Robert, in Town Richmond, in the night of Tuesday or Wednesday after a lengthy illness.




 Town Richmond, V.W. 2 Dec 1910, page 25

   SAUER, August (Mrs), who passed away on Wednesday from heart trouble, at the age of 79 years, was buried last Friday.  The deceased was born in the year of 1831 in Minten by Naugard, Pommern and came to this country with her family in the year of 1883.  They created a beautiful farm in this new land.  Besides her husband she leaves a sister, Mrs F. Erdmann from Belle Plaine and five children.  They are Mrs H. Sperberg, Mrs J. Kronke, Herman, August and Robert Sauer.

V.W. 2 Dec 1910, page 27

   LOW, Ralph (Mrs) (RAASCH) from Bessemer, Michigan, was visited by her mother, Mrs. Minnie Raasch from Town Waukechon.  After spending two months in Bessemer, Mrs Raasch returned home accompanied by her daughter and children who will stay until January.

 Town Line, Richmond, & Belle Plaine, V.W. 2 Dec 1910, page 27

   SCHOENICKE, Friedrich (Mrs) (VOIGT) was visited by her brother Albert Voigt from Aloeriy, Dodge County last week.

Clintonville, V.W. 9 Dec 1910, page 27

   ROSNOW, Walter was wounded and died last week by a shot from his gun while climbing over a fence in Town Larrabee.  The funeral was held last Friday at Christus Church with Pastor Moench officiating.  He leaves his sorrowing parents, Mr and Mrs. Wm. Rosnow, three brothers and a sister.

Leopolis, V.W. 9 Dec 1910, page 25

   KUNKEL, Paul, (son of) passed away last Saturday at the age of six weeks and was buried last Monday.  He was the first born son in this family.

 Belle Plaine, V.W. 9 Dec 1910, page 29

   PIEHL, Johanna (Mrs) passed away in the Town of Belle Plaine last Monday, 5 December, at the age of 70 years.  She had heart trouble which ended up with dropsy.  The deceased was born on 5 December 1840 in Garmbow, Pommern, Germany.  Now, years later she left all behind in death on the same day that she saw the light of the world.  She married Wm. Piehl in the year of 1865.  He preceded her in death eighteen years earlier.  In 1891 the family came to America, lived a year in Plymouth and then settled in Belle Plaine.  Since the day of her husband’s death, the deceased lived with her children and was in the house of her son, Karl when she died.  She leaves her children, Julius Piehl, Mrs Otto Buth and Carl Piehl all of Belle Plaine.

The funeral was held last Thursday afternoon at 1 from the house and at 2 at St Martin Lutheran Church with Pastor Karpinski officiating. 

Town Herman, V.W. 9 Dec 1910, page 29

   KOPELKE, Karl and Bertha MAYER were married on Thanksgiving day in the house of the groom’s parents.  The witnesses were August Kautz, Albert Jung, Bertha Kopelke and Martha Ziebur.  



Thurs 15 Dec 1910

Ground to Death by Train

The body of an unknown man, mutilated beyond recognition, was found Sunday morning on the railroad track two miles south of this village.  August Wegner, walking from here to Tigerton made the discovery and made prompt report by telephone to Night Operator Jones.  Mr. Wegner had missed the 3:47 morning train by a few minutes and was therefore compelled to take the walk.  No trains had passed the spot before the going of the 3:47 and the arrival on the scene of Mr. Wegner.  The presumption is therefore fair that the passenger train had killed the man.  The “body” was brought here and was given burial Monday.

Appearances at the scene would seem to indicate the man had been tramping the track, had become cold, had fired a pile of old ties, close besides the railroad embankment, had sat down upon the embankment, fallen asleep and toppled over upon the rail.  His head was crushed off just above the lower jaw, the left foot was crushed off and the right leg was broken near the hip, the bones protruding through the flesh and the clothing.  That the man was not a confirmed hobo was evidenced by his horny hands.  That he was probably of southern European parentage was evidenced by the body hue.  For description we should say: he was about 35 years old, of 5 ½ foot stature and 145 pounds weight.  His hair and short moustache were black and wiry.  In one of his pockets was a Northern Pacific time card and a railway hat check from Paulson & Larson the railroad contractors, on Aug 22 and good for passage from Chicago to Spencer, Wis.  In one of his shoes $4 in bills was found.  Upon the body there was no mark whatever by which identification could be aided and it does not appear probable that his identity will ever be known.—Wittenberg Enterprise.

V.W. 23 Dec 1910, page 27

   SOMMERFELD, Manda, of Gillett and Wilhelm SALZWEDEL, from Town Washington, consented in Gillett to get married.  The young people at the marriage were: Wilhelm Baehr, Art Labutzke, Anna Gierra, Adolf Moesch, Tella Sommerfeldt.  Pastor Gierold tied the knot.

 V.W. 23 Dec 1910, page 27

   SURING, Emma, daughter of Edward Suring in Town How, and Robert MUELLER, son of Herm. Mueller from Town Washington, were married by Pastor Plass.  The witnesses were Franz Mueller, Heinrich Suring, Alvina Suring and Amanda Mueller.

 Birnamwood, V.W. 23 Dec 1910, page 28

   HARRIS, Ezra, age 19, was shot in the chest and killed by his brother Eddy, age 16, while hunting rabbits in this area on Friday around 12:30.  Both were near the house going after a rabbit.  Ezra shot first and missed.  Eddy shot and hit his brother.  The wounded laid three hours before help came to carry him into the house, however his mother brought a quilt and pillow to protect him from the cold.  Dr Baker was called and declared that the wound was deadly.  The unfortunate victim lived about 12 hours after the shooting and passed away around 12 o’clock at night.  Because several siblings and other relatives lived a distance from here, the funeral was planned for Tuesday.  The parents of the deceased live in the area of Joseph Lindner’s farm.  The father is a veteran of the Civil War and receives a small pension.  The person making the unlucky shot is sixteen years old and has an illness which his body is nearly full grown but shakes all over.  It is in fact, irresponsible that such a person be given a gun in his hand.  The deceased was a brave young man and was popular with everyone.  While on his stretcher, especially from his young comrades, many tears were shed.  To the survivors, our innermost condolences.

 Clintonville, V.W. 23 Dec 1910, page 28

   NEITZKE, Bertha and Frank TAUFERNER were married by Pastor Holst last Monday in the house of the bride’s parents, Mr and Mrs August Neitzke in Town Larabee.  The young couple will make their home in Iola.

 Clintonville, V.W. 30 Dec 1910, page 28

   LARSON, Knut, an aged and respected citizen of our city, was suddenly called away in death from a heart attack at the age of 72 years.  He was in the best of health in the morning and was going to the field to get some wood.  As he failed to appear as usual, his wife went to check on him and found him dead from chopping wood.  He was stricken with a heart attack.  He leaves besides his aged wife, two children, a daughter and a son.  The funeral was held on Thursday from the Norwegian Church.

Pella, V.W. 30 Dec 1910, page 23

   GRESCH, Martin (Mrs) passed away in the evening of 24 December from a heart attack at the age of over eighty years.  Her husband went to church that evening to attend the Christmas program at Bethlehem Church.  Before his departure, he left the following words with his wife, “Stay well, mother, I will soon return and you will go to church tomorrow morning.”  He left for church, mingled with the old and the young and found joy in the beautiful Christmas tree, the hymns, the message and joined in singing with great enthusiasm the old Christmas songs.  He returned home, anxious to share the spirit of this blessed evening with his wife.  He knocked on the door, but all was quiet. He knocked and knocked and when looking through the window, he saw her sitting in the rocking chair holding the church paper and sleeping.  At last he broke the door open and found his wife dead.  The angels of God came and carried her soul away.  Mr and Mrs Gresch were both born in Pommern and came to Pella about 35 years ago.  About five years ago they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with their children and relatives.  She will be buried on Wednesday at Bethlehem’s Cemetery with Pastor Stubenvoll officiating.

 Bonduel, V.W. 30 Dec 1910, page 23

   LUEDTKE, Father passed away in the house of his son in law, Albert Neumann, at the age of 75 years.  He leaves four children, three daughters and a son, Carl Luedtke.  The funeral will be next Wednesday on his birthday with Pastor Rathjen officiating.

 V.W. 30 Dec 1910, page 23

            LEISNER, Wm. “father”, one of the oldest pioneers of our town, was called away last week in death.  He passed away on Wednesday in the house of his son, August, from a heart attack and was buried last Saturday from Frieden’s Church with Pastor Kasper officiating.  Father Leisner reached the high age of 81 years.