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William Evans child

John Ahlgrimm

Volksbote Wochenblatt

May 29 1913

Herr Johann Friedrich Christian Theodor Ahlgrimm died on May 22 1913 at the age of 87 years, 4 months and 22 days. He was born on Dec 31 1825 in Schönfeld, Kreis Stettin, Pomerania, and there went to school, was confirmed and learned music. In 1853 he was married to Katherine, born Kasten, by Pastor Hoope of Schönfeld. In 1858 he came with his wife and two sons to America and lived at Two Rivers where he worked until 1865 when he became a soldier in the Civil War. He was in the *48 Reg. Co. G Wis Vol. In 1866 he moved with his family to a farm which he bought in Mishicot, Wis., and lived there until his wife died. She preceded him in death by 19 years. In 1894 he came to Pella and was a true member of the Lutheran church. He was buried on May 26 by Pastor Stubenvoll at the Lutheran Church Cemetery in Pella. He is survived by his only living son August Ahlgrimm, 13 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Three sons and one daughter preceded him in death.


Oct 7, 1913                                                    Mrs. Alexander Bucholtz / Paulina Stroinsky



Shawano County Journal

25 Dec 1913

Death Demanded A Heavy Toll During Year Just Past

Unusual Number of Shawano Persons Have Gone to Their Last Long Rest


The past year has been one of many losses to this city in death of some of it's best people. "The city of the Dead" has grown untowardly since January first. Let us hope that the coming year may close having paid the grave less toll. Following are those who have been buried the past year, in Woodlawn by Sexton Meisner. -


Herman Kleeman, Gillett                                                     

Mrs. Schroeder, City

Otto Rollman, City

Mrs. Tollman, Oshkosh

Mrs. Gibbs, City

Mrs. Huntington, City

Son of Otto Tischer, City

Daughter of Frank Dodge, City

Daughter of Otto Reglin, City

Daughter of Paul Krueger, City

Isham Sullivan, City

Peter Schweers, City

Mr. Schroeder, Oshkosh

Louis Darrow, City

Baby of Wm. Schroeder, City

Wm. Schlinz, Waukechon

Mrs. Frank Maborne, Marinette

Frank Undessen, County farm

Mrs. Albert Schwankner, City

Baby of Hickock, City

Rev. James

Mrs. F. Kowalski

Mrs. Liermann, City

Baby of P. Hickock, City

Baby of Ernest Priem, City

Baby of Chas. Fink, City

Omer Rinehardt, City

Baby of R. Hant, Waukechon

Baby of Wm. Gamble, Van Ostrand

Fred Kuepfer, City

Mrs. Walker, City

Nathan Bruce, Antigo

Mrs. Aug. E. Schweers, Gresham

Mrs. Fred Mueller, City

Baby of Thos. Swanson, City

Baby of Chas. Jesse, City

Caroline Rickman, County Farm

John Thimke, City

Baby of Wm. Brown, City

Mrs. John Hedges, City

Baby of Paul Moesch, City

Geo. Cronce, City

Baby of John Kankel, City

Sarah Converse, County Asylum

Baby of W. K. Porter, City

Henry Katzenmeirer, County farm

Wm. Schussman, Marion

Carl Schroenrock, City

C. M. Upham, City

Mrs. Andrews, City

Joe Black, Citbaby of Gust Raasch, Waukechon

Mrs. F. Wirth, City

W. H. G. Mueller, City

Those who have gone before this year and now sleep in the Catholic Cemetery are;

Mrs. Mary Lieg, City

Mrs. Mary Andrus, Belle Plaine

Frank Merks

John Koch, Infant

Leo Sprang, Infant

Mrs. Ann T. Smith, City