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Shawano Advocate

Oct 7, 1919


After suffering for some time with the cancer, John Robinson passed away on Thursday afternoon, Oct. 2nd at the home of Mr. ad Mrs. P.F. Dolan. Mr. Robinson is one of Shawano county's early pioneers, as his parents came here in 1856, and he has lived in the county since then, with the exception of when he was in the war. He was born in New York June 7, 1844, and when eleven years of age his parents moved here, his father settling on what is now known as the Wallrich farm in the town of Wescott. His father also built the first saw mill in Shawano county, being a mill wright by trade. Mr. Robinson was a member of Co. I 32nd Wis. Vol. enlisting at Oshkosh. After he came back he logged for several years and was sheriff of the county for two terms. In the seventies he was married to Miss Sophia Gorham, sister to J R Gorham, and she passed away in August of 1899. No children were born to them. Mr. Robinson is the last of a large family, most of them are buried in Woodlawn cemetery. He was a man well liked by all who knew him. He had a fine farm in the town of Red Springs where he has made his home for the past few years. The funeral was held Saturday afternoon at Garfield's undertaking parlors, Rev. J A McGreaham officiating. Internment was in Woodlawn Cemetery.



Shawano County Journal

9 Oct 1919


Death of John Robinson, Prominent in County History


John M Robinson was born in Ticonderoga, New York on June 7, 1844. His father brought the family west in 1855 and settled here in Shawano. The senior Robinson built the first saw mill within what is now the city limits of Shawano. It was at the old dam site where in after years the Kast grist mill was erected. The family logged in the winter and in the summer farmed on a small scale on what is now the Wallrich farm near the head of the creek. The family nearly all lived and died in this city, John being the last to go. When John was just past the personable age, he and his brother volunteered in the Union Army and went to war with Company I 32nd Reg. Wisconsin Volunteers. This company was made up at Oshkosh. Mr. Robinson has a splendid war record. One of the notable accomplishments of his army career was his march with General Sherman to the sea. He went through the war without a scratch and returned to Shawano.

In the seventies he married Miss Sophia Gorham and they went unto a farm in the town of Richmond. To this one child was born an daughter named Alice who died at the age of eight years of scarlet fever. His wife August 23, 1899.

Mr. Robinson was four times sheriff of Shawano County. In those days being sheriff meant more then holding the office, for they were rough times. But John Robinson was able to cope with any demand put upon him and more then once  a bully found that the strongest men are not always the biggest ones. It is said of Mr. Robinson that in all the times he was called upon to use his physical powers  in fulfilling the duties of his office, never once was he vanquished. In the city he was made marshal and at the early gatherings he was relied upon to keep the peace, and he generally saw to it that it was kept.

He was a life long Republican and took great pride in his party. It is a matter of record that he got the first copy of the first newspaper ever printed in Shawano. When he was a small boy  he was standing beside the press when the first copy of the Shawano Venture came off the delivery.  The printer handed it to young John and the boy kept it until he was a man grown. The Venture lived only a few weeks and was superseded by the Shawano Journal. John Robinson was a subscriber to the Journal from the first day of the publication's existence.

The latter part of his life he spent on a farm in the town of Red Springs. Some weeks ago, he went to Green Bay and consulted Dr. Minnehan. He was given thorough examination and was found that he had cancer.





Shawano County Journal

4 Dec 1919



William Crofoot died Saturday, Nov. 22, at his home here, after a long illness. He was born at Green Bay, Oct. 10th 1840, so was seventy nine years, one month and twelve days old at the time of his death. He served two years in the Civil War, with Co. A, 32nd Wis. He is survived by a wife and two children, Fred of Iowa and Mrs. Nellie Conley of Milwaukee. The funeral was held at the house Tuesday afternoon and burial took place in the ME Cemetery here. (Elm Lawn)