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The Site Last Updated 1 Jul 2015

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We are currently working on Woodlawn Cemetery Pictures, WWI Veterans, &  Obits

 Obituaries  Books 96-97  27 Aug 2014
Civil War Dedication Ceremony for Nehemiah Thurlow 9 Aug 2014
Military     Updated 1 Jul 2015 WWI WWII Records
Death Records 1880-1912  20 Feb 2015    Completed to 1900           
Obituaries Added by Others 1 Mar 2015

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Shawano in Pictures  30 May 2014 Krakow
Shawano in the News  7 Feb 2015 

          by Jim Glasheen

Shawano & Oconto County Family Histories  Mueller/Miller added 2 July 2013
 Murders in Shawano County 20 Oct 2014                                                               
Marriage's Pre-1907  1903 & 1904 now being added
Untimely Deaths 22 Apr 2015           
Jailhouse Records    


Cemeteries of Oconto and Shawano Counties  updated 16 Jan 2014
Lost and Found Updated 21 Apr 2013 Bossell & Betts Family Collection

 Cemetery Headstone Pictures       Updated 1 Jul 2015

We are finishing up on Woodlawn this year. The 5 remaining cemeteries on the

Menominee Reservation are going to be done as soon as we get time.

Cathe,  Jean & Michelle

 There are well over 50,000 pictures added to the Site, with thousands more to add between now and next summer.

Recently Added are;

 Sacred Heart & Woodlawn (City)

Maple Lane aka Sunny Hill

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