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"West Central Wisconsin: a History "

Index to Biographies

"West Central Wisconsin: a History" by John G. Gregory, editor-in-chief, and Hon. Thomas J. Cunningham.  ©1933 by S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, Inc.  Contains biographical information on the following Stevens Point citizens.  This book circulates and is available through inter-library loan.  Check with your local library for details.

Vol. III

Barber, James P., p. 489

Carley, Andrew J., p. 193

Coon, M.D., John Williams, p. 97

Hyer, Frank Sidney, p. 59

Iverson, Jules, p. 453

Jensen, Jens Ludvig, p. 293

Mitchell, William White, p. 527

Park, Alan L., p. 569

Swan, John D., p. 347

River Pines Sanatorium, p. 147

Vol. IV

Coulthurst, James, p. 147

Derezinski, Frank A., p. 135

Een, Mrs. Andrew P. (Amherst), p. 303

Jensen, John L., p. 181

Klosowski, Rev. Michael, p. 91

Miller, Nick, p. 15

Vincent, Prof. Paul Marion, p. 57

Welch, James, p. 325

Welsby, John Nicholas, p. 89

Whitney, David C., p. 343

Whittaker, Schuylar, p. 433

Reprinted from Pedigree Pointers, Vol. VIII, No. 4, Summer 1986