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Will Index - Bound Volumes
Portage County, Wisconsin

The following index is from will bound volumes K (1897-1902), L (1902-1907), and P (1907-1913) which are housed at the Wisconsin State Historical Society - Archives. Only these three volumes are indexed below because the other two bound volumes contain wills that are already indexed in the Probate Index.

The Call Number associated with these bound volumes is #C1990/137. The probate information begins on the page listed. There may be more pages involved. Be sure to request a copy of all pages pertaining to that name. Click here for information on how to obtain a copy of a will.

Two of the wills are not found in the will books, but rather in the General Records books. These books are restricted as they may contain confidential information and so, we have provided the wills for you.

ACHILLES, A. C., Book K, p. 475
AGNEW, Matilda B., Book L, p. 444 & 487
AMUNDSON, Christian, Book P, p. 625
ANDERSON, Svennung, Book L, p. 535
AUDRICKKI, John, Book L, p. 181
BAKER, Thomas, Book L, p. 481
BICKLE, John, Book L, p. 187
BISCHOFF, August, Book L, p. 271
BLAIR, Thomas S., Book L, p. 637
BLAIR, William, Book K, p. 595
BLEWSKI, Martin, Book L, p. 625
BOBBE, Wilhelm, Book P, p. 313
BOSWORTH, Lucy L., Book L, p. 361
BREKKE, Andrew A., Book P, p. 427
BRINKER, John, Book L, p. 265
BRUDER, Balthasar, Book L, p. 385
BRYCHELL, August, Book L, p. 499
BURANT, Alex, Book P, p. 595
BURNS, J. E., Book K, p. 397
BURNS, Nicholas Sr, Book L, p. 355
CALKINS, Wm, Book P, p. 547
CAMPBELL, Anna Barbara, Book L, p. 283
CATE, George W., Book L, p. 319
CEPLINA, Frank, Book L, p. 79
CHRISTIANSON, Ole, Book L, p. 511
CICHANSKI, Frank, Book P, p. 499
CLARK, Lovisa C., Book P, p. 342 & 451
CLIFFORD, Michael, Book L, p. 469
COLLINS, John M., Book P, p. 367
CORRIGAN, Patrick, Book L, p. 1
COUCH, Charles, Book P, p. 559
CRARY, Abram, Book K, p. 433
CRARY, Elizabeth, Book P, p. 259
CZESKLEBA, Julius, Book K, p. 373
DAABU, Peder Olsen, Book P, p. 49
DAMRAU, Karl, Book L, p. 20
DAVIDSON, Mary J., Book L, p. 151
DEMSKI, Anna, Book P, p. 235
DEMSKI, Peter, Book L, p. 169
DEMSKI, Martin, Book P, p. 241
DEROSIA, Nelson, Book K, p. 649
EATON, Almanson, Book L, p. 277
EIN, Augusta M., Book L, p. 241
ELIORK, Robert, Book P, p. 535
ELLINGER, Thekla, Book P, p. 211
ENTZMINGER, Rev. M., General Record Vol. 6, p. 77 (Call #C1990/140)
FARNHAM, Fannie E., Book L, p. 55
FEHELY, Patrick, Book L, p. 323
FIELD, Wm. N., Book P, p. 469
FISHER, Phillip, Book L, p. 205
FRASZ, John, Book P, p. 409
FROST, Josiah L., Book L, p. 449
GILCHRIST, A. B., Book L, p. 163
GLENNON, John, Book L, p. 583
GLOVER, Solomon, Book P, p. 13
GOERKE, August, Book P, p. 421
GOLMBISKI, John, Book K, p. 613
GRANNIS, Parnelia, Book P, p. 217
GRANNIS, Eli, Book L, p. 529
GRAY, Catherine Anna, Book P, p. 1
GREEN, Darius E., Book L, p. 415
GROSHEK, Anna, Book P, p. 601
GRUMMEL, Michael R., Book L, p. 267
GULLIKSON, Anne Leer, Book K, p. 445
GUNDERSON, Torbjen, Book P, p. 67
GUSTIN, William, Book L, p. 409
GUSTIN, Caroline, Book P, p. 517
GUTH, Stanislaus, Book L, p. 595
HAGEMOEN, John H., Book L, p. 43
HALVORSON, Lars, Book K, p. 619
HANSEN, J. P., Book P, p. 349
HARRIS, Harriet, Book L, p. 223
HARTWELL, Martha R., Book P, p. 283
HAULEY, Peter, Book L, p. 133
HAWES, Mary, Book L, p. 601
HAWN, Margaret, Book K, p. 559
HAWN, Lamira, Book P, p. 331
HEINIG, Andrew, Book P, p. 619
HEITZINGER, Michael, Book L, p. 121
HILL, Geo. H., Book P, p. 446
HOAGLIN, Harmon, Book L, p. 475
HOEFFLER, Henry, Book P, p. 571
HOLLER, Frederick, Book P, p. 247
HOPSON, Fannie E., Book L, p. 55
HOWARD, Nathan, Book P, p. 511
HULL, D. B., Book P, p. 205
HUNTLEY, Frederick, Book L, p. 643
HUTTER, Sigmund, Book L, p. 589
HYDE, Thomas, Book L, p. 391
HYNEK, John H., Book L, p. 631
JACOBS, Josephine, Book P, p. 385
JENSEN, Theodore, Book P, p. 109
JOGLA, Andrew, Book P, p. 565
JOHNSEN, John O., Book L, p. 37
JOHNSON, Augusta, Book P, p. 7
JOHNSON, Evan, Book L, p. 397
JONES, Hugh, Book L, p. 49
KACHELSKI, Martin, Book L, p. 61
KIMMEY, John, Book K, p. 655
KIZEWSKI, John, Book P, p. 97
KNUTSON, Iver, Book P, p. 643
KOENIG, Karoline, Book P, p. 199
KONOPACKI, John, Book P, p. 271
KOSHOLLEK, Veronica, Book P, p. 607
KOZICZKOWSKI, Teofil, Book P, p. 631
KROHN, Herman, Book L, p. 31
KULAS, Augustyna, Book P, p. 463
KULICKI, Anna, Book P, p. 415
LA MIEUX, Peter, Book P, p. 85
LALLY, Sabina, Book P, p. 355
LANGBAUER, Cajetan, Book L, p. 553
LEARY, Timothy, Book L, p. 175
LEARY, John E., Book P, p. 407
LEPINSKI, Frances, Book L, p. 427
LEPINSKI, Joseph, General Record Vol. 3, p. 448 (Call #C1990/140)
LIEBE, Joseph, Book L, p. 343
LIETZ, John, Book L, p. 253
LITERSKI, John, Book L, p. 235
LOFTIS, Catherine, Book P, p. 253
LOWE, William, Book P, p. 439
LUTZ, Karl, Book P, p. 115
LYNCH, Michael, Book L, p. 457
MAGNLSKI, Johanna, Book K, p. 571
MALLORY, William P., Book L, p. 331
MANSAVAGE, Mary, Book L, p. 245
MARION, John L., Book L, p. 493
MARTIN, Jesse, Book K, p. 415
MARX, Katherine, Book L, p. 67
MC GUIRE, Charles, Book P, p. 637
MC MILLEN, Peter, Book P, p. 79
MC HUGH, Margaret, Book P, p. 343
MCCARTHY, Charles, Book K, p. 403
MEANS, Cyrus, Book P, p. 553
MERDE, Andrew, Book P, p. 31
MERONEK, Joseph, Book P, p. 93
MEYER, Wilhelmina, Book P, p. 175
MITCHELTREE, Williamm Book P, p. 583
MOREHOUSE, Jane C., Book L, p. 307
MORGAN, Emma, Book P, p. 127
MORRILL, Sylvia A., Book P, p. 397
MORTENSEN, Maren Stine, Book L, p. 313
MYERS, C. C., Book P, p. 505
NEDERLO, A. A., Book L, p. 211
NELSON, John & Marie, Book P, p. 541
NELSON, John, Book P, p. 181
NEWBY, Thomas, Book L, p. 13
NOWAK, Justina, Book P, p. 37
NOWAK, John A., Book L, p. 547
O’CONNELL, Daniel, Book P, p. 19
OKRAY, Frank J., Book P, p. 307
OLSEN, Mary Jane, Book P, p. 457
OLSEN, Stein A., Book P, p. 25
OLSON, Ole A., Book P, p. 325
OSTROWSKI, Leon, Book L, p. 103
OTTO, William, Book K, p. 427
PATCH, Jacob, Book P, p. 337
PAULUS, Nicholas, Book P, p. 193
PERSIKE, Frederick, Book P, p. 295
PETERSON, Ole, Book K, p. 457
PICKEL, Christian Henry, Book K, p. 367
PIDDE, August, Book K, p. 577
PINK, Felix, Book L, p. 157
PINKER, Bregeda, Book L, p. 379
PINKER, John, Book L, p. 373
PIPOWSKI, Valentine, Book K, p. 67
PLANK, Edward D, Book L, p. 523
POTTER, James, Book P, p. 493
POTTS, Wm. H., Book L, p. 217
PRENTICE, Jackson L., Book L, p. 25
PUARIEA, Joseph, Book L, p. 7
RICE, Charles, Book L, p. 115
ROE, Peder J., Book P, p. 43
ROMMESTAD, Jens Olson, Book L, p. 613
ROSENTHAL, Catherine, Book P, p. 265
ROTHMAN, Philip, Book L, p. 577
RUTOWSKI, Mathias, Book P, p. 103
RYAN, Catherine, Book L, p. 463
SALSCHEIDER, John A & Mary E, Book L, p. 139
SAXTON, Ruth A., Book L, p. 518
SCHAFER, Frederick, Book L, p. 451
SCHELFONT, John, Book P, p. 481
SCHILLING, George F., Book P, p. 169
SCHLEGEL, Philippine, Book L, p. 559
SCHLICHTING, Henry, Book L, p. 127
SCHOFER, Katherine, Book L, p. 565
SCHREINER, Nicholas, Book P, p. 589
SCHUELK, Frank, Book K, p. 391
SCHUETZE, Maria Fredericka Henrietta, Book L, p. 445
SCHULZ, Gustav, Book P, p. 433
SCRIBNER, Eli P., Book P, p. 379
SEAVERS, John, Book P, p. 223
SHAFFER, Daniel, Book P, p. 277
SHARKEY, Charles, Book K, p. 589
SHELBURN, Sarah C., Book L, p. 97
SHERMAN, Augustus A., Book K, p. 451
SHERMAN, Simon A., Book L, p. 619
SHERMAN, Almira C., Book L, p. 301
SHYMANSKI, Agnes, Book P, p. 73
SINGER, John, Book P, p. 138
SKILLING, William, Book L, p. 199
SMITH, Charles, Book L, p. 91
SMITH, Margaret E., Book P, p. 301
SOBCZAK, Joseph, Book L, p. 337
SPRAGGON, W. W., Book K, p. 385
SPRINGER, Joseph, Book P, p. 121
STANISLAWSKI, Joseph, Book P, p. 163
STARK, Lena, Book L, p. 289
STEFFANUS, Charles, Book P, p. 55
STEINKE, Robert, Book P, p. 157
STEPP, Julius, Book P, p. 361
STODDARD, Silas G., Book P, p. 577
SUTHEIMER, Albert Sr, Book K, p. 361
SZRAMKA, Bernard, Book K, p. 409
THEILE, Margaret, Book L, p. 145
THIES, Phillip, Book L, p. 229
TIMM, William, Book P, p. 61
TOSKY, Katherine, Book L, p. 349
TOSTENSON, John, Book K, p. 439
TOVEY, James, Book L, p. 541
TRADER, Frank, Book P, p. 391
TRAVER, Charles J., Book L, p. 403
TREDER, Joseph, Book K, p. 633
TRITELINE, Stevan, Book K, p. 421
TRZECINSKI, Andrew, Book P, p. 139
TURISH, James, Book L, p. 607
TURNER, John, Book K, p. 606
VAN HOUTEN, Rodney, Book P, p. 146
VAN HECKE, Charles, Book P, p. 289
VIERTEL, Tekla, Book K, p. 583
VOIGHT, Theodore Charles, Book L, p. 571
WADLEIGH, Matthew, Book L, p. 295
WARD, Helen S., Book L, p. 421
WATRUBA, Joseph, Book K, p. 469
WEBSTER, Sophia E., Book L, p. 73
WELCH, Adam, Book L, p. 433
WILLIAMSON, Mathilda, Book K, p. 379
WILMOT, Samuel V., Book P, p. 529
WNUK, Franceska, Book P, p. 229
WOOD, Hiram Alonzo, Book L, p. 109
WYSOCKI, Elizabeth, Book P, p. 187
YORTON, Oliver, Book L, p. 505
ZELEWSKI, Josephine, Book K, p. 265
ZELINSKI, Joseph, Book P, p. 373
ZIMMER, George, Book P, p. 151
ZMICH, Michael, Book K, p. 637
ZORN, William, Book K, p. 625