The Ghost Town of Delhi

Delhi was a thriving little town located on the Fox River between Omro and Eureka. The town was founded by a French Canadian trade named Luke LaBorde in 1848 when he left Green Bay with a boatload of supplies and his Native American wife, Louisa. He wanted to set up a trading post along the Fox River. Upon finding the site, he set up his trading post. It was first called LaBorde's Landing, but he rechristened it Delhi, set up a town and sold lots. The streets of Broadway, Main, Water, Union and Menominee were laid out. The chosen spot for Delhi happened to be an Indian burial ground and during the first few years, spring plowing brought up all manner of skeletons, beads and other valuables. Delhi couldn't compete with it's wealthier bridge building neighbors of Omro and Eureka and fell into Decline. Sixty years ago, all that remained was one frame house, a tree lined Main Street and the cemetery (now abandoned) where Luke and Louisa LaBorde are buried.

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