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1915 Hancock High Class

Contributed by Joan Benner

From the Hancock - Coloma News [Waushara County, Wisconsin], Friday, September 3, 1915, Page 1

There has been a substantial increase in students at our local schools. The attendance from outside is large, especially in the high school, which now contains 65 students in all. Homes have been freely opened for boarding the outsiders and more seats have been ordered to accomodate them in the school room. Following is a list of high school students thus far enrolled.

Names of Students Enrolled at Hancock High School, September 1915

Name, Class

ABBOTT May, Freshman
BARNES Frank, Sophmore
BARTON Clyde, Senior
BARTON Ferol, Sophmore
BARTON Frank, Sophmore
BARTON Lloyd, Sophmore
BARTZ Ardin, Junior
BARTZ Naomi, Junior
BRIGGS Esther, Junior
BUCHANAN Hazel, Sophmore
BUCHANAN Nellie, Junior
CAVES Foster, Sophmore
CAVES Lynda, Junior
CAVES Ross, Junior
CHATFIELD Nina, Sophmore
CHESEBRO Earl, Sophmore
COOK Flossie, Senior
COOK Samuel, Senior
EARLY Bonnie, Freshman
GETMAN Clifford, Junior
GRAY Beulah, Freshman
GREENE Frank, Senior
HAMILTON Irma, Senior
HOLCOMB Leone, Freshman
HOTCHKISS Mildred, Freshman
HUBBARD Oscar, Freshman
HUMPHREY Floyd, Junior
HUTCHINSON Reid, Sophmore
JOHNSON Flora, Junior
JONES Lota, Junior
JONES Ralph, Sophmore
LANT Sanford, Sophmore
LUCE Charles, Freshman
MANZER Gladys, Senior
MILTIMORE Floy, Senior
MONROE Leatus, Freshman
MOORS Carroll, Sophmore
MOORS Mary, Senior
MORAN Gladys, Junior
NELSON John, Sophmore
O'CONNOR George, Freshman
O'CONNOR W. D., Sophmore
OSTRUM Lawrence, Senior
PARKER Irma, Junior
PARKINSON Vera, Freshman
PEPPERS hazel, Sophmore
PIERCE Bertha, Junior
RICK Harry, Junior
RICK Walter, Freshman
ROBLIER Thelma, Junior
ROESKE Edwin, Sophmore
SHERRIFF Richard, Sophmore
SPAULDING Willard, Freshman
THOMPSON Ruth, Freshman
TWIST Amy, Freshman
TWIST Eva, Freshman
TWIST Roma, Freshman
WATKINS Mildred, Freshman
WHALLEY Harvey, Senior
WHITMORE Ruth, Senior
WILEY Frank, Junior
WRIGHT Bennie, Sophmore