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Wautoma, Wisconsin

Out of State References Pertaining to Items of Genealogical Interest
From the Argus with Index 1873 - 1899
NOTE: Not a complete listing. Just items that have an out-of-state reference, or (after 1896) some "old Settlers' References. Created by Beverly Post Worthington 1989

SYNOPSIS OF OUT-OF-STATE References, pertaining to items of Genealogical Interest in Local News Section of the WAUSHARA ARGUS Newspaper, Published in Wautoma, Waushara County, WISCONSIN, starting 1873 through May 1894; and other reference newspapers, so noted.

A copy of each complete article has been sent to states shown in parenthesis, first line of entry of each reference, ie (NY)...this whole item was sent to a N.Y. Historical Society, along with a copy of this listing. On the beginning of the first line of each entry is the date of the newspaper, in chronological order, NOT the date of reference (death, marriage, etc.). Usually these articles were found on the third page of each issue of the Waushara Argus Newspaper.

This listing was made to distribute information found while perusing microfilm on Inter-Library-Loan from the WISCONSIN STATE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Please note also, there were many more items of genealogical interest that DID NOT denote an out-of-state reference and therefore was NOT copied nor referenced. In most cases the synopsis was copied verbatim, with "periods(.)" indicating information skipped.

As more references are found supplements will be sent (I hope).

Waushara Argus - Page 1:
Frederick Barnes
Mrs. Maria Bugh
John H. Tobin
Daniel Taylor
Luke Weatherby
Matilda Dickinson
Mary E. Ward Younglove
Mrs. Julia M. Hitchcock
John Bridgman
Albert Rivers
Mrs. Nancy T. Hosford
Samuel Hutchinson
John Christie
Joanna Walker
Karen Eagan
Giles Gaylord Myers
Mrs. Emily Crocker
Mrs. Arvilla A. Bean
William Durgin
A. Vail
Miss Mollie Bardwell
David Alnerson
John MIles
Lois Wood
O. Thompson
Mrs. Wm. Cunningham
Larenzo D. Benjamin
Margaret Patterson
Walter W. Beach

Waushara Argus - Page 2

Emily A. Wiley
Martha Jeffers
Margaret Kelley, nee Pine
Almon Bridgman
John A. Williams
Anthony W. Haney
Mrs. Helen N. Howes
Mrs. Mary Alvord
John Kent
Capt. J.N.P. Bird
Mrs. Rosetta Pierce
Silvanus Ward
Charles P. Hart/May F. Sears
Wm. H. Berray
Mrs. Polly Clark
Elijah Smith
Comfort Tiffany
Ella C. Howe Campbell
Judson Luce
Amos Kental Edwards
Mrs. Cornelia Woodell Shumway
Mrs. Geo. Marshall
Mrs. A.A. Younglove
Mrs. Adaline D. White
Leah Kline Searl
Lemuel Bartlett
Edward D. Shumway

Waushara Argus - Page 3

Mrs. Cornelia L. Root
Neil Cosgrove
Mrs. Julia May Churchill Sherwin
James Gilchriest
S.J. Johnson
John Hartford
George Stephenson
Rev. Henry Orcutt
Mrs. Mary E. Bunn
Hiram Barnes
Ann Jones Davis
C. R. Moulton
C. R. Moulton - Correction
Barnes - Visit With
Mrs. Electa Taplin
Chas. Potter
Chester Clark
Mrs. H.F. Holcomb
Charles Kingsley
H.W. BERRAY - Lucinda Bushnell
Martin "Mat" Allen
J.H.R. Parker
Julia Tiffiany Graff
Mrs. Matilda Thair Robinson
Mrs. Mary Campbell Slafter

Waushara Argus - Page 4

J.K. Jones
Eleanor S. Leach
Mrs. Perthena C. Jewell Frisbie
Leavett S. Byington
Miss Emily E. Willard
Mrs. Susan Knapp Bridgman
Andrew Scobie
L.D. Harris
John Dignan
Mrs. Ann Emery Weeks
Rev. T.C. Wilson
Susan A. Anderson Bonnell
Henry McGinty
Mrs. Aug. Wehsner
Oscar Bigsby
Miss Marie M. Ciperlie
A.W. McLaughlin-Mrs. Mary Gaw
Joel Howard
Hon. Nathaniel Woods Milliken
Thomas Holland
Thos. Clay
Kelley, Mrs. W.N.
John Leach
Rebekah Jane Sullivan Spencer
Jonathan Spaulding
Hon. & Mrs. J.K. Walker

Waushara Argus - Page 5

Hon. R.L.D. Potter
Lydia A. Barnes Day
L.L. Soule
Mrs. William Belter
Mrs. Sarah Wade Wilson
Mrs. Rosilla S. Merrill Walker
Mrs. Hattie E. Parker
R.B. Straw
Mary Ann Johnson Worden
Judge T.H. Walker
Benjamin David Jewell
B.B. French
Daniel Warner
Emma Hughes
Betsy Stoddard Chipman
L.M. Marr
Mrs. Venlora Cole
William Holmes
Mrs. Hannah L. Johnson
Mrs. Mariah Stinemates Warren
Mrs. Matilda Barnet Newby
Eliza Tice Emigh
George Hanson
Matthew Dearstine
Clara M. Barnard Dearstine
Amos Ware
Mrs. Addie B. Barnes
Mrs. H.W. Berray

Waushara Argus - Page 6

Benjamin F. Frisbie
B.F. Frisbie
Julius Prochnow
A. Chapin
Nelson Pierce
George Cassidy
Nelson Hull
Thomas Martin
Mrs. Rachel Jones
Huldah Webster Hall
Mrs. Chas. Allison
Mrs. Henrietta Hageman
Mrs. Caleb Greenfield
Mrs. Chas. A. Kingsley
Amelia Durgin-Bishop
Mrs. Ann D. Smith Brownlow
Isabella Cobb Hartford
Anthony W. Trexell
Benjamin A. Barr SR.
John Roberts-Edith C. Davies

Waushara Argus - Page 7

Mrs. Sarah Ann Weeks
Wm. Murphy
Levi Hawkins
Michael Murty
Mrs. Bryan
Jason Jewett
Catharine A. Parks Coon
Phillip P. Rogers
Jared Clark Younglove
Samuel L. Moore
Ellen Francis Rist Prentice
Mrs. D.H. McMillan, nee Sanders
Mrs. Susan Burrows Lannen
Susan A. Rozell Stilwell
Sarah Frances Coon Perine
Ida E. Keeler Steward
William Goult Sr.
Griffin Hatcliff
John Trickie
David Gustin
Elizabeth Clarkson Diggles
George Fitch
B.A. Carey
Miss Lena Christensen
Ida Pierce
Emily Stewart Pierce
Kari Rutlin Olson
Mrs. John N. Pease
Mr. Diggles
George Hawley

Waushara Argus - Page 8

Mrs. August Wagner
John Coleman
Mrs. Elizabeth Gustin
Mrs. Angeline P. Timann
Lewis Stewart
Ann McAdam Dignan
Edward George
Verdine Truesdell
Enos Stoddard
Mrs. Gertrude Williams
Francis S. Bunker
T.I. F. Haskins
Mr. Severson
Philander Cady
Mrs. P.J. Edgerton
Gertrude Hunt Williams
Polly Jeffers Jenks Page
William Young
Moses Hezekiah Bowen
Mrs. Lucy L. Wade
Mrs. Olive P. Johnson Lane

Waushara Argus - Page 9

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Ream
Benjamin Rappole
Minor Champion Wilson
Mrs. Nita Straw Castle
Theresa Lake Campbell
Henry Jones Hughes
William B. Barnes
Hans Nelson
Mark W. Lamb
Eli M. Buell
Ebenezer J. Davies
Eunice Letitia Leach Covey
Amy Johnson Sanderson
John Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Searles
H.W. Roblier
Mrs. Bridget Hanley
Betsey Moon
Mrs. Mary F. Pyncheon Cole
Henrietta Pierce Merryfield
Rebecca Worden Harrington
Robert C.A. Tetzlaff-Alice Arthur Starrett
John Otis Storm
A.J. POtter
Mrs. Alvira Foster
Rev. S.A. Olin
Mrs. Farrie Spees Kernan
Mrs. Mary Lamb
Grandma Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Post
Soren Simonson
John Carpenter
Mrs. Thos. Berry

Waushara Argus - Page 10

Mrs. Sarah Davoe
Mrs. C. Bradbury
Davies - Parsons
William Barr
Jacob P. Lane
Mrs. Wm. Haff
Gottlieb Belter
J.W. Jeffers
Elizabeth Davis Roberts
James Crowley
Mrs. Gilson
Lorenzo Wilcox
Henry P. Gaylord
Gottlieb Wagner
Caroline Ordway Gilson
Lorenzo Wilcox
Benjamin B. Nelson
Mrs. Peter Thompson
Geo. W. McIntryre
Habor Olson
James Puller Clark
Zilpa A. Foss
William Hughes
Ascenia A. Gustin
Rufus P. Rawson
Mrs. Mary Finerty
Mrs. Harriet M. Raymond
John P. HUghes
John McKeague
E.D. Lamb

Waushara Argus - Page 11

Walter Lilley
James Campbell
Alfred W. Carey
John Fuller
Jerome B. McIntyre
Michael Moriarty
Milla Barker Harris
Margaret Jeffers Wiley
Mrs. B.M. Barnes
Stephen S. Brown
William Wallace Gilson
John Sontag
William Spencer Monroe

Miscellaneous Items

Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Hamlin - 50th Anniversary
Carrie Sherman
L. Christenson
Jas. McGinty
Anton Bauer
B. Sears
Mr. & Mrs. Hart
Alida Sears
Mrs. D. Clark
May Sears
Bertha Gramse-Fred Anderson