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Welcome to West Bloomfield!

West Bloomfield is located on Highway 49 in the NE corner of Waushara County. Bloomfield Township survey was done between May and October of 1851. In 1849 Joel Howard came to Bloomfield Township and by 1855, West Bloomfield was settled by Solomon Mundinger, Koehler, Timm, Wendt, Bast , Loose and Hohenstein to name a few.

My name is Darlene Ryan and I'm a descendant of Henry Zaudke who settled in the E of SW Section No. 17 in Town No. 20 in Range No. 13 (Bloomfield Township), October 19, 1855. He built a log house 16 by 18 foot square, one story high with a shingle roof, one door and one window with a fireplace. I am also a descendant of Henry and Dorothea (Deutsch) Bauer that came to Bloomfield in 1855 and settled in Section 17. Henry and Dorothea are buried in the Old German Cemetery on county trunk HH.

You can not mention West Bloomfield without Christ Ev. Lutheran Church. This community was settled by mostly German families from Posen and Pomerania. They brought with them their Bibles, hymnals and prayer books and would meet in each other homes to worship on the first day of the week. Other Lutherans from Posen, Pomerania and Elsass, Germany joined them and by 1857 a Rev. P. Stephan (probably a circuit rider) from Oshkosh came to their community to preach, baptizing their children and administering Holy Communion. On March 13, 1861, Christ Ev. Lutheran Church was officially organized with thirty-five families. About 1862, a 30x40 building, made of logs and timber became the first church at a cost of $74.97. All services were in German until 1920 when the first English sermons began. In 1874 and again in 1929 new church buildings were constructed. There is also a parsonage and Lutheran school..

This site will have as much information as I can find about West Bloomfield and its history. Because it is a very small area, I will also include information about Bloomfield Township. Sometimes records and newspapers will say "Bloomfield" and this includes both West & East Bloomfield and the Township.

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