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Enumerated on the 12th day of July 1870.

Page No. 5

Walker, Thomas H. 55-M-W-Attorney at law 3000/900 New York
Walker, Mary Ann 44-F-W Keeping house England
Walker, Frederick 18-M-W-teacher Wisconsin
Walker, -------A. 16-F-W- Wisconsin
Walker, Emma R. 14-F-W Wisconsin
Walker, Alice E. 12-F-W Wisconsin
Walker, Anna J. 10-F-W Wisconsin
Walker, Albert J. 6-M-W Wisconsin
Carl, Abigail 89-F-W retired Massachusetts

Barker, J.B. 51-M-W farmer 2500/1000 Vermont
Barker, Fease??? 50-F-W keeping house Vermont
Barker, Delbert 12-M-W (twin) Vermont
Barker, Chelbert 12-M-W (twin) Vermont


Drake, Aaron 42-M-W farmer 2000/500 New York
Drake, Charlotte 31-F-W keeping house Pennsylvania
Drake, Charles 13-M-W Wisconsin
Drake, Belle 9-F-W Wisconsin
Drake, Meary 74-F-W Retired New York

Angle/Ingle, Timothy 48-M-W Farmer 1000/000 England
Angle/Ingle, Ellen 44-F-W keeping house England
Angle/Ingle, Joseph 17-M-W Laborer Ohio
Angle/Ingle, Charles 14-M-W Ohio
Angle/Ingle, Ella 12-F-W Ohio
Angle/Ingle, Albert 9-M-W Ohio
Angle/Ingle, Edward 6-F(?)-W Ohio
Angle/Ingle, Horace 3-M-W Wisconsin

Potten, William 41-M-W farmer 1000/500 England
Potten, Elizabeth 32-F-W keeping house England
Potten, John H. 17-M-W farm laborer New York
Potten, Mary 15-F-W New York
Potten, William J. 12-M-W New York
Potten, Charles 9-M-W New York
Potten, George J. 5-M-W Wisconsin

Gault, George 24-M-W farmer 200/300 England
Gault, Hildah 22-F-W New York
Gault, Lizzie/? 8/12 F-W Wisconsin

Gault, William 56-M-W Farmer 1200/375 England
Gault, Charlotte 55-F-W keeping house England
Gault, Mary Ann 18-F-W Teacher New York

Page No. 6
(same household)
Gault, Henry 20-M-W laborer New York
Gault, Martha 16-F-W New York
Gault, Matthew 15-M-W New York
Gault, Mary Jane 10-F-W New York

Wilson, John 48-M-W farmer 1200/ Maine
Wilson, Meary 88(?) F-W keeping house Maine
Wilson, Ellen 12-F-W Wisconsin
Wilson, George 11-M-W Wisconsin
Wilson, Lydia 6-F-W Wisconsin
Wilson ------ 4-F-W Wisconsin
Wilson, ------ 2-M-W Wisconsin

Wilson, Wright 21 M-W Farmer 200 Maine
Wilson, Cynthia 19 F-W keeping house New York

Barker, Nancy 34 f-w widow farmer 1000/400 New York
Barker, Edson 16-M-W farmer 1200 Vermont

****tt, John 24 MW Farmer, England
*****, Lydia 5FW, Wisconsin
******, Martha 8 FW, Wisconsin

Holmes, William 58 MW Farmer 1000 Pennsylvania
Holmes, Caroline 11 FW keeping house Wisconsin
Holmes, Clara 8/12 FW Wisconsin

Holmes, Horace 24 MW farmer 1200/450 Pennsylvania
Holmes, Elizabeth 20 FW keeping house, Wisconsin
Holmes, William 6/12 MW Wisconsin

Sparks, Jas. F.41 MW Farmer 500/350 New York
Sparks, Sylvia 56 FW keeping house, New York
Sparks, Elizabeth 30 FW Milliner New York
Sparks, Emily 28 FW Milliner, New York
Sparks, Thomas 24 MW Farmer New York
Sparks, James (twin) 18 MW farmer, New York
Sparks, John (twin) 18 MW, farmer, New York
Sparks, Jesse 14 MW New York
Sparks, Robert 11 MW New York

Cornell, Henry 46 MW Farmer 1200/500 Wisconsin
Cornell, Gocina 36FW keeping house, Pennsylvania
Cornell, Stewart 16 MW Laborer New York
Cornell, Richmond 14 MW New York
Cornell, Aluna 12 FW New York
Cornell, Anna M. 10 FW New York
Cornell, Daniel 9 MW New York
Cornell, Alson 8 MW New York
Cornell, Charles 5 MW Wisconsin
Cornell, Edwin 1 MW Wisconsin


Sparks, Robert 44 MW Farmer 1200/600 New York
Sparks, Nancy 24 FW keeping house New York
Sparks, Eugene 20 MW Laborer New York
Sparks, Charles 14 MW Wisconsin
Sparks, Freeman 1 MW Wisconsin

Youngs, Lewis 45 MW Farmer 800/350 New York
Youngs, Elizabeth 40 FW keeping house Maine
Youngs, Charlotte 23 FW Teacher New York
Youngs, Cecelia 21 FW Teacher New York
Youngs, Simeon 19MW Laborer New York
Youngs, Addison 16 MW New York
Youngs, William 13 MW Wisconsin
Youngs, Zerlilla (twin) 11 FW Wisconsin
Youngs, Scarilla (twin) 11 FW Wisconsin
Youngs, Lincoln 8 MW Wisconsin
Youngs, Amos 7 MW Wisconsin
Youngs, Betsey 5 FW Wisconsin
Youngs, Thomas 8/12 MW Wisconsin

???Beaton, Edwin 47 MW Farmer 300/150 New York
???Beaton, Mary 36 FW keeping house New York
???Beaton, Sally 10 FW Pennsylvania
???Beaton, Effa 3 FW Pennsylvania
???Beaton, Arthur 2 MW Pennsylvania

Roberts, J.H. 41 MW Farmer 800/450 New York
Roberts, Mary Ann 41 FW keeping house New York
Roberts, Frank 13 MW New York
Roberts, Jennette 9 FW New York
Roberts, Carie 7 FW New York
Roberts, Mary 3 FW New York
Roberts Fred O. 1 MW Wisconsin
Sparks, Scott 9 MW Wisconsin

Robinson, Frances 44 MW Farmer 1000/600 New York
Robinson, Slivana 34 FW Keeping house New York
Robinson Seoringo 15 MW Laborer Wisconsin
Robinson, Alvira 6 FW Wisconsin
Robinson, Heidora 3 FW Wisconsin


Roselle, James 28 MW Farmer 150/100 Pennsylvania
Roselle, Hallah 23 FW keeping house New York
Roselle, Edwin 4 MW Wisconsin

Rowson, Ralph 24 MW farmer 350/150 Michigan
Rowson, Mary 24 FW keeping house New York

Briggs, Henry 55 MW Innskeeper8000/1000 New York
Briggs, Julia Ann 44 FW Keeping house New York
Briggs, Henry 16 MW Wisconsin
Briggs, Julius W. ? MW Wisconsin
******Kate 38 FW keeping house New York
McGowan, Hugh 23 MW Stage driver Scotland

Johnson, H.C. 42 MW Farmer 800/250 New York
Johnson, Arthur 9 MW Wisconsin
Johnson, Clark E. 12 MW Wisconsin
Johnson, Lily 14 FW Pennsylvania
Johnson, Jane E. 35 FW Milliner New York

Job, John W. 48 MW Farmer 4000/1000 New York
Job, Mary Jane 44 FW keeping house Pennsylvania
Job, Irvin 14 MW Wisconsin
Job, Esther E. 11 FW Wisconsin

Bentley, Samuel 39 MW Farmer 1200/500 Pennsylvania
Bentley, Maria 33 FW keeping house Pennsylvania
Bentley, Eva 12 FW Wisconsin
Bentley, Flora 10 FW Wisconsin
Bentley, Nellie 8/12 FW Wisconsin

Stevens, Horton 40 MW Farmer 800/500 New York
Stevens, Margaret 38 FW Pennsylvania
Stevens, Daniel 20 MW Laborer Pennsylvania
Stevens, Charles 18 MW Laborer Pennsylvania
Stevens, Versel 16 MW Laborer Pennsylvania
Stevens, William 15 MW Laborer Pennsylvania
Stevens, Theodore 12 MW Wisconsin
Stevens, Jane 7 FW Wisconsin
Stevens, Steven 5 MW Wisconsin

Sparks, Thomas 21 MW Farmer 600/350 Pennsylvania
Sparks, Bloom 20 FW keeping house New York
Sparks, Mary 4/12 FW Wisconsin

Stillwell, W.W. 50 MW Farmer 2000/550 New York
Stillwell, Susan 46 FW keeping house New York
Stillwell, Meary 18 FW Teacher Pennsylvania
Stillwell, Solona 16 FW Pennsylvania
Stillwell, William 13 MW Wisconsin
Stillwell, Isabella 8 FW Wisconsin
Stillwell Nellie 5 FW Wisconsin
Stillwell, Nora 2 FW Wisconsin

Davids, Ura P. 54 MW Meiller 1000/200 Vermont
Davids, Mary 51 FW keeping house Vermont
Davids, Ellen 15 FW New York
Davids, William 6 MW Wisconsin
Davids, Franklin 4 MW Wisconsin

Bennett, Asa 53 MW Stone Mason 2000/100 New York
Bennett, Elizabeth 31 FW keeping house New York
Sparks, Smith 11 MW New York
Sparks, David 10 MW New York
Rozelle, William Merchant 4600/8000 Pennsylvania
Rozelle, Ellen H. 27 FW keeping house England
Rozelle, Henry 5 MW Wisconsin
Rozelle, Infant 1/12 MW Wisconsin

Cook, William 65 MW Farmer 000/300 New York
Cook, Rosey 65 FW Keeping house Vermont
Cook, Robert 25 MW Stone Mason New York
Cook, Frank 18 MW Kaborer New York
Cook, Cefrona 32 FW Keeping house New York

Chamberlain, W. 34 MW Farmer 700/600 Connecticut
Chamberlain, Sylvai 29 FW keeping house New York
Chamberlain, Charles 7 MW Wisconsin
Chamberlain, Ervin 3 MW Wisconsin

A/Ongle, James 25 MW Farmer 800/600 England
A/Ongle, Jennette 23 FW Keeping house Pennsylvania
A/Ongle, Sarah 2/12 FW Wisconsin
Searles, Catherine 67 FW Retired New York

Wood, William 56 MW Farmer 2500/1000 Pennsylvania
Wood, Nancy 49 FW Keeping house Pennsylvania
Wood, William J. 23 MW Farmer New York
Wood, Thomas 20 MW Farmer New York
Wood, Nancy 8 FW Wisconsin
Wood, Mary 5 FW Wisconsin

Bound, Freeman 31 MW Farmer 500/380 Pennsylvania
Bound, Louisa 25 FW Keeping house Prussia

Crawford, Robert 42 MW Farmer 500/100 New York
Crawford, Sarah 30 FW Keeping house New York
Crawford, William 7 MW Wisconsin
Crawford, Clara 2 FW Wisconsin
Crawford, Nancy 1/12 FW Wisconsin


Alison, John 49 MW Farmer 350/200 England
Alison, Huldah 36 FW Keeping house New York
Alison, Emma 19 FW Teacher New York
Alison, Lilly 17 FW New York
Alison, Mary 15 FW Pennsylvania
Alison, Charles 12 MW New York
Alison, Edwin 10 MW New York
Alison, Flora 4 FW Wisconsin
Alison, Clarissa 2 FW Wisconsin

Ingle, Joseph 50 MW Miller 6000/500 England
Ingle, Sarah 47 FW Keeping house England
Ingle, ***res 17 MW Miller Wisconsin
Ingle, Sarah 15 FW Wisconsin
Ingle, Joseph 11 MW Wisconsin
Ingle, ??Clary 10 FW Wisconsin
Ingle, Alice 9 FW Wisconsin
Ingle, Irwin 5 MW Wisconsin
Ingle, Willie 3 FW Wisconsin
Ingle, Loretta 1 FW Wisconsin

Haskins, Merlin 42 MW Farmer 2000/250 New York
Haskins, Caroline 33 FW Keeping house New York
Haskins, David 18 MW Teacher New York
Haskins, James 16 MW New York
Haskins, John 10 MW Wisconsin
Haskins, Charles 9 MW Wisconsin
Haskins, Baldis 6 MW Wisconsin
Haskins Jerome 4 MW Wisconsin
Haskins, Nellie 1 FW Wisconsin

Bound, Thomas 37 MW Farmer 600/250 New York
Bound, Elizabeth 29 FW Keeping house Pennsylvania
Bound, Charles 11 MW Wisconsin
Bound, Mary 9 FW Wisconsin

Bound, Bettas 22 MW Farmer 200/150 New York
Bound, Nancy 18 FW Keeping house Pennsylvania

Bound, Job 35 MW Farmer 1000/350 New York
Bound, Caroline 29 FW Keeping house England
Bound, Mary Ann 12 FW Wisconsin

Walker, Thomas H. 26 MW Farmer 200/300 England
Walker, Adeline 23 FW Keeping house Pennsylvania
Walker, William H. 1 MW Wisconsin

Applebee, Thomas 25 MW Farmer 3000/600 New York
Applebee, Janes 18 FW Keeping house Maine
Applebee, Mary 3 FW Wisconsin
Applebee, Gillett 8/12 MW Wisconsin
Applebee, Permelia 58 FW Retired New York

Applebee, Nathan 29 MW Farmer 2500/800 New York
Applebee, Eliza 30 FW Keeping house New York
Applebee, Nancy 11 FW Wisconsin
Applebee, Elizabeth 8 FW Wisconsin
Applebee, Mary 5 FW Wisconsin
Applebee, Benjamin 2 MW Wisconsin
Applebee, Gilbert 5/12 MW Wisconsin

Applebee, Maury 45 FW Widow Farmer 2000/600 Wales
Applebee, Peter 19 MW Farmer Wisconsin
Applebee, Richard 17 MW Farmer Wisconsin
Applebee, Eva 13 FW Wisconsin

Reathmell (sp) Frank 48 MW Farmer 5000/1500 New York
Reathmell, Adeline 41 FW Keeping house New York
Reathmell, Charles 23 MW Farmer New York
Reathmell, Julia Ann 21 FW New York
Reathmell, Elizabeth 20 FW Wisconsin
Reathmell, Keate 18 FW Wisconsin
Reathmell, Harriet 16 FW Wisconsin
Reathmell, Permelia 14 FW Wisconsin
Reathmell, Emmet 12 MW Wisconsin
Reathmell, Cetta 10 FW Wisconsin
Reathmell, Frank 8 MW Wisconsin
Reathmell, Robert 6 MW Wisconsin
Reathmell, James 4 MW Wisconsin
Reathmell, Ned 2 MW Wisconsin

Kennedy, Henry 40 MW Farmer 600/350 Pennsylvania
Kennedy Ellen 31 MW Keeping house New York
Kennedy, Franklin 13 MW Wisconsin
Kennedy, Tadursky 9 MW Wisconsin

Harick, Isaac 71 MW Farmer 100/400 New York
Harick, Alvira 68 FW Keeping house Vemont


Roselle, H.D. 57 MW Farmer 2000/600 New York
Roselle, Catherine 54 FW Keeping house Pennsylvania
Roselle, Joshua 22 MW 600/000 Pennsylvania

Bound, Job 64 MW Farmer 1000/500 New York
Bound, Sarah 56 FW Keeping house New York
Bound, Francelia 16 FW Teacher New York

Friday, Abraham 63 MW Farmer 400/200 New York
Friday, Margaret 35 FW Keeping house New York
Friday, Covel 17 MW Laborer New York
Friday, Hannah 13 FW New York
Friday, Vina 12 FW New York
Friday, Herbert 10 MW New York
Friday, Moses 8 MW New York
Friday, Frank 6 MW Wisconsin
Friday, John 4 MW Wisconsin

Firdon, Martin 28 MW Farmer 500/350 New York
Firdon, Jane 26 MW Keeping house New York
Firdon, Oliver 5 MW Wisconsin
Firdon, Meoulta 3 FW Wisconsin
Firdon, Charles H. 4/12 MW Wisconsin

Roselle, Robert 32 MW Farmer 800/450 Pennsylvania
Roselle, Mary 26 FW Keeping house Pennsylvania
Roselle, Mina 9/12 FW Wisconsin

Bounds, Thomas 70 MW Farmer 600/600 Pennsylvania

Bounds, Frank 32 MW Farmer 800/400 Pennsylvania
Bounds, Mary 25 FW Keeping house Pennsylvania
Bounds, Mary 5 FW Wisconsin
Bounds, Nellie 4 FW Wisconsin
Bounds, John T. 2 MW Wisconsin

Ferguson, Nelson 35 MW Farmer 600/400 New York
Ferguson, Christina 28 FW Keeping house New York
Ferguson, Ellen 13 FW Wisconsin
Ferguson, Mary 12 FW Wisconsin
Ferguson, Ella 7 FW Wisconsin
Ferguson, Seiater 5 MW Wisconsin
Ferguson, Clinton 3 MW Wisconsin
Ferguson, Henry 1 MW Wisconsin

Bentley, Seneca 23 MW Farmer 500/200 Pennsylvania
Bentley, Eliza 17 FW Wisconsin
Bentley, Horace 3 MW Wisconsin

Snyder, Henry 37 MW Farmer 500/450 New York
Snyder Joanne 28 FW Keeping house New York
Snyder, Manetta 17 FW Pennsylvania
Snyder, Charles 14 MW Pennsylvania
Snyder, William 14 MW Pennsylvania
Snyder, Jane 3 FW Pennsylvania
Mudgett, Ciphrona 13 FW Keeping house Wisconsin

Prutssman, Mary 36 FW Widow Farmer 1400/100 New York
Prutssman, Elizabeth 14 FW Pennsylvania
Prutssman, Frank 12 MW New York
Prutssman, Zilpha 10 FW New York
Prutssman, George 9 MW Pennsylvania
Prutssman, Laura 6 FW Wisconsin
Prutssman, Harriet 2 FW Wisconsin

Pickering,Byron 29 MW Farmer 1000/150 Pennsylvania
Pickering, Hannah 22 FW Keeping house Pennsylvania
Pickering, Edith 2 FW Pennsylvania
Pickering, Phebe 1 FW Wisconsin
Sparks, David 10 MW Pennsylvania

Sparks, Thomas 25 MW Farmer 500 New York
Sparks, Bloomy 20 FW Keeping house Wisconsin
Sparks, Aurora 1/12 FW Wisconsin

Davire, Daniel 59 MW Farmer 1100/450 Ireland
Davire, Harriet 59 FW Keeping house New York
Winslow, Elizabeth 14 FW Wisconsin


Cane, William 26 MW Carpenter & Joiner 800/200 Maine
Cane, Adelia 23 FW Keeping house Vermont

Mitchell, Peter 55 MW Miller Scotland
Mitchell, George 20 MW 000/150 Wisconsin
Mitchell, Mary 16 FW Wisconsin

Bardwell, Martha 39 FW Widow Farmer Canada
Bardwell, Harrison 1 MW Wisconsin
Lewis, John W. 17 MW Laborer New York
Lewis, Charlotte 11 FW New York
Lewis, Rachael 8 FW New York
Lewis, Henry 12 MW New York

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