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Third degree burns about the body and head threatened the life of Miss Beatrice Wilson, 15 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Wilson, of Aurorahville, about 11 a.m. today.

She was about to revive a fire in the kitchen stove by pouring kerosene from a gallon can into the grate when smouldering coals set fire to the fluid followed it into and exploded the can, seending the flaming liquid over the girl's clothing.

Her father, in another room, heard her screams. He threw a blanket around the girl and rolled her in it to put out the flames that were burning her clothing.

A Berlin physician was summoned. He examined the victim and called for the Wiecki ambulance. The girl arrived at Yates Memorial hospital at noon, the rush hour traffic making it necessary for Albin Wiecki to sound the ambulance siren.

There is grave doubt that Beatrice will recover. Her body is literally covered with burns.

Mrs. Wilson, Beatrice's mother, was burned about the hands in putting out the flames in the girl's clothing. She was treated at the hospital for less serious burns.

The Wilson family lives in the house located on the north side of the Aurorahville kittenball diamond, north of the Pentacostal Assembly Hall.

June 13, 1933

Contributed by: Donald Warner