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The following resolution of the State of Wisconsin was contributed through the generosity of Wayne Ploetz.

[Jt. Res. No. 47, S.] A JOINT RESOLUTION - Relating to the life and public service of Frank W. Ploetz.

Frank William Ploetz, former member of the legislature, and prominent resident of Coloma, Wisconsin died at his home in that vicinity on May 18, 1944, at the age of seventy-four.

Frank Ploetz was born in Germany April 27, 1870 and at the age five was brought by his parents to this country where the family settled at Caledonia, Wisconsin, and after three or four years moved to Coloma where Mr. Ploetz lived the remainder of his life, contributing generously to the welfare of that community.

Mr. Ploetz lived an exemplary life. He was industrious and as a result of his industry was successful in business. He assisted in the organization of the Coloma Telephone Company, the Coloma Creamery Company and the Coloma Produce Company and was president of all three for several years. He also operated the Pleasant Lake summer resort since 1926.BR>
Business affairs, however, did not exhaust the time and energy of Mr. Ploetz, and he had an unselfish interest in the welfare of others which he found time to manifest in many ways. He was a religious man, and a devoted member of St. Paul's Church of Coloma for many years; he was devoted to and unselfish toward his family of wife and fourteen living children: he held public offices of trust in his community, the state and the nation; and he was actively interested in vocational education.

The qualities of leadership possessed by Mr. Ploetz were recognized by the people of Waushara County, and in 1916 he was nearly elected a member of the assembly, although he was not even a candidate. In 1918 he was elected a member of the assembly in an election in which he was unopposed, and he was re-elected in 1920 by an overwhelming majority. while a member of the legislature, he served honorably in the interest of the state as well as the community from which he was elected.

Other public offices which Mr. Ploetz held were: internal revenue collector for one year; federal prohibition agent for two years; and member of the state board of vocational education for six years.

Surviving are fourteen children: William, Harold, Mrs. Hugo Yach, George, Mrs. Julius Niehsing and Donald, all of Milwaukee; Rudolph, of New London; Fred and Frankie; in the U.S. Army; Mrs. Henry Otto, Mrs. William Janke, Walter and Emil, of Coloma; and Otto, at home.

In view of the outstanding character of this man and because of his valuable contributions to the social welfare of his community and the faithful manner in which he held public office and performed his duties: now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate, the Assembly concurring, That the foregoing resolution be spread in full upon the senate journal and that properly attested copies thereof be sent to members of the family of the deceased.
Signed by:

Donald C. McDowell
Speaker of the Assembly

Oscar Rumbohm
President of the Senate

Arthur L. May
Chief Clerk of the Assembly

Lawrence R. Larsen
Cheif Clerk of the Senate

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