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Hancock - Coloma News - September 18, 1908

Mrs. Julia Clark, Mrs. Lydia Marshall, Mrs. Kate Clark, Mrs. Harriet Miltimore, Mrs. Amelia Walker and Mrs. DeEtt Lane all met in a sister's reunion at the home of the first mentioned lady in Leola last Sunday. The maiden name of these sisters was Rathermel, and though all live in the vicinity for years, they had not all met at once before for a long, long time. They enjoyed a bounteous dinner, had their pictures taken and were weighed, their total avoirdupois footing up to 1066 lbs. (I don't think we are into that today -- especially not for publication in the newspaper)

"The Sun" Plainfield, Waushara Co., Friday April 22, 1887

A very painful accident which terminated fatally occurred in the Town of Hancock Tuesday. The particulars as near as we can learn, are as follows: A little two year old son of Arthur Miltimore, during a temporary absence of his parents, in some way set fire to his clothing. The mother returned to the house immediately after, but was too frightened to render assistance. The father, hearing the screams, came and extinguised the fire, but the child had breathed the flames and died that night. The grief stricken parents have the sympathy of all.
Hancock - Coloma News -- July 14, 1916 Reunion of Rathermel Children

There was a reunion of six sisters and three brothers of the Rathermel family at the pleasant home of I. A. Lane in this village last Monday, as follows: Mrs. Julius Clark, Mrs. Arthur Miltimore, Mrs. Henry Marshall, Mrs. Kate Clark, Mrs. M.E. Barnett, Mrs. I.A. Lane and Charles, Frank and Robert Rathermel. One brother Emmett, residing in Montana, was unable to attend. Several other relatives were present. A fine dinner was served and the time happily spent in talking over old times. Such memories! On Wednesday evening three of the sisters, Mrs. Barnett, Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Kate Clark left for the home of the latter in Los Angeles, California

Harriet Rathermel moved from Wautoma to Plainfield when age 6.

Hancock - Coloma News

May 20, 1910 - Mrs. M.E. Barnett has been visiting her sister Mrs. E.A. Lane and other relatives in this locality the past week. Her home is now in Bergland, Canada, where her husband is engaged in lumbering. (Permelia Rathermel Walker Barnett)

July 26, 1918 - Mrs. M.E. Barnett of Edson, Alberta, Canada, is visiting in the home of her sister, Mrs. I.A. Lane, and with other relatives hereabouts. Mrs. Barnett's health is quite poor and she contemplates moving back here from Canada.

Ausgust 22, 1919 - Mr. & Mrs. I.A. Lane left Tuesday on an auto trip to Litle Suamico to there visit the latter's sister, Mrs. Barnett, who is in very poor health.

September 19, 1919 - Mrs. J.S. Clark and brother Charles Rathermel returned Saturday from a few days visit with their sister, Mrs. M.E. Barnett at Suamico.

August 12, 1921 -- Mrs. M.E. Barnett, sister of Mrs. I.A. Lane and former resident here, died Friday a.m. at her home in Los Angeles, California following an extended illness of heart trouble. The remains were shipped to Plainfield for burial and are expected to arrive today.

Hancock - Coloma News 1900

Married New Year's Day. Rev. Badger united in matrimony Edward W. Langdenberg and Miss Stella Belle Walker, two well known and popular residents of Steven's Point. The bride is a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Walker, former residents of our town, and has a large circle of relatives and friends, who extend congratulations, and the very best wishes for all of life's prosperity and sunshine on their pathway.

From the Hancock - Coloma News of June 16, 1911

Reginald Caves arrived home Monday from Appleton, where he has finished his second years's work as a student in Lawrence College.

Miss Floril Ostrum arrived home Monday from Beaver Dam where she has just completed a year's work as teacher in the city schools.

Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Pierce, of this place, and Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Runkel, of Coloma, returned Wednesday from their trip to Minneapolis.

Fred Severson returned Wednesday from a visit to Oshkosh and other places over that way, including Neenah where he lived during his boyhood days.

Dr. McAllin, Alvin Twist and Ray Reid made a trip last Saturday in the former's auto to the new railroad below Kingston, and returned home Sunday morning.

A letter from O.E. Barber, who is spending a few weeks in Florida, speaks very highly of that section in general. Mr. Barber and several other Hancock citizens have recently invested in ten-acre tracts there.

E.B. Jones has sold three autos the past week -- a Red Streak to Dr. Federman, of Plainfield; a small runabout to Winnie Straw, one of Plainfield's mail carriers, and a Model F to "Doc" Rathermel of Leola.

Walter E. Mercure and Miss Leta Jones were married June 7, 1911, at Fort Morgan, Colorado, and arrived in Hancock last Saturday for a visit with the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Jones.

Miss Bertha Dill arrived home Saturday from Weyauwega, having completed her fourth year's work as teacher in the schools there.

E.B. Jones and son Clifford left here in an auto Wednesday morning at 4 o'clock for Oxford, where they did half a day's auto repairing and returned home in time for dinner. In the afternoon they took three autos to Westfield for demonstration before prospective purchasers.

A law has been passed in Wisconsin prohibiting the sale, giving away or use of intoxicating liquors at public auctions. The bill was introduced by an assemblyman who is an auctioneer when around home, its object being to prevent a few drinks from causing bidders to feel too rich.

Coloma News, June 16, 1911

Otto Lindner, accompanied by Mr. Gibbs, drove down from Plainfield Sunday and was a guest at the H.F. Bartz home.

Married at the German Lutheran Church, Wednesday, June 14, 1911, Wm. Schubert, of Richford, and Miss Martha Fousch of Coloma.

Theo Rittenhouse is home on a two week's vacation. Theo is located at Minneapolis and has a good position in the First National Bank in that city.

Fred L. Curran, of Menomonie is looking after his business interests here this week and also assisting with Curran Brothers' annual inventory of stock.

Lewis Pflager took his little son to Portage Friday to have his throat operated on. Dr. Beck accompanied them. The lad seems to be recovering nicely from the effects of the operation.
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