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Surnames: DRAKE
Researcher: Bill Pocan
Date Posted: 19 October 2008

I am looking for information regarding my great grandparents, Stephen Drake and Nettie Clark Drake, who were from your area (Poysippi, Redgranite, etc.).

Researcher: Tommy Leerschen
Date Posted: 28 August 2008

I am looking for images of the Rawson house, built around 1908... Anything, everything..

Researcher: Bette Reeve Withrow
Date Posted: 18 August 2008

I am looking for information about George Clarence VanSkiver and his wife Burnetta Ione McKellips. They had two children John Clifford VanSkiver born April 20, 1899 and Elsie Rosella VanSkiver Reeve born March 9, 1902. Elsie was born in Wautoma.

If you have any information please contact me

Surnames: CHAPMAN
Researcher: Jean Chapman Kiernat
Date Posted: 04 April 2008

I am looking for any information on a Chapman family who were in Warren, Waushara Co, in 1860. The family was headed by Emeline Chapman, a seamstress.

Her children were Edmond, Julia, Willis J., Austin J., Alfred L., Ellen, Allis and Fanny. I am particularly interested in Alfred L. born in PA in 1845. Alfred was 15 years old and a laborer at this time. Emeline's sister, Electa Loomis Davidson, also lived in Plainfield at the time (husband John Davidson). I would also be interested in that family.

Thanks for any help.

Researcher: Fern Eddy Schultz
Date Posted: 01 December 2006

I have had the question arise here in La Porte County, IN regarding a Camp Moshava which was located in our county at Rolling Prairie in the 1940s. According to what I have been told, the camp was active until 1955 when it moved to Wild Rose, WI. I have not been able to locate the site of the camp while it was in La Porte County. I thought there might be a chance there would be some record of this camp in Waushara County.

If you have any suggestion, I would welcome them.

Thanks much.

Researcher: Heidi Strauss
Date Posted: 18 April 2006

I am looking for any information on the Tamarack School.

Surnames: DANIELS
Researcher: Michael Day
Date Posted: 04 April 2006

While researching the family of the Stephen Daniels (1743-1822) and family in Connecticut, I found a small locally produced genealogy that cited an "Eli Wareham Daniels, a grandson in 1877 at Auroraville, Wisconsin". I'm trying to find the original documentation, or any other references to this family. Any help or suggestions on leads to follow would be most appreciated.

Surnames: BLAIR
Researcher: C. Kent Thompson
Date Posted: 06 February 2006

I am seeking information on the families of John A. Blair and also Robert W. Blair who are my distant cousins. They were in Waushara County, Plainfield, in the early and mid-1900's. Any information to which I can be directed will be appreciated.

Surnames: BARKER/LEE
Researcher: Fran Barker
Date Posted: 29 January 2006

I'm researching my great grandparents who used to live in Plainfield, Wisc. They were Samuel Barker & Dora Lee (daughter of Reuben Lee & Gertrude Spees) married Aug 14, 1892 in the Plainfield Baptist Church. Samuel may have been left under a cabbage leaf because the only other record of him is the Plainfield census of 1900.

Surnames: CHAPMAN
Researcher: Jean Chapman Kiernat
Date Posted: 23 December 2005

Looking for any information on an Emmeline Chapman who was in Warren, Waushara Co. for the US 1860 census. She was a seamstress and head of the household with a number of children. Can't find her in Wisconsin after that. In 1850, I believe she was in PA with a husband, Servillian and the same named children. I can find a Civilian Chapman in 1855 in Lodi, Columbia Co. WI, but that census does not list any others in the household.

Surnames: Barr
Researcher: Tina Marie Zipter
Date Posted: 25 November 2005

Our Barr Family Genealogy Investigator

My family research has led me to:
1860 Pine River
1870 Leon
1880 The Village of Pine River

Researching the surname: BARR

It leads me to
1880 Census Village of Pine River Lists
GGG-Grandfather Benjamin A Barr age 45 the Hotel Keeper?

I would appreciate any links you may have uncovered regarding The Hotels in or around Pine River.

By 1900 Benjamin A Barr passed away. His wife Caroline and daughter Nettie had move to Leon, next door to their youngest son.

Nettie also went on to become a school teacher in 1900 in the Leon area.

Researcher: Nancy Schneider
Date Posted: 05 September 2005

I am looking for information and especially wedding pictures of Julius Buschke and August "Emma" Schmudlach's children:

1. Edith Ameila + Ernest Parker (have a nice picture of them in mid-life).

2. Alvina Emma + Arthur Eugene Kenney (have family picture - outside; they stood up in Vinnie's siblings weddings and have them with others).

3. Frederick Rudlolph + Nellia Mae Humphrey (have only a rest for eating while working in fields).

4. Amiel A. (died at age seven).

5. William Rheinold + Anna Augusta Bartel (have them in a group; their barn raising; and son, Darwin, with his logging truck and his obit).

6. Ernestine Bertha + Matthew J. Callahan (have two of their wedding pictures).

7. Anna Louise + Gustave Henry Heller (children with grandmother Augusta "Emma")

8. Minnie Augusta + Edward Heller (picture of Minnie and daughter, Gladys - outside; Questionable picture of Ed Heller with little Gladys).

9. Henry Julius (died at 17 months).

10. Ahart Robert + Lynda Waukos.

Surnames: McELROY
Researcher: Mike Keller
Date Posted: 05 September 2005

I am searching for any information of Patrick McElroy born 1823 Ireland,/died 1898 WI? and his son William J. McElroy, born 1858 WI/died 1924 WI?. William was married 3x - unknown, Katherine Gleason and Julia Moline. When married to Katherine, they were both of town of Leon, Castors Corners in Waushara County.

Thank you,

Researcher: Alice Rosenberger
Date Posted: 30 August 2005

I found a deed that tells me that my gr. gr. grandfather Samuel Lamphier sold land to the Presbyterian Society for a burying ground. It is on road known as PoySippi and Grand Rapids road. The SW corner of east half of SE quarter Section1 Range 12 E Tnshp 19. Could someone tell me where that is.

Surnames: ROZELL
Researcher: Joy Fibben
Date Posted: 19 Jan 2005

I am in possession of a civil war letter written from James A. Rozell to Alvert Rozell, mentioning Alfred Rozell and Peter Mumbrue....any info about these persons would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

Surnames: WAYNER
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 10 October 2004

Seeking information on wayner family father herman son robert conrad , roberts date of bithe feb 19,1896 thanks

Researcher: Patricia Liddell Hartnett
Date Posted: 10 October 2004

I'm looking for someone that would be willing to go to Fish Lake Cemetery and take some tombstone pictures for me. I live in Texas and don't know if I will ever get up there. Do you know of anyone that would be willing to take the pictures? I would be glad to pay for the film, development and shipping. The ones I am interested in are for William Roberts, Johanna F. Roberts, Fred Roberts and Rose R. Roberts.

Thanks so much!

Researcher: Laura
Date Posted: 24 July 2004

I am trying to locate a couple of death records.
15 Apr 1880 Emily Crocker
And one for an Abigail Fling I believe she died after 1860. They both would have died in Waushara County, Wisc.

Researcher: David Phelps Kendall
Date Posted: 9 July 2004

My motherís family was from Stevens Point, WI and my grandmother was Jennie Hepburn (or Hepbourn). She married Amiron D. Phelps in Plainfield in 1891. Her father was Orville Hepburn and her motherís maiden name was Sylvia Edson.

I have Jennieís autograph book containing signatures and notes from many of her friends as a teenager, many of them from Plainfield. I understand that this was usual practice for teens of that time.

My particular interest in this is that my mother told me that we were related to the famous Thomas A. Edison but I have never been able to find a link. In Jennieís book is a signature of a Flora Edson dated 3/16/1884 in Plainfield. The 1880 census of Woodford County, Il shows an Ames S. Edsen and his daughter Flora born in 1865 in Wisconsin. I would think it likely that this is the same Flora shown in Jennieís book and that she would be related to Jennieís mother. According to the notice of Jennieís death in the Stevens Point paper on July 3, 1918, she was born in Ashtabula County, OH, which is near where Thomas Edison lived.

Do you have any more information about this Edson family and do you know of any relationship of them to Thomas Edison?

Thank you for any information that you can provide.

Researcher: Evans Newstrom
Date Posted: 8 July 2004

I wish I still lived in Wi and could do this lookup but such is not the case. Would someone be able to tell me what happened to John Rebandt's family. I am told he was a painter in Plainfield. His Mother was Bertha Wiley and perhaps in her later years had moved there from Milwaukee.

John born 20 Aug 1896 and died June 1971

John also had a sister that lived in Milwaukee, her name was Josephine Stamm, June 1894 - June 1976

Thank you very much,

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 13 June 2004

Do you have any information on a Tammie Jeffers and W. H. Davidson marriage in Rose Township between the years 1874 and 1876. She died June 14, 1876 and was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Wild Rose, Waushara County, WI. I would appreciate any help you could give me. My Grandfathers name was William H. Davidson.

Researcher: Mona (Bradley) Eaton
Date Posted: 9 May 2004

John, Electa, Cicero, Sallie and others buried at Auroraville, on former Bradley land. Any records avcailable for John's parents names? 1880 Census says he was born in Canada.

Lyrena Bradley Zimmer of Wild Rose told me she was born in Aurora township.

Thank you.

Researcher: Sharon McCann
Date Posted: 1 May 2004

I'm looking for information on the following families: Conley/Conely/Connley and McCann. Years 1860-1885, Waushara Co.

Mary Jane Connley (sp) born in Berlin, Dec. 1862. Found family in the 1870 census for Warren, Waushara Co. She married Barney McCann sometime prior to 1880. They had a daughter in 1880. Barney believe born in R.I. and family moved to WI prior to 1870. Believe found siblings in 1870 Warren, Waushara Co. census. James, Barney, Mary, Elizabeth, Catherine, Sarah and John. Parents may have been James and Mary McCann. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: SAUER
Researcher: Kate Thomas
Date Posted: 3 April 2004

Looking for the text of the obit. for Amelia L. Sauer of Wautoma. Date of death was Dec. 10, 1951.

Thank you to anyone who can provide this info. to me.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 3 April 2004

I am looking for information about my husbands family. His grandfather is Darwin Parker, born in Deerfield in 1906. Son of Amos Parker and Mary Brown from the Deerfield, Hancock area. Brothers Neal, Maurice and sister Carrie. Any information would be grateful.

Surnames: NORRIS
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 29 March 2004

I am looking for information on Sirron Norris and his family. I have very little information. Sirron died in 1995 and his wife Donna ( Archer ) died in 2002.

Researcher: Kate Thomas
Date Posted: 15 March 2004

Looking for any information (especially obits.) on the following family:

Julius E. Sauer
Amelia Laureign (Cannon) Sauer
Leonard Sauer
Eunice Sauer

Amelia Laureign Cannon was my grandmother's sister. She was born in Wautoma in 1887 or 1888 and died after May 17, 1941, when she is shown as the petitioner in settling her father's estate. At that time she was receiving mail at the post office address of R.F.D. 3, Wautoma. She is also shown as living in the town of Deerfield.

Her parents were Israel Jason Cannon, a civil war vet. who died at the age of 101 in the Grand Army Home for Veterans in King, Farmington Township, Waupaca Co., and Parthena Lindsey (Quimby) Cannon.

Does anyone have access to the 1930 Federal Census for Deerfield? I would be very interested in the info. contained in it for this family.

Many thanks for any information offered.

Researcher: Bill Paulson
Date Posted: 8 March 2004

I am seeking information about family members who are buried in a family plot in Pine River Cemetery. I have attached a copy of an obituary for Mrs. Clarence Clark (Anna Elizabeth Paulson) who died in Poysippi, Dec. 1, 1919. According to the obituary, Mrs. Clark's "remains were laid away in the family lot in Pine River Cemetery, where her father and mother and grandmother were buried".

I am a genealogical novice so if I have sent this inquiry to the wrong person, would you please forward it to the person who can help me.

I am seeking any biographical information available regarding this family in your area, especially dates of birth and death. Mrs. Clark's father's name was Peder Paulson, her mothers name was Mary. She had a sister and four brothers, one of whom, Peter Charles Paulson, is my great grandfather. She and her family arrived in Pine River from Copenhagen, Denmark in August, 1862.

Attached Obituary:

Poysippi, Wis., Dec. 1, 1919 - After an illness of two weeks and two days Mrs. Clarence Clark passed away at her home near Poysippi at 18:40 o'clock Sat. afternoon Nov., 15, and the funeral was held at the Congregational Church Monday afternoon, Rev. Philo Hitchcock of Pine River, conducting the services. The beautiful flowers and the crowded home, with people standing through the whole service gave mute testimony to the friendship for Mrs. Clark and sympathy for the bereaved husband and children.

The W.R.C., of which Mrs. Clark has for many years been a most faithful and helpful member and the Royal Neighbors, of which organization she was a worthy and loved member, attended in a body and a number followed the casket to the cemetery.

Anna Elizabeth Paulson was born in Denmark April 18, 1862, and when she was three weeks old the family left their Danish home for America arriving at Pine River, Wis. in August, the ocean trip alone taking nine weeks and three days. Three weeks after reaching Pine River the father died, leaving the mother with five young children to rear and a blind mother to care for. In her blindness the grandmother did all the knitting for the family and other helpful tasks.

Clarence Clark and Ana Paulson were married in 1885 and have always lived in Poysippi. Her son Ralph Clark and wife who reside at Havre Montana arrived home Tues. morning, Nov. 11 returning to their home Nov. 25. Three brothers P.C. Paulson of Chippewa Falls Wis., W.H. Paulson of Poysippi, F.A. Paulsson of Prospect, Virginia and one sister, Mrs. Mary Chase of Oregon and many other relatives mourn with the husband and children, of her departure.

The remains were laid away in the family plot in Pine River Cemetery, where her father and mother and grandmother were buried.

Mrs. Clark's cheerful presence will be greatly missed in this community and the family have the deep sympathy of all.

Researcher: Jane Bremner
Date Posted: 31 January 2004

I am looking for information about Albert Tuttle Boardman, born 8 February 1873 in Wautoma, Wisconsin. I believe that he married Myrtle Beaumont. A daughter, Lila, was born in Milford, Iowa in 1896. There was another daughter (Edna) and a son (Albert). They moved to Canada in about 1904 and settled in Olds Alberta. Any information or suggestions for locating more information about any members of this family would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Researcher: Krys
Date Posted: 18 January 2004

I was hoping to find information on a Fred Wallert(or Wollert) who died in Plainfield, Waushara County Jan 17, 1921. Any information on him or his family would be appreciated.

Thank you

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 6 January 2004

Trying to find information on great grandparents...residence Loriville Wi 1800's. Peter & Teresa.

Researcher: Glyn
Date Posted: 1 January 2004

Looking for the Rev. William T. Williams and his wife, Sara Selina (Thomas) who went to Waushara County by 1930. He was a Methodist. They had 6 children: Anna Myfanwy Williams., Elizabeth Anglesey Williams, William Samuel Williams, Richard Robinson Williams, Megan Williams and John Howell Williams.

I would like to get in touch with their descendants. Thanks.

Surnames: HALES
Researcher: Cecil Wright
Date Posted: 05 November 2003

I am interested in contacting individuals with genealogy information for my family. Robert and Elizabeth Hales, with their six children came to WI in 1865 from England and settled in Waupaca. Their granddaughter Loretta (Etta) Hales Wright was my grandmother.

James A. Wright moved from Erie Co., NY to Wautoma, Waushara Co, WI in the 1850's, his grandson was Warren A. Wright, my grandfather. James C. Petrick settled in Plainfield, Waushara Co., WI coming from Chicago, IL. His daughter, Velma E., was my mother.

Would be willing to exchange data.

Researcher: Jane Teschke
Date Posted: 05 November 2003

I am looking for the birth place villages of August Schwanke, born 1830 in the Province of Posen, and of his wife, Caroline Krause, birth date unknown. August died in Bloomfield Township, date unknown. Their children include:

1. Ernestine Schwanke married to Fred Turner
2. Amelia Schwanke married to Gustav Adolf Feustal (1848-1914). He died in Little Wolf Township, Waupaca Co., WI.
3. Augusta Schwanke married to Gustav Findorf
4. Edward Schwanke married to Caroline Behnke, born March 1866.

Any further information on these families would be appreciated. Thank you.

Surnames: GROUT
Researcher: Janece C. Streig
Date Posted: 27 July 2003

I would like to find out any information, specifically death or obit, on Elijah Grout. Elijah was born about 1803 and was in Dakota, Waushara County in the 1860, 1870 and 1880 US Federal census. In the 1860 census, he was listed with Saphrona and in 1870, he was by himself, and in 1880 was listed with Gertrude as his wife. Thank you, in advance, for any clues or help given.

Surnames: CASEY
Researcher: Kendell Phillips
Date Posted: 19 July 2003

I am searching for information on the Jeremiah F. Casey Family, who were in Waushara Co at the time of Jeremiah's Civil War enlistment in 1861. His sons Daniel and John Craven Casey also enlisted from Waushara Co., and his widow Anna (Craven) Casey supposedly died there after receiving the news of Jeremiah and Daniel's death at Gettysburg. Any help would be appreciated!!

Surnames: WEYMOUTH
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 17 July 2003

I am looking for information about the ROBERT WEYMOUTH family from Guilford, Maine, who lived in Oasis Township since before the Civil War. Son, Seth, was a Civil War veteran and local veterinarian after the war. Son, Mark, was my ancestor and died of an axe wound in 1862. Other sons also served in Wisconsin Regiments during the Civil War. They may be buried in the Oasis Cemetery. Is there an East Oasis Cemetery? I would like to visit. Mark's only son, Allen, was an infant when Mark died. Could you tell me how I might proceed.

Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 29 March 2003

My great grandmother, Jessie Moon, was a school teacher at the Roche a Cri school around 1905-1906. Are there any records of this tiny one-room school? Where can I obtain information about the school and my great grandmother's career as a teacher? If anyone has any information I would be extremely grateful. Thankyou.

Surnames: CREASEY
Researcher: Jerry Creasey
Date Posted: 16 May 2003

My greatgrandfather Martin G. Creasey married Juliette Axtell in Oasis, WI, June 25, 1874. His father Tristam Creasey and his mother Mary are listed on his marriage record.

Marin and Juliette came to N.C. in the late 1890's. I donot know what happened to Tristam and Mary Creasey who are listed in the 1880 Wisconsin Census as T.T. and Mary Creasy spelled with out the "e"

I am needing to locate their death records. Tristam and Mary's name has been listed in different census as Creasy, Creasey and Cressey. Two sons Martin and William served in the Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry. I have located Martin military records and have his death record from N.C. I believe William may have spelled his name with out the "e" also.

Tristam and Mary Creasey's children were Mary Malvina, Sarah J, William Neal, Martin Greeley, and Henry Creasey.

I would like to find the death records of Tristam, Mary and their children. Also marriage records for all the children.

I am also looking for the birth records of Martin and Juliette Creasey's children who are: Lydia, Fred, Frank and Sabra Creasey.

My grand father Fred Creasey was born on March 3, 1878 or 79 He was listed as age 2 in the 1880 Census. I remember him talking about Stevens Point and Oasis, WI.

I would also like to find decendants of the children.

Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Tom Redner
Date Posted: 17 March 2003

have a question. My Grandparents, August and Nellie (Hamilton) Borsack lived in Coloma. I recently came into possession of their marriage certificate which states that August was from Coloma Station (m. 8/3/1902). Was this a former name for Coloma or was this something different?

Thanks for the info and help.

Surnames: FULLER
Researcher: Linda
Date Posted: 17 March 2003

I have the following in my research that I am still looking for information about:

Wesley E. Fuller, b; 11 Nov. 1858, Milford, Jefferson Co., Wi.; d: 1931, Auraville, Waushara co., Wi.; m: 1882, Berlin, Waushara Co., Wi. to Caroline G. (maiden name unknown); Wesley was the son of Albert and Hezekiah (Kezia)(Udey) Fuller.

Researcher: Chris Anklam
Date Posted: 09 March 2003

My Dad, Gib Anklam, passed away on June 6, 2002. His parents were Rudolph Anklam and Ida Brey. I think that Ida's parents were Herman and Martha Brey, and I found them listed in the Brushville cemetary.

I think that Martha Brey's maiden name was Martha Marie Elizabeth Behm.

Do you have any information about the Brey family? Who were Herman's parents? When did he come to America? Can you confirm that Ida Brey was one of the children of Herman and Martha Brey?

The cemetary said Edwin was buried near Herman and Martha; did they have any other children?

Researcher: Dan Etheridge
Date Posted: 04 February 2003

I am interested in any thing you may know about the "standalone church" wild rose ca.1870 we are descendants of john etheridge who live there in this time period we would like to know any thing about the church as pertains to doctrine , credo etc. Related also to huffmans & hoffmans in wild rose.

Surnames: MOLZOW
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 31 January 2003

Looking for an obit for Reinhold Molzow b. 29-Nov.-1897 d.1985
Any help is appreciated.

Researcher: Diane Witt
Date Posted: 29 December 2002

I am looking for information on a family of Porters. William Porter and Persis Crittenden both born in New York married June 7, 1837 in Washington County NY Had 8 children:
Pliny A. May 11, 1838 (appears to have served as Waushara County Sheriff from 1873-1874 and 1879-1880)
Elery E. August 30, 1839
William A. Jan 29, 1842
Milo M. Nov 12, 1845
Clara T.
Henry F. December 4,1848
Charles Arthur January 7, 1851 (My Great Great Grandfather)
Frederick E. March 9, 1854
before moving to St. Joseph Co. MI in the Fall of 1854. The family moved again in the Fall of 1861 to somewhere in Waushara Co, WI.
William Porter Died in Waushara Co. in 1862. Persis re-married. (I do not know to whom) and died in 1890 in Birnamwood, WI
Clara T. Porter married Edward Benjamin and lived in Waushara Co. until at least 1985.
Charles Arthur Porter married Harriette ? (also of New York) and had two children William Amos Porter (my great grandfather) and a daughter (name unknown) who married Inez Severance.
Frederick Porter married Susan Fuller in Waushara Co. and had Two children Lenora and Emery E.. He moved to Birnamwood, WI in 1881.
Any further information would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for Williams birth date, His parents information, Persis's second husbands name, Her parents information, and any further information about the rest of the siblings.
It is a long list of names, I know, and I apologize, but some times it helps make the connections. Any additional information is greatly appreciated no matter how small.
Thank you,

Surnames: WAMPOLE
Researcher: Janet Eiler
Date Posted: 14 December 2002

have been trying to find the death of my ggggrandfather, William FOX. I do know he was still living during the 1880 Census living in Dakota Township, Waushara Co, WI with his daughter and son-in-law, Daniel and Margaret (Fox) WAMPOLE. Margaret died on Feb 5, 1881........if someone could be so kind as to find her obit for me, it may hold a clue as to whether her father was still living or died between the census taking and Margaret's death.
My main request is to find Margaret (Fox) WAMPOLE's obit!

Researcher: Donald R. Schoenfeld
Date Posted: 23 November 2002

I'm looking for information on the following:
1910 Leon, Waushara Co., Wisconsin
Family 65-65 Wolfe, John and family
DRAKE, Stephen, hired man, 30 (b 1880), single, b Wis, f b Wis, m b PA, laborer on dairy farm

Family 67-67
Riley, James & family
DRAKE, Benjamin, hired man, 38 (b 1872-1872), single, b Wis, f b Wis, m b PA, laborer on dairy farm.

Surnames: HERRICK
Researcher: Dave Rickard
Date Posted: 1 December 2002

I have several relatives with the last name of Herrick. Census records show that many Herricks lived in the Plainfield, Oasis area (there's even a lake named after them outside of Plainfield). My problem is that I cannot find any Herrick graves in either the Plainfield cemetaries or the Oasis Cemetary. Does anyone know if there was or is a private family Herrick cemetary in the area.

Researcher: Donald R. Schoenfeld
Date Posted: 23 November 2002

I'm looking for someone who can get some information on the Baptist Church in Saxville. My 2rd GGF donated the land for a church and cemetery.

Researcher: Joan
Date Posted: 10 November 2002

I am looking for any information regarding the marriage of Peter Christopherson born April 2, 1871 in Denmark to Harriett Emiline Wade born in PoySippi, Waushara Cty., WI on Dec. 24, 1877. They were married in Waushara Cty. on March 3, 1894. I am interest in any documentation or information on any children they may have had.

Researcher: H.G. Linder
Date Posted: 4 October 2002

Can you tell me just when the "Plainfield SUN " newspaper went out of business? Where would one find old microfilm copies of it? also, how would one find old historical street photos of Plainfield? could one find them online? sincerely, H.G. Linder

Surnames: McINTYRE
Researcher: Charles Bigsby
Date Posted: 4 October 2002

I am looking for information on my Grandmother (Mabel McIntyre), her Father Charles McIntyre (probably a Doctor) and his Father Charles McIntyre (probably a merchant). Mabel was born in Wautoma or nearby in the early 1880's and both Charles McIntyre's lived in Wautoma. Any information or research tips would be appreciated.

Researcher: Gloria Domskie
Date Posted: 4 October 2002

I'm looking to find any info for Ella H. Slife(Schlief) born: November 5, 1892, she married Frank Frederick Graper on February 18, 1914 in Newton, Wi., daughter of William Slife (Schlief) and Anna Ploetz, she was also born in Newton, Wis. I would like to know about mu GrGrandparents if possible or any of the Ploetz families, I am also looking to find a Wayne Ploetz, who put info on the website for St. Paul"s Lutheran Church in Coloma. My mother was baptized there and also confirmed there too, her name was Viola Leona Graper, she married a Charles Gutche at the Luhteran Church as also as her siblings did. I know the Lutheran Church in Coloma had a invitation for all the confirmatives to come together and they also had a lists of the people which I'm also looking for, I have wrote the Luhteran Church in Coloma and got no reply. I know my GrGRandfather Michael Graper And GrGrandmother Wilhelmine Freederick(Freiderick) Graper are buried in a small cemetery in Coloma and thier head stone is suppose to be the biggest, I'm interested in getting a picture of that. If there is anybody out there that can help me out please contact me at my email. Thank-You

Surnames: SIGFORD
Researcher: Rachel Elsey
Date Posted: 2 September 2002

Looking for a Richard H. Sigford who lived/born in Waushara County, Wisconsin. Born May 1864 he was my gr gr grandfather- looking for any info you might have on him or his parents. Sigford could have been changed from Sigfirt.

Researcher: Janet Mayor
Date Posted: 27 July 2002

I have located Noah & Anna Jordan in the 1860 Census for Poysippi, Waushara, Wisconsin, both 46 years old, and both from Maine. The Census shows children: Charles, 20, born in Maine and Georgeanna born 18 born in Maine, and dd Anna two years old, born in Wisconsin.

The next door listing is for William (P.) Jordan, 25, born in Maine and his wife Amelia/Emilia (Dickerson) born in Wisconsin (1 December 1856). Their listed children are Ellen, 2 and William (H.) 5/12 both born in Wisconsin. There were other children not yet born at that time.

They were married (1 December 1856 in Berlin, Wisconsin).

I am interested in learning more about the Noah Jordan family and his ancesters in Maine and also Amelia Dickerson's family in Wisconsin.

Surnames: POY SIPPI
Researcher: Mary Gengler
Date Posted: 20 July 2002

I am on the Historical Committee for the upcoming Poy Sippi Sesquitennial (150th anniversary) which will be celebrated in August 2003. I'm not sure if your site is the place for me to begin, but I am searching for anyone who could supply us with Poy Sippi historical info and or pictures. We would be very grateful if someone would contact me with something to share with us about our town's history. Thank you.

Researcher: Jerry
Date Posted: 5 April 2002

My G'gfather Richard William Yeomans listed in 1855 State Census in Waushara Co, Ontario Twp. Is Ontario Twp in original Marquette Co? He is listed in Co I, 5th Inf Reg as Richard W. Youmans, his widow filed for pension in 1897 as Myra Y Anthony, having married Lewis Anthony on 1 Jan 1897. Spent over 10 years wondering where in Canada he was born, as my G'father , in the 1920 Census said his father born in Canada.

Researcher: Linda
Date Posted: 29 March 2002

There is a reference in some of the obituaries to "The Lutheran Church in Coloma". These fell in the time frame of 1952-1963. Those family members were all burried at the "Lutheran Cemetery" in Coloma, now known as Hillside. Do you know how I can find out which church was "The Lutheran Church in Coloma"?

Do you know what happened to the Webb Baptist Church? My Great Grandfather was one of the organizers of that church, but nothing more than what was listed in his obituary is known. We know he lived in Waushara County around Wild Rose and Wautoma. The Church was founded about 1905.

I am hoping to discover where the church was/is and where the records are now located.

Researcher: Steade Craigo
Date Posted: 24 March 2002

I am searching for information regarding my great-grandmother's family. She was Susan (Susie) Ann French, born 24 February 1870 in Plainfield, WI. Her father was B. French; I do not his first name nor the name of her mother. Both parents died when she was about 7 years old. She had at least four siblings. I know of Jay, Kittie and Nettie B. Nettie was the wife of Leonard Starks, who cared for the her siblings after the parents death.

Researcher: Ada Sullivan
Date Posted: 13 March 2002

Information needed concerning the family of James McGregor (b. 1854, Scotland) and wife Sarah (nee Eckert) who are found in Adams Co. Colburn twp , WI in 1900 census. Sarah was born in 1851, NY and could previously been married to a JONES.

Family listed in 1900 census
Mc Gregor, James 46 yrs, married 7 years, b. Scotland, immigrated 1857, farmer
" Sarah E. 48 yrs, married 7 years, 8 children born, 5 living, born NY
" James M. 20 yrs. single born 1879, born WI, father Scotland, mother WI
Effie dau 18 yrs. single born 1881 WI father Scotland, mother WI
Minnie, dau 6 yrs born 1894 WI father Scotland, mother NY
Maude dau 3 yrs born 1896 WI father Scotland, mother NY
May day 3 yrs born 1896 WI father Scotland, mother NY
Jones, Christin M. son 14 yrs. born 1886, father SD, mother NY

Any additional info on this family is appreciated. Thank you.

Researcher: Tammy Droste Kohnke
Date Posted: 3 March 2002

I am doing my family tree. My mother was Joyce Stratton. Her parents were Foster & Thelma Stratton of Hancock. I am looking for information on their parents or even one generation furthur. Foster Stratton's parents were Daniel Stratton & Eva Alverson Stratton. Eva's parents were Arthur Alverson & Haddie Humphrey Alverson. Thelma's parents were Edwin Brown & Mabel Parkin Brown. Mabel's parents were Loretta Ingalls Parkin & Thomas Parkin. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Pat conover
Date Posted: 3 March 2002

I'm a great-granddaughter of Frank & Agnes (Putman) Conover, who lived in Plainfield from about 1903 until their deaths in 1947 & 1948. They raised 5 kids, my grandfather Burrell Conover being the eldest. (Also Bernice Worden, Lloyd, Lester, Gladys Johnson).
Bernice's son Frank Worden, and I believe several of Gladys & Bud Johnson's kids still live in Plainfield or Wild Rose.
I have accumulated a lot of information about the ancestors of Frank Conover & of Agnes Putman, going back, on some lines, into medieval times. I am happy to share it with anyone who might be interested.
I am interested in any Conover family information you might have (other than the Worden murder-- I know quite enough about that sad chapter) or might have run across, that you might point me in the direction of a source. 0(As I recall, the newspaper archives were lost in a fire.)

Researcher: Beverly
Date Posted: 21 February 2002

My father, Walter William John Welk, was born in Red Granite WI in 1907. He died in MI in 1937 just 5 weeks after I was born. I'm trying to find history of him and his parents, Richard Clarence Elmer Welk and Cora May Borst. Most of my searching has lead to dead-ends so am seeking help on a more personal level. I have Borst info so what I am seeking is my Welk lineage. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. I've checked censuses beginning with 1880 to the present so have those records. Thank you,

Researcher: Bob Spees
Date Posted: 4 February 2002

Interested in establishing contact with anyone researching the SPIES/SPEES Family. Always willing to share.
Johanne SPIES b. abt 1750-60 Columbia Co., NY m. Gertrude Wiltsey
Johanne SPEES b. 1788 Dutchess Co. NY
William, John, Isaac, Silas, Anna, Peggy
Family migrated to WI after 1850.

Researcher: Randy Cole
Date Posted: 12 December 2001

My third great grandfather, Ezra Cole, was one of the early pioneers of the Marion district, just east of Wautoma. I believe he first settled in Waushara County circa 1849. He was a member of the ME Church from about 1832 (in Jefferson County, New York) until his death on June 27, 1862. Along with his wife, Venlora (Stratton) Cole, he is buried in the Marion (Leachville) cemetery.

I have very little information about Ezra's life other than the facts that he married Venlora sometime prior to 1840 after her first husband, Lemuel Leach, passed away in 1832 leaving her with four young sons to raise.

In a family record, mention is made of an 1858 "unification" of the ME Church with the Free Will Baptist Church in Waushara County. Would there be any Church records preserved from that time period and if so, where today would they be kept?

I am writing to you from Western Canada as that is where the Cole family eventually came to reside after leaving the U.S. in 1899.

Any and all information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Arthur Cooke
Date Posted: 2 December 2001

I am looking for the death/burial of SARAH SLEIGHT MOREY, daughter of PETER SLEIGHT and his wife NANCY (LYMAN) BYSE SLEIGHT. Sarah married FRANK EDMON MOREY in 1889 AND died by 1891. I have been told Sarah is buried at Dakota cemetery with her mother but I can not bring up the Waushara cemeteries on my computer. Can anyone confirm this burial and supply me with date of death at this cemetery in Waushara county, WI?

Surnames:Needs Local Help???
Researcher: Jody Fitzgerald
Date Posted: 11 November 2001

I am looking for information on my great grandfather who was in the Waushara Co. Aurora census in 1870. He and Mary, his wife, had Morris, John, Mary, Ellen, and Margaret . All were born in different states. I believe John moved to Berlin because it is said that four of his children were born there but there doesn't seem to be any record of them. James was born in 1877, supposedly in Berlin, Edward was born in 1869 , again in Berllin and two of the sister were born there in 1879 and 1880 I think. Where can I find any information on Patrick and his wife Mary? I don't know if they stuck around Aurora or went to Berlin if any of them did. Can you help?

Researcher: Arthur Cooke
Date Posted: 29 September 2001

I am looking for a death record for Sarah Sleight Morey who married Frank Edmon Morey in Waushara county 24 August 1889. He remarried in Cumberland barron county in 1897. Did Sarah die or did she divorce Frank?

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