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Genealogy and History of the Stevens Family



By Olive Ella Stevens Fuller

Transcribed by Darlene Schmitt Taylor

Original written 1951

Transcribed July 30, 2001



My intent in transcribing these family’s notes is to make available to those descendants of this family information that may be preserved here alone.  It is said that Olive Stevens Fuller was the family historian and I suspect that these names and dates were collected by her over many years.  As each reunion of this family came about, she gathered and gleaned as much as she could. 

I have here no confirmation of dates, names or places and the spellings and punctuations are all hers.


I received this from my sister and her husband, Edward Willis, whose mother is Mary Ella Philbrick Willis.  She was the daughter of Flora Stevens Philbrick, of whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing as a child.  Mary Ella now resides in a nursing home in Racine where she is closely watched over by her family, many of whom work at that facility.


The author of this collection, Olive Stevens Fuller passed away March 28, 1971.  It is this reader’s opinion that she gave to her descendants a great gift, a picture of the past that only she could paint.

***Geniology and History of the Stevens family as far back as we were able to trace it to present time, 1951.***



Daniel Stephens (grandfather on fathers side) born August 1, 1802, married Sarah Jane Horton January 31, 1828, born November 23, 1805- died December 7, 1843.


Charles Hotchkiss (grandfather on mothers side) lived to be 104 years old, married Nancy Short and died when young.


Stephen Horton Stephens (a son) born in Orange County, New York, June 5, 1829, died April 24, 1884.  Married Maryette Hotchkiss of Tioga County, Pennsylvania in 1849.  Born August 20, 1832, died March 12, 1908.  Came to Wisconsin in 1855.


Their children were Daniel, Charles, Vercyl (Burt), William, Theodore, Jane, Stephen, Lilly and Olive.  Somewhere along the line the name spelling Stephens was changed to Stevens.


Daniel Elmer Stevens born in Tioga County, Pennsylvania May 9, 1850 died August 25, 1884, married Tressie Gustin May 6, 1878- died April 16, 1937.  There was one son Arthur.


Charles Horton Stevens born in Tioga County, Pennsylvania March 3, 1852- died June 12, 1939.  Married Elizabeth Buffum May 30, 1880- died February 16, 1950.  Children were Gertrude, Ernest and Orphia.


Vercyl Edward Stevens born in Tioga County, Pennsylvania September 6, 1853- died October 18, 1900.  Married Almina Cornwell March 14, 1875, born April 30, 1856- died August 20, 1929.  Children were Frank, Ernest, Vercyl, Daniel, Stephen, Charles, Olive, Freeman, Elmer and Mertyl.


William Penn Stevens born in Tioga County, Pennsylvania July 11, 1855, died March 18, 1933.  Married Ella Daniels May 29, 1879, born March 8, 1860 in New York, died October 3, 1900.  There children were Flora and Mabel.


Theodore Witzel Stevens born April 2, 1858- died October 7, 1942.  Married Nettie Louise Palmer November 25, 1885, born May 7, 1861- died December 26, 1926.  Children were Vinnie and Vesta.


Jane Rosalin Stevens born November 14, 1862, married William Moore, July 4, 1885.  Born March 24, 1858- died August 3, 1939.  Children were Leon, Ward, Vernie, Meda, Roy, and Mearle.


Stephen Lincoln Stevens born February 19, 1865, unmarried.


Lilly Luella Stevens born June 18, 1867 - died January 2, 1868.


Olive Ella Stevens born March 9, 1871, married Ellsworth LeRoy Fuller January 28, 1891, born September 2, 1864 - died November 13, 1943.  Children were Jennie, Earl, Ray, Ralph, Ira, Evren, Mildred and Alice.


Stephen and Maryette Stevens resided in Pennsylvania until 1855 when they came to Wisconsin and settled on a farm near W. Plainfield.  This was on an Indian Trail which led from Berlin to Wisconsin Rapids.  After the road was laid out they bought another 40 acres on the opposite side of the road and moved their small house out to the road and built on an addition.  Those were pioneer times.


S.H.Stevens had one sister Jane Ann born July 22, 1831.  In the old family Bible the name James William Stephens was recorded but do not know the connection.  Was born July 31, 1845.


This is a copy of S.H. Stevens discharge-

Private for Captain John S. Wilson, Company F, Regiment of Wisconsin Infantry Volunteers, enrolled September 2, 1864 to serve one year or during the war.  Is discharged from the service of the U.S. June 24, 1865 at Nashville, Tennessee by reason of order from the War Department dated May 29, 1865.  (No objection to his being re-instated is known to exist)  Stephen Horton Stevens born in Orange County, New York is 35 years old, 5 ft. 4 1/2 in, tall, sandy complection, blue eyes and light hair.  Occupation-farmer.  Given at Nashville, Tennessee, June 24, 1865.  Philip Reefe Captain 19, Ohio Infantry A.P.M. 3rd Division 4 A.C.


In 1865 when the Civil War broke out father joined the Wisconsin Volunteers 43rd Regiment where he served 10 months.  Received honorable discharge.  Mothers father lived to be 104 years old.  Was married three times.  Her mother died when Maryette was two years old.  Mother had five sisters (some of them half sister) Lydia, Nancy, Belinda, Sophrona, and Maritta.  Three brothers, Porter, Dennis and Orange.  Some of them never married.


Lydia married a Mr. Bailey of Wilton, Wis.  She died August 12, 1910. 


Nancy married a Mr. Clute January 4, 1851- was born November 10, 1830.  Resided at Rice Lake.  There were three daughters, Maritta, Rachael and Etta.  Etta married Alson Cornwell of Plainfield.  Lydia had several children.  One is Lena Sparling of Mansfield, Pennsylvania nearly 90 years old in 1950.


Belinda married a Mr. Whittaker of Tomah, Wis.  There were two or three girls I believe.


Orange Hotchkiss had a family, there are three sons living in 1950 all old men.  Dayton and Will of New York and Chester of Massachusetts.  Is living at a home.  A grand-daughter of Orange lives at Addison, New York, name is Mrs. Archie Niles.  Her husband died a few years ago.

Ollie Fuller has corresponded with Lena Sparling, Chester Hotchkiss and Bertha Niles for a long time.


Mrs. Heil Pratt of Portage County, Wisconsin and Witzel Horton of Adams County, Wisconsin were cousins of S. H. Stevens.  Both had large families.  Mother lived in the village of Plainfield the last 20 years of her life.  The old homestead was sold to Harvey Weymouth in 1936.  Word recently received Chester Hotchkiss passed away February 2, 1951.


Daniel Edward Stevens (oldest son) born in Tioga County, Pennsylvania May 9, 1850, was kicked by a horse while threshing and lived only five days.  Died August 25, 1884.  He was married to Tressie Gustin May 6, 1878  Tressie was born May 30, 1860.  They lived on a farm north west of Plainfield and built a new home there.

There was one son Arthur Jackson born February 28, 1879.  Was married to Julia Woodard November 5, 1908- born October 10, 1878.  Arthur a dentist at Wild Rose, retired in February 1946.  Julia was hit by a car and killed instantly April 13, 1933.

Tressie was married to Lyman Alvord July 4, 1892.  Lived at Stevens Point.  They owned a cottage on the bank of Fish Lake near Hancock, Wis. called “Journeys En”.  Our Stevens family reunion met there in 1931-1932 and 1934. 

Arthur and Julia had one son Bruce born February 14, 1912.  Married Carol Mumbrune March 28, 1929.  (Were seperated)  They had two sons Bruce Jr. born July 30, 1930 and Lawrence (Larry) born January 29, 1932.  Bruce Sr. is married again and lives in the state of New York.  He enlisted in the Army in 1943, served about 2 1/2 years.  Was doing clerical work.  Rating of Tech. Sargent.  Bruce Jr. graduated from high school June 1948 and enlisted next day.  Is doing clerical work.  Is now in Korea 1950-51.  Larry enlisted in the Air Corp in 1950.  At present is stationed at Ft. Williames, Maine.  Both Bruce and Larry are P.F.C.s.  Arthur was married to Mabel Hotz October 5, 1945.  Mabel born March 4, 1883.  Arthur always has a beautiful garden and flowers.


Charles Horton Stevens (2nd son) born in Tioga County, Pennsylvania March 3, 1852- died June 12, 1939.  Married Elizabeth Buffum May 30, 1880, born July 5, 1861- died February 16, 1950.  There were three children, Etta, Gertrude, Ernest Horton, and Orphie.  Charles and Lizzie lived on a farm joining his brother Daniel about one mile from Plainfield.  Moved from there on a farm one mile north of the old homestead, then later to a farm in the town of Pine Grove where they lived until 1935 when he retired and moved to the village of Plainfield where Charles passed away.  Lizzie lived there until the last three years of her life when she lived with Gertie at Almond, Wis.  In 1941 she suffered a stroke while riding in the car from the Fish Hatchery where we held our family reunion to Theo’s store in Wild Rose.  Was taken to Gertie’s home where she stayed until able to go to her own home.


Gertrude was born April 22, 1881.  Was a school teacher and married Marion Hansen May 4, 1904.  He was born September 10, 1879 and was a potato buyer and an insurance agent.  Owned a farm in Almond and was a member of I.O.O.F. Lodge for fifty years.  There were two children, a daughter Thelma and a niece Helen.  Thelma born September 12, 1912 taught school eight years and married Kenneth Flood September 12, 1939 (on her birthday).  Kenneth is a mailman at Stevens Point.  They have three children, Eugene Kenneth born December 5, 1940, Marion born August 15, 1942 and Christine born February 26, 1948.  They reside at Whiting, Wis. near Stevens Point.  Helen, niece of Marion, born July 24, 1926 at Saratoga was a school teacher and married Earl Redlin in 1931.  Earl born January 10, 1899 is a farmer and reside near Colby, Wis. in 1950.  Moved to Libertyville, Illinois in spring of 1951.  They have four children, Robert Earl born at Waupaca October 9, 1931, Beverly Joyce born at Lind March 4, 1933, Phillis Carol born December 6, 1939 at Rushford and Mary Ann born at Berlin August 10, 1943. 

Ernest Horton Stevens born February 27, 1883 married Emma Wolfgram May 14, 1917.  Emma born August 26, 1890.  There were two children, Charles and Edna Mae.  Have always lived at Nekoosa.  Ernie has been in different businesses and now is retired.  Emma is an excellent cook.  Charles born September 11, 1921 was married to Louise Spice May 20, 1944.  Louise born July 2, 1924.  Charles enlisted in Coast Guards in 1942.  They live at Wisconsin Rapids and he works in the paper mill.  They have three children, Ellen Louise born July 2, 1945, Linda Joyce born November 3, 1946 and Charline Mavis born February 12, 1951. 


Edna Mae born April 16, 1926, married Dale Neil Zuege June 12, 1948.  Dale was born March 14, 1925.  They have one son Michael David born November 29, 1948.  Edna was a nurse and Dale employed at the paper mill. 

Orphi (2nd daughter of Charles and Lizzie) was born December 21, died June 27, 1916.  Charles and Lizzie Stevens observed their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary May 30, 1930.  The Stevens reunion family presented them with a gift.


Vercyl Edward Stevens (3rd son) born September 6, 1853- died October 18, 1900, married Almina Cornwell March 14, 1875.  Almina was born April 30, 1856 died August 20, 1929.  They moved from Plainfield to the town of Cedar Lake, Barron County, Wis. on a homestead.  There were 9 children.  Frank E., Ernest H., Vercyl H., Daniel C., Stephen, Charles, Olive, Elmer, and Myrtle Almina.  Burt passed away at their home, Almina at her daughter Olive.  Frank born April 17, 1876- died November 23, 1941, married Iva Hoyg in 1902- died May 19, 1942.  They lived on a farm in Plainfield for a few years, then moved to Malta, Montana on a large ranch.  There were four children, Clarence, Beatrice, Edwin and George.  Clarence and Bee were married.  Ernest born October 2, 1877, married Losana Ameigh in 1902.  Losana died in March 1915.  There were four children.  Christine born in 1904, Melvin Vere who died at the age of three, and Fern.  Vercyl born March 15, 1879 died February 8, 1920.  Unmarried.  Daniel born August 10, 1881, died March 26, 1902.  Stephen born August 26, 1883- died March 16, 1912.  Was married to Pearl Clarkson November 23, 1904.  There were three children, Florence, Russel and Grace.  Russel married and had three children.  Charles born January 6, 1886, married Inga Smith.  There were three children, Rosella born July 7, 1915, Lillian born January 1918 and Louise born 1921.  Olive born January 24, 1887, married Miles Cornwell November 23, 1893.  Miles was born October 28, 1880.  There were three children, Sylvia, Belva, and Freeman.  Ollie and Miles lived on a farm a few miles northwest of Plainfield until April 12, 1947, when they retired and moved to the village of Plainfield.  Miles is caretaker of the Post Office and also of the Methodist Church.  Sylvia born May 6, 1907, married Orie Ellis November 6, 1923.  They live at Capron, Illinois.  There are five children, Leslie born May 22, 1924, married Beverly Humarson June 3, 1950.  Leslie enlisted in the Navy and is in Florida.  Edward born October 6, 1925, married Kay Stevens May 23, 1949, they have one son Kenneth born May 5, 1950.  Lila born October 16, 1928 married Beulah Hurmanson November 14, 1948.  They have a daughter Eileen born October 29, 1949.  Lorin is in Korea.  Was wounded in service July 8, 1951.  Shirley born March 29, 1937, is in High Shoe.  Freeman born November 1, 1908- died January 30, 1910.  Belva born July 7, 1909, married Milton Allison August 14, 1926.  There were two children, Gordon born February 25, 1929 is in California in the Air Force, and Gloria born August 14, 1930, married Edd Blystone.  They have a son, Jerry Allen born February 14, 1951.  All of Ollie and Miles grandchildren are in the service, 1950-1951.  Elmer Stevens born March 3, 1889, married Ada Jones June 14, 1914.  Ada died in May 1933.  There were three children Lila Rose born June 8, 1917, Virginia Mae born April 15, 1925 and Richard Alfred born January 16, 1928.  Myrtle Almina born May 31, 1894, married Frank DeFoe July 7, 1915.  There were two children, Edward F., born in 1919, married Agnes Schwartz July 12, 1941.  Vernon D., born February 20, 1924, died March 13, 1924.  Myrtle and Frank were married and lived in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Their son was in World War II and in service now 1950.


William Penn Stevens (4th son) born in Tioga County, Pennsylvania July 11, 1855- died March 18, 1933.  Married Ella Daniels May 29, 1879.  Ella was born in New York State March 9, 1860.  Died at Plainfield, Wis. October 8, 1910.  Later William married Emma Luce January 10, 1911.  Emma passed away April 19, 1926.  Will and Ella went north and took up a homestead in Barron County, Wisconsin where they lived several years then moved back to Plainfield on a farm.  About 1885 they moved to the old homestead where Will passed away.  There were two daughters, Flora and Mabel. 

Flora born January 29, 1881, married Will Christian May 22, 1898.  They had four children, Wilma, Floyd, Blanche, and Ray.  Flora and Will seperated and Flora married Hiram Philbrick December 13, 1916.  There was one daughter Mary.  Flora and Hiram lived on at the old homestead for a few years.  Will and Ella had a son who died in infancy.  Wilma (Flora’s daughter) born July 21, 1901, married Hubert Robinson who died December 27, 1935 leaving Wilma with five little children.  Wilma taught school 7 1/2 years.  She married a 2nd time to Vernard Fietz September 30, 1944.  They reside at Neshkoro on an 84 acre farm and Vernard does carpenter work.  Their children were Hubert born July 5, 1924, Charlotte Jane born February 26, 1933 and Jean E. born February 11, 1936, Kenneth H., born July 29, 1927, Neil Lester born November 3, 19__.  All are high school graduates except Jean who is in high school.  Charlotte works in the hospital and attends school.  Floyd Chester (Flora’s son) born April 6, 1903, married Hazel Taylor March 17, about 1923.  Blanche born January 5, 1905 at Nekoosa, married Howard Van Arsdale May 1, 1926.  There are five children, Betty Lou born November 17, 1928, James Percy born July 27, 1927, Jerry Ray born December 14, 1934, Martha Jane born January 29, 1939, Sally May born May 31, 1945.  James is married and has two children.  Betty was in high school two years, is married and has two children, Jerry born November 17, 1949, and Sally in 1950.  Jerry is a bird man and can imitate birds and do most anything with them.  Martha is in 6th grade and Sally is just starting school.


William Ray Christian born August 27, 1907 at Nekoosa, married Ida McClure of Racine, Wisconsin June 18, 1929.  Ida born September 4, 1900.  They have two children, Sally Rae born November 10, 1935 and Donna born March 6, 1938.  They reside at Racine.


Mary Ella Philbrick born October 25, 1917 at Wild Rose married Floyd Willis June 27, 1935.  They have seven children, Harold Floyd born January 17, 1936, at Plainfield, Edward Raymond born October 25, 1938, Florence Marie born August 21, 1942, Donald William born May 12, 1944, Richard Harry born January 14, 1947, Darlene Dorthy born June 11, 1950, and Ronald William June 14, 1953.  All the children, except the oldest were born in Racine.


Mabel Stevens born December 7, 1883- died December 27, 1921, married Floyd Churchill December 7, 1910.  There were three daughters, Ella May born December 7, 1911, Gladys M. born in 1917 and Dorothy Elva born in 1920.  Ella May married a man by the name of Stein.  Something happened to him and Ella and her father built a small house at the edge of Waukegan.  Gladys married Wayne Barnes and lives at Waukegan.  They have two children a boy and girl.  Built a new home there.  Dorothy is married to a man by the name of Cahil and lives at Waukegan also.  Floyd was a barber and they moved to Waukegan after Mabel died.  Floyd was born about 1875. 


Theodore Witzel Stevens (5th son) born April 2, 1858- died October 1942.  Married Nettie Louise Palmer November 25, 1881.  Nettie born May 7, 1861- died December 26, 1926.  They had two children Vinnie Nettie and Vesta Jennie.  Theo worked in Bordons and Pratts drug stores in Plainfield for five years in each place.  Had a wagon and blacksmith shop about ten years.  Lived in the village of Plainfield and also on an 18 acre farm west of town where he built a new house.  Moved to Wild Rose in 1904 and started a drug store of his own.  He taught Sunday School class in Plainfield 20 years and in Wild Rose the Bible Class for 31 years.  He became a registered druggist, the eleventh in the state of Wisconsin.  For the past several years of his life had been the oldest practicing druggist in the state.


Vinnie born December 1, 1886- died at Marshfield Hospital May 4, 1949.  Married Chester Jenks November 28, 1907.  Chester born March 3, 1884.  There were two children Lola and Carl.  Chester was a painter.  Vinnie worked in her fathers store.  Lola born August 5, 1912 married Floyd Sorenson April 10, 1933.  They have one son Arnold Floyd born March 18, 1935.  Live on a farm at Saxville.  Carl was born August 13, 1914- died June 19, 1937.

Vesta born January 28, 1888, married Franklin Woodard May 10, 1910.  Franklin born January 21, 1884, died May 27, 1925.  There were two sons Dean and Delwin.  Dean born October 2, 1912- died October 5, 1912.  Delwin born August 24, 1921.  Vesta and Delwin went to Inglewood, California in the spring of 1941 where they still reside.


Jane Rosalin Stevens (1st daughter) born November 14, 1862, married William Moore July 4, 1885.  Will was born March 24, 1858- died August 3, 1939.  They resided on a farm about two miles west of Plainfield where Will built a home.  In 19__ they sold the farm and bought a home in the village of Plainfield.  Will was caretaker of the school house until shortly before his death.  Both were active in church work.  Will taught Sunday School class.  They celebrated their 50th Wedding Aniversary July 4, 1935.  There were six children, Leon born July 29, 1888, Ward born December 11, 1889, Vernie born November 16, 1892- died April 15, 1894, Meda born August 6, 1894, Roy born July 8, 1896 and Mearle born November 22, 1900.


Leon married Mildred Jones June 1920.  Mildred was born May 25, 1896.  There were four children.  Leon and Mildred were killed in an auto accident May 18, 1928.  Mildred was killed instantly and Leon lived two days.  They had a drug and jewelry store at Ocheyden, Iowa.  The four children were Sybil born September 6, 1921, married Claude Wolf July 7, 1951.  She has a B.A. degree from Greely State Teachers College, Colorado.  They reside at 331 W. West Street, Ft. Margo, Colorado.  Donald Elmer Moore Vandesteeg born March 22, 1923, married Luella (Pat) Crock July 9, 1944.  They have two children, Sharon born August 22, 1947 and Steven born July 25, 1950.  Lona Bess Moore Dahle born April 2, 1925, married Scott Vining of New York State June 9, 1949.  They have one son Stephen Carl born August 14, 1950.  Are living in California.  Scott is a minister.  Bessie graduated from Wheaton College and taught school one year in the state of Kentucky.  William (Billy) born December 26, 1927.  Sybil and Billy lived at Windsor, Colorado.  In 1939 he worked in Physioptherepy in Colorado General Hospital at Denver.  Helps in giving excersises to polio and other crippled children.


Ward Moore married Ethel May in May 1923.  They live at Peshtigo and have a jewelry store.  There are two sons, Lynas born July 18, 1925, married Ida Minzloff October 5, 1948.  They have one son Steven Lynas born March 15, 1950.  Hugh born July 2, 1927 is unmarried.  Both boys were in the service.


Vernie Moore born November 16, 1892- died April 15, 1894.

Meda Moore married Carl Dahle February 7, 1923.  Carl is employed by the Wisconsin Power and Light Company.  They resided at Stoughton since 19__.  Bessie is their adopted daughter.


Roy Moore married Ruby Millard June 29, 1923.  Roy is in the jewelry business in Ashland, Wisconsin.  They have one daughter Barbara born July 24, 1928.  Ruby is a school teacher.


Mearle Moore married Lora Kube January 30, 1927.  Lora was born May 7, 1903.  Mearle is an optometrist and resides at Duluth, Minnesota, a title of Doctor.  They have one son Bobbie born September 11, 1928.  He will follow his fathers vocation.  Bobbie married September 15, 1951.


Stephen Lincoln Stevens (6th son) born February 19, 1865, unmarried.  Lived at Nekoosa since about 1895.  Built a large brick building with offices which he rented, with his office on the ground floor.  Deals in farm machinery, autos, seperatores, coal and etc.  Ernie worked with him.  Was sheriff of Wood County in 1931-32.  Ernie was his deputy.  Sold his building and retired about 1945.  Shephen run a livery stable when he first went to Nekoosa.  He passed away very suddenly August 28, 1951.  Had been ill since December 1950.


Lille Luella (2nd daughter) born June 18, 1867- died Jan. 2, 1868.


Olive Ella (3rd daughter) born March 8, 1871, married Ellsworth LeRoy Fuller January 28, 1891.  Ell, born September 2, 1864 at Wayendotte, Michigan died November 13, 1943.  There were eight children.  Jennie Almeda, Earl Ellsworth, Ray Horton, Ralph Theodore, Ira Austin, Evren Olive, Mildred Maryette, and Alice Marjorie.  Ollie and Ell lived at Gile and Plainfield and moved to Oshkosh in 1910.  Ell worked in a sawmill at Gile.  For five years lived on a farm 1 1/2 miles south of Plainfield.  Ell did carpenter work after moving to Oshkosh.  Both active in church work.  They celebrated their 50th Wedding Aniversary in 1941.

Jennie born in Chicago November 21, 1892, married Harvey Christilaw of North Dakota January 11, 1915.  Harvey born July 22, 1889.  There children are James LeRoy born November 24, 1915 in N. Dakota, Ruth Margaret born June 21, 1917, John (Jack) H. born February 8, 1919, Jean May born August 5, 1920, Marjorie born November 7, 1922- died February 18, 1923, Betty Alice born September 18, 1924 and Allan Ralph born June 24, 1927.  James was married to Elaine Joyce Hedtke August 26, 1950.  Elaine born January 8, 1931.  James employed by Dunphy Boat Corp. in Oshkosh.  They have a daughter Karen Marie born June 3, 1951.  Ruth born June 21, 1917, married Lester Davis April 2, 1937.  Lester born January 3, 1911- died May 31, 1951.  There are four children, Jack Alton born December 8, 1937, fell from a pier at Reighmoor on Lake Butte des Morts August 22, 1943 and was drowned.  Ralph Lister born September 13, 1941, Michael Leroy born March 1, 1945 and June Ann born October 5, 1946.  Lester worked at Buckstaff.  Jack H. born February 8, 1919, married Grete Putz March 2, 1946.  They have two children, David James born December 15, 1946 and Niki Jean (girl) born June 1948.  They live at Detroit, Michigan.  Jack has a pet shop.  Jean May born August 5, 1920, married Stanley Tesch.  There was one son Jimmie born June 7, 1941.  Jean and Stan seperated and Jean married Don Seiberlich September 9, 1948.  Don is employed by the Wisconsin Telephone Company.  They have a daughter Linda Jean born March 24, 1951.  Marjorie Marie born November 7, 1922- died February 18, 1923.  Betty Alice married Floyd Brenneke January 31, 1929.  Floyd employed by the Paine Luber Company.  Were divorced.  Betty married again to John Dallman summer of 1951.  Allan Ralph unmarried works in a service station.  Service in Navy in World War II.


Earl E. Fuller born April 9, 1894 at Plainfield, Wisconsin married Therese Tomasko September 19, 1917.  Tess born April 28, 1898.  Earl has been Treasurer of Winnebago County since 1927.  Twenty-three years to date.  He was in World War I.  There were five children, Earl Brice born February 3, 1918, Rosemary born February 13, 1920, Douglas and Duane born August 31, 1922 and Jacquelyn Gerturde born August 15, 1927.

Brice lost his life December 27, 1941 in a crash of a transport plane in which he with others were returning to active duty from a rest period at Sydney, Australia.  Rosemary married Wayne McCulloch March 3, 1946.  They have two children, Mary Fay born January 1, 1947 and Bruce Wayne born January 1, 1948.  They live in Detroit, Michigan.  Have just built a new home there in 1950.  Wayne is employed by the John Sexton and Company.  Douglas married Jean Allard January 19, 1944.  Both were graduates of Oshkosh High School.  Jean was born June 20, 1923.  They have three children, Roxann Jean born May 1, 1945, Ross Douglas born December 13, 1946 and Sandi Bea born February 3, 1949.  Douglas is in wall washing business in Oshkosh.  Duane passed away February 2, 1923.  Jacquelyn at home is employed at the First National Bank in Oshkosh.  She married Bob Hassleman September 22, 1951, and reside at Little Falls, Minnesota.  Bob works in radio station.  Have gone to New Orleans.


Ray H. Fuller born at Gile, Wisconsin January 6, 1896, married Letha Wilkinson June 28, 1920.  Letha born October 29, 1896.  Ray is employed by the Edward H. Meyer Construction Company of Neenah, formerly of Oshkosh.  Ray served in World War I.  There are six children, Robert Ray born November 26, 1921 at Wisconsin Rapids, married Jane Bjork March 19, 1944.  Jane born October 20, 19__.  They have two daughters Donna Jane born January 15, 1945 and Linda Rae born April 23, 1948.  Bob works at Kimberly Clark at Neenah.  Jane is a graduate of Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, School of Nursing.  Norman Earl born July 8, 1923, unmarried.  Jack Arthur born July 8 , 1925, was in World War II and in the Reserves.  Is in Navy service again.  Came home on leave and married Mary Kathleen Merk May 5, 1951.  Jack made a trip to Greenland in 1951.  Audrey Lou born December 21, 1929, married Darrel Felker October 8, 1949.  They reside on a farm south of Oshkosh.  Gerald (Jerry) Ralph born June 7, 1933, joined the Navy March 23, 1951.  Is stationed at present in Jacksonville, Florida.  Shirley Ann born July 26, 1935, is in high school.


Ralph Fuller born at Gile, Wisconsin April 14, 1889, was in World War I and was killed by a German Sniper September 9, 1918 at Juvighy.

Ira Austin Fuller born April 3, 1900- died January 28, 1901.


Evren born at Plainfield December 22, 1901, married Wm. Engel June 30, 1923.  Bill born May 18, 1898.  They moved to E. Moline in 1936.  Bill is employed by the John Deere Spreader Works.  In 1948 they bought a new home in Moline where they now reside.  There are two children, Wm (Billy) Rodly born April 5, 1928.  Billy had an operation when he was two weeks old and another at 15 months.  He is employed by the John Deere Harvester Co. at E. Moline.  Yvonne born February 18, 1931, married Wm. Douglas Robinson of Rockford, Illinois, November 5, 1949.  Yvonne has done office work since graduating from high school.  Bill was in the Navy during World War II and was called again and left February 5, 1951.  Yvonne left the U.S. in August 1951 to join her husband in Hawaii and came home April 21, 1952.  Bill and Evren celebrated their 25th Wedding Aniversary in June 1948.


Mildred Fuller born at Plainfield February 5, 1904 married Raymond Pierce November 1925.  Mildred worked in the telephone office in Oshkosh.  There were two children, Darrel born June 8, 1926 and Carol Joyce born December 4, 1932.  Darrel was in the Navy in World War II.  When his time was up he enlisted in the Army.  Was in Canada the winter of 1949.  Then returned to Ft. Riley, Kentucky and from there was sent to Korea where he still is in 1951.  Carol Joyce is in high school at Neenah, Wisconsin.  Mildred and Ray seperated in 1933.  Mildred married Alfred Schultz May 6, 1950 and moved to Neenah September 1, 1950.  Are building a new home there.  Alfred is employed by the Valley Construction Co. of Neenah.


Alice Fuller born at Plainfield on the farm February 10, 1906, married Vernon Griffith January 16, 1926.  They graduated from high school together in June 1925.  Went to Milwaukee in the spring of 1929.  Vern was employed by the Cutler Hammer Company of Milwaukee till March 1949, when he started working at Thews Specialty Company Tool and Die Works where he has an interest in the plant.  Vern went back to Cutler Hammers May 1951.




Record of Grandchildren in the different families


Thelma Hansen--graduated from high school in 1929.  Taught school 8 years.


Helen Peterson Hansen--graduated from high school in 1923.  Taught school several years.


Lola Jenks--graduated from high school May 29, 1930


Carl Jenks--graduated from high school June 3, 1932


Ruth Christilaw--graduated from high school in June 13, 1935


Delwin Woodard--graduated from high school in June 1, 1939


Charles Stevens--graduated from high school in June 1939.  Enlisted in the Coast Guard July 13, 1942.  Was Machinist Mate 1st Class.


Cybil Moore graduated from high school in 1940.  Went to Greely State Teachers College.  Has B.A. degree.


Brice Fuller graduated from high school June 17, 1939.  Entered Navy February 26, 1940.  Was Radioman 1st class.


Rosemary Fuller graduated from high school June 1938.  Graduated from School of Nursing at Oshkosh August 21, 1941.  Entered service as Army Nurse in 1942.  Served in Brazil and Germany.  Rating 2nd Lieutenant.


James Christilaw enlisted in the Army April 17, 1940 before finishing high school.  Was in service 4 1/2 years.  Finished high school in 1945.


Robert Fuller--graduated from high school June 13, 1940.


Jacquelyn Fuller--graduated from high school June - , 1943.


Jack Christilaw--graduated from high school June -, 1938.  Joined Navy December 5, 1939.  Was Aviation Radioman 1st class.


Donnie Moore VandeSting-graduated from high school June 11, 1941.


Norman Fuller--graduated from high school June 11, 1941.  Went in service in 1943.  Was in Army Air Force as a Radio Operator.  Tech. Sgt.


Allan Christilaw enlisted in the Navy in 1945.  Served 13 months.


Belva Cornwell--graduated from high school June 7, 1928.


Douglas Fuller--graduated from high school January 22, 1942.  Entered Navy February 1942.  Was Pharmacists mate 1st class.


Jack Fuller graduated from high school June 9, 1943.  Was in the Navy in World War II as Motor Machinist Mate.  Was in the Naval Reserve and entered service again in 1950.


Lona Bess Moore Dahle--graduated from high school June 3, 1943.  Graduated from Wheaton College 1947.  Taught school 1 year in Kentucky.


Linas Moore--graduated from high school June 1942.  Was in service.  Graduated from Illinois College of Optometry.


Hogh Moore--graduated from high school in 1944.  Graduated from Chemical Engineering Course at University of Wisconsin February 1951.


Darrel Pierce enlisted in Navy June 1944 before finishing high school.  Served two years.  Then he enlisted in the Army November 3, 1947 for 3 years.  Uncle Sam added another year when war broke out in Korea.  Went to Canada the winter of 1949 and Japan and Korea in 1950.


Bruce Stevens Jr. enlisted in the Army in 1943.  Was in 2 1/2 years.  Tech, Sgt.


Bobby Moore--graduated from high school and from school of Optometry February 2, 1951 in Chicago.


Audrey Fuller--graduated from high school January 1948.


Hubert Robinson graduated form high school May 28, 1941 at Neshkora.  Joined the Army in June 1945.  Served 1 1/2 years.


Kenneth Robinson was in the Navy in 1945.  Was in one year.  He graduated from high school June 1945 at Neshkora.  Kenneth was married to Marion Rose November 2, 1946.  They have one son Curtis Allen born March 16, 1948.


Neil Robinson graduated from high school June 1948 at Oshkosh.  He joined the Air Force February 2, 1949 for 3 years.  Is in Alaska at the present time.


Charlotte Robinson graduated from high school June 1951 at Racine.  She married Donald Voteberg, November 1951.  Have three children, Peggy, born September 1952, Freddy born 1953 and Karen, 1954.


Leslie Ellis--graduated from high school May 2, 1942.  Enlisted in the Navy.  Does office work.


Bruce Stevens Jr.--graduated from high school June 1948.  Enlisted the next day for three years.  Is doing clerical work.


Edna Stevens--graduated from high school and from nurses training in Chicago.


Yvonne Engel--graduated from high school June 5, 1948.


Gordon Allison--graduated from high school May 23, 1946.  Is in Air Force.


Gloria Allison--graduated from high school May 1948.


Edward Ellis--graduated from high school and is in service.


Lorin Ellis--graduated from high school.  Enlisted in the Army and is at present in Korea.  2nd Division.


Lila Ellis--graduated from high school.


Billy Moore--graduated from Wiggins Colorado high school in 1945.  Left for service June 1945.  Sent to Germany February 1946 in Medical Corp. Rank Sgt. t/4.  Honorably discharged April 1947.  Works for the telephone company in Denver.  Had one year of college at Denver, Colorado.


Gerald Fuller enlisted in the Navy and left for Great Lakes March 23, 1951, before finishing high school.


James VanArsdale joined the Navy in 1944.  Was in four years.


(Flora Christian and Hiram Philbrick married December 13, 1916.)


Index of Primary Individuals

Aiken, Joan Elaine

Ameigh, Losana

Brandt, Helen

Buffum, Elizabeth

Burt (name: Vercyl Edward Stevens) 

Christian, Blanche

Christian, Donna

Christian, Floyd Chester

Christian, Sally Rae

Christian, Will

Christian, William Ray

Christian, Wilma

Churchill, Dorothy Elva

Churchill, Ella Mae

Churchill, Floyd

Churchill, Gladys M.

Clarkson, Pearl

Cornwell, Almina

Cornwell, Belva

Cornwell, Freeman

Cornwell, Miles

Cornwell, Sylvia

Dana, Unnamed

Daniels, Charles

Daniels, Ella

DeFoe, Agnes Schwartz

DeFoe, Edward F.

DeFoe, Frank

DeFoe, Vernon D

Fietz, Jean E.

Fietz, Neil Lester

Fietz, Vernard

Fuller, Alice Marjorie

Fuller, Earl Ellsworth

Fuller, Ellsworth LeRoy

Fuller, Evren Olive

Fuller, Ira Austin

Fuller, Jennie Almeda

Fuller, Mildred Maryette

Fuller, Ralph Theodore

Fuller, Ray Horton

Gustin, Tressie

Hansen, Marion

Hansen, Telma

Horton, Sarah Jane

Hotchkiss, Charles

Hotchkiss, Maryette

Hoyg, Iva

Jenks, Carl

Jenks, Chester

Jenks, Lola

Jones, Ada

Jr., Hyram Philbrick

Luce, Emma

M., Lura

McClure, Ida

Moore, Leon

Moore, Mearle

Moore, Meda

Moore, Roy

Moore, Vernie

Moore, Ward

Moore, William

Mumbrune, Carol

Palmer, Nettie Louise

Philbrick, Hiram

Philbrick, Mary Ella

Robinson, Charlotte Jane

Robinson, Hubert

Robinson, Kenneth H

Sally?, Unnamed

Short, Nancy

Short?, Samuel

Smith, Inga

Stephens, Daniel

Stephens, James William

Stephens, Jane Ann

Stephens, Jonothan

Stephens, Stephen Horton

Stevens, Arthur Jackson

Stevens, Bruce

Stevens, Charles

Stevens, Charles Horton

Stevens, Christine

Stevens, Daniel

Stevens, Daniel Edward

Stevens, Edna Mae

Stevens, Elmer

Stevens, Ernest

Stevens, Ernest Horton

Stevens, Etta

Stevens, Fern

Stevens, Flora

Stevens, Florence

Stevens, Frank

Stevens, Freeman

Stevens, Gertrude

Stevens, Grace

Stevens, Jane Rosalin

Stevens, Lila Rose

Stevens, Lillian

Stevens, Lillie Luella

Stevens, Louise

Stevens, Mabel

Stevens, Melvin Vere

Stevens, Myrtle Almina

Stevens, Olive

Stevens, Olive Ella

Stevens, Orphia

Stevens, Richard Alfred

Stevens, Rosella

Stevens, Russell

Stevens, Stephen

Stevens, Stephen Lincoln

Stevens, Theodore Witzel

Stevens, Vercyl

Stevens, Vercyl Edward (aka: Burt)

Stevens, Vesta Jennie

Stevens, Vinnie Nettie

Stevens, Virginia Mae

Stevens, William Penn

Taylor, Hazel:  6

Tracy, Mary Ann

Van Arsdale, Betty Lou

Van Arsdale, Howard

Van Arsdale, James Percy

Van Arsdale, Jerry Ray

Van Arsdale, Martha Jane

Van Arsdale, Sally Mae

Willis, Edward Raymond

Willis, Darlene

Willis, Donald William

Willis, Florence Marie

Willis, Floyd

Willis, Harold Floyd

Willis, Richard Harry

Willis, Ronald William

Wolfgram, Emma

Woodard, Dean

Woodard, Delwin

Woodard, Franklin

Woodard, Julia