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Wautoma Public Schools
Board and Budget

Contributed by Linda Cheal

Wautoma Public Schools
YEAR 1943

H.K Geyer, Principal
Board of Education:

A.A. Nickolai, President
W.D. Jameson, Vice-President
Ernie W. Reed, Director
Elmer Lachelt, Director
H.A. Thompson, Director
Ardin Zuege, Secretary
YEAR 1950

Rolf W. Cramer, Superintendent
Board of Education:

Howard Thompson, President
Harold Bartel, Vice-President
A.A. Nickolai, Director
Paul Forberg, Director
Lawrence Young, Director
Lavern Hansen, Secretary

Wautoma Public Schools
Proposed School Budget, 1943-1944
Submitted by Ardin Zuege, Board of Education Secretary
Signed by A.A. Nickolai, Board of Education President
Estimated Expenditures
Defense                                              $1200.00
General Control                                      $ 540.00
Transportation                                       $2250.00
Janitors Salary                                      $1320.00
Telephone & Light                                    $ 950.00
Insurance                                            $ 125.00
Supplies and Equipment                               $3600.00
Fuel                                                 $1150.00
Teachers Salaries                                  $24,355.00
Debt Service                                         $1,120.00
School Maintenance and Repairs                       $1500.00
New Roof on School House                             $1725.00
Total                                              $39,835.00
Estimated Receipts
State and County Aid                                 $5600.00
Tuitions                                             $8100.00
Student Aides                                        $1750.00
Direct Tax                                         $23,185.00
Defense                                              $1200.00
Total                                              $39,835.00