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Surnames: GREEN - Anna Olive Stevenson
Researcher: Carol
Date Posted: 16 September 2006

Has anyone heard of Anna Olive Stevenson Green, who was a teacher in Oshkosh between 1900 and 1913? Do you know of an A.O. Green, or another man named Green, who had a successful business in Winnebago County? Anna divorced Mr. Green and married, for a second time, my grandfather, Frank Taylor, in September, 1913, and moved with him to Antigo. Thank you.

Surnames: WILSON
Researcher: Jill Kirst
Date Posted: 18 September 2005

I'm having a heck of a time finding records for my great-great grandparents, Joseph C. and Ellen M. Wilson. They lived in Oshkosh. I researched the Oshkosh City Directories for entries. He was a "moulder" and died somewhere between 1872 and 1879. She was "at home", and died somewhere between 1891 and 1893. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Linda Johnson
Date Posted: 3 November 2004

I'm researching my great-great-grandparents from Nekimi area in Wisconsin. Nicolaus and Johanna Opp. They were married in Black-Wolf, Wisconsin (attached is a copy of their wedding record). I'm trying to find out more about the OPP and WITT or WIRTH family of the Oshkosh/Nekimi area.

In the book "German's to America, Emigrate Passenger Lists" page 455, Peter Opp and his family were found.

Ship: Owego
From: Havre
To: New York
Arrived: 23 April 1857
Opp, Peter--49 y/o
Agnes--47 y/o
George--19 y/o
Catherine--17 y/o
Johan--13 y/o
Nicolas--7 y/o (my great

The book lists them from the County "Hesse" in Germany and village unknown.

All the passengers were listed as village unknown.

Germans to America, Vol. 11 . . Apr 1857 - Nov 1857

Surnames: OLSON
Researcher: Lyle Olson
Date Posted: 20 August 2004

I am searching for any information I can find on my grandfather his name is Amos Olson he was born in North Dakota His son my dad is Lewis Gayle Olson he is 62. I came across your site and saw you had a Amos Olson on Section G in Winnebago co. I was wondering if there was any info. you could give me or why he was buried there or any family info.


Researcher: John R. Rennert
Date Posted: 20 August 2004

Looking for information on parents of Linda Kleist, born 20 May 1893, Wisconsin. Married Walter Rennert abt 1913 and were residents of Oshkosh until about 1932 when they moved to California. Linda's mothers' maiden name was Harmel. At the time of the 1910 census, Linda was living with her grandfather, Carl Harmel, in Oshkosh, He was a widower, born Germany and was 71. He died about 1927 in Oshkosh.

Researcher: Jim Schroeder
Date Posted: 17 August 2004

Researching my Great Grand father and Grandfather both with the name, Henry. . My grand father Henry Schroeder was born aboard ship on the way from Prussia in 1845. He resided at 149 Algoma, Oshkosh, with his father in 1869 prior to his marriage to his wife Julia (last name unknown, but thought to be Braun). Don't have any information on the Great grand father, his wife, or the number of Children or where they lived, when he died, etc. Thanks,

Surnames: STANTON
Researcher: Bonnie
Date Posted: 28 October 2003

Looking for an obituary or any other information for Hiram E. Stanton who died in Omro on 2-22-1911.

Thanks for any help or advice you can give on where to get this information.

Surnames: EHLERT
Researcher: Cherie
Date Posted: 17 June 2003

Looking for any connection between the EHLERT's in Winnebago county and the FREIBERG family. Albert Freiberg was married to Emilie EHLERT in Milwaukee in 1876 and moved to Black Wolf after her death in 1893.

thank you

Surnames: FREIBERG
Researcher: Cherie
Date Posted: 17 June 2003

Albert FREIBERG with four children William - Alfred - Emma - and Fred moved from Milwaukee to Black Wolf after the death of wife and mother - Emilie EHLERT.

thank you

Surnames: KIEPER
Researcher: Cherie
Date Posted: 17 June 2003

Carl Kieper - wife Johanna (Romlow/Rumlow/Ramlow) and son Carl (Charles) lived in the Black Wolf area - later in Van Dyne from about 1881 until the early 1930's - where in Pommern they lived is not known. Carl was a farmer and Charles became a carpenter.

thank you

Surnames: ROTTMAN
Researcher: Claudia
Date Posted: 08 May 2003

Researching the family of Jacob ROTTMAN and wife Barbara PFEIL. Jacob and Barbara ROTTMAN married in 1844 in Washington Co. WI. Moved to Oshkosh, Winnebago county WI sometime after 1860. They had the following children: Jacob ROTTMAN b. Sept 2, 1846 in Germantown, Wash. Co. WI m. Elizabeth ROCKSTROH April 1870 in Oshkosh. Died: ??? No children known Catherine Mary ROTTMAN, b. Jan 29, 1848 in Germantown, Wash.Co.WI. m. Carl QUANDT 1867 in Kewaskum, Wash. Co. WI.died: April 1927 in Kewaskum. Had children Wm., and Fredricka QUANDT. John Bernhardt ROTTMAN, b. Dec 1849 in Germantown,Wash. Co.WI. m. Marion KILGORE, Dec 1878. d. March 1, 1915 in Milwaukee, WI. (lived in Bayfield at time of death) Had children: Ruth, Chas., Ella and Guy ROTTMAN. Margaret ROTTMAN, b. Jan 1852 in Germantown, Wash. co. WI. m. Ludwig/Louis BECK, Nov 1870. Died March 19, 1939 in Oshkosh, WI. Had children: Henry, William, LIllie, Mae and Louis BECK Caroline Sophia ROTTMAN, b. Oct 1854 in Wayne, Wash. Co. WI. m. Joseph HARTL ca. 1874-75 in Oshkosh, WI. died March 10, 1911 in Kenosha, WI. Had children: William, Joseph, Albert, Jennie and Mae HARTL Elizabeth ROTTMAN, b. 1856, Wayne, Wash. co. WI. No further information. Paulina ROTTMAN, b. 1859 Wayne Wash. Co. WI. No further information. Would like to exchange with any descendants to determine when and where Jacob and Barbara Rottman died and are buried.

Researcher: Dave Fitch
Date Posted: 04 May 2003

Looking for information about Jack A Buckstaff born sometime between 1845 and 1855 (most likely) born in New Brunswick (is that a Wisconsin town?) and raised in Oshkosh. He married Sarah E. Montgomery, listed as a native of Sparta, in Lincoln,NE in Oct 1875. Jack went on to become a very successful businessman in Lincoln but very little is known about family connections. Their daughter, Clara born 1877, was my great-grandmother.

I found a lot of Buckstaffs and Montgomerys in your cemetary listing of Ellenwood - there are probably more elsewhere. Any suggestions about where to go from here?

Researcher: Penny
Date Posted: 17 April 2003

Trying to find my great grandparents and there family just found that he went by Francis D. and wife Minnie perahaps bought land there in 1856 and wanted to know if anyone out in that area remembers any Christman's. Or if there are decendants still living in that area. Land records are in vol. 1490 page 476; which I will be sending for and try to learn more of this family. I am eager to find any information and would love to kow if this is indeed my great grandpa and his family. Thanks for your help and time on this matter.

Researcher: Garry G. Thomson
Date Posted: 06 April 2003

My name is Garry Gladstone Thomson. I live in Toronto Canada,

I am involved in research into the history of my family. My paternal grandmother, Barbara Isobel Anderson was born in Neenah Wisconsin in 1886, date not known. She went to Edinburgh Scotland and married a butcher named Thomson. His christian name unknowen but could have been Gladstone or Wallace. My father was born in Edinburgh in 1910 and immigrated to Canada, date unknown and married my mother in 1935. I would welcome any data about Barbara and her parents during thier time in Neenah. Any Help you could give would be greatly recieved... THANK YOU.............

Surnames: KOLB
Researcher: Wesley Kolb
Date Posted: 17 March 2003

I am looking for information on the Kolb family. My great grandfather and grandmother are Johann and Paulina Kolb. They owned a farm just east of the Berlin town line, which they bought in 1867. I have a copy of the deed. Both were born in Germany.

I am looking for a positive connection between my great grandfather Johann and his parents. I have a marriage registration which I believe is for my great grandfather Johann's second marriage to Anna Louise Jeske, May 28, 1881. On the registration are names of my g grandfather's father and mother, Johann and Catharina Kolb.

Buried in the Nepeuskun cemetery is a Louisa S Kolb, died Dec 23, 1861 age 1 yís, 11 mís, 1 day, (daut of J & P Kolb). I believe the J & P is probably for Johann and Paulina. Next to Louisa is the grave of John G Kolb died Apr 12, 1859 ae 58 yrs. I believe that he may be the father of Johann, and my great great grandfather. Also nearby is Fred Kolb, died Sept 1, 1889 aged 78 yrís, 5 moís, 26 daís. I believe he is Johannís brother. I know my grandfather Fred had an uncle Fred. All are in Section A.

I am also looking for the grave of my great grandmother, Paulina Kolb. She died between 1876, when my grandfather Fred was born, and the 1880 census. She may be buried in the Nepeuskun cemetery also, but Iím not able to locate the grave. We have no info on Paulina.

Do you know if there are burial records or any other info on John G Kolb, Louisa S Kolb or Paulina Kolb? If there is any info on who had them buried, paid for the plots, etc, that would be helpful also.

Also, to the left of John G Kolb are two or three spaces that have no tombstones on them. Are they empty? Are they owned by anyone?

If there is a better person to ask, please let me know or forward this to them.

I did search marriage, birth and death records at the Berlin library, Green Lake Co recorder's office and Polk library. Also the 1855 Wisconsin census and the 1880 federal census.

Thanks and regards,

Researcher: Bernard Sivak
Date Posted: 23 February 2003

Doing research on WWII pilot named above remains probably returned to the states and buried by widow living in Neenah at the time.

Unable to locate and need a picture of his gravestone to publish in 97th Bomb Squad news.

His remains are not in European military cemeteries. Serial # was O-823637

Researcher: Mike Itzin
Date Posted: 22 February 2003

I am looking for information about the "Oshkosh Insane Asylum". My Great Great Grandmother, Eva Itzin died there on Monday, November 10, 1876. I would like to find any medical records and a Death Certificate for her. At one time I thought I had a link to the "hospital", or the museum, but I cannot find it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for your time,

Surnames: WETZEL
Researcher: Ellie
Date Posted: 21 January 2003

I would like to add my Grandfather's surname WETZEL. His first name is Wetzel and he was born in Watertown or Wilton, Wisconsin. His wife's name was Millie aka as Emilie Fischer. I can trace the time they lived in Oskosh, Wisconsin to 1888; when their first born, a girl, Frances was born on Nov 4, 1888 per the registration of birth obtrained from LDS records. A boy, Carl. was also born during their stay in Oshkosh but can find no record of a Carl Wetzel in the birth records so far. Another child, a girl, Louise aka Louisa was born on September 3, 1892 in Oshkosh WI as verified by LDS records of births in Wisconsin. Then they moved back to Watertown, WI as another child, Helen was born on July 6, 1895 in Watertown. Four more children were born to Louis & Emilie Wetzel in Watertown, WI. LDS is the church of Latter Day Saints in Hales Corners WI. Louis is listed on the birth records as a "finisher" in Oshkosh, WI. Any further information you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks.

Surnames: NOVOTNY
Researcher: Karen
Date Posted: 02 January 2003

GGrandmother Magdelene, daughter was Christina married to Joseph Troiber Jr.

Surnames: TROIBER
Researcher: Karen
Date Posted: 02 January 2003

Looking for death dates for GGrandfather and Mother Josepf Sr. and Kratrene. And what cemetery they might be in. Arrived here 1881.

Surnames: RESCH
Researcher: Bobbi H.
Date Posted: 29 December 2002


Researcher: Marilyn
Date Posted: 29 December 2002

I have checked over every cemetery around Winneconne and Nekimi Township looking for Anna (Bennett) Aiken. She died after 1855 when she was on the state census. Is there a chance she is buried in an old "early settler" cemetery that is not online? I'd appreciate any help, and your comments. No death certificate has been found for Anna. Thanks,

Researcher: Jon Boehm
Date Posted: 22 December 2002

Am searching for info on Carl and Pauline (Yanke) Staudenrause, who were residing in or near Oshkosh in the early '20's ( at least as of 1915). Unknown if there were any children from this marriage, nor do I have any further info other than Pauline was still alive after 1915. I do have a photo of her and Carl.

Pauline was born in Waushara Co, probably Town of Bloomfield, in 1871, that much I do have.

Any help would be appreciated.

Surnames: SAMPSON
Researcher: Finn Olsen
Date Posted: 19 December 2002

My name is Finn Olsen, Norway. I am looking for my gr.grandfather, Matt (Math) Sampson, In the US census 1920 he lived in Oshkosh, at Central Avenue, with his wife Rose. He was an superindentent at a sawmill. He was born as Mathias Samundsen Vatne in Orsta, Norway in 1865.

Finn Olsen
2830 Raufoss

Researcher: Barbara Spain
Date Posted: 17 November 2002

I am interested in finding some information about my great grandfather's sister, Ellen Richards, who was born about 1843 in Canada, married Otis F. Chase, born about 1834 in Maine, and they settled in Wisconsin. Otis F. Chase became the Winnebago County Clerk, I have heard, but have no proof of this. This couple had one son that I know of, Leon O. Chase, born on 1 February 1870.

Researcher: Janis Rankin Knott
Date Posted: 4 October 2002

Am looking for information re. the Minkler Cemetery on Knott Road - Is there an accounting of who is buried there? Some kind of list? and who maintains it? I was in Wis in July - walked the grounds - Have many questions - by the way my 2nd gr grandmother was Charity Minkler - Have photos and obits - want to match - Thanks

Researcher: DeLorris Grueneberg Rekoske
Date Posted: 18 August 2002

Seeking information re the following persons known to be living near Winneconne in 1868 having come from Kreise Regenwalde and/or Naugard, Pommern? Julius Hannemann, Florentine Bobholz (spelling?) and Carl Wussow. Florentine worked as a maid in Oshkosh.

Surnames: COGSWELL
Researcher: XXXX
Date Posted: 12 August 2002

would appreciate any info you might have on Joseph or his parents or siblings. I have his parents as George Henry Cogswell born Sept.28,1821 in New Hampshire and Sarah Jane Wells born June 25,1829 at Hadley, New York.

Researcher: Betty J. Fabich
Date Posted: 4 August 2002

I am trying to research a John (Jack) Dombrowski from Menasha, WI He was born about 1898-1900 and died possibly in the 1960's. He was in WWI and married in Texas (Waco/Bremond area) after the War. His wife was Victoria Kubickie (Kubicki) . They had one son, Gaylon Dombrowski. I do not know John Dombrowski's father's name. I do know he had a sister named Anna and a brother, Harry Dombrowski. He and Victoria divorced when their son, Gaylon was about 3. It was about 1923-4 when they obtained a divorce.

I am Betty Fabich, the granddaughter of John and Victoria (Kubicki) Dombrowski. My father was Gaylon. Gaylon was killed in a car accident in Marlin, Tx. in 1949. I have never met or known any of his kin from his father's side. I am 56.

John may have died in an institution for alcoholics somewhere in WI. I do remember my grandmother telling me he was very ill.

Anyway, if you hear of anyone answering that description, I would appreciate the news. My grandparents were both Polish Catholics. My grandmother later married again to Raymond Staskey of Bremond, Tx. I have many photos of the Dombrowski family but no real connection.

Thanking you in advance,

Surnames: McCORMICK
Researcher: Judy McCormick
Date Posted: 27 July 2002

My ggf , John McCormick,came to Oshkosh area sometime around 1850 from Ireland. Married Maria Frances Stevens around 1869 or 1870. They had 7 children Willie( died in infancy), Elizabeth, John P, William L(my gf), James H, Stephen F, Frank L.

Also Andrew and Mary Ryan migrated to Oshkosh from Canada in 1882. They also had 7 children. I believe only 5 came to Oshkosh with them. James, Ellen, John F, Mary M, Andrew J, William A, Gertrude K(my gm). Thank you.

Surnames: WEED
Researcher: Daniel Boyd
Date Posted: 27 July 2002

am looking for a birth record of Elvin Weed, born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin on March 18, 1897. We are wondering the names of his parents, doing some research into our family tree. Could you possibly find this information for me?

Researcher: Nora Barr
Date Posted: 20 July 2002

I am researching the BARR, MOREHOUSE and DOPKINS family and have hit a brick wall. MORTIMER VINE MOREHOUSE born about 1850 married EDNA MARIE DOPKINS born about 1860. They lived in Neenah. I know of two daughters EDNA BLANCHE MOREHOUSE born about 1880 and ESTELLA MOREHOUSE born February 2, 1882. Our family is descended from ESTELLA MOREHOUSE who married a MR. BARR in Neenah about 1900. Apparently they did not live in Neenah for very long as their first child was born reportedly in Ohio in 1902.

Researcher: Ron
Date Posted: 19 July 2002

This is for Ray Anderson. I tried to respond to your query on the Berry's but my e-mail was returned. May have info on the Berry's in Maine.

Researcher: Peggie
Date Posted: 4 July 2002

Hello some where in my seaches I found a Mrs Charles Nelson who's maiden name was Horton. I have tried to find it here but cannot. They where from Oshkosh. The one I am looking for would be a Mary b. in 1859 to Catherine & Alanson Horton. Thank You.

Surnames: AUSTIN
Researcher: Jane
Date Posted: 4 July 2002

Seaching for info on my gggrandfather who was, I believe a superintendent of the Winnebago Insane Asylum according to the 1900 census. His grandson, my grandfather, Albert P. Austin married Verda Gear (of Gear Dairy in Menasha) and I have not been able to find out when or where they were married. I know my grandfather worked and owned several appliance and furniture stores in Oshkosh, and they lived in Menasha, on First Street next to the dairy. I have their birthdates and death dates but not marriage date. Any suggestions on locating the marriage date would be helpful...or checking on my gggrandfather. I have a pix of him with his name...Dr. A.N. Austin...wrote to the American Medical Assoc., but have not heard from them regarding him as a physician. I am a newbie at this genealogy stuff, but have a friend helping. Thanks a lot for helping.

Researcher: Marcy Schroeder
Date Posted: 4 July 2002

Hi-most of my aunts and my grandmother have alzheimers. We were told that my great-grandfather died while living at the poorhouse. He would have died about 1925. Was the poorhouse in existence at that time? Any record of deaths for Chartrand? I'd appreciate any help.

Surnames: SCHERER
Researcher: Verla Scherer Boesch
Date Posted: 25 May 2002

I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather, George Scherer, who immigrated to Oshkosh, WI in 1863 or near that time. He married Margaret Boss, whose father's name was Christian Boss, in 1865 in Oshkosh. My Grandfather, Christian Scherer was born in Oshkosh in 1866. There were seven other children in George Scherer's family, but I have no birth certificates or places of birth of any of them. I would appreciate any information possible on either the Boss or Scherer family. I am interested in when my great grandfather was naturalized and what ship he may have come to America on. I am also interested in finding out what his occupation was in WI. Thank you for any help you can give me.

Surnames: PHILLIPS
Researcher: Joyce Thompson Vallone
Date Posted: 17 May 2002

PHILLIPS FAMILY--Winnebago County, Menasha, WI. Looking for information about Tyler and Fanny C. (THOMPSON) PHILLIPS and their descendants. Tyler and/or his sons owned Philips Furniture Company located in Manasha, Wisconsin in early 1900's.Tyler and Fanny had two sons: William A, b. abt. 1872 in WI and Everett (Everette) T. b. 1876 in WI. I believe William m. a Josephine (?) and Everett T. m. Mary (?). Everett and Mary had a son named Charles b. abt. 1905.

Surnames: McCUSKER
Researcher: xxxx
Date Posted: 20 April 2002

I am looking for anyone with the surname McCusker. Anna McCusker was my grandfather's sister, and her maiden name was Zemlika or Zemlicka. Somewhere along the way the "c" was dropped from the name. Appreciate any help you can give me. Oh, she lived in Oshkosh!

Surnames: PORATH
Researcher: Ted
Date Posted: 8 April 2002

I am looking for someone to find the following Obit: Dr. Friedrich Edward Porath (Dentist); died May 28, 1953, OshKosh. Is there any one in your group that could me? Thx

Surnames: HUGHES
Researcher: Marilea Hughes/Reinke
Date Posted: 2 April 2002

I'm looking for information regarding two doctors that used to be in Winnebago County. Drs. Byron and Clement Hughes...passed away many years ago I'm sure. I recall as a little girl that my folks showed me an article written on one of them... like in the Milwaukee Journal or something like that. Has anyone else ever been searching info about them? Thank you!!

Surnames: BORKOVEC
Researcher: Carol
Date Posted: 21 March 2002


Researcher: Jean A. Spiegelberg
Date Posted: 19 March 2002

Looking for information regarding Otto Spiegelberg who lived in Chili, WI. Born December 7, 1877 and died December 17, 1967.
Otto was one of ten children -
Robert, Theodor (Rockdale, N.Y.), Gustav (Peoria, Illinois), Ida (Zittau, WI), Paul (Milwaukee, WI), Edward (homestead on Wolf River - Winnebago Co, WI), Alvin (Town of Caledonia - Waupaca County, WI), Anna (Oshkosh, WI - Mrs. Reinhold Selle), and Ferdinand (Winnebago County, WI)

Surnames: BRUNKA
Researcher:Margaret Shaver
Date Posted: 8 March 2002

I am researching the family of Henry Brunka I do not know the date he was born--- he married Tena Prumreke/Lemke again no date of marriage--I have very little to go on and would appreciate any help you may have What I have is the following: Tena list her birth place as Oshkosh----Henry can not make out on one of the children birth cert. I think it reads Madison---not clear. They had 4 children Edward---Hannah---George b. 22 June 1888 Eagle River, Vilas Co. Frederick b. 07 February 1889, Tomahawk, Lincoln Co.---They migrated later to Port Huron, Michigan Henry died 17 May 1902.----Hannah Brunka married a McCreight do not know his first name. She lived in Tomahawk in 1948---and than Canada in 1954. Appreciate any assistance. Thanks

Surnames: Edward MITCHELL
Date Posted: 27 February 2002

RUNAWAY @ 12 YEARS OLD about 1878. He was born in WI Sept 17 1866 we think he said in Racine but also talked about Oshkosh. He said he was German and was one of 7 boys. Would not discuss the circumstances of running away. He migrated he said on a wagon train to Dallas and married my grandmother and had 12 children. Oshkosh seems a likely place since he said he was German. Surely some publication mentioned his running away. As a mother I would be frantic.

Surnames: PAGE
Date Posted: 22 February 2002

Looking for any & all info on Gladys & Earl Page family of Neenah.

Surnames: BERRY
Researcher:Ray Anderson
Date Posted: 16 February 2002

I am searching for information on ancestors and BERRY relatives in the Winnebago, WI area. Following was taken from a letter written by my great grandfather Ira. E. BERRY. "Now in regard to Grandpa BERRY. I think he was born in the state of Maine, moved from there to near Neenah, Wisconsin, where he lived when his first wife died, and is buried in the cemetery in the country near Neenah, Wisconsin. I have visited her grave several times. My mother's father and mother are buried in this same cemetery. So I have two grandmothers and one grandfather laid to rest there. Grandfather BERRY, whose name was Nathan D. soon after came west and settled on the farm in Money Creek, where Sister Ida and I were born;

Researcher:Tom Stryhn Sr.
Date Posted: 14 February 2002

I'm inquiring to see if anyone has any information about
Carl Rasmussen, born 1869 in Denmark
Nanny Rasmussen, born 01/30/1874 in Denmark
Leo Benjamin Rasmussen, born 11/07/1891 in Denmark
Bessie Rasmussen,born may 1895 in Wisconsin
Meta Rasmussen, born nov 1899 in Wisconsin
lived in West Polk Street, Oskosh in 1910
Any information would be helpful

Surnames: HOWES
Researcher:Bette Van Goethem
Date Posted: 30 January 2002

HOWES, Annie who taught in the Oshkosh Public Schools for 20 years around the 1900's. She dies in 1922. Wondered what she taught and if she had any children?

Surnames: GILBERT
Researcher:Fritz Gilbert
Date Posted: 30 January 2002

I'm inquiring to see if anyone has any information on the Gilberts that lived in the Neenah area around the early 1900's. My grandfather, who was Frank Gilbert, emmigrated to the US around 1905, and was a border of a house owned by John & Mary Bosch. He lived there around 1910. The home was on E. Franklin St.,Neenah.
He also worked at Neenah Mills.Thats all I know about him.

Surnames: SCZENSKI
Researcher:Lori Weatherford
Date Posted: 5 January 2002

I am looking for my grandparents grave. I was wondering if you could please help me with this, or if you might have any more info on St. Johns Cemetery in Menasha. Their names are Joseph & Julia Sczenski. Joseph died on November 18, 1930. Julia died on July 9, 1956

Any information about this cemetery would be helpful. I believe it to be Catholic. They were definatly Polish.
Thank you,

Surnames: SARGEANT
Researcher:Sharon Goetz
Date Posted: 22 December 2001

I need to try and find either obit or death information for a couple listed in the 1900 Winnebago Twp Omro, WI Census, Names are Edward Sargeant b. Dec 1832 and his wife Martha A. b. Aug 1837/38. Both born in VT. But I feel like they died in Omro.

Can anyone tell me where to look for this info. I really need some death dates and proof for DAR application.

Any help is most appreciated. Thank you so much.

Surnames: STROETZ
Researcher:Sara Strunk
Date Posted: 17 November 2001

William Henry Stroetz married Caroline Hahn in April of 1892 in Menasha, WI. He later married Clara Teggatz on October 25, 1916 -Caroline had passed away on Feb. 6, 1910

I am researching my family (Stroetz) and would be happy to hear from anyone with information or connections

Surnames: CHASE
Researcher:Donna Ryan
Date Posted: 10 November 2001

Looking for info and obit on Horace F. Chase. he was born September 24, 1825 Gill, Franklin, Massachusetts Father: Orren CHASE Mother: Orrilla Died: October 4, 1901, Winnebago Co. at his home, 325 High Street. He was a teacher and an artist He married Sarah Irene, September, 1867 Both buried: Panora, Guthrie Co. Iowa In 1870 Horace and Sarah lived in Reedsburg, Sauk Co. with daughter Clara, 10

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