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Elmer KUEHL (1916 - 1935)

As submitted by [Shelley Green]
Oct 28, 1935 The Wausau Newspaper

Farm Boy Lying Near Death After Shot in Scuffle: Believed Gun was fired accidentally as apple was object of struggle

Clintonville, Oct 28 (AP): Elmer Kuehl, a 19 year old farm youth, was near death today from a gunshot wound inflicted during a scuffle over an apple.

At the community hospital, Dr Irving R Auld planned to give a blood transfusion in an effort to save the young man's life.

The shooting occurred early yesterday afternoon while Kuehl, Leland Christianson, 19, and several smaller boys were preparing to go squirrel hunting.

Sheriff James O Hanson said Kuehl and Christianson began to scuffle for possession on an apple. He was informed, Hanson said, that Christianson finally remarked, "Here, I'll give it to you," and cocked a single barrel gauge shotgun."

Kuehl apparently brushed against Christianson and the weapon was accidentally discharged. Hansen said the charge struck Kuehl in the left thigh shattering the bone and tearing a gapping wound in the flesh. Kuehl's father and brother, Arthur, investigated when they heard heard the shot and found Christianson and Donald Piehl applying a tourniquet on the wounded youth's leg. They were unable to staunch the flow of blood and Kuehl was in critical condition by the time he reached the hospital.

Sheriff Hanson was investigating the shooting today, but said he believed it was accidental.

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