KÜHLs to America by Ships

Compiled by: Rhonda Pennington
For: Marcía Ann Kuehl

Source: Germans to America.
Volume 3 covers June 1852-September 1852
. Volume 4 covers September 1852-May 1853.

Volume 3

Ship: Johanna Elise; From: Hamburg; To: NY; Arrived: 23 June 1852;
Passengers: Kuehl, Christ., age 48 male farmer; Margar., age 45 female
occupation unknown; Bendix, age 18 male farmer; Dorothea, age 17 female
occupation unknown; Hinzen, Maria, age 19 female occupation unknown; Kuehl,
Aug., 14 male occupation unknown; Fritz, age 12 male occupation unknown;
Heinrich, age 6 male child; Province: Germany; Destination: USA

Ship: Admiral; From: Bremen; To: Baltimore; Arrived: 15 June 1852;
Passenger: Kuhl, Friedr., age 28 male shoemaker; Province: unknown;
Villiage: Fuerstenwalde; Destination: USA

Ship: Cumberland; From: Liverpool; To: NY; Arrived: 18 June 1852;
Passenger: Kuhl, Jurgen, age 20 male carpenter; Province: Germany;
Destination: USA

Volume 4

Ship: Copernicus; From: Hamburg; To: New Orleans; Arrived: 18 November
1852; Passenger: Kuehl, Heinrich, age 23 male farmer; Province: Schleswig
Holstein; Destination: New Orleans

Ship: Olbers; From: Bremen; To: New Orleans; Arrived: 26 October 1852;
Passenger: Kuehl, Henry, age 26 male farmer; Province: Prussia;
Destination: New Orleans

Ship: H. Hudson; From: London; To: NY; Arrived: 29 September 1852;
Passengers: Kuhl, Adolf, age 39 male occupation none; Nathlie, age 19
female occupation none; Jo. age 11 male child; E. age 10 male child; Robt.
age 9 male child; Eugene, age 6 female child; Antonio, age 4 male child;
Emily, age .11 female infant; Province: Germany; Destination: USA

Ship: Heidelberg; From: Havre; To: New Orleans; Arrived: 25 March 1853;
Passengers: Kuhl, Niclaus, age 30 male laborer; Josephe, age 20 male
laborer; Christofe, age 18 male laborer; Province: France; Destination: New

Ship: Sir Robert Peel; From: Hamburg; To: New Orleans; Arrived: 27 October
1852; Passenger: Kuhl, J., 16 yr old male laborer; Province: Schleswig
Holstein; Destination: Iowa

Ship: New York; From: Havre; To: NY; Arrived: 17 December 1852; Passengers:
Kuhl, Jacob, age 25 male cultivator, Marie, age 29 female cultivator;
Jacob, age 2 male child; Province: Hesse; Destination: USA

Ship: Gallia; From: Havre; To: New York; Arrived: 04 October 1852;
Passenger: Kuhl, Michel, age 21 male cultivator; Province: Hesse;
Destination: USA

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