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KUHL and KÜHL (KUEHL) are two different names, with two different pronounciations. My family surname is KÜHL or KUEHL. (German) One with a cold personality, varient of KÜHL (qv.) KÜHL, KÜHLE (German)

The German family name KUEHL is classified as being of nickname origin. Surnames which are derived from a nickname are said to constitute one of the oldest and most varied class of family names. This particular category encompasses many different types of origin. The most obvious are those names which are based on a physical characteristic or personal attribute of the initial bearer. In this particular instance, the surname KUEHL is derived from the Middle German word "kuel", which means "calm, indifferent, cool". Thus the original bearer of the name was one of a calm nature and could not be excited easily.

Varients of the surname KUEHL include Kühl and Kühle. One of the earliest references to this name or to a variant is a record of one Aberlin Kül who was listed in the "Register of Wurllemberg" as a resident of Cleebronn near Brackenheim in the year 1415. However, research is of course ongoing and this name may have been documented even earlier than the date indicated above. Otto Kuehl and Maria Kroeger were married November 1, 1796 in Barmstedt in Schleswig - Holstein and Mumm Mathies Hinrich Kuehl, the son of Johann Kuehl and Margreta Andersen, was born on February 3, 1810 in Meldorf in Schleswig - Holstein.

Notable bearers of the surname KUEHL include the writer Heinrich Kühl (1748-1821), the lawyer David Lukas Kühl (1752-1837), and the writer Agnes Kühl (1858-1880). This name was introduced to America as eary as 1852, in which year we find a record of the emigration of Christian Hinrich KUEHL, who was naturalized in Texas. The name could of course have been introduced to that country at an eariler date. BLAZON OF ARMS: Vert, overall three acorns or. Translation: Vert (green) signifies Hope, Joy, and sometimes Loyalty in Love. Or (yellow) represents the sun. CREST: A savage holding a club proper. Source Reference: Siebmacher's Wappenbuch, Bg 4 60. ORIGIN: Germany. Taken from the Historical Research Center - Family Name History document.

SPELLING & PRONOUNCIATION: The German umlaut has the effect of adding an "e" after the vowels a, o, & u. In fact, with email and other forms of communication where umlauts are not available, "ae", "oe", and "ue" will be substitued for "ä", "ö", and "ü". As for pronunciation, "ü" -- probably the most difficult for foreigners -- is learned by first saying a constant long e and then changing the shape of the mouth to a long u. Something like the sound in "pew".

The name KUHL with no umlaut, is a different surname. One who came from Kuhle (pit, excavation) Name of three places in Germany; Dweller near a mine or pit; Descendant of KUHL or KUHLE, pet forms of names beginning with KOL (helmet) as Colobert and Colohart. Taken from New Dictionary of American Family Names, Elsdon C. Smith, Harper, Row, and Publishers 1973, Kaneohe Public Library, Hawaii.

My father is Raymond Claude KUEHL Sr, of Wisconsin Rapids, Wood County, WI. His father was Emil Otto KUEHL. His parents are unknown, but it is noted he immigrated with Carl J and Wilhelmina (nee KÜHL?) REINKE, who listed them as their son on the 1900 Federal Census. Emil married Olga Ottilie SCHULTZ, daughter of Gustav and Mary (nee VanHORN) SCHULTZ. My grandfather (German speaking) pronounced his surname as a German speaker, my father and his children, were not German speakers, thus used the Amerian pronounciation of "Keel".

Come with me and take a journey back into history. Help me discover my MAK-roots, and how they shaped the person I am today... If perchance, we are related, click on Email MAK and let me know... I will be happy to include your line and share information on mine.

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