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Sometimes MAK is not on her own computer so her bookmarks don't work. These are links for MAK's personal use. Ones that MAK finds useful - they are edited/updated when MAK finds another source, a broken link, or the link is no longer useful. These links belong to the individual who copyrighted them - If you stumbled here by accident or want to use the links, be sure to check the URL to find out where you are - Some sites may NOT be free or even related to what you are interested in. DO not write and ask if MAK will add your link -

Holly Timm Bookmarks

CAGenWeb - USGenWeb

Data Manipulation:
Data Trick Page

Websters On-line Dictionary

French Genealogy Sites:

Genealogical Data Bases:
America's First Families
Ancestral Findings
Ancestory.Com - Not Free
I dream of genealogy
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 17631900
MN - Death Certificates

Genealogy Sites:
The Mayflower Society
Random Acts of Kindness - RAOGK
Random Acts of Kindness - RAOGK - State Index
USGenNet - Historical Genealogical
USGenNet - Index

German Genealogy Sites:
GenealogyNet - German
Hamburg - Link to Your Roots - In German/English
Pomerania / Pommern

Color Mix
Graphic Tutorials
Holly Timm Site
Super Color Chart

Step into History

Chicago Park District
Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 17631900
Illinois Trails - History and Genealogy

Reno County Genealogical Society

Murphy Library - UW-LaCrosse


MN - Death Certificates

Classical Music

Newspapers On-line:
New York Times - Historical

LaBrue Family Tree - Ancestory.Com

Babel Fish Translation
Free Translation

Darci's Place of Origins - NY to WI
JacksonCoWI - Offical County Site
JuneauCoWI - Census - WIGenWeb
Milwaukee - PAF
Penny Postcards from Wisconsin - WIGenWeb
Wisconsin County and Town Histories - I dream of genealogy
WIGenWeb - USGenWeb
Wisconsin - GenExchange
Wisconsin - It's Story and Biography 1848-1913 Ellis Baker Usher
Wisconsin - Random Acts of Kindness - RAOGK
Wisconsin State Genealogical Society

Come with me and take a journey back into history. Help me discover my MAK-roots, and how they shaped the person I am today... If perchance, we are related, click on Email MAK and let me know... I will be happy to include your line and share information on mine.

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