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Dexter Census 1920

The following people were living in Dexter Township, Wood County, Wisconsin in 1920:

Name Birth Year Birth Place Race
Alava, Walter A 1892 Colorado White
Basler, William A 1895 Missouri White
Blakeley, Buford B 1883 Wisconsin White
Bottcher, Charles M F 1893 Wisconsin White
Brachhimor, Ambus 1864 Wisconsin White
Bradford, William D 1898 Wisconsin White
Brandt, Herman 1840 Germany White
Braun, Wilhelmina 1865 Germany White
Brown, Eual F 1893 Wisconsin White
Cavenaugh, John L 1835 Ireland White
Clements, Willard B 1868 Iowa White
Cobertson, Edward I 1879 Minnesota White
Crance, Claud A 1880 Indiana White
Crance, Hines A 1857 Indiana White
Damme, Reinhard P 1894 Iowa White
Davis, Jefferra 1857 Kansas Indian
Doud, William M 1846 New York White
Dougherty, Ellen N 1874 Ohio White
Downing, Bert R 1874 Vermont White
Faulls, Ernest B 1883 Illinois White
Foard, Amos 1861 Wisconsin White
Ganes, William G 1880 Germany White
Gardner, Clifford E 1894 Wisconsin White
Gardner, Robert 1864 Wisconsin White
Garruto, Henry C C 1875 Germany White
Graf, Arthur L 1885 Wisconsin White
Hagen, Olle 1875 Norway White
Hanway, Francis M 1866 Wisconsin White
Harper, James ?? 1877 Wisconsin White
Hasenbank, Charles H 1858 Germany White
Heath, Edward 1855 Wisconsin White
Heser, August H C 1860 Germany White
Hiles, George H 1869 Wisconsin White
Hofer, John C 1883 Wisconsin White
Holst, Peter C 1866 Denmark White
Hoof, Rudolph C 1877 Wisconsin White
Hotchkiss, Ray F 1893 Wisconsin White
James, Andy P 1888 Wisconsin White
Jewell, Clarance W 1875 Wisconsin White
Johnson, Elias 1875 Indiana White
Johnson, Hans J 1876 Iowa White
Johnson, Lars G 1880 Sweden White
Kause, Ferd 1879 Austria White
Kennan, Edward J 1888 Wisconsin White
Keska, Cara 1881 Wisconsin White
Kleifgen, Anton 1864 Germany White
Knutson, ?? A 1860 Norway White
Knutson, George 1877 Wisconsin White
Koll, John H 1890 Germany White
Kollen, Gula R 1905 Minnesota White
Kunst, Gottlieb 1888 Russia White
Lagergren, Carl I 1879 Sweden White
Leverson, George 1876 Norway White
Lias, Samuel F 1873 Wisconsin White
Mathes, Anton 1876 Russia White
Mathys, Emil 1871 Switzerland White
Mc Guire, Agnes C 1892 Wisconsin White
Mc Guire, Margaret E 1886 Wisconsin White
Mc Guire, Patrick H 1888 Wisconsin White
Mc Guire, Thomas M 1892 Wisconsin White
Merk, Harry G 1899 Wisconsin White
Millam, Fred H 1871 Wisconsin White
Miller, Leon C 1861 Wisconsin White
Mongan, John H 1877 Wisconsin White
Mongar, John H 1856 Pennsylvania White
Moore, Thomas E 1860 Indiana White
Morten, Ludell M 1880 Wisconsin White
Mundt, Otto 1886 Germany White
Newberger, August 1875 Germany White
Norton, Louis H 1840 Canada White
Parker, Martin E 1896 Wisconsin White
Pauker, William C 1880 Wisconsin White
Rackl, Harley B 1909 Wisconsin White
Rasmuson, Julius J 1882 Denmark White
Rayer, Velonis 1855 Austria White
Rison, Darl 1860 Iowa White
Rison, Louis J 1860 Iowa White
Rode??, Frank 1889 Germany White
Rose, Edward W 1876 New York White
Rostock, Joseph M 1857 Germany White
Sammond, Charles F 1895 Wisconsin White
Sammond, Robert L 1898 Wisconsin White
Sarone, Andrew V 1875 Sweden Indian
Schulz, Theodor 1862 Germany White
Schweller, William J 1863 Germany White
Scott, Robert R 1861 Scotland White
Seldon, James G 1858 Wisconsin White
Shimkus, Paul G 1882 Russia White
Smith, Julius V 1885 Illinois White
Stein, Otto C W 1877 Wisconsin White
Stevers, William O 1885 Iowa White
Strickley, Fredrick 1866 Wisconsin White
Tape, Wm New York White
Tice, Joe 1885 Slovakia White
Trbovich, Elija 1873 Slovakia White
Trenchard, Merritt E 1886 Wisconsin White
Troe, George N 1862 Iowa White
Ward, William L 1896 Wisconsin White
Westaway, William C 1883 Wisconsin White
Wilsey, Malinda 1861 Norway White
Wilsey, Pratt E 1856 Wisconsin White

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