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In this section of our website you can request help with your Breconshire-related family history research. You can also try to help others solve their family history problems.
Now see if you can help other researchers with their problems, set out below with the latest query at the top.

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Help solve these Family History Problems

4. Morgans of Brecon – (submitted 25 November 2010)
Patricia 'Trish' Tyler, writes:
I am looking for information on two people. One is definitely an ancestor on my family tree, but the other one is only a possible ancestor.

  • (Frederick) Morgan. He was a brother to my grandfather or great grandfather (both generations had a Frederick). He was a member of the Council and was involved, possibly as an architect, in the refurbishment of the Barracks, possibly in the time of the Rebecca Riots if he was related to my great grandfather? Or - if he was my great uncle then a more recent refurbishment. Allegedly there is a plaque somewhere on a wall within the Barracks but I have not managed to inspect the inside walls. This family of Morgan, usually headed by a David Morgan, lived in 11 Llandaff Road, Brecon for several generations. The last David Morgan to live there was my grandfather who left to work as a carpenter in the Cwmdu area before marrying my grandmother Elizabeth Howells though other members of the family lived there until 20 to 30 years ago. My father was David H V Morgan born near Crickhowell.
  • Gwenedd Morgan (may be Gwynedd). This is recent information and rather vague. She apparently lived in either the 17th century or the 1700's and was the first female mayor of Brecon. I thought this would make her easy to trace but I have had no luck so far.Plaque

Trish Tyler

Note from John Ball
In her second query, I think Trish is referring to Gwenllian Morgan.
A bilingual commemorative plaque (right) located outside Buckingham House in Brecon states:

Gwenllian Morgan MA FSA JP
First woman town Councillor in Wales in 1907 and later in 1910 first woman Mayor. Born at Penpentre, Defynnog a daughter of the Curate of Penpont. Prominent in the church and public life she was also an eminent local historian. She is buried in Penpont churchyard.
1852 - 1939

3. Evan Maddy baptism in Breconshire circa 1741-45? – (submitted 5 October 2010)
Sue in Suffolk, writes:
I am a member of Powys Family History Society. I am researching the Maddy family who lived in the Brecknockshire area for at least 200 years.
The family appears to have come from Dorstone, Herefordshire [I have a tree of 1500 for the Dorstone Maddys and know that my Maddys are connected to it]. The join comes somewhere around the 1660s when a William and Jane Maddy were in Glasbury. I think it is possible there were two families of Maddys in that area. The one I think is my line starts with a William and Jane who had 12 children in the Glasbury Registers. William and Jane died 1731 and 1736 respectively. I have only been able to find nine of these children and the one I am looking for would be an Evan Maddy born around 1692. The reason I have this date is because there is a Will by William Maddy of Glasbury of 1731 which gives his son Evan to be his Administrator. Also I have a marriage of Evan Maddy to Elizabeth Beavans of 1710 at St Davids Brecon which fits into the timeline of dates. Evan and Elizabeth had a son William born 1713 who I believe married as Guilemus Maddy to Elizabetha Jones at St Davids Brecknock in 1741.
After this, I cannot find a birth for my Evan Maddy who was born circa 1741-5 who married Ann Price at Llanigon on 22.9.1766 (This is definitely my family line).
I am wondering if anyone in the Brecknock Group has come across a baptism for an Evan Maddy somewhere in the area. I have been to the County Archives in Llandrindod Wells every year for the past ten years and have trawled through many of the fiches but have not come across a baptism for him. It would be very helpful to prove that he had some connection with the Glasbury Maddys.
I realise that there is not necessarily anyone tracing Maddys but if somebody has come across any Maddys in an obscure Parish I would be grateful to have the information.
Sue in Suffolk

Two ladies 2. Who is the seated lady? – (submitted 1 July 2010)
Hilary Williams, of Brecon, writes:
In the photograph (right) is my Great Grandmother Caroline Evans (née Williams) of Drover's Arms, Epynt, Breconshire. Her dates are 1853-1942. Caroline is standing in the photograph, but who is the lady sitting by her side?
She had a sister, Mary Ann (born 1855), but I do not know whether she married or even if she lived beyond childhood. Their mother, Hannah Pugh, who did not marry her father, married Thomas Pugh when the girls were young and Hannah died about 1907 in Llanfaes, Brecon. The girls did not live with their mother and stepfather. Caroline’s father was a David Pritchard, possibly the cousin of Clement Pritchard of Drover's Arms who was brought up at Castle Madoc Farm, Lower Chapel.
I have been told that Caroline was a great friend of Mary, wife of Tom Phillips, the Gamekeeper, from Upper Chapel. Another story is that she was friendly or related in some way to a lady, possibly known as "Granny Broomfield or Brookfield" who kept a tea shop in Builth Wells.
There are lots of maybes here but I really would like to identify the woman sitting next to my Great Gran and I would also like to receive more information on the other aspects of this story.

1. Can you identify this property? – (submitted 30 June 2010)
David James, of Howey, Radnorshire, writes:
Unidentified property This picture was sent to me by a relative from Leicester who would like to identify the name of the property. The lady in the front, sitting with her children, is almost certainly Elizabeth Eleanor (Ellen) EVANS, born 1873 at Sarnau, Llandefaelogfach, Breconshire. In 1894 she married Philip JAMES of Pantllwyfen, Llandefaelogfach. In 1904 they moved to Hillis at Llanfilo, also in Breconshire. Philip died in 1909, and in 1912, Elizabeth married again, to her farm manager David PRICE at Hay-on-Wye. Elizabeth died in 1914.
This information suggests the photograph was taken between 1904 and 1914.
My Leicester relatives tell me they obtained the picture from a elderly relative who seems sure the picture was taken while Elizabeth was living at Hillis. Last year I met them when they visited the area to research their family, and while here they visited both Pantllwyfen and Hillis and have confirmed neither is the property in the photo.
Thanks for your help................................David

Suggested answer – (submitted 28 July 2010) from Delyth Jones:
I wonder if the house was Tregunter, Llanfilo, shown in the photo (dated circa 1890) on the following two webpages:,307560.0.html and
The windows are the same but the left hand end of the house does not look as if it would match up. Tregunter House no longer exists but I don't know when it was pulled down. My father told me about the place when we were driving past Tregunter Farm about 30 years ago. He said that there were (walled?) gardens by the farm which had been for the great house. My father was born in 1911 and I don't know if he remembered the house or if he had been told about it. David James's photo looks as though the house would be grander than the average farm with the flowerbed in front. I grew up near Llanfilo and I don't recognise it, but of course I haven't seen every farmhouse from every angle.Hope you find the answer as I am very curious myself to know where it is now.
Delyth cautions not to set too much store by her suggestion.

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Updated 30 January 2011
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