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In this section of our website we bring you the latest news about the Brecknock Group and about family history in general. We also issue monthly Newsletters, which can be accessed via the link below.

  • 30 January 2011: Resignation Statement, dated 25 January 2011
    The three Trustees who serve on the Executive Committee of Powys FHS as representatives of the Brecknock Group have resigned their positions as Trustees of the Charity with effect from the Executive Meeting of 15th January 2011.
    There have been some fundamental differences between the Brecknock Group Trustees and the Executive Committee going back over a period of years involving a number of Brecknock Group Trustees. In particular, decisions have been made by individual members of the Executive outside minuted Executive meetings. Many of the decisions made in this manner have had financial and legal implications for all the Trustees individually and for the charity as a whole.
    The Brecknock Trustees have also repeatedly raised concerns that the minutes of the Executive Meetings have not reflected the proceedings at the meetings. Accurate records are essential to confirm the legality of the decisions made at the meetings.
    In the light of these unresolved issues the Brecknock Group Trustees felt they had no option but to resign from the Executive Committee of Powys FHS. All the members of the Brecknock Group Committee fully support this decision.
    Trustees: Hilary Williams, John Ball, and Sue Snook
  • 30 January 2011: February meeting cancelled – Because of the current changes in personnel on the Brecknock Group Committee (see above), we have had to cancel the meeting due to be held on 28th February.

  • 30 January 2011: Status of future meetings – Because of the current changes in personnel on the Brecknock Group Committee (see above), the meetings scheduled for March through to July are now subject to confirmation. Contact Malcolm Jones (tel: 01792 862869) for details.

  • 30 January 2011: Status of Website – Because of the resignation of John Ball as Webmaster, the Brecknock Group website will not be updated or developed any further unless and until a new Webmaster is appointed. John Ball will continue to be contactable at but is no longer responsible for this website.
    If you are interested in taking over as Webmaster, please contact Malcolm Jones (tel: 01792 862869).

  • 30 January 2011: Publication of Newsletter Number 14 – click on Newsletters button below.

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Updated 2 February 2011
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