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Family Bibles Project – 3rd & 10th November 2010

As part of an ongoing project to record family history details inscribed in old family bibles, a team from the Brecknock Group made two visits to Brecknock Museum to photograph and transcribe details from the collection of around sixty old bibles held by the Museum. The team comprised Sue Snook, Rob Eckley, Dr Owen Forester, Alison Noble, and Hilary Williams. The photographs will be transferred to CD, one CD to be presented to the Museum, the other to be retained by the Brecknock Group. The photographs below show the Brecknock Group team hard at work in the Museum.

Photography by Rob Eckley

Bibles project
Sue Snook, Alison Noble and Hilary Williams transcribing details from old bibles,
with Museum Senior Curator Nigel Blackamore looking on.

Bibles project
Dr Owen Forester hard at work.

Bibles project
Hilary and Sue examine one of the old bibles.

Bibles project

Rob Eckley (right) inspects the bible in which he had the good fortune to discover details of the births of some of his own ancestors.

Bibles project

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Updated 5 December 2010
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