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BLFHS – New Website for 2012

Since the launch of the Society last June, our website has been hosted by (a branch of, who provide us with free webspace and a rather unmemorable web address!
The BLFHS management committee has always viewed this arrangement as a temporary one, and our webmasters have recently opened an account with a different webhost. This new arrangement offers us greater flexibility in the way we develop the website, new navigational features, and a more appropriate, easy-to-remember web address.

The New Website
Our new website, at, offers all the familiar features of our original website. At first sight, the new site may seem almost identical to the old one, but we hope you'll find it even easier to navigate your way around.
As before, the website is be divided into a Public Section and a Members' Section. Accessing the members' section requires a new 2012 password, issued to all existing BLFHS members when they renew their membership for 2012. New members will also be issued with a password when they join the Society.

Launch Date
Our new website was launched on 4th January 2012 at its new web address:

The Old Website
Our old website, hosted by, will remain accessible at its current web address throughout the month of January 2012, with its members' section accessible, as now, using the 2011 password. At the end of January we will remove everything from the website except a single webpage that will merely redirect its visitors to the new BLFHS website.

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Last updated 4 January 2012