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Parish Registers

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The Aberdare Collection    Unit Price :-  £8.00   + p&p

This was our first "In House" CD ROM and was produced by our Aberdare Branch. It  contains the  Marriage indexes of St. Elvan, St Fagan and St John Churches as well as a transcription of the Aberdare 1861 census. The CD is produced in Acrobat and is full searchable

Briton Ferry, St Mary’s                    Unit Price :-  £7.00  
+ p&p
& Giants Grave Cemetery MI’ s

This CD contains the monumental inscriptions from St Mary’s churchyard and the overflow burial ground at Giant’s Grave. Also included are the burial registers of St Mary’s which contain many of the people buried at Giant’s Grave.

The monumental inscriptions are indexed by surname and the full transcription can be viewed by going to the grave reference number. The surname index contains all names mentioned on the headstones. Included on the CD is a photograph of the church as it looks today as well as the cenotaph and chapels in the Briton Ferry area.


Cardiff Catholics   Unit Price :- £ 8.00  
+ p&p

This CD is dedicated to the memory of Richard Bennett, former GFHS Project Coordinator, and is a transcription of the Catholic Parish Church Registers for the following Cardiff Churches

St. David's Baptisms 1836 - 1915; Burials 1839 - 1873; Marriages 1839 - 1915

St. Paul's Baptisms 1881 - 1915; Marriages 1882 - 1915

St. Peter's Baptisms 1861 - 1915; Marriages 1882 - 1915



Cardiff, Roath St German's Church.    Unit Price :- £10..00   + p&p

This is a CD version of the previously published fiche and booklets of St Germans in Roath, Cardiff. It contains Baptisms 1884 – 1924 and Marriages 1887 – 1918. The difference between the previous publication is the addition of a scanned version of the book entitled “History of Roath St. Germans” which was published in 1934. This is a fascinating book, 100 pages  crammed full of information of the Church and surrounding Roath Parish, Incumbents and lists of Clergy that have been associated with the Church over the years, plus maps and more.


Dowlais, Ivor English Congregational Church.      Unit Price :-  £5.00  + p&p

Ivor English Congregational Church. This CD contains a list of members between 1878 – 1928  plus Officers of the Church. Its also contains photographs, church documents and an introduction by Carolyn Jacob on the history of the Church.

Llandaff Cathedral.      Unit Price :-  £10.00   + p&p

This CD contain exactly the same data as previously published in booklet and Microfiche formats
Baptism Indexes

The first Baptismal Index contains all baptisms from 1724 to 1930 and assumes that the child has been given the father's surname - the present-day practice.
The second Baptismal Index contains baptisms up to
1812 only, and is based on the father's Christian Name - useful for identifying those baptisms where a patronymic has been used.
The third Baptismal Index contains only those children whose mother's surname differs from the father's, or where only the mother's surname appears. There are two
1724 – 1844 and 1844 - 1930

Marriage Indexes
Two indexes Marriages 1717 – 1838 and 1838 – 1901 These are indexed by Groom and Bridegroom

Burial Index
One index covering the period 1724 - 1998

These indexes are intended only as a finding-aid, and do not contain all the detail of the original registers, copies of which can be consulted in the Glamorgan Record Offices. To aid indexing, old-style dates (pre-1752) have been converted to modern usage; where a father has more than two names in the early registers, only the first is treated as a "forename"; all the "ap" pre-fixes have been removed. In the burial index, all widows using their maiden name are listed under their husband's surname, with their maiden name following their forename. Modern place-names have been used where positively identified.

LLansamlet & Kilvey    Unit Price :-  £9.00  
+ p&p

This CD contains transcriptions of the baptisms, marriages and burials which took place at St Samlet Church, Llansamlet, Swansea. It also contains the baptisms which took place at All Saints Church, Kilvey which was a chapel of ease to St Samlet.

The dates for Llansamlet are:
Baptisms 1704-1920 Burials 1704-1935 Marriages 1680-1837
and for Kilvey: Baptisms: 1845-1932

There are no burial entries for Kilvey as there is no burial ground at Kilvey, the churchyardis at the main church in Llansamlet. Glamorgan FHS have not recorded marriages which took place after 1837 and as All Saints opened after this date, there are no transcriptions of Kilvey marriage registers.

Llangynwyd - St Cynwyd    Unit Price:-  £12.00    + p&p

This CD is a compilation of the parish register and monumental inscription transcriptions of St. Cynnwyd’s Church, Llangynwyd and contains the following :-

Baptisms 1661 - 1901
Marriages 1662 - 1838
Burials 1662 - 1901.
Monumental Inscriptions
The monumental inscriptions are indexed by surname and the inscriptions by plot number. Included with the monumental inscriptions are the transcriptions produced in 1881 by David Jones of Wallington. Many of these headstones no longer exist or are illegible. Also plans of the graveyard.

Llangynwyd Marriages 1  Unit Price £5.00 + p&p

Transcribed Marriage Registers from 1838 - 1899
Indexed by both Bride and Bridegroom with their addresses and occupations, also Fathers name and occupation plus Witnesses names

Llangynwyd Marriages 2  Unit Price £5.00 + p&p

Transcribed Marriage Registers from 1900 - 1950
Indexed by both Bride and Bridegroom with their addresses and occupations, also Fathers name and occupation plus Witnesses names


Llangynwyd Marriages 1& 2  Unit Price £9.00 + p&p

Transcribed Marriage Registers from  1838 - 1899 and 1900 - 1950
Indexed by both Bride and Bridegroom with their addresses and occupations, also Fathers name and occupation plus Witnesses names


Maesteg - Bethania    Welsh Baptist Church             Unit Price :-  £ 5.00   + p&p

This CD contains transcripts of  Burials 1853 - 1907
Marriages between 1900 and 2004
Monumental Inscription Survey conducted in 1994
Scanned copies of the Grave Owners Register


Mountain Ash.                                Unit Price :-  £8.00    + p&p
St Margaret's Church Mountain Ash and St John's Church, Miskin

Baptisms 1859 - 1931; Marriages 1865 - 1933
incorporating the records of
St John's Church, Miskin. Mountain Ash
Baptisms 1910 - 1935 and Marriages 1910 - 1931

Included on the CD is a scanned version of the St Margaret's Church Booklet which includes many other Churches in the Aberdare area

Mountain Ash Nazareth English Baptist Church     Unit Price :- £8.00   + p&p

History of the Church 1866 - 1966 (Scanned Images)

Membership lists :- 1886 - 1891, 1891 - 1894, 1898 - 1921 - Indexed

Minute Books 1867 - 1880 and 1881 - 1897 - (Scanned Images)

Lords Supper List 1891-1897 and Admissions / Dismissions 1888-1902 indexed

Skewen   St Johns               Unit Price :-  £7.00   
+ p&p

Parish Registers 1850 - 1930

This CD contains baptisms, marriages and burials from the time the church opened in 1850 through to 1930. The files are in Adobe Acrobat and are freely searchable on the text which enables the user to search for any given name, year or place.

The baptisms and burials are indexed by surname and the marriages are indexed by both bride and groom surnames. A summary of the 1851 ecclesiastical census is included which shows the population figures for the parish along with the number of attendees at its services.

St John's juxta Swansea    Unit Price :-  £8.00   
+ p&p

This CD contains transcriptions of the baptisms, marriages and burials which took place at this church. The baptisms cover dates 1797 - 1923 (1407 names), Marriages 1785 - 1837(255 entries), Burials 1797 - 1885 (3683 names). The Bishops Transcripts for baptisms and burials which took place between 1800 - 1813 are included on this CD which fills the gap for this period in the parish registers. The register transcripts are book marked separately and within each file the surnames are indexed alphabetically for ease of use.
Included on the CD are photographs of the old church, now rededicated to St Matthew, as well as the new church of St John's juxta Swansea and also of the streets surrounding the church. Small potted histories accompany the photographs which make them a little more interesting


Swansea - St Mary    Price :- Unit Price :- £ 15.00  
+ p&p

This CD complements the booklets and fiche versions that have already been published and contain exactly the same information

Baptisms 1631 - 1900
Marriages 1631 - 1837
Burials 1631 - 1909

Cover photograph :-  courtesy John Ball,  Brecon

Vaynor (BRE) St Gwynno 1714-1925    Unit Price:- £8.00  
+ p&p

Vaynor Parish is in the county of Brecon, which is just over the border from Glamorgan, near Merthyr Tydfil, and is in the diocese of St David’s. The parish church is named St Gwynno, its most famous "occupant" being Robert Thompson Crawshay, who was buried there in 1879. The CD contains some 4516 Burials, 3544 Baptism, and 2043 Marriage records, all of which have been alphabetically indexed and are fully searchable.

Also on the CD is a scanned version of part of a book on Vaynor, which was written in the late 1890’s by a Mr. W. Morgan of Pant. This contains a detailed description of Vaynor Church and the immediate surrounding places of interest. Some original photographs are included plus some later ones by courtesy of Merthyr Tydfil Library.

Whitchurch, Cardiff, Ararat Baptist Church    Unit Price :- £8.00  
+ p&p

On a site known as Gwaun Treoda, Whitchurch, the first Ararat Baptist Church was formed in 1824, with the first Church being built in 1828, and took it’s appropriate name from a mound that was on the Common. The Church has been enlarged many times since. The CD contains the following transcriptions which are indexed alphabetically and are fully searchable.

Membership register 1914 to 1930, Births, dating from 1790 to 1836
Grave register 1828 to 1945, (not a full run of dates),
Monumental Inscriptions, (Previously issued by the GFHS in 1981)

This publication contains new material, which has recently been deposited in the Glamorgan Record Office under reference DBAP 5/New 2003, they are the Membership and Grave Registers, (the Birth Register is an earlier deposit.) There is also a selection of photographs of the graveyard and interior of the Church.   Cover illustration :- Richard Morgan GRO.

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