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Juvenile Convictions                       Unit Price :- £10.00   + p&p
 GLA Quarter Sessions 1847 - 1880

This is a transcription of the Quarter Sessions Juvenile Convictions Records October 1847 – 1880 which are held under reference Q/S JC 1/1 to Q/S 14/113 at the Glamorgan Record Office in Cardiff. The CD contains an index of Surname, Forename, Age, Session, date of Hearing / Ref No. and details of the crime and punishment levied.

This is a most interesting recording of life in the mid 1800’s which shows how hard times were for some of the population with the theft of coal being the most recorded offence.

The Glamorgan Hearth Tax    Unit Price :- £12.00   + p&p

This CD is a scanned version of the book “The Glamorgan Hearth Tax Assessment of 1670”, edited by Elizabeth Parkinson and published by the South Wales Record Society in 1994.

Hearth Tax was introduced in 1662 and continued to be levied until 1689. The regular Assessments were supposed to record all householders in each parish and hamlet by name and the number of hearths for which they were liable to be taxed. While some poorer householders were exempt from the tax, their names were still to be included in the Assessment. Only two seemingly complete Assessments for Glamorgan have survived, of which this is one, and its value for family historians lies in its providing the names of the inhabitants of the county by parish at a date from which few parish registers have survived, as well as giving some insight into the social standing of named individuals.

Y Darlunadur     Unit Price :- £ 5.00     
+ p&p

Illustrated book of preachers in the Welsh Methodist Church in East Glamorgan at the end of the 19th century.

This Welsh-language volume is a commemorative illustrated handbook of the Welsh Presbyterian Methodist church in East Glamorgan at the end of the nineteenth century. In addition to portraits of some of the founding fathers of the sect in Glamorgan, as well as pictures of the Memorial College at Trefecca and its staff, it contains portraits of the ministers of all the Welsh Presbyterian Methodist churches in the Monthly Assembly of East Glamorgan, together with brief biographical details of each one. It was prepared under the supervision of the Rev. W. Lewis of Pontypridd and published with the authority of the Monthly Assembly. The Index lists all the persons contained in the volume, with the number of the page on which they are depicted. There are also tables of statistics relating to all the churches in the Monthly Assembly for 1899.


Unitarian Students       Unit Price :- £ 5.00    + p&p

The Unitarian Students at the Presbyterian College, Carmarthen. In the Nineteenth Century. 1796 - 1901. Compiled by an old Student R.J.J. Aberdare and published by Jenkin Howell Printers. Victoria Square 1901

This is a short history of approx 130 students who were at Carmarthen between 1796 and 1901 with a potted history of their career and family history, which are not available elsewhere.


Glamorgan Quakers    
Unit Price :- £ 10.00    + p&p

A unique collection of records from the archives of the South Wales meetings of the Society of Friends

The CD contains Births from 1699, Marriages from 1698, Members list from 1838, Burials and Burial grounds from 1693 & 1800, Certificates of removal and Acknowledgements from 1763, Quakers who were active in Glamorgan, a list dating from 1654 and a short summary of the "Sufferings", the earliest date being 1660. The transcriptions have been taken from registers that are deposited in the Glamorgan Record Office in Cardiff which are available for viewing by telephone appointment. Our thanks go to Alan Davies, Honorary Archivist of the South Wales Religious Society of Friends for his help and permission to publish these registers.

Typical example of "Sufferings"

3m 1805, James LEWIS Trosnant MON, demand for tithes 12/6, charges 10/-, claimant William HARRIS tithe farmer, William HARRIS constable, warrant signed by Thomas HOUGHTON and Hanbury DAVIES, taken bacon to the value of £1/8/6.

Births 1699 - 1925, Marriages 1698 - 1925 and Members 1838 - 1924
Burials 1693 - 1963 and Burial Grounds 1800 - 1863 (not continuous)
Removal Certificates 1763 - 1873 and Acknowledgments 1803 - 1868
Quakers Active in Glam. 1654 -1900 the "Sufferings" 1660 -1665 & 1821-1837




Cardiff Workhouse Admissions & Discharge Register 1846 -1847   

Unit Price:-  £ 8.00    + p&p

Our latest CD is a transcript of the admissions and discharges of “patients” to  Cardiff Workhouse in 1846 and 1847. These records were rescued from a flood, and were in very poor condition, photographed by the Glamorgan Record Office and then transcribed. So the result is a unique record of that time. The CD is in our usual Acrobat format which has been indexed and is fully searchable. 

The actual registers are :- Last Quarter 1846 and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Quarter 1847
There is also a scanned copy of the 1868 Architects Building Proposals and plans

 Cover photograph :- courtesy of Cardiff Library Local Studies Dept.


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