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Cwm Rhondda 1891

Enumeration Districts



Parish of Llanwonno RG12/4412

ff.3-27. En.Dist.1 Blaenllechau. Part of the village of Blaenllechau, including Aberdare Rd.,

Albert St., Long Row, Upper Mountain Row, Lower Mountain Row, Baptist Square, Middle Huts, Prince St., Luton St., Middle Row and Glynview.

ff.31-51. En.Dist.2, Blaenllechau. Part of the village of Blaenllechau, including Taff St.,

Dolwern Cottages, George St.,Davies St., Danygraig Place,

Wind St., Commercial St., Blaenllechau Rd., Pendyrys Farm,

Tynewydd and Glynrhedynog Inn.

ff.55-81, En.Dist.3, Pontygwaith, Wattstown and part of Ynyshir.

The village of Pontygwaith, including Tygwaedd Farm, Llanwonno Rd., Pontygwaith Rd., Furnace Rd. and Margaret St.The village of Wattstown,  including Aberllechau Rd., Hillside Terrace, Bailey Street and Rhiw Cottage Also that part of Ynyshir that includes Glen Terrace, Maindy House, Taff Vale Cottage, Gardener`s Lodge and Penrhiw Farm.

N.B. Most of the village of Ynyshir can be found in the parish of Ystradyfodwg.

ff.85-106, En.Dist.4, Porth. Part of the village of Porth, including Station St., Powells Place,

Williams Place, Railway Tce.,Rheola Row, Riverside, Woodfield Tce., Birchgrove Tce., Danyrallt Tce., Behind New York, New York Tce., York Tce., Mary St., America Place, Brynffynon, Penrhywgwynt Rd. and Porth

ff.101-131, En.Dist.5, Porth. Part of the village of Porth,including West Taff St., Glandwr Ter.,

Old Cottages, Jenkin St., Pontypridd Rd.,Foundry St., Porth Cottages,

Porth Slopes, Station St., Hannah St., Gladstone Tavern and Gladstone Ter.


Parish of Llanwonno. RG12/4413

ff.3-30. En.Dist.6. Porth. Part of the village of Porth, including John St., Cross St., Syphon St.,Edward St., North Rd. Bridge St., Darren Pistyll, Cwm George,

Colliers Row, Fairoak, Llwyncelyn Road to Hafod Fawr Farm.

ff.34-62, En.Dist. 7, Trehafod. The village of Trehafod, including Thomas Place, Hafod Rd., Teifi Ter., Wayne St., Railway Ter.,Morgan St., Trehafod Rd., Hafod Ter., Farmers Arms Place, Fountain Ter., Ivor St., Great St.,Western St., Colliery St., River St. and Gyfeillion Rd


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4418

ff.24-44, En.Dist.9, The village of Edmonstown, including Dinas Isha Rd., Penrhiwfer Rd.,

Edmondstown. Hendregwilyn. Parts of Edmonstown, Trebanog, and Penrhiwfer, Office Row,

The Huts, Pleasant View, Pleasant Row, Underhill, Llest Owen, Bruce Terrace, Glamorgan Terrace, Cae Mawr Terrace and Meyricks Row.

ff.48-75, En.Dist.10, The village of Williamstown, including Gwaunyrergyd, Upper Williamstown,

Williamstown. Rowlings Houses, Saron Row, Brynglas, Quarry Houses, Craig Yr Eos,

Lower Williamstown, New Houses, Alma Terrace, Brook St. ,Cross Brook St.

and Tynycae Terrace.

ff.79-102, En.Dist.11 Parts of the villages of Penygraig and Dinas, including Dinas Stables,

Penygraig and Dinas. Dinas View, Amos Hill, Balaclava Tce. Dinas Rd., Quarry Row, Tai Row, White Rock Row, Grovefield Tce., Cymmer Row, Tai Nettws, Boot Sq.,

Chapel Row, Tramroad Side and Tramroad.

ff.106-130. En.Dist.12.Dinas. Part of the village of Dinas, including Cymmer Rd., Cross Row,

Ford`s Tce., Penparlas, Tynycymmer Row, Cross Row, Riverside, Dinas Rd., Double Houses, Foster`s Row, Pit Row, Short Row, Tai Cwm, Pen Machine, Concrete Houses, Pond Row, Waunarw,Upper Fosters, Green Hill, Price Row and Craigddu Rd.


Parish of Ystradyfodwg. RG12/4419

ff.4-32, En.Dist.13. Cymmer. That part of the village of Cymmer that includes School St., Office St.,High St., Morgan St., Cymmer Rd. Love Tce., Vestry Row, Trebanog Rd.,

Tai Castell, Windsor Tce. and Back of Rickards.

ff.69-105. En.Dist.15. Hafod. The village of Trehafod, including Temple Buildings, Hafod Rd.,

Phillips Terr., Office Terr., Office Row,Station Terr., Vaughans Row, Coedcae Row, Ael-y-Bron Terr., Fairview Terr., Bryn Eirw Terr., Woodfield Terr. Roderick Terr., Rheola Terr.,Clifton Terr.,and that part of Porth known as Britannia, including Eirw Rd.,River Terr., River St., Morgan Terr, Imperial Terr.,Edmund St.,Britannia St.,Brook St. and Britannia Place.


Parish of Ystradyfodwg. RG12/4421

ff.2-26, En.Dist.1, Fernhill. The village of Fernhill, including Clyngwyn and Tynywaun Farms,

Caroline St., New Huts, Upper Fernhill, Fernhill, Lower Fernhill, and part

of the village of Blaenrhondda, including Brook St.

ff.30-48, En.Dist.2,

Blaenrhondda and Blaencwm. Part of the village of Blaenrhondda, including Brynwyndam Tce, Blaencwm Tce., Pleasant View, Siding Huts, Stank Huts, Chicago Huts; and

the village of Blaencwm, including Hendrewen Row, Henderson Huts,

Beynon Row, Allen Row, Blaenselsig Row and Tydraw Farm.

ff.52-73, En.Dist.3,

Tynewydd,Treherbert. The part of Treherbert known as Tynewydd, including Halifax Tce.,

Wyndham Row ,Long Row, Scott Row, Alma St.,Bulls Row,Mountain Huts and

Tynewydd Huts.

ff.77-98, En.Dist.4,

Tynewydd, Treherbert. Part of the village of Treherbert,known as Tynewydd, including Miskin St., Walters Row, Victoria St., Windsor St., Gwendoline St. and Dunraven St.

ff.102-123, En.Dist.5,

Treherbert. Part of the village of Treherbert, including Abertonllwyd Row, Bute St.,

Station St., Station Terr. and Cwmsaebren St.


Parish of Ystradyfodwg, RG12/4422

ff.4-25, En.Dist.6. Treherbert. That part of Treherbert that includes Dumfries Street, Church Street, River Row, Eleanor Street and George Street.

ff.29-50, En.Dist.7. Treherbert. That part of the village of Treherbert which includes Maesyffrwd Terrace, Ynyswen Terrace, Baglan Street,Mary Street, Princess Street,

Carmel Street, Painter's Row, John Street, Brynfyfryd, Ynysyfeio Huts, Hopkin Street, Nant Ddyrys and Brickyard Row.

ff.54-80, En.Dist.8. Treorchy Part of the Village of Treorchy, including Bute Street, River Row and Crichton Street.

ff.84-106, En.Dist.9. Treorchy Part of the village of Treorchy, including Windsor Street, Cardiff Street, Clark Street, Herbert Street, Senghenydd Street, Howard Street and

Tylacoch Place.

ff.110-131, En.Dist.10. Treorchy. Part of the village of Treorchy, including Dumfries Street, Williams Row, Abergorky Huts, Tyladu, Cemetery Road, Glyncoli Road, Horeb Street, Chapel

Street and New Chapel Street.


Parish of Ystradyfodwg. RG12/4423

ff.3-34, En.Dist.11. Cwmparc. The village of Cwmparc, including Railway Terrace, Tremain Cottages, Park Isaf, Park Uchaf, Greenfield Cottages, Gaffers Row, Greenfield Row,

Calvin Terrace, Baglan Terrace, Upper Row, Sunny Bank, Lower Row, Pencae Terrace, Taff Houses and Stable Houses.

ff.38-65, En.Dist.12. Treorchy. That part of the village of Treorchy that includes High Street

ff.69-92, En.Dist.13. Treorchy. That part of the village of Treorchy which includes Hermon Street, Rees Street, Regent Street, Wesley Terrace, Brook Street, Tynybedw Terrace, Prospect Place, Tynybedw Street, Highland Terrace, New Street, James Street, Troedyrhiw Street, Myrtle Row, (Back of)High Street, Ash Terrace, Hillside Terrace, Margaret Street and Oak Street.

ff.96-115, En.Dist.14. Pentre. Part of the village of Pentre, including Price Street, Clytha Street, Albert Street, Windsor Street, Madeline Street, Elizabeth Street, New Elizabeth Street, Market Square, Lily Mary Street, Upper Alma Place,  Brook Street, Pentre Farm, Police Station and Baglan Cottages.

ff.119-140, En.Dist.15.

Ton Pentre & Pentre. Parts of Ton Pentre and Pentre, including Maindy Farm, Brynmafonwydd House, Maindy Hall, Queen Street,New Queen Street, Treharne Street,

Pleasant Street, Foundry Terrace, Albert Street, Rees Street, Thomas Street and Catherine Street.


Parish of Ystradyfodwg, RG12/4424

ff.3-23, En.Dist.16. Pentre. Part of the village of Pentre, including Llewellyn Street, Ash Terrace, Lower Alma Place, Tripp Terrace,Glenview, Hoddinotts Row, Lletecca,

Walnut Tree Villa, Houses behind Pentre Pit.

ff.27-51, En.Dist.17. Pentre. Part of the village of Pentre, including Ystrad Road, as far as the brook by Nebo Chapel, and  various named houses along the road.

ff.55-84, En.Dist.18. Ton Pentre. Part of the village of Ton Pentre, including Church Road, Church Street, Llanfoist Street, Parry Street,Ton Row, Incline Row and Bailey's Estate


ff.88-116, En.Dist.19.

Ton Pentre. (Part of) Part of the village of Ton Pentre, including Bailey Street,

Victoria Street, Price Street, Maindy Road,Queen Street, New Street,

Clara Street, Gordon Street, Metexa Street, Whitefield Road, Ton Farm

and Back of Bailey Street.


Parish of Ystradyfodwg, RG12/4425

ff.1-31, En.Dist.20. Gelli. Part of the village of Gelli, including Gelli Road, Hillside Terrace,

Bwllfa Cottages and Bwllfa Farm.

ff.35-60, En.Dist.21.

Ystrad & Gelli. Parts of the villages of Ystrad and Gelli, including Top-y-Deri Houses,

Forest Cottage, Danyderi Villa,Primrose Hill, Church Villa, Rosebank Villa, Penbanc Villa, Gelli Crossing, Bethel Cottage, Ynysgau Road, Shady Cottages, Rhondda Rise Villa, Tyisaf Road, Greenhill Cottage, Brynteg Cottages, Churchfield Row, Tyfry Farm, Back of Pleasant View, Pleasant View, Cules Stables, Railway Place, Ystrad Terrace and Union Street.

ff.64-89, En.Dist.22.

Ystrad. Part of the village of Ystrad. All houses from Nebo Brook to Lamb Brook, including Lamb Inn, Pontrhondda Farm, Bodringallt House, Bodringallt Cottages, Bodringallt Villa, Gelli Terrace, Tanygraig Houses, Gelli Cottages,Arthur Street, Pleasant Terrace, Ivor Street, Dyfodwg Cottage, Brook Cottages, River Row, William Street, Amry Place, Under William Street and Under Nebo Chapel

ff.93-126, En.Dist.23.

Ystrad. Part of Ystrad, including Tyntyla Road, Brook Cottages, Pontrhondda

Terrace, Gelligaled Road, Cops Row,Bryn Gwilym, Tyntyla Row, Brynhyfryd,

Tyntyla Farm, Glynog Terrace, Willes Church, Old Mill, Gas Row, Chapel Street, Redfield Street, Oddfellows Row and Victoria Street.


Parish of Ystradyfdwg. RG12/4426

ff.4-43, En.Dist.24. Llwynypia. That part of Llwynypia, including Salem Terrace, Ivor Hael Place, Rhondda

Terrace, Taff Cottages, Glyncornel Terrace, Station Terrace, Llwynypia Terrace, Rosedale Terrace, Argyle Terrace, Grange Terrace, Holyrood Terrace, Cambrian Terrace, Glamorgan Terrace, Amelia Terrace, Glandwr Terrace, Inverleith Terrace,Campbell Terrace, Llewellyn Terrace, Dewinton Terrace, Ayton Terrace, Glamorgan Villas, School Houses, Hillside Villas

and Jenkin's Shop Back.

ff.47-71, En.Dist.25.

Tonypandy. (Part of) Part of Tonypandy, including Dunraven Street, Llwynypia Road, Post Office Terrace, Dewinton Field, Dewinton New Houses, Tyr Twyn, Church Street, Court Place, Zion Hill, Electric Hill, New Road, Mountain View, Glyn  Terrace, Knoll Villas, Knoll Terrace and Caravans.

ff.75-103, En.Dist.26.

Tonypandy. (Part of) That part of Tonypandy that includes Court Street, Heath Terrace, Pembroke

Street, John Street, Glyn Terrace, Cross Street, and Clydach Road.

ff.107-131, En.Dist.27.

Clydach Vale. That part of Clydach Vale which includes Rhys Terrace, Jenkins Terrace,

Evans Terrace, Wern Terrace,Clifton Terrace, Phillips Terrace, Bush Hotel,

Huts, Old Bush, Forest Houses, Sunny Bank and Bush Houses.


Parish of Ystradyfodwg, RG12/4427

ff.3-27, En.Dist.28. Clydach Vale. That part of the village of Clydach Vale that includes Morton Terrace, Marian Street, Howard Terrace, as far as Blaenclydach House.

ff.31-64, En. Dist.29. Tonypandy. That part of Tonypandy that includes Dunraven Street, Cross Row, Riverside, Mount Pleasant, Primrose Hill, New Cottages, Bryntawel Hill,

Hill Row, Adare Terrace, Primrose Street, Primrose Hill, Elleanor Street, Brynderi, Gellideg, Fernley Terrace, Davies Houses, Brewery Houses, Gellifaelog Farm and Jones Terrace.

ff.68-96, En.Dist.30. Penygraig. That part of the village of Penygraig that includes Tylacelyn Hill, Tylacelyn Rd., Garreg Tce., Zoar Tce., Surgery Row, Turberville Sq., Field Tce., Glanynant St., Trafalgar Tce., Lower Trafalgar, Tylafedw Tce., Pisgah Tce., Railway Cottages, Hendrecafn Rd., Cross Row, Turberville Row, Middle Row, Top Row and Station Tce.

ff.100-121, En.Dist.31.

Gilfach Goch & Penygraig. That part of the village of Gilfach Goch lying inside the boundary of the Rhondda Urban District, namely Carncelyn House, Penygraig Cottage,

Penpisgah Houses, Pentre Farm, Talbot Cottage, Talbot Inn, Whitefield

Houses, Talbot Tce., Scotch Row, Pritchard`s Row and Rose Hill. Also that

part of Penygraig that includes Penygraig Rd., Cross Row, Cader Idris,

Gethin Row, Pleasant View, Mount Pleasant and Hendregwilym Rd


Parish of Ystradyfodwg. RG12/4428

ff.2-24, En.Dist.32. Trealaw. That part of Trealaw that includes Partridge Row, Miskin Rd.,

Chandlers House, Coedcae Rhondda, Mount Pleasant, Fair View, Bryngweunydd

Houses, Rhys St., Wengraig Rd. and Trealaw Rd.

ff.28-55, En.Dist.33.Trealaw. That part of Trealaw that includes Miskin Rd., Elton Rd.,

Under Miskin Rd., Winslade Row and Miskin Rd.

ff.59-79, En.Dist.34. Trealaw. That part of Trealaw that includes Cemetery Rd., Brithweunydd Isaf, Brithweunydd Uchaf, Sunny Bank Old Rd., Brithweunydd Rd., Maesyffynon Tce., Maes Yr Haf, Station Rd., Norman Tce., Brithweunydd Rd., Foundry Place, Brithwynydd Cottages, Tai George, Brynheulog, Jenkins Row, Powells Houses, Davies Houses, Hallesy`s Row, Squire`s Houses, Llewelyn`s Row, Old Road, Patsey`s Houses, Jenkins Row and Daniels Row

ff.83-112, En.Dist.35.

Trealaw/Ynyshir. The part of Trealaw that includes Twyn Yr Eryr, Graig Rd., Fairfield Tce.

and Penlan Tce. The part of Ynyshir that includes Ynyshir Rd., Wind St.,

Brynhyfryd Tce., Whitting St., James Tce., Picton Tce., Troedyrhiw Place,

Court Tce., Tynewydd Rd., Pleasant Hill, Woodland Villas and Railway Side.

ff.116-144, En.Dist.36. Ynyshir. That part of Ynyshir that includes South St., Railway Tce, David`s Place, Railway Tce., Western Tce.,Thomas Place, Incline Row, Danygraig Tce., and

Llewellyn St.,Pontygwaith.


Parish of Ystradyfodwg. RG12/4429

ff.3-24, En.Dist.37. Tylorstown. That part of Tylorstown that includes Edmund St., Pleasant View, Woodland Cottages, White Houses, Pendyris Rd.,East St., Tylor`s Huts,

Hendrefadog St. and Deri Tce.

ff.28-53, En.Dist.38. Tylorstown. That part of the village of Tylorstown, including East Rd., Ashfield Tce. and Cynllwyn Ddu Farm.

ff.57-84, En.Dist.39. Ferndale. That part of the village of Ferndale that includes New St., Pleasant Hill, Green Hill, Regent St., Duffryn Place, Myrtle Hill, Brynteg Tce. and

Duffryn Street.

ff.88-115, En.Dist.40. Ferndale. That part of the village of Ferndale that includes Dyffryn Farm, Brynhyfryd Tce., Frederick St., Union St. and Lake Street.


Parish of Ystradyfodwg. RG12/4430,

ff.3-28, En.Dist.41. Ferndale. That part of the village of Ferndale that includes Fountain Street, Cross Street, Francis Street, Britannia Place, Maxwell Street, Wood Street, Beech Street, Rhondda Road, The Strand and High Street.

ff.32-55, En.Dist.42. Ferndale. That part of the village of Ferndale that includes North Street,

Jepson Huts, Elm Street, Oak Street and Church Street.

ff.59-80, En.Dist.43. Maerdy. That part of the village of Maerdy that includes Mardy Road {Maerdy Road], Ceridwen Street, North Terrace and Wrgant Place.

ff.84-112, En.Dist.44. Maerdy. That part of the village of Maerdy that includes Rowley Terrace, Oxford Street, Station Terrace, Thomas Street,Hill Street and Pentre Road.