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East Glamorgan Parishes 1891 Census

Enumeration Districts


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Parish of Eglwysilan. RG12/4409, ff.4-18, En.Dist.1, Glynrhymney, Llanfabon Parish.,


Rural Sanitary District of Pontypridd. Part of the Ecclesiastical District of Ystrad Mynach.

The hamlet of Glynrhymney, including various farms, cottages, and farms, Wingfield Cottages, Cooper Tce.,

Forest Houses, Wern Houses, Company Houses, Ball Court Houses and Heolfawr. The boundary commencing at

Shingrig Road and bridge, thence to Nelson Inn, along the boundary dividing Garth and Glynrhymney to Eglwysilan

parish boundary, along the road to the River Rhymney, then to Ystrad House, then to Wern Houses,and Nelson Gate.


Parish of Eglwysilan, RG12/4409, ff.22-40, En.Dist.2, Garth, Llanfabon and Quaker`s Yard.


The villages of Garth, Llanfabon, Quaker`s Yard and Pentwyn Berthlwyd, including Shinrig Rd., Penybryn Tce.,

Shinrig Tce., Abernant Cottages, Mavon Cottages, Craig Berthlwyd, Libanus Cottages, Caerphilly Rd., Merthyr Rd.,

Tram Road Side, Cardiff Rd., Mill St., Pontsquire, Pentwyn Berthlwyd, Tyllwyd Tce. and Old Berthlwyd.

The boundary commencing at Mafan Bridge Mill, thence to Pontsquire, thence to the Gellygaer boundary, to Shingrig

Houses, thence to Maesmafon Farm. Thence to Holly Bush, Abernant House,and thence to the starting place.


Parish of Eglwysilan, RG12/4409, ff.46-63, En.Dist.3, Llanfabon, Aberdare Junction.


Part of the village of Garth, the boundary commencing at Shingrig Bridge, to the Railway Tavern, to the tramroad,

to Navigation, along the east side of the River Taff to Ynyscadudiog, to Brynheol Fawr, thence along the west

of Heol Fawr, to the starting place. Various houses, cottages and farms in the parish of Llanfabon, centered on

Aberdare Junction, and including Nelson village, Tai`r Heol and Navigation Houses.


Parish of Eglwysilan, RG12/4409, ff.68-112, En.Dist. 4, Caerphilly.


Part of the hamlet of Energlyn, that of the hamlet of Van, the boundary proceeding to St.Martin`s Well, leading

to Eglwysilan Common, thence along the boundary of Bedwas parish, and along the boundary of Energlyn hamlet to

the starting place, including the whole of the town of Caerphilly.

Parish of Eglwysilan, RG12/4409, ff.116-119, En.Dist.5, Mynydd Eglwysilan, Mynydd Meio, Senghenydd & Abertridwr, and Aber Valley.


Comprising the whole of the hamlet of Park and so much of the hamlet of Energlyn as is situated to the North

of the Risca Brook, to Furnace Bridge, thence to Pen-y-rheol-ddu, including the cottages at Pen-yr-heol Ishaf.

The villages of Senghenydd and Abertridwr, and the houses, cottages and farms found on the surrounding hills.


Parish of Eglwysilan. RG12/4410, ff.3-16, En.Dist.6, Rhydyboithan and Hendredenny.


The villages of Rhydyboithan and Hendredenny, including many unnumbered houses, various farms and public houses, including Fox & Hounds, White Cross Inn, Angel Inn, Rose & Crown, Upper Boat Inn & Colliers Arms.


 N.B. The description is missing from the original.



Parish of Eglwysilan. RG12/4410, ff.20-48, En.Dist.7, Glyntaff, Eastern Part of Pontypridd, Coed Pen Maen,

 to Glyntaff.


That part of Glyntaff, Pontypridd, that includes Sunny Bank, Griffiths Place, Merthyr Rd., Davies Tce.,

Springfield Tce., Wiltshire Tce., Bridge St., Llewellyn Place, Union Place, Ynysyngharad Rd., Hughes Place,

Mount Pleasant, Nightingale Bush, Williams Tce., Pentrebach Rd., Oddfellows Place, Glyntaff Rd., Bailey`s Place,

Craig yr Helfa Rd., Round House Place, Jones Tce., Ivor Court, Gibbon`s Tce., Brynffynon Tce., and Ty Gwyn Rd.

Also a number of houses, public houses and cottages.


Parish of Eglwysilan. RG12/4410, ff.52-86. En.Dist.8. Trallwn, Coed-Pen-Maen, Pontypridd (Part of).


The Trallwn part of Pontypridd that includes Bridge St., Ceridwen Tce., Sion St., Carmarthen Place,

Mount Pleasant, Feeder Row, Davies Place, Foundry Place, Coedpenmaen Rd., Alpha St., Alpha Place, Bonvilston Tce.,Davies St., Snellings Houses, with many cottages and houses, and a few public houses.


Parish of Eglwysilan. RG12/4410, ff.90-112, En.Dist.9, Glyntaff, Pontypridd.


That part of Glyntaff, Pontypridd, that lies between the Ely Brook and the Albion Hotel. To include Bedw St.,

Bodwenarth Tce., Birch Grove Tce., Police Row, Davies Houses, Howells Tce., Lewis Row, Norton Bridge St.,

Bassett Tce., Chivers Houses, Evans Houses, Thomas Houses, Evans New Houses, and various named houses,

public houses and cottages.


Parish of Eglwysilan. RG12/4411. ff.1-40, En.Dist.10. Cilfynydd.


That part of Cilfynydd that includes Jones St., Mary St., William St., Richard St., Merthyr Rd., Bryn Taff View,

Albion Tce., Howell St., Thomas St., Ann St., and various houses without individual names, but referred to as

" Cilfynydd ".

N.B. The description of the boundaries is missing.


Parish of Eglwysilan. RG12/4411, ff.44-68, En.Dist.11. Glyntaff, Rhydfelen and Hawthorn.


That part of the hamlet of Glyntaff, Pontypridd, that includes Ashgrove Tce., Cemetery Rd., Gwernygerwn Rd.,

Gwernygerwn, Rhydfelen, Hawthorn, Gellidawel; and various farms, houses, public houses and cottages as far as

the boundary of the Corrwg Brook, including Bryntyla, Hendre Evan Prosser, Ffynon Rhingyll, and Glyntaff farms.


Parish of Eglwysilan. RG12/4411, ff.72-78, En.Dist.12, Energlyn and Hendredenny.


That part of Energlyn, Caerphilly, to the South of the Rhymney railway that includes Cardiff Rd., Nant y calch,

Warren, Caerphilly Common, Hendredenny, Watford Rd. and Rhydyboithan village, with various farms, houses, public

houses, cottages, tents and caravans. The boundary continues along that of Whitchurch parish and Rudry parish.


Parish of Eglwysilan. RG12/4411, ff.82-94, En.Dist.13, Nantgarw and Glanyllyn.


The villages of Nantgarw and Glanyllyn. Starting south of Dyffryn Isaf Brook, thence along the River Taff as far

as the railway bridge at Taff`s Well, thence along the Turnpike Road, along the Rhymney railway to Bryncoch Works,

to the brow of Craig-yr-Allt Mountain,to the parish road,to the Rhymney railway, then along the road to Ty hen

Dyffryn Ffrwd as far as the canal bank, thence to the brook south of Dyffryn Isaf. To include many unnumbered

properties along roads identified as Nantgarw, Maenmilwr, Glanyllyn, Canal Side, Graig-yr-Allt Mountain,

Graig Cottages, Rhymney Siding, with various houses, public houses, cottages and farms



Parish of Eglwysilan. RG12/4411, ff.98-124, En.Dist.14, Taff`s Well & Tongwynlais.


The villages of Taff`s Well and Tongwynlais, starting from the railway bridge, crossing the River Taff at Taff`s

Well, thence along the river to the boundary of Whitchurch parish at Tongwynlais, thence as far as Forest Cottage.

Thence along the road to Tynant Farm, to the Rhymney railway, along the footpath to the canal, and along the

Taff Vale railway to the starting point.

To include Cardiff Rd., Chapel St., Garth St., Castle Rd., Church St., Anchor Tce., Junction Row, Forest Row,

Rhymney Cottages, Wyndham St., The Square, Canal Rd., Mill Rd., Castle Rd., Wellington St., ending with

Castell Coch. Many farms, cottages, houses and public houses are found in the surrounding area.


Parish of Llanwonno. RG12/4413. ff.66-90. En.Dist.8. Hopkinstown.


The village of Hopkinstown, including Hopkinstown Road, Taff St., Castle Ivor St., New Foundry Rd.,

Crocketts Tce., Distillery Rd., Ty Mawr Rd. and Gyfeillion Rd.


Parish of Llanwonno. RG12/4413, ff.94-104, En.Dist.9, Pantygraigwen.


The village of Pantygraigwen, on the hill behind Hopkinstown, overlooking Pontypridd, including Paint-y-graig-wen Rd.,

Ty Mawr Rd., Hafod Lane, Troedrhiwtrwyn, Penygraigwen and various cottages and farms in the area..


Parish of Llanwonno. RG12/4414, ff.1-15, En.Dist.10. Pontypridd.


That Part of the town of Pontypridd that includes Pontypridd Upper Mills, Rhondda Rd., Graigwen Rd., Pencerrig St., Llynmadoc St., Graigwen Place, Tyfica Rd., Tyfica Cres., The Grange, and some farms, houses and cottages.


Parish of Llanwonno. RG12/4414, ff.19-38. En.Dist.11. Pontypridd.


That part of the town of Pontypridd that includes Church St., Mill St., St.Catherine St., The Arcade, Market St.,

Church St., Gelliwastad Tce., Penuel Rd., Gelliwastad Rd., Gelliwastad Grove, Taff St., Temperance Place,

Morgan St., Davies Court, Morgan`s Place and Gas Rd.


Parish of Llanwonno. RG12/4414, ff.42-63. En.Dist.12. Pontypridd.


That part of the town of Pontypridd that includes Taff St., Rickard`s Place, Chapel St., Bridge St., Morgan St.,

Bridge Court, Craig Yr Heog Court, River St., Berw Rd., Darandu, Williams Place, Ynysgifilan Rd., Cook`s Place,

Craigyrhesg Tce., Parish Houses, and various farms and houses.



Parish of Llanwonno. RG12/4414, ff.67-99, En.Dist.13, Ynysybwl.


That part of the village of Ynysybwl that includes Tair Heol Cottages, Glan Nant Cottages, New Road, Robert St.,

Glynmynach, High St., Crawshay St., Thompson St., Thompson Villas, Cribbin Du St. and Glynmynach St., Gelli Farm and Gelli Uchaf Farm.


Parish of Llanwonno. RG12/4414, ff.103-123, En.Dist.14. Ynysybwl.


That part of the village of Ynysybwl that includes Rock Tce., Clydach Tce., Other St., Church Rd., Archer St.,

Paget St., Augusta St., Windsor Place, Clive House and Troedyrhiw Cottage.


 Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4417, ff.4-26, En.Dist.1, Miskin.


That part of Llantrisant that includes Pont y Parc, Cefn y Parc, Mwyndy Terr., Mwyndy Bach, Glan y llyn, Maendy,

Llwynsaer, Aberthandre, Brofiscin Fach, Primrose Cottage, Groesfaen, Llwyn Gibbon, Caeryngallt, Llanfarach,

Ynys Carw Gelliwen, Clun, Llwynpenna, Tynewydd, College, Allti Cerwi. Castell Mynach Arms, Yscawrddu,

Corner Park, Miskin Manor, New Mill, Hendy Isha, Hendy Farm, Talygarn, Castell Y Mwnws, Brynsaddler,

Windsor Cres., Bute Cres., Station Tce., Victoria Tce., Victoria Buildings, Windsor Tce., Woodland House,

Bute Cottage, Old Bute Arms and Old Office.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4417, ff.30-50, En.Dist.2. Llantrisant.


That part of Llantrisant that includes Spout House, Llantrisant House, and various farms, Public Houses,

cottages interspersed between Mount Pleasant, Roam Rd. Tce., Commercial St., Ponypridd Rd., David`s Town,

Cardiff Row, High St., South Parade, Jones`s Row, Ffynontrisant, Sarn St., Swan St., Blue St., Cross Inn Rd.,

Gwaunygroes, Maesaril Crossing and Taff Vale Cottages.



Parish of Llantrisant, RG12/4417, ff.53-73, En.Dist.3, Llantrisant.


That part of Llantrisant that includes Cross Inn Rd., Talbot Rd., High St., Graig Rd., Sunny Bank, Meyricks Row,

Hensole Tce., Danygraig Terrace, Penygawsy, Loftus Tce., G.W.R. Cottages, and various outlying farms, cottages

and houses


 Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4417, ff.77-96, En.Dist.4. Gelliwion, Llantrisant.


That part of Pontypridd that is known as Gyfeillion, to the west of the Rhondda River and north west

of the town centre. It includes Pwllgwaun Rd., Lee St., Vaughan St., Sheppard St., Morgan St., Seaton Place,

and various farms, houses and cottages on the outskirts of the district. 


 Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4417, ff.99-108, En.Dist.5, Beddau.


The boundary starts at Glanmychyd Bridge,to Treferig  House, thence to Waen Cestallau, thence to Llwynypia farm

house, then to Rhiwsaeson, Torycoed, Gwernymolefach and to, but not including Brynteg Arms. Thence along the

Llantwit Fardre boundary to the road near Glanmychyd Bridge. To include Penycoedcae, Castellau, Gelynog, Beddau, Glamydlyn, Rhiwsaeson, Llantwit Main and the house near Treferig Mill. 


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4417, ff.112-123, En.Dist.6, Tonyrefail.


That part of Tonyrefail that includes Mill Rd., Chapel Rd., Redgate Rd., St.John`s Cottages, Pantybrad,

Pengarreg Cottages, and many farms, houses and cottages that lie west of Toneyrefail, towards Pencoedcae

and Llantrisant.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4417, ff.127-145, En.Dist. 7, Gilfach Goch.


Part of the village of Gilfach Goch which lies in the parish of Llantrisant, including Blandy Tce., Nicholl`s Tce., Post Office Row, Hails Buildings,

Mount Pleasant, Penllwyngwent, Meyricks Houses, Grays Houses, Graig Goch, Llywelyn Tce., Slades Buildings,

Penydaren Cottages, Gilfach Rd., Bryn Sion, Tanybryn, Gerybryn, Dimdonnel Tce., Gellihaul Row, Gilfach Cottages,

Triggs Houses and High St.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4418, ff.4-20, En.Dist.8, Tonyrefail.


That part of Tonyrefail that includes St.John, Redgate, Greenhill Tce., Chapel Rd., Waunrhydd Rd., Gilfach Rd.,

School Rd., Collenna Rd., Station Rd., and many farms, cottages and houses in the surrounding areas.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4418, ff.24-44, En.Dist.9, Edmondstown.


The village of Edmonstown, including Dinas Isha Rd., Penrhiwfer Rd., Hendregwilyn. Parts of Edmonstown,

Trebanog, and Penrhiwfer, Office Row, The Huts, Pleasant View, Pleasant Row, Underhill, Llest Owen,

Bruce Terrace, Glamorgan Terrace, Cae Mawr Terrace and Meyricks Row.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4418, ff.48-75, En.Dist.10, Williamstown. 


The village of Williamstown, including Gwaunyrergyd, Upper Williamstown, Rowlings Houses, Saron Row, Brynglas,

Quarry Houses, Craig Yr Eos, Lower Williamstown, New Houses, Alma Terrace, Brook St. ,Cross Brook St.

and Tynycae Terrace.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4418, ff.79-102, En.Dist.11. Penygraig and Dinas.


Parts of the villages of Penygraig and Dinas, including Dinas Stables, Dinas View, Amos Hill, Balaclava Tce.,

Dinas Rd., Quarry Row, Tai Row, White Rock Row, Grovefield Tce., Cymmer Row, Tai Nettws, Boot Sq., Chapel Row, Tramroad Side and Tramroad.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4418. ff.106-130. En.Dist.12.Dinas.


Part of the village of Dinas, including Cymmer Rd., Cross Row, Ford`s Tce., Penparlas, Tynycymmer Row,

Cross Row, Riverside, Dinas Rd., Double Houses, Foster`s Row, Pit Row, Short Row, Tai Cwm, Pen Machine,

Concrete Houses, Pond Row, Waunarw,Upper Fosters, Green Hill, Price Row and Craigddu Rd.


Parish of Ystradyfodwg. RG12/4419, ff.4-32, En.Dist.13. Cymmer.


That part of the village of Cymmer that includes School St., Office St., High St., Morgan St., Cymmer Rd.,

Love Tce., Vestry Row, Trebanog Rd., Tai Castell, Windsor Tce. and Back of Rickards.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4419. ff.36-65. En.Dist. 14. Cymmer.


Part of the village of Cymmer, including Bridge St., Glynfach Cottages, Glynfach Rd., Stanley Place,

Bedw Field,Bedw St.,High St., Thomas Place, Argyle St., Brook St., Lincoln St., Lewis Place, Upper High St.,

Alma Tce., Brooklands, Green Hill, Trebanog Rd. and Tynyberllan.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4419. ff.69-105. En.Dist.15. Hafod.


The village of Trehafod, including Temple Buildings, Hafod Rd., Phillips Terr., Office Terr., Office Row,

Station Terr., Vaughans Row, Coedcae Row, Ael-y-Bron Terr., Fairview Terr., Bryn Eirw Terr., Woodfield Terr.,

Roderick Terr., Rheola Terr.,Clifton Terr.,and that part of Porth known as Britannia, including Eirw Rd.,

River Terr., River St., Morgan Terr, Imperial Terr.,Edmund St.,Britannia St.,Brook St. and Britannia Place.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12, 4419. ff.110-125. En.Dist.16. Llantwit Fardre.


That part of Llantwit Fardre that includes Llwynypia Houses, Pentonteg, Tavern Y Coed, Church Village, Cross Inn,

and Holly Bush, with various named houses, public houses, cottages and farms.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4419, ff.129-142, En.Dist.17, Llantwit Fardre and Upper Church Village.


That part of the district of Llantwit Fardre that includes Cardiff Rd., Ship Brewery Inn, Ystradberwig Isaf,

Disgwylfa, Hendre Cythan, Tyncoed Farm, Cwmffrwd Farm, Cwm Isaf Farm, Efail Isaf Rd., Pentyrch Rd.,

Carpenter`s Arms, Tynant Farm, Typica Farm, Ffrwd Phillip, Garth Isaf, Efail Isaf, Colliery Houses,

Franklin`s Row, Station Tce., Station Row, Ystradberwig Houses, Railway Cottages, and other surrounding farms,

houses, cottages and public Houses.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4420, ff.6-31, En.Dist.18, Llantwit Fardre.


That part of Llantwit Fardre that includes Log Row, Park St., Castle St., Castle Court, Forest Rd., River St.,

Richards Court, Druids Row, Fothergill St., James Place, Cyrchygwas Rd., Cambrian Place, Cambrian Square, Cambrian Court and Tram Road Side.

Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4420, ff.35-56, En.Dist.19, Treforest.


Part of the village of Treforest including Wood Rd., Tower St., Bridge St., Saron St., Park Tce., Forest Ucha

and Wood Road


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4420, ff.60-77, En.Dist.20, Pontypridd.


That part of Pontypridd that includes Rickard St., High St., Station Tce., Lewis St., Lewis Court,

Rolling Mill, Leyshon`s Court, Union Street and Zoar Street.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4420, ff.79-103, En.Dist.21, Pontypridd.


That part of Potypridd that includes Courthouse St., Grover St., Kirkhouse St., Albert Rd., Maritime Tce.,

Tramroad Side, Volunteer Cottages, Davies Row, High St., Llantrisant Rd., Factory Lane, Penrhiw Cottages,

Station Tce., Brewery Cottage, Tramroad Side and Riverside Buildings.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4420, ff.107-134, En.Dist.22, Pontypridd, The Graig.


That part of Pontypridd, known as The Graig, that includes High St., Llantrisant Rd., Albert Place, Walters Rd.,

Phillips St., Danygraig St., Leyshon St., Graig St., Graig Terr., Alma Terr., Myrtle Cottage and Myrtle Villa.


Parish of Llantrisant. RG12/4420, ff.135-139, En.Dist.23, Pontypridd Union Workhouse.


Parish Of Gelligaer, Brithdir      4431, Ff.1-15., 1 En.Dist.1, Cwmcarno.


All that part of Brithdir Hamlet to the North of a line starting from the Rhymney River, passing to the South

of Nantyllesk House, and due West to the boundary of the Hamlet on mountain. Comprising Pantywaun, Cwmcarno,

Blaen Rhymney and Bute Town.


Parish Of Gelligaer, Pontlottyn (Part Of), 4431, Ff16-31, En.Dist.2, Pontlottyn West.


All that part of Pontlottyn Village lying to the West of the centre of Farm Road, and that part of the

Parish lying between Pontlottyn Village and No.1 District. Comprising Bute Terrace, Hill Road, up to Gwryd

Mine Pit on the mountain, Crofts Row, Queen Street, Rock Road, Mount Street, South End Terrace and the

different Courts therein and within the Hamlet of Brithdir.



Parish Of Gelligaer, Pontlottyn (Part Of], 4431, Ff32-53 En.Dist.3, Pontlottyn East


All that part of Pontlottyn Village lying East from the centre of Farm Road, to the centre of Merchant Street

to the Police Station. Comprising a part of Heol Evan Wynn, Chapel Street, King Street, Wine Street, Union

Street, High Street, Victoria Street, part of Merchant Street, part of Farm Road, and the different Courts

therein. All within the Hamlet of Brithdir.



Parish Of Gelligaer, Pontlottyn, 4431, En.Dist.4, Ff54-75, Pontlottyn East.


All that part of Pontlottyn Village lying to the East of the centre of Merchant Street, down into the Rhymney

River, thence to hte South End corner of Dyffryn Farm Buildings. Comprising part of Heol Evan Wynn, Board

Street, Bridge street, School Street, Picton Street, Thomas Street, Arch Street, Stuart Street, Station Street

Church Street, Reform Street, Garth Street, Greenfield and the different Courts therein, and the Square. All

within the Hamlet of Brithdir."


Parish Of Gelligaer, Brithdir (Part Of )R.G.12,4431, Ff76-109, En.Dist.5, Tirphil.


All that part of Brithdir Hamlet lying to the South of Duffryn Farm Buildings, following the Rhymney River

down to the old Brithdir Colliery, thence by a direct line to the corner of the North wall of Brithdir ChapelYard, thence to the North of Penyfid Farm (not included). Comprising Sebastopol, Troedyrhiwfuwch, Craig Rhymney, Tirphil and Coedcae Tirphil.


Parish Of Gelligaer, Brithdir Hamlet (Part Of) 4431, Ff108-121 En.Dist 6, Brithdir.


All that lower part of Brithdir Hamlet lying South of old Brithdir Colliery, down to Pontaberbargoed, thence following the Bargoed Deri River to a point to the North of Deri Newydd Farm Buildings, thence to the North of Penyfid Farm. Comprising George Inn, Pontaberbargoed, Deri Newydd, Penyfid, Cefnbach, Groeswen, Tirycapel, Cefnbrithdir, Brithdir, Tiryferch Gryno and Gwaelod y Brithdir Farmhouses.


Parish of Gelligaer, rg12 4432, ff1-23 en.dist.7, fochriw.


Description page missing



Parish Of Gelligaer Rg12  4432, Ff.24-44 En.Dist.8, Deri.


The remaining part of Ysgwyddgwyn Hamlet lying South of Lewin Llwydren Farm. Comprising Cil Hael Cottages,

Bargoed Terrace, Bailey Street, Jenkins Row, River Row, Cambrian Row, Tarran Cottages, Edwards Row, Brecon

Terrace, School Street, Mill Street, Watson Row in Deri Village, and Ffosyrhebog, Brynyrhe, Ysgwyddgwyn Ucha

Tiryfelin, Gwernllwyna Cottages, Ysgwyddgwyn Isaf, Maerdy, Bryncoch, and Penygareg Farmhouses, also the

cottages at Wingfield Colliery and Bailey Street in the Village of Deri.


Parish Of Gelligaer, Rg12   4432, Ff45-72 En.Dist.9, Bedlinog.


All that part of Garthgynid Hamlet lying South of the old barn belonging to Nantyffin Farm. Comprising Colly

Row, Bedlinog and Cwnfelin Villages, and Coly Uchaf, Coly Isaf, Bedlinog, Blaen Llwynan, Tyla Glas, Blaen

Nantwen, Lan Uchaf, Garthgynid, Nantwen, Twyn Gutyn, Lan Isaf and Clwydtrauska Farmhouses.


Parish Of Gelligaer, Rg12 4432, Ff73-102,En.Dist.10, Ystrad Mynach. Cefn Hamlet.


The whole of the Hamlet of Cefn. All the Farmhouses and the Villages of Gelligaer, Ystrad Mynach, Trelewis,

Llancaiach and Craigfargoed.


Parish Of Gelligaer, Hengoed, Rg12 4432, Ff102-121 En.Dist.11, Bargoed.


All that Northern part of Hengoed Hamlet from the centre of the road leading from Gelligaer Village to the

Rhymney River at Pengam. Gelligaer Endowed Schools, the villages of Penpedairheol, Tairheol, Twynystor and

Bargoed, and the Farmhouses.


Parish Of Gelligaer, Hengoed Rg12 4432, Ff122-132 En.Dist.12, Hengoed.


All that part of Hengoed Hamlet lying to the South of the centre of the road leaving from Gelligaer Village

to Pengam. Comprising the cottages by Pengam Foundry, Cwmyrallt, Gwaunyrallt, Rhosybedw, Cefn Hengoed, Hengoed Bedwlwyn Road and the Farmhouses.